Paul Rudd Does a Historic Dab While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

Paul Rudd is an actor, writer, and producer who has been in some of the most beloved films and TV shows of the last 25 years, from Judd Apatow comedies to the Marvel Universe. You can catch him on the new Netflix comedy, Living With Yourself, which is set to release on October 18th. But how is he with spicy food? Find out as one of the nicest dudes in Hollywood takes on some of the least nice hot sauces on the planet. Along the way, Rudd breaks down the alternate Anchorman script that never was, shares his love for David Letterman, and improvises a tearful scene inspired by the wings of death.





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First We Feast
First We Feast:
Hugo Cornellier
Hugo Cornellier:
This is the most wholesome episode of Hot Ones ever.
This is one of the best interviews in history based of no criteria other than how I feel right now
Steven La
Steven La:
let’s be real... this is probably not the first time that you’re watching this
Sean Marholm
Sean Marholm:
"I think you're an excellent interviewer, you don't even need the hot sauce"
Shyam Young
Shyam Young:
Paul Rudd is so agreeable even the hot sauce agrees with him.
Michael H
Michael H:
Paul Rudd is a golden retriever in human form.
Mehdi Dezta
Mehdi Dezta:
This is literally the best episode of hot ones ever. It's just like two guys hanging out in some place and having some real human interaction. This is the most natural video / interview / conversation ever!!!
"I'm not here to sell anything" best ending ever
CJ Mag
CJ Mag:
What a gentleman. Paul Rudd is the only guest that showed true interest in the show & Shawn.
Maddi Miller
Maddi Miller:
“i learned that my pinky at the right angle, makes a great scrotum.”
10/10 quote out of context
Danial Zabihi
Danial Zabihi:
Basically two guys that nobody hates having a good conversation.
aditya vikram sinha
aditya vikram sinha:
this isn't an interview, this is 2 bestfriends talking at 4am, bout life
I feel like the fact that he has no social media and chooses to be so much more detached from typical celebrity culture is the reason why he’s remained so mature and mentally stable
Benji Green
Benji Green:
25:07 should be made into a meme, it’s sooooo good...
Just Comments
Just Comments:
He literally just seems like the nicest and easiest person to talk to
Marcus Chan
Marcus Chan:
I feel like Paul Rudd is the world’s best friend.
Justin Smith
Justin Smith:
That part "look at us" is one of the funniest fackin things i ever saw in my whole fackin life man
Paul Rudd has the calmest, most soothing voice.
Gustav Mahler
Gustav Mahler:
I met Paul Rudd in New York while picking up my computer from Best Buy. He was on the phone outside a restaurant and I didn't want to bother him but you know, I had to. Clueless is my favorite movie of all time. I walked up, he saw me, and held the phone so I could say something. I told him everything and he so sweet about it and shook my hand. He is literally the nicest celebrity EVER. The greatest celebrity encounter aside from watching Jay-Z walk Beyonce to Tasti-D-Lite in NYC.
Scott: "where did you learn this skill?"

Paul: "idk.. But im glad I did" 😂

Gotta love Paul Rudd
"You're an excellent interviewer. You don't even need the hot sauce." Finally, someone said it. Sean, you are free.
Archanah Mohan
Archanah Mohan:
This soft easy listening music in the background is so appropriate
kathreen dosado
kathreen dosado:
“Well you know what they say, we got to do this with Paul Rudd”
“Aww nobody said that”
This is THE episode. The level they get onto in this interview is incredible to watch. The crew disappeared, the sauce disappeared. Its just Sean and Paul in the zone
Erin Joy
Erin Joy:
Why do I get the feeling that Paul Rudd is the best because he's so empathetic with others, but he secretly has anxiety all of the time.
LiveAction Link
LiveAction Link:
Paul Rudd has such a "I have all the time in the world and I'd be delighted to talk with you" vibe
Is there anyone more down to earth then Paul Rudd? Holy shit that was a great interview.
King Adamus
King Adamus:
Freaking Paul Rudd man.... One of the most likeable people in Hollywood hands down.
after watching this, Paul Rudd seems like the type of guy you'd meet at a bar and would just go in halves with you on all the drinks just for sparking up a normal conversation with him.
