Paul Ritter Talks About Chernobyl Mini-Series | Sunday Brunch

Paul Ritter talks about his involvement with the 2019 mini-series Chernobyl with Tim and Simon.

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Sunday Brunch
Sunday Brunch:
Favourite Paul Ritter role?
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Ant Brentnall
Ant Brentnall:
Just read that he’s passed away .... how very very sad he’s gone at 54 .... his part in Chernobyl was an absolute tour de force RIP Paul Ritter :(
“Shit on it”....Very sad to hear of his death.
RIP Paul Ritter.
lewis lambert
lewis lambert:
RIP Paul Ritter. You brought so much joy to the world 😭
lovely bit of squirrel this is
Liam Brady
Liam Brady:
RIP Paul Ritter. 54 is too soon. Thank you for all the laughs 😢🙏🏼🕊💔
Paul is the most underrated actor ever, he does amazing work 👏🏻
World of Lewis
World of Lewis:
Who’s here cause of Friday Night dinner... it’s weird seeing him normal in this rather than being awkward in the show...
Rick Lattanze
Rick Lattanze:
This interview: not great, not terrible.
RIP Paul... gone but never forgotten... i cant believe it..
Harry Hamnett.
Harry Hamnett.:
RIP Paul Ritter I’m not gonna get over this for a while this has given me depression.
He was memorable in Chernobyl.
RIP Paul Ritter. I was recently watching him in General Winter role in Resistance and of course Anatoly Dyatlov. He was a great actor
RIP to this legend. Now he can visit Mars early
RIP Paul you were an iconic legend for those who don’t know unfortunately Paul Ritter passed away from a brain tumour.
Daily Offender
Daily Offender:
R.I.P to a LEGEND of British arts, may God rest his souls.
Elizabeth Dengate
Elizabeth Dengate:
rip paul, such an amazing actor :(
Ben Dewhurst
Ben Dewhurst:
R.I.P Paul Ritter, a true British icon. ❤️
Rest In Peace Paul Ritter, you will be deeply missed and hopefully space travel exists in heaven
Zak Oliver
Zak Oliver:
We know you're all hear because of the news. RIP Paul.
Guy Rando
Guy Rando:
R.I.P Mr Ritter. I just don't know what to say... never did I for one second did see this coming. Taken way too early from us! 😔
SN Drag Race
SN Drag Race:
I hated the character of Dyatlov, which means Ritter did an amazing job. Outstanding performance!
Louis Evans
Louis Evans:
R.I.P Paul Ritter I miss you so much and love you! 😢
Simon H
Simon H:
RIP Paul Ritter. Brilliant actor. Fantastic in Friday Night Dinner and Chernobyl. Enjoy your rest with a lovely bit of squirrel 🙏🏽
Daily Fifa Tips and Tricks
Daily Fifa Tips and Tricks:
Martin brought me here
sad flower
sad flower:
damn i like his voice so much
I was expecting Martin to tell us some facts about the economy 😂😭
Thanks for all you've done paul. You'll be missed
Andy lec58
Andy lec58:
RIP Paul Ritter, every performance I've seen stays in the mind, but him in Chernobyl especially. And as Billy in Vera. A truly great actor.
Hopey Boi
Hopey Boi:
RIP He was a legend.
cool grac
cool grac:
rip Martin goodman! Remember we need to write “give me my beef” on his tombstone😔
Julian Kasparian
Julian Kasparian:
So sad to hear the news of Paul's passing today. May he rest in peace.. :(
K. R.
K. R.:
He’s delusional: take him to the infirmary
Lucy Loo
Lucy Loo:
R.I.P Paul Ritter 😭😭🙏🏻🙏🏻you made so many people laugh x
Rip Paul you will be missed 😭😭😭😭
SpicyMeat Entertainment
SpicyMeat Entertainment:
his voice is so different in real life compared to martin in FND
RIP Paul you made me laugh so much on Friday night dinner
Alan Gibb
Alan Gibb:
RIP Paul Ritter. Even watching this interview again, gave me goosebumps to your obvious emotions during the making of the series. God bless.
Curtis the pixel Keane
Curtis the pixel Keane:
R.I.P Paul Ritter. You will be missed.
Lewis Elliott
Lewis Elliott:
Rip. My favourite actor without a doubt. Will be missed
Who’s here after he passed away 😭😭
Dyach 01
Dyach 01:
RIP Paul, you will be missed
Hi my names slim shady jk hi
Hi my names slim shady jk hi:
It’s really weird seeing him so different.
Yoji Haddow
Yoji Haddow:
Rest In Peace Paul Ritter😭😭😭
Romanian gypsy man 69
Romanian gypsy man 69:
Hello Bambinos!
Amelia Walker
Amelia Walker:
It doesn’t seem real that he’s gone😢
Darcey Lol
Darcey Lol:
Rip Paul u touched so many hearts and never failed to make people laugh 💔🕊
His flame was extinguished far too soon. Such a skilled man. He was just getting started
Ariana Oswald
Ariana Oswald:
An amazing actor and a legend. RIP, fly high 🙏🙏
Jo Ridge
Jo Ridge:
Sad, so sad that Paul passed away yesterday only 55 yrs old. Intelligent, thoughtful man and actor. Every single tribute has praised him for his talent, his kindness and his lovely nature.
Jack Pemberton
Jack Pemberton:
This interview is an interesting as Martin talking to you about Magnets
Paul Smith
Paul Smith:
Rest in eternal peace Paul.
Oh my. He played his role so good, in such a stunning mini series. I really had to see an interview with him like this to shake of the grump of the character he played.
Rest In Peace "Dyatlov"
planeshelf 62
planeshelf 62:
R.I.P Paul Ritter... U were amazing and u will be missed
ッ Ñö Ńåmê
ッ Ñö Ńåmê:
R.I.P Paul Ritter. You will be missed by many. “Shit On It” 🥰😭❤️🕊
Luis Wilding
Luis Wilding:
This man was just about to enter his last year , one month after this video
I couldn't take him serious on Chernobyl ngl
Dom Chambers
Dom Chambers:
R.I.P Martin we will always love you
Rest in peace paul, i once met him and we had a photo together, he is such an amazing man, he didnt deserve to die. Rest In Peace
Pauline Young
Pauline Young:
A very sad loss.
One of my favourite actors.
Will miss him.
Rest In Peace Paul Ritter
robert boffin
robert boffin:
I found the contrast between him in Chernobyl and him in Friday night dinner very similar to Bryan Cranston in breaking bad and Malcolm in the middle.

