Paul Rudd being unproblematic for nine minutes straight

Hey I just wanted to do something special for you guys just in case I don't get to make any more of those Rhett and Link videos you all do love so much.
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Anthpo's Bitch
Anthpo's Bitch:
Paul Rudd is 51 years old. He doesn't look a day over 30. That's what happens when you're unproblematic
"Paul Rudd being unproblematic for 51 years straight"
Jack Noymer
Jack Noymer:
“Paul Rudd’s aging being non-existent for 25 years”
Jumia C.
Jumia C.:
Paul Rudd, one of the purest beans to come to the MCU
꧁Mocha Latté꧂
꧁Mocha Latté꧂:
Paul Rudd looks like he constantly has a Snapchat clear skin filter on..and he _is 50_
Urban Hawk
Urban Hawk:
Paul Rudd is a precious gem. I also wish Paul and Jeremy would star in a buddy movie together. Don't care what it is, I would watch it regardless.
Thomas Gravett
Thomas Gravett:
The second one was the most awkward thing I have ever seen.
The anti-aging secret everybody: chicken, asparagus, and sparkling water.
Anna Bunch
Anna Bunch:
"It's great but it's not a treat." What a MOOD
“What’s the name of Thor’s hammer”
Paul: “J o N a T h A n ?”
I wish that clip was in this video
He reminds me of that one cool teacher that EVERYBODY loves.
John Lynyrd Moron
John Lynyrd Moron:
Paul Rudd X Jeremy Renner X Ryan Reynold in one movie, and I would go crazy
First one was my favorite
Paul Rudd is awesome in his awkwardness and Jeremy Renner is most fun when he is at his whiniest.
Why does every Jimmy Kimmel interview looks like he is is interviewing himself.
Lucas Salviano
Lucas Salviano:
Jeremy Renner and Paul Rudd kinda look like a modern gay couple
Nicole Santa Cruz
Nicole Santa Cruz:
I saw Ant-Man in 2015 and the other day i decided to watch Clueless and i was like: "iS tHaT pAuL rUdD?"
I googled him and i can't believe he's 51, like bro, he's inmortal
Megan Brown
Megan Brown:
paul rudd and jeremy renner are iconic 🥰
"Or Scarjo" Honestly i was like, who the hell is Scarjo? It took me a few seconds then I was like, Oh, Scarlett Johanson.
I Am Pierce
I Am Pierce:
He simultaneously looks like the most generic guy and the most unique guy at the same time
Jen Jeren Jen Jen
Jen Jeren Jen Jen:
I bet being unproblematic is his anti-aging secret hmm 👀
Cooper Greer
Cooper Greer:
I wanna see renner in an r rated comedy because people say he has a really dark sense of humor
you didn’t put “jonathan?” in
Najaf Abdulla
Najaf Abdulla:
I cant wait to be small 😂😂#jeremy steals the show
I’ve come to realize that when Paul plays Scott in the MCU..... it’s really just Paul being Paul and the directors are like “there we go, that’s a wrap”
Katie E
Katie E:
I love how unproblematic he is. He's happily married, he's got kids, he's never been in trouble with the law, he's just doing Paul. Also, if you haven't checked it out...the least problematic video of him (he's literally the least problematic but hear me out), is him lipsyncing to "Don't Stop Me Now" on Jimmy Fallon. It just brightens your day.
Emma Campos
Emma Campos:
What I’m wondering is why Jeremy is sitting like that in the first video
Paul Rudd's secret of looking this young is the fragrance "Sex Panther". 60 percent of the time, it works every time
beatle bae
beatle bae:
the way jeremy tenner says “i can’t wait to be little” is a mood
Bi Cycle
Bi Cycle:
Him and Jeremy have the same energy
Him and Jeremy have SUCH a great chemistry together. I wonder why they haven't done a buddy cop movie together or something
Lee From the Tea Shop
Lee From the Tea Shop:
This is the type of content the world needs in quarantine.
Baby Boo
Baby Boo:
3:09 Me knowing Scott Lang from FRIENDS: Yo Crap Bag
Evie Powell
Evie Powell:
I love how this came out a month ago and most of the comments are from the past 24 hours
Olisa Lokaj
Olisa Lokaj:
his daughter Darcy was in my school and I saw him pick her up from school and one day Darcy had to leave school to go to the oscars. Im litteraly not joking like I swear to god.
“Chicken Wings is an app?” This man would be the death of me 😂😂
Joanna Cuenca
Joanna Cuenca:
Jeremy and paul is really a bestfriend goals 😂🤣😂
Protect him at all costs omg
Kristin S
Kristin S:
I also thought Chicken Wings was an app lol Took us a sec, Paul
trina vega
trina vega:
it still baffles me that he’s 51. he and john krasinski need to let us know where they got their anti-aging magic from....
slayer1990z ashley
slayer1990z ashley:
There's nothing better then hearing Paul Rudd swear, it's so cute and innocent
Ashutosh Gudi
Ashutosh Gudi:
Paul Rudd is a BRILLIANT actor. He doesn't need to act. Just Paul Rudd is enough😎
Emily Gattis
Emily Gattis:
what is his skincare routine i’m trying to not age like that
“Is that Paul Rudd?” Is literally all I can think of
antho keilan
antho keilan:
Paul Rudd, underrated, and probably the funniest human being walking the earth.
0:47 the way Paul’s “it it it it” perfectly match with the music is quite fascinating
This guy + Jake Gyllenhaal bring me life. I need them together in the next Marvel movie.
Annoyed Orange
Annoyed Orange:
I believe he can cure a depressed person by patting them in the shoulder and telling them everything is going to be OK.
Shubham Shinde
Shubham Shinde:
MCU should bring Jeremy for Antman 3 Paul And Jeremy have amazing chemistry
Sahar Butt
Sahar Butt:
1:38 I want someone to hear my stories like this.
Kaitlyn Victoria
Kaitlyn Victoria:
Paul Rudd graduated from my highschool in Overland Park, Kansas, Shawnee Mission West in '89 his autograph is on the wall in the Theater Auditorium!! I was class 2011 😁
Sam Akhtar
Sam Akhtar:
Looks like
RDJ as a iron man
Paul as an ant man
Their character is also similar in real life 😆
He's left-handed. You guy just can't understand how much we notice things that are wrong.
He looks like he's in his early 30's and this dude is 51. *This is what happens when you are hella chill.* 😁
Allison White
Allison White:
if you could switch with any avenger which would it be