Davey Luth
Davey Luth:
Fun fact: That whole “emotional acting” scene that Paul does with Sean is EXACTLY the technique he used in Endgame when he finds Cassie alive. Dude’s got skills.
J. Riffney
J. Riffney:
I feel like he's a regular dude that happened to walk into fame and he's just rollin' with it.
Chriz Jenson
Chriz Jenson:
After watching this interview, I realized Paul Rudd basically plays himself in most of his movies. The way he is in this, is exactly him in most of his roles (with a few tweaks.) But that's amazing!
Nikki Reid
Nikki Reid:
You can really see Paul’s his acting chops at the end because he’s so at ease!
Paul's eyes are full of love and intrigue all the way through. He's the best.
Graham Martin
Graham Martin:
Paul Rudd is such an Everyman it ironically makes him stand out
5:57 my heart just melted from that smile JESUS HES ADORABLE
Marcus Rodgers
Marcus Rodgers:
I haven't been this relaxed in years. That was so wholesome
Paul Rudd is the Vibe that you and your best friend created as young teenages before the weight of the world blunted our edge.
26:40 The face of a man that has just realized they made a horrible decision and is seeing their entire life flash before their eyes.
Nathan Levine
Nathan Levine:
Paul Rudd is such a gem for asking Sean Evans questions and taking a genuine interest in his answers ^_^
Phoebe Rawson
Phoebe Rawson:
This is the purest thing ever. Rudd not selling anything at the end and both guys clapping with glee is wonderful.
Justin C
Justin C:
The mid interview break for the inspirational butt pic sesh is everything I’ve ever needed.
Zo Ketch
Zo Ketch:
“Hey.... look at us, huh?”.. 😉😁
I wish I could be friends with him. Maybe go camping, crack open a couple of brewskis, roast from marshmells and just talk ya know?
He's so humble. No wonder God granted him immortality.
When I tell people about Hot Ones, this is the episode I tell them to watch first.
“The other two guys” RIP Andy Samberg 😂😂😂
Skyler MacNealy
Skyler MacNealy:
The end feels like they’re falling in love lol
Stephen Queen
Stephen Queen:
I swear he said "You're breaking my heart" and had to fight SO HARD not to immediately start quoting the rest of revenge of the sith
Furious Pete
Furious Pete:
I love this guy
This episode is just beautiful, truly beautiful. I’m so relaxed, I’m so happy and these lads are just great humans.
I come back and watch this like once a month. For reason I don’t know why. That’s just the way it is
LMFAO.... I like how Paul said “I got nothing goin on” but then a year later he played Patrick Mahomes stand in a soon to be classic commercial.
Slick Chick
Slick Chick:
Honestly I just love Paul. He is such an intelligent likable man. The last 5 seconds had me rolling.
Lindsay Pagel
Lindsay Pagel:
this felt less like hot ones with paul rudd and more like lets watch paul and sean go on a very nice date
Jeremy M
Jeremy M:
This is probably the best episodes they ever had. Jesus, Paul Rudd should be a national treasure. What a FANTASTIC guy!
jonathan helton
jonathan helton:
Paul Rudd is like some dude that happens to just show up at all the great moments in movies and tv shows
Eamon Bell
Eamon Bell:
Everyone's talking about Paul Rudd, but that sandwich he talked about looked frickin amazing
Paul rudd made my eyes well up in just two seconds doing that quick acting at the end. It felt so real it was uncanny
Paul Rudd just wanted a good talk with someone while lowkey flexing his tolerance to hot foods.
Paxton Gravely
Paxton Gravely:
"you are good enough, you are talented enough, and you are strong enough" - Paul Rudd I could run through a brick wall now
Kaylita Bebesita
Kaylita Bebesita:
I’ve always known that Paul Rudd is a great actor, I’ve watch many movies of him but I never knew him as a person. After watching this video he’s as much of a great person as an actor. He’s very charming and wholesome!