I reckon Paul ritter was so underrated as an actor overall and he had so much more to give the entertainment world! Beyond gutted about his passing
Niko S
Niko S:
Genuinely curious as to if Paul says “shit on it” in his personal life 😅
RIP only if his death was really delusional 🙏🙏
Finlay Pender
Finlay Pender:
RIP Paul. We miss you already.
The Channel
The Channel:
Safety first, i been saying that for 25 years, Raise the power........ Boom! what just happened? ......"Anatoly Dyatlov"
Gethin GamesYT
Gethin GamesYT:
We've lost a British Legend. RIP Paul
whose hear when he died :( rip❤️👑
1:16 This reminds me of Martin talking abt chemistry and all the bs 😂
Flup Flup
Flup Flup:
R.I.P Paul you will be sadly missed
Jack Jenkins
Jack Jenkins:
RIP you legend❤️❤️
Kos Tephan
Kos Tephan:
Rest in peace Paul. Incredibly talented man
Toby Pugh
Toby Pugh:
Rip Paul Ritter ❤️❤️
The chernobyl story is sad I have researched it myself. The NSC was an interesting project it will be intresting to see the damage to the plant with hi definition video and radiation protected hardware
Jacob Schmidt
Jacob Schmidt:
He is just fantastic in the Chernobyl series. Dyatlov is my favourite character in the series because of how Ritter plays him. Disgusting person irl tho that guy Dyatlov...
Rest In Peace Paul 🙏🏼
Blazinbuddha Dorman
Blazinbuddha Dorman:
RiP you will be missed
Jesse Reinosa
Jesse Reinosa:
This man is dilusional! Take him to the infirmary!!
Tez Orange
Tez Orange:
rest in peace, forever in our hearts as a brilliant actor
Arson Approved
Arson Approved:
Rest In Peace Martin 😢 🙏
Rip Paul. An mature actor and knowledgeable man of his age! 👏👍✌️
Moist Moist
Moist Moist:
Here to pay my respects pog
Rip paul, we met once in cardiff, real genuine guy ♥️
Samantha Heeney
Samantha Heeney:
Heartbreaking... what a talent taken too soon.
RIP Paul (Dyatlov) Not great not terrible meme will never forget!
Steph’s Vids
Steph’s Vids:
You will be missed 🥺
Anthony Pereira
Anthony Pereira:
RIP Paul. Just saw the news 😞
Leon Kennedy
Leon Kennedy:
R.I.P To this absolute legend ❤️
Rest in peace legend 😢❤️🌹
crafty playz
crafty playz:
I cant believe this absolute legend has passed away, this man made me laugh and I love friday night dinner, I can't watch it without crying because he made me laugh so much, rest well hero <3
MB the Goat
MB the Goat:
Rip u legend we won’t forget u 😢
Stella Maris
Stella Maris:
Rest in Peace, Paul Ritter! You will be so missed! I am so sad, he's just gone too soon.
King kong
King kong:
Rip Paul Ritter you will be dearly missed!
Comrade Dyatlov
Comrade Dyatlov:
Why am I being so nice?
ein stück müll
ein stück müll:
weird seeing him like this after watching his acting on chernobyl
Colin L
Colin L:
Rest in peace Paul Ritter, OUTSTANDING ACTOR AND PERSON! :/
Kameron Boyland
Kameron Boyland:
Fly High Your A Legend 🙏
Thomas May
Thomas May:
It is a bit different not seeing Martin in Friday night dinner
Rory Buckley
Rory Buckley:
RIP Paul ritter ♥️🕊