jeremy: wants to be little

paul: falls out of chair
Nikan Zare
Nikan Zare:
Always love it when I hear Undertale music on a random video even this many years later..
his no-teeth smile is just awe
Took me a whole chicken wings app searched In the App Store just to realize he was talking about Twitter. Smooth brain activate
That's Fire
That's Fire:
I loved when Rudd would troll Conan with clips of Man and Me.
maddog 543692
maddog 543692:
Love paul rudd! We live in the same city, it's insane
Paul Rudd is a precious gem and must be protected at all costs.
Brunna Sousa
Brunna Sousa:
The most genuine, unproblematic and pure person in the world🥺❤️
Joseph Cano
Joseph Cano:
Sans music playing in the background is so appropriate for Paul Rudd tho!
Wind Knight
Wind Knight:
Cant believe he used to be a support cast in FRIENDS, and now hes like more famous than some of them
Rahi LeShanbi
Rahi LeShanbi:
At first I never really realised why Trixie had a crush on him.. but now I do.
Also, he should definitely meet her.
Mike Gottschau
Mike Gottschau:
I went to school at the culinary institute of America, and I once had occasion to go to Samuel's Sweets Shop, the candy store Rudd owns in Rhinebeck. He was there that day, sitting in the corner eating some chocolates. He was just as pure and sweet and friendly as you'd expect, talked to him about food for a while, he was such a treat to talk with
Kate zhulyn Salvatore
Kate zhulyn Salvatore:
The last one he's like saying his name is 'crap bag' in Friends😂
Mac Intosh
Mac Intosh:
my goodness, the woman in the first clip has an absolutely incredible laugh. i’m in love!
Ruby Hill
Ruby Hill:
This man is litterally my spirit animal lol
Blake The Simms
Blake The Simms:
7:49 wow didn't know Freddie Mercury was in this video
Kamal LB
Kamal LB:
He's looking like fine wine being over 50!
Taylor Mora
Taylor Mora:
5:50 what is that Irish accent when he says “open arms?” 😂
anna edits
anna edits:
please do scarlett next she’s the sweetest
Ellen Sagar
Ellen Sagar:
Who you gonna call?

Ant Man!
Kent Familara
Kent Familara:
Oh Jeremy and Paul!?! I love those two
Castiel Cox
Castiel Cox:
I was shook when RDJ said Buffalo Bills. Like- I was not expecting that. I was born in Buffalo, NY so that’s my home team.
Jeremy Renner is underrated 😂 “I CANT WAIT TO BE LITTLE”
This duo, I like them

i'm a big mall blood stan 😍
this might have been the fastest 9 mins of my life
yo its ana
yo its ana:
We sure that it was Cap that got frozen in time because Paul Rudd looks like he hasn’t aged a bit
Aadil Jariwala
Aadil Jariwala:
I fucking love that sans' music is playing in the background. It's perfect
Dibyashwor Man Singh
Dibyashwor Man Singh:
this guys married Phoebe and now he is a avengerr wowww what a life 😅
David Esch
David Esch:
Jimmy Fallon is so good!

...Good at ruining literally any clip he's in! LOLLLLL

Time to watch clips I've already seen before but in a different order so it seems new!
who cares
who cares:
Man i can't wait til I see some interaction with him & Ryan Reynolds both on & of screen.
Ushton Fljabon
Ushton Fljabon:
The Sans music is so fitting
jesse veer
jesse veer:
The difference of Jeremy Renners attitude in his interview with Brie Larson vs paul Rudd just shows how much he hates her
Delsin Rowe
Delsin Rowe:
Who doesn’t like this man. He’s a fucking legend and comedic genius
Amy Hahn
Amy Hahn:
Love that he claimed the Chiefs and was only willing to accept the Bills as they aren't Division rivals!
Valencia Adams
Valencia Adams:
have you done a mark ruffalo edit yet?
A aron
A aron:
Me: cries in unemployment and poverty tied with cripling debt and anxiety, laughingly.
Lettuce God
Lettuce God:
5:59 alt reality Conan O’Brien
snazzy mcnazmy
snazzy mcnazmy:
Paul rudd, the pride of kansas city
David Esch
David Esch:
Renner is legit funny
jimmy wellton
jimmy wellton:
Intromusic was awesome! What song?
Haq Amar
Haq Amar:
Paul Rudd was in his mid 40's when he did the first Ant-Man, must have been grueling to get in that shape at that age.
Chris M
Chris M:
He will always be Mike to me
Spoonful of honey is great for a treat when on a strict diet. Me personally I like a couple drops of raw hobe cause uts so sweet but to each their own. I feel like mist sparkling waters have lots if sugar