Paul Rudd Finds Out Which Iconic Paul Rudd Character He Is

Paul Rudd (Ant-Man, Clueless, Living With Yourself) takes a BuzzFeed quiz to see which of his iconic characters he REALLY is.




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paul rudd forgetting to click on the answers is the only thing that reminded me that he's 50
Eleni Koustoulidi
Eleni Koustoulidi:
Paul Rudd is the kind of guy that smiles with his eyes. He has the kindest eyes I've ever seen
Form of Therapy
Form of Therapy:
Paul Rudd being Bobby Newport makes so much sense
Ashley Bishop
Ashley Bishop:
no one:
paul rudd: goes into detail about every answer he gives
Shalini Menon
Shalini Menon:
He reminds me of those history teachers who actually can make history interesting.
Bryan Andreville
Bryan Andreville:
"Chicken wings is an app?"
"Its an appetizer."
"...I GET IT!"
Judith Haffner
Judith Haffner:
“hi i’m paul rudd”
me: immediately likes the video
Abel Frank
Abel Frank:
I never realized how deliberately he words things.
Tom Nook Is A Swindler
Tom Nook Is A Swindler:
Paul Rudd is the American version of Ryan Renolds.
Tree Artist
Tree Artist:
"Binge something... oh, I should be clicking these."

Soup Time Now time
Soup Time Now time:
“It’s an app?”
“It’s an appetizer”

“I GET IT!!1!”
Shelagh Kratz
Shelagh Kratz:
Paul Rudd ages so slowly there is no doubt he would make it to the 2150s
Jordan Elise
Jordan Elise:
He really said “TikTok” like an old man who has no idea what the kids do these days
current mood: paul rudd forgetting to click the answers on the quiz the whole time
Jorja Focht
Jorja Focht:
When he said "f- ffff- I almost said the F- word" I PASSED AWAYYY
Xenon Comics
Xenon Comics:
"Ml...Ml... Milenajoa??"
Revati Ramteke
Revati Ramteke:
Me and Paul Rudd at the same time : "Chicken wings is an app? "😂😂😂
Xivono Chabalala
Xivono Chabalala:
He is honestly the most unproblematic celebrity to ever exist
Jack Barlow
Jack Barlow:
“Oh, I should be clicking these.” 🤦🏻‍♂️
Bobby Newport has never had a real job in his life.
allessandro leon
allessandro leon:
Cant believe HES 50

O I should be clicking these shouldn’t I?”
*scrolls back to the top*
Mariana Guadarrama
Mariana Guadarrama:
“i almost said the f word”

can u believe this man is 50 years old
Ë M M Ä .S
Ë M M Ä .S:
Paul Rudd gives me golden retriever energy
i genuinely think he’s the coolest person in the world
Bella Marshall
Bella Marshall:
the way he said “i get it!!” made me literally laugh out loud he’s adorable istg
Only Paul Rudd can do the Paul Rudd test just to know what Paul Rudd character Paul Rudd is
Chloe Ann Tongue
Chloe Ann Tongue:
Imagine if he just got “you are Paul Rudd”
Sounds like he’s being held hostage. Which given the fact it’s Buzzfeed I’m not surprised
Cee Jay
Cee Jay:
“I should be clicking these shouldn’t I”

oh Paul
James Campion
James Campion:
“...the rabbit hole that is news bloopers”
Play Themes
Play Themes:
"You can do it in a night"

He ain't lying, watched the whole thing in one night lying in bed lol
emma b
emma b:
i will never get over the fact that this man is 50 years old
Emma H
Emma H:
"hey are you on chicken wings??" 😂😂
Gerri Sutton
Gerri Sutton:
I already loved him, but when he said Schitt's Creek, I started loving him even more.
Bughead Fan
Bughead Fan:
Him forgetting to click on his answer was the only thing that reminded me that he’s like 50
"I know one I'm not gonna be cloning" -- *laughs in Living With Yourself*
Paul Rudd's voice is so soft, I could hear him speaking for hours, it's like a lullaby. I love him. I think he's a soft and calm person, one that could relax you only talking about his day
paul not realizing chicken wings was a joke is the best thing ever
He chose Amy Poehler...if he didn’t already have my heart, he has it now
Wendy H
Wendy H:
He is so accurate about Catherine O'Hara. One of my favorite characters ever.
idkmegan :3
idkmegan :3:
the fact that he forgot to click his answers, he’s so pure
sunflower vol.17
sunflower vol.17:
My favourite unproblematic legend.
Jessica Rodriguez
Jessica Rodriguez:
There’s just something about Paul Rudd. He’s so lovable! His kindness radiates.
Lightning Rod Studios
Lightning Rod Studios:
I think a lot of people thought he was gonna be firing jokes one after the other, but he was just honest and simple, which is honestly kind of funnier
Michael Daniel Paisley Henderson
Michael Daniel Paisley Henderson:
Paul Rudd: “60’s San Francisco woulda been cool... Woodstock”

