Patrick Swayze dancing with his wife Lisa

Patrick Swayze and wife Lisa dancing - World Music Awards 1994

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Jane Brazil
Jane Brazil:
Who is is watching in 2020 and think this is HEAVENLY?????????????
It’s July 1st, 2020 and this is absolutely beautiful and breath taking
Virginia Lemm
Virginia Lemm:
I’m watching in 2020, and this is wonderful! Such a loss... 😢😢😢
R S:
A man who can dance like this will *never* be forgotten. And his beautiful, angelic wife. What athletes! And what lovely people, inside & out.
Carla Morais Fernandes
Carla Morais Fernandes:
26 anos depois ainda me arrepia este homem a dançar e a grande WH a cantar...😞😞😞
Una Key
Una Key:
Whem my Mum and dad danced together everyone used to clear the floor and watch. They had a love like this. My dad died at 42 of pancreatic cancer. He too was irreplaceable
Victoria Ballard
Victoria Ballard:
We miss you , Patrick.This is inspiring.
Татьяна Суслякова
Татьяна Суслякова:
После "Грязных танцев" влюбилась в Патрика на всю жизнь.
Карай- Салтыково
Карай- Салтыково:
Потрясающий танцор и актёр. Царствие ему небесное ♥️
Hey, call me Old School, but I'll take Dirty Danci'n over "twerking", any day of my life. THANKS !! Patrick for all the great memories. 8-26-2019
Bonnie Weiss
Bonnie Weiss:
She must miss him SO much.❤️. They were both blessed to have found each other.
Charlotte Sustersic
Charlotte Sustersic:
Wow- his wife literally floats! Such a beautiful piece and duet.
Lisa C
Lisa C:
Still brings tears to my eyes. I see him dancing in beautifully! 💃
Настя Нестерук
Настя Нестерук:
Прекрасная , очень красивая постановка танца .Патрик бесподобен , аж дух захватило 👏👏💓💓💐
Nasya Stanley
Nasya Stanley:
This gave me chills, you can feel their passion for dance and each other.
plop quack here
plop quack here:
Wow swazey let his wife, Lisa take the credit wow, a true gentleman. They were in love and it never ends.
Валентина Садова
Валентина Садова:
Много раз пересматриваю его танцы! Какой талант! Как жаль, что так рано ушёл!
Helga Tyt
Helga Tyt:
Самый красивый танец! В нем вся жизнь Патрика и Лизы. Пересматривать буду всю жизнь, потому что такого человека и актера, как Патрик больше никогда не будет. 💓
Sweet Home
Sweet Home:
Невозможно не влюбиться в него раз и навсегда! Необыкновенный, незабываемый, он будет жить в наших сердцах вечно💖
Serah Olivia
Serah Olivia:
They're dancing to Whitney Houston I'm in tears 😭😭😭
James Nutt
James Nutt:
He show what God talks about man supports and cherish his wife , beautiful, we miss.
Ирина Истомина
Ирина Истомина:
Супер, супер, супер!!!!!!!!
Оксана Миргородская
Оксана Миргородская:
На это можно смотреть вечно,нет слов одни емоции.
shelly yastagirl
shelly yastagirl:
Patrick swazy perfect creation of a man ...u can feel the love they had for each other eternal love forever that love that doesn't end..
Angela Camack
Angela Camack:
He's wonderful, of course, but I never realized what a terrific dancer his wife is.
Paula Hassi-Puttock
Paula Hassi-Puttock:
I'm watching too, it is Dec. 2019. Absolutely love this,
Roxy Torres
Roxy Torres:
He is missed, loved his movies. Rest in peace.
Crystal McKinney
Crystal McKinney:
How beautiful! This is true love!
Sherry Klepper
Sherry Klepper:
That was so beautiful, t cried. Miss him, glad I stumbled across this.
The fact that it's husband and wife makes it even more beautiful. What a pair of movers 😊
Dawn taylor
Dawn taylor:
Lisa is soooooo beautiful ,they are such a beautiful couple truly they were meant to be ,soul mates !!!!
Elizabeth Sirois
Elizabeth Sirois:
He dances better with his own wife than the girl Jennifer Grey from Dirty Dancing. How sensual and passionate
Kim Fortin
Kim Fortin:
He is mesmerizing to watch dancing. She is so beautiful and together they are like one.