Ricardo Lemus
Ricardo Lemus:
after watching living with us and now rewatching this episode of hot ones again i have to say we need a paul raud in our lifes
Ola Andersson
Ola Andersson:
13:02 “I think it’s true. It might not be true”
Extremely relatable
Jerome Genova
Jerome Genova:
“i’m not here to sell anything. this is a celebration, not a commercial.” Paul Rudd is such a class act. what a great guy.
Pardra Her
Pardra Her:
I've said it before but I'd like to be friends with Paul - he just seems so friendly, down to earth and cool!
Daysi Huerta
Daysi Huerta:
I just want to sit and talk to him you know... he’s so chill 🤍
"You're not supposed to do that" 😂😂😂
Paul is one of my favorite people of all time...
Paloma Maciel Doula
Paloma Maciel Doula:
I can't get over what a lovely person he is!!!! He's been my moviestar crush forever his personality is so great
Patrick Hiatt
Patrick Hiatt:
Who else went from "liking" Paul Rudd to "loving" Paul Rudd.
The Geekiest Guy
The Geekiest Guy:
At 2AM, Paul Rudd, I know this probably is said so very much- but thank you for being you bud. You make the world go round and I don't think the world even knows it.
Exposition S
Exposition S:
Patel Rudd gives off the vibes of the cool older brother/uncle who takes you to ive cream and gives you life lessons
Yusra Baig
Yusra Baig:
I ❤️ how it’s like having a fun dinner with a friend. It’s just not questions just for Paul Rudd but Paul Rudd asking Shawn Evans questions as well. It’s really wholesome 🥰
I love the inspirational music in the background when Paul is showing off his phone tricks lmfao.
How tf is this man 50. He genuinely doesn't look older than 30
Amanda L'Heureux
Amanda L'Heureux:
I hope these two became friends after this their energies are just adorable.
Joel Salas
Joel Salas:
Was honestly about to comment about how wholesome the episode was but top comment already did it lol. I have so much more respect for Paul rudd now
Paul Rudd is so underrated!!! Hilarious beyond belief. Love this episode!
This is one of the best interviews I've ever seen
Paul Rudd : *comes in for an interview and starts interviewing the host *
Clair Holbrook
Clair Holbrook:
I’ve never fan-girled over 2 friends before as much as I have for these 2 straight men but here I am with a ridiculous grin on my face
This episode gave me a warm feeling
Matthew Kievit
Matthew Kievit:
Watched all 13 seasons and this is probably the most wholesome and enjoyable interview. Always was a fan of Paul Rudd, but this definitely hit it out of the park for me. Such a good dude, they definitely had a great time together.
Leo Durau
Leo Durau:
Huge fan of Paul, one of the best actors out there. This interview just shows how down to earth celebs out there
Dray Boulanger
Dray Boulanger:
Paul Rudd: hands down one of the best guests on the show to date.
green Greene
green Greene:
This is what happens when you put the two most wholesome people on the planet in the same room 😌
Tate Harper
Tate Harper:
I love Paul Rudd so much it hurts. He makes me feel so much joy.
I feel like we are all destined to return to this video, just to smile 😊
Have a good day guys
Alejandro Garcia
Alejandro Garcia:
This just makes you love Paul Rudd even more than you already did, such an amazing episode all around
Stephen Locke
Stephen Locke:
I’d like Paul Rudd to be my best friend.
Dennis Sorensen
Dennis Sorensen:
Hahahahaha!!! That was one of the best episodes in terms of interplay between host and guest. I really enjoyed this. :o)
Michael Abromson
Michael Abromson:
Whenever I feel down, I come back to this interview. Thanks Paul.
I love Paul so much because he reminds me of my dad. Every time I watch a movie/show with Paul Rudd in it, I can’t help but think of the good memories I had with my dad
By far THE best interview ever. Paul Rudd’s responses are so deep.
Paul Rudd has no social media and I believe that's one of the reasons he doesnt age
Danilo F. Silva
Danilo F. Silva:
Joel Steele
Joel Steele:
I've watched this and made my friends and family watch this episode at least eight times since it came out a year ago. Paul is a national treasure 🤗
RedHex __
RedHex __:
Paul Rudd just seems so awesome. Great interview
Sammi Strade
Sammi Strade:
this is the BEST episode EVER!!!!! paul rudd is so pure 😭