New York: 😑😑😑
I am a simp
I am a simp:
He almost said he's so f***ing stupid, and I almost cried
Dayana Lopez
Dayana Lopez:
Paul Rudd ,Mark ruffolo,and Tom Holland are like all the same person ......
precious 🥺🥺
Sasha Raquel
Sasha Raquel:
Paul Rudd is the kind of celebrity that doesn’t understand why he’s famous but is just going to roll with it 😂 love him
If he told bed time stories in his quieter tone he would put the world to sleep
Dude is immortal I swear. He hasn’t aged since 2002.
Jessica Hertz
Jessica Hertz:
Paul Rudd could literally do nothing wrong and I’ll love him forever and ever times infinity but is it just me or does he kinda seem a little wasted here lol
Alacia Davis
Alacia Davis:
Sometimes I forget how much I love Paul Rudd and then YouTube suggests him to me and I’m like “yes this is what I needed!!”
I love he loves Schitt's Creek. It's so fun to watch and the cast is amazing.
rameen k
rameen k:
paul: curses every three seconds in living with yourself
also paul: gosh darn i almost said the f word
“Are you on chicken wings?” Lol
Autumn Peacock
Autumn Peacock:
The idea of actors watching TV is so weird to me I can’t picture them doing it just “oh it’s Brandon! I should have had this role.”
I genuinely can’t describe how much I love this man
I have binged Living With Yourself and I can honestly say it was quite the Rollar Coaster
Zy Ariana
Zy Ariana:
This is how you age when you're unproblematic
“Living With Yourself? You can watch that whole show just on the way to your fridge.” HAHahahahahah
Ashlesha Jaiswal
Ashlesha Jaiswal:
Who loves Bobby Newport and Parks & Rec
Jada Leung
Jada Leung:
I only realized now that he pronounces every single syllable in every word and I don't know why this is so interesting.
Micheal On A Swing
Micheal On A Swing:
The fact that he can’t age makes me die a little everyday
he is one of those celebrities whom you think is just genuinely nice
Elle Cullen
Elle Cullen:
For some reason I thought he was going to get Paris from Romeo and Juliet 😂
Victoria Weinstein
Victoria Weinstein:
I never want to hear one bad thing about Paul Rudd. I wholeheartedly love him forever.
Paul seems like one of those guys that is so down to earth and friendly that five mins into a conversation you'd forget he's famous bc he just makes you feel so comfortable and normal.
Julia M
Julia M:
I need Paul Rudd reading thirst tweets
David Sheedy
David Sheedy:
Having lived through 2020 and looking back at Rudd's description of the 60's is peak irony.
taylor k
taylor k:
the fact that he chose schitts creek made me love him even more
I'm wheezing after he said I should be clicking these 😭😭😭
Grace Wells
Grace Wells:
Can’t get over the fact he called the noughties the ‘oughts’ never heard that before
i cant stop laughing at the forced "kind" after realizing he should have clicked his answers 😭😭😭
The fact that I’m in love with him and he’s like a carbon copy of my friend’s dad haunts me.
Rads ical
Rads ical:
He’s super adorable in this! Like how long has he been so cute
Celinés M
Celinés M:
Paul Rudd is like, if you took the ukelele cover of Over The Rainbow and turned it into a human.
Isobel Loxley
Isobel Loxley:
i love the way that he sort of just does a little commentary, he's like ‘i'm choosing a movie genre now’
cindy Jenkins
cindy Jenkins:
he explains everything like such a dad omg
Annabelle Scott
Annabelle Scott:
“I’m going Schitt’s Creek” and the comments about Catherine O’Hara and Eugene Levy. He is amazing.
He may not look 50 but he does act like a funny corny 50yr old dad
Chloe S
Chloe S:
He’s watched the bake off and Schitt’s Creek and ugh, I’m so proud. He loves Schitt’s Creek. I’m so proud. 🥲
“I could sit and watch YouTube for hours on end”
Me at 3:17 am:
Kiki Afentoulis
Kiki Afentoulis:
whatever decade he lives in he will never look different.
The one thing I remember is when Ben Tom and Jerry were saying Bobby Newport in the perfect voice
Laney Page
Laney Page:
this man does not age at all, if there was a clueless remake he could still be josh
Aparna Y
Aparna Y:
Paul Rudd is a national treasure, also such an adorable human being (the literal embodiment of a puppy).
E Denise
E Denise:
Every time I think there’s no way I could love Paul Rudd more than I do, I see something like this 😂🤣
Scarlet Torres
Scarlet Torres:
Loving him not cloning himself a year ago 😭❤️
France Lot
France Lot:
“Chicken wings is an app???
* whispers * *I thought it was just... a food.”*
amorfati khb
amorfati khb:
goodness, paul is such a joy 🥰
Hilda Elson
Hilda Elson:
I can’t believe I had a crush on someone my parents’ age. Was just born when he was a 90s heartthrobe, but no matter.
Haley Eidsen
Haley Eidsen:
I think there's need to be a 'reading drunk tweets' special just for Paul Rudd, and he reads them normally because he actually sounds drunk 😂
Keisha Williams
Keisha Williams:
I wanna know how this man is still not aging at all.... 🤚🏼
Cloud of Reverie
Cloud of Reverie:
He's dressed the same as his character in clueless.
Bart Hartman
Bart Hartman:
Paul Rudd as "What are you doing step bro" in Clueless😂
Isobel Loxley
Isobel Loxley:
imagine this coming year it's headlined in the news “paul rudd, who hasn't aged in 40 years still, made a new app: chicken wings. get it now!”
Honestly who even gets the chicken wings is an appetizer one I applaud you