Лариса Заика
Лариса Заика:
Самый изумительный танец,а в исполнении Патрика и Лизы,до мурашек!!!!
Ms.Martie Gallego
Ms.Martie Gallego:
November 2019. And this is still so beautiful !! Patrick was a excelling dancer, as well an actor . He and Lisa were sweethearts from a early age. He is so missed !! Rest in Love and Peace !!
Русана Кочнева
Русана Кочнева:
Патрик ты лучший♥️♥️♥️♥️, помню, люблю♥️♥️♥️♥️
Maria Caleb
Maria Caleb:
Breathtaking! This dance says so much about their relationship. They move as one, one a part of the other making each other complete. I never get tired of watching this.
S. LaVonne Cockerell
S. LaVonne Cockerell:
He was a wonderful man. I took my students to interview him. He stayed and answered all their questions. I told him I was marrying a “Patrick” the next month and he kissed my check and told me to have a wonderful life with him. I did.
Sunny7 G
Sunny7 G:
Wow...wonderful...just watched a documentary about his life couple of days ago...he was such a talented man...and by most accounts given, a lovely human being too. Missed by so many. 😔💞
Miriam Fernandez
Miriam Fernandez:
Andromeda Galaxy
Andromeda Galaxy:
Debieron bailar la cancion de el.
She is like the wind.
Kimberly Quintanilla
Kimberly Quintanilla:
What a gorgeous couple! They're such good dancers and seem so fluid with each other. Just beautiful.
Megan Drury
Megan Drury:
She’s definitely the one I’m watching. I’m sure he was her biggest fan.
maria nieves anadon
maria nieves anadon:
11-12-2019 No sabría decir cual de ellos bailaba mejor, gracias por este maravilloso vídeo. Ahora los dos estarán juntos.
Ms.Martie Gallego
Ms.Martie Gallego:
November 2019. And this is still so beautiful !! Patrick was a excelling dancer, as well an actor . He and Lisa were sweethearts from a early age. He is so missed !! Rest in Love and Peace !!
4:37 waw, Prince Albert of Monaco was so young!!
Brooke Stop
Brooke Stop:
Patrick was such a dream man! Handsome, talented, amazing dancer, and straight... a plus for only the ladies. Lol
Hammond Denzel
Hammond Denzel:
Wow incredible moves they were perfect together. How come I've never seen this before
They are dancing like angels and that looks incredible♥️
Annie Crites
Annie Crites:
I'm going to see Dirty Dancing at our local theater tonight. I can't wait
Joy Lea
Joy Lea:
Oh my goodness what a man and his wife looked incredible as well. Imagine even to have gone horse riding with him would have been amazing.
Juliana Deus e fiel
Juliana Deus e fiel:
Assistindo em 2020😭
Saudades Patrick Swayze um grande artista e dançarino 😍
Sharon Neely
Sharon Neely:
Match 22, 2020 in the midst of a pandemic. This video pops into my feed. For 5 glorious minutes I was entranced. There was only one Patrick Swayze. 💓
Adenice Aparecida Santos
Adenice Aparecida Santos:
Music ch2897
Music ch2897:
This is what I call having something in common.
saffron wetter
saffron wetter:
"This is so beautiful,
Well Danced!!
Watching in July 2020
Valeria Garcia
Valeria Garcia:
Saudades coração 💔❣️, e vendo volta e meia esse vídeo deles, apaixonados....♥️♥️🤗😘
Michelle Morgan
Michelle Morgan:
Oh my God! My heart just melts. I love Patrick Swayze 💘
He left this world much too soon. I really miss him.
Ladenna Young
Ladenna Young:
In the beginning of this performance. Patrick Swayze reminded me of old boy from Bring it On. Lol! Spirit fingers!
Mazza Cheewanich
Mazza Cheewanich:
He's just one of a kind...
Adalice Ribeiro
Adalice Ribeiro:
Simplesmente MARAVILHOSO❤
Helen Dodds
Helen Dodds:
This had me in pieces. Tears streaming down my face. Just beautiful. RIP Patrick. Forever in my heart.
Kimberly Berger
Kimberly Berger:
In loving memory of Patrick Swayze...
Pe tra
Pe tra:
This is so exciting. I cannot take my eyes off them. Beautiful and excellent.
Iryna Campos E Sa
Iryna Campos E Sa:
Ohhh my God😍😍😍.......Simplesmente EXPETACULAR❤❤
Agatha Frick
Agatha Frick:
July 2020... seeing this for the first time. OMG why didn't they always put on shows. I miss u Patrick x x
Theresa Kelso
Theresa Kelso:
So Amazing, I love Mr.Swayze and Lisa’s dance!
Sonia B Dorsey
Sonia B Dorsey:
My heart stops every time I see him dance...beautiful couple...talent, dedication, gifted...beautiful...we miss this man...Rest in peace..
I miss him so much. He is the one actor that when I watch him I get goosebumps now, knowing he is no longer here. I wish he was in all the current films as an old man :(.
Émi XYZ:
Patrick i miss you 😔, qu'elle belle danse la perfection
Sherri Hobbs
Sherri Hobbs:
The dancing is more beautiful when you're in love.
Barbara Riley
Barbara Riley:
This makes me cry. I miss my man.
Kim Marcum
Kim Marcum:
Patrick - we will never forget you!
Francesca Rando
Francesca Rando:
Patrick Swayze, my favourite actor. I’ve bene his fan since The North and The South...What an untimely loss!
Maria Rosario
Maria Rosario:
R.I.P Patrick Swayze🙏you will forever be remembered and always in our HEARTS❤you are missed so much😥and you will never be forgotten. We love you Patrick Swayze❤💖🙏🕊🕊🕊❤💖
MH Cook
MH Cook:
Why is someone talking over this in another language?
Jardim encantado
Jardim encantado:
Uma pessoa quando morre ninguém consegue substituí-la porque. ela é única😥
Catherine Montalbano-Harris
Catherine Montalbano-Harris:
Still can’t believe he’s gone
Dorota Nieradka
Dorota Nieradka:
Someday I wanna dance with Roberto, my love...
Karita Hännikäinen
Karita Hännikäinen:
Mind you-they had -still do have a 100 % combination, love-which you can feel .♡.Karita.
Dudah Girls
Dudah Girls:
Maravilhoso, Patrick swaze foi um ótimo dançarino...
Karen Wesley
Karen Wesley:
They were such a beautiful couple. Rest in Peace Patrick Swayze. We all miss you.
Света Мандрик
Света Мандрик:
I have always wanted to dance like this. But I have no talent. How beautiful! The dance and these two nice lovers!
WOW! only word I can find is EFFORTLESS
It sure does take a lot of work to make dancing look that effortless!
Laverne Gordon
Laverne Gordon:
I remember watching the first time, it gives me goosebumps
Regina Rich
Regina Rich:
March 2020 and I still live watching him!!
Marialou Valdez
Marialou Valdez:
I'm watching 2019... I love them. beautiful.
Florentina Van Zuylen
Florentina Van Zuylen:
I wish his still dancing him and his wife can truly dance
Bhuwna naik
Bhuwna naik:
This deserved a standing ovation. 👏👏👏💃
Jestine Howard
Jestine Howard:
I am viewing this video footage, and I was swaying to the music and seeing Patrick and Lisa Swayze dancing just makes me want to dance along with them. Thank you for sharing this emotional video. Simply the best.
Robin D
Robin D:
It was always so great watching them perform together 🤩... difficult to believe he’s been gone for so long ☹️
Smile Zuñiga
Smile Zuñiga:
Watching Nov.27/19....i remembered Patrik in the movie.."Ghost".❤❤❤
Indra C. Rajaretnam
Indra C. Rajaretnam:
My tears just came watching this. So so beautiful.
Elizabete Maria
Elizabete Maria:
Nunca vi uma história de amor assim, eles eram perfeitos juntos , pena q a terra não é lugar p anjos.
Kristina Kos
Kristina Kos:
July 2 2020 still watching he was my favorite idol ❤️♥️😭
Галина Башлай
Галина Башлай:
Талантливый человек талантлив во всём. Бесподобный актер и мужчина. Жалко до слез.
Marian Bonanno
Marian Bonanno:
Both of them were talented and so in love. Missing that wonderful man.
Nelson Junior Santana
Nelson Junior Santana:
Grande apresentação,era um artista completo.