Paul Rudd Keeps Getting Confused For Other Guys - CONAN on TBS

(Original airdate: 07/16/15) Whether it’s Chris Pratt on "GQ" or some random dude in a Speedo, Paul just has a very familiar face.

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100+ komentarze:

He looks 10 years younger than his age, wonder what's his secret...
I like how he doesn't even care to explain. He's just like, "I dunno I look like a thumb..."
I still don't understand how this guy can be so succesful. Like being such a famous actor and also being a frontman of Maroon 5.
"Let's see the picture."

*Cue 'Mac and Me' scene*
I feel like this could be a show on Netflix where Paul Rudd gets cloned or something...
I think we can all say that Mark Ruffalo is the only person who actually stood in awe in Paul Rudd’s presence....... poor Mark doesn’t know he is famous too
A bit disappointed we didn’t watch a clip of that kid in a wheelchair falling down a ravine.
Vanshaj Khera Music
Vanshaj Khera Music:
Whenever I see Paul, I miss Mike from FRIENDS 😭😭
Easiest way to spot Paul is to see the aura of Sex Panther radiating from him.
"He's alright.." 😆
Chris B.
Chris B.:
Lmao “what was James Marsden looking at?”
Sports Hot Rumors & Debates!
Sports Hot Rumors & Debates!:
This man looks like late 20s early 30s. I met him at a gallery, amazing person!
Gosh, I love Andy's one-liners "He's alright."
Never thought him and Chris Pratt looked alike until now... that GQ cover right next to Paul is uncanny if you don’t count the hair 😅
Paul looks the same age as he was in clueless, only with more facial hair.
Janneth 22
Janneth 22:
James Marsden and Paul Rudd friendship is all I need 😭
Conan with his classic guests like Paul Rudd, Jeff Goldblum and Timothy Olyphant give so much joy.
Tony Crenshaw
Tony Crenshaw:
I actually went, "Wow, they made Paul Rudd really look like Chris Pratt. Oh wait, that _is_ Chris Pratt!!"
I think it was the eye color. That was the dead giveaway that it was Pratt and not Rudd on the cover.
Teddy Chalamet
Teddy Chalamet:
No one’s hyping him up on the couch he’s literally so pretty.
"I got a little bit of a funny body" LOL - Don't we all...
Soya Pudding
Soya Pudding:
Paul Rudd plays more roles than we ever knew as he is Chris Pratt an angler and a thumb all in one
Was definitely expecting the “Mac and Me” bit in this. Missed opportunity 🥲
markela rispektinho
markela rispektinho:
my favorit actor, love him since "Say anything" and ferris bueller
On My Lunch Break, Sorry
On My Lunch Break, Sorry:
He really does have one of those "I've seen you before" faces.
RedandBlue Bulldog
RedandBlue Bulldog:
Paul Rudd. One of those dudes who always gets it right. A good dude.
I hear later on they tried to pay the guy in the picture, but the check just ended up going to Paul Rudd
denisse chuco
denisse chuco:
God, he is so HANDSOME
Lynda Bernadette
Lynda Bernadette:
Atleast the guys he's being mistaken for are doing fun stuff.. 😆
Pine Trees
Pine Trees:
I see a resemblance between him and Sufjan Stevens💜 Anybody else see it?
Vicky 12
Vicky 12:
Thank Goodness, I'm not the only person who thinks he looks alike several other celebrity men! 😄
Jireh Mae Mon
Jireh Mae Mon:
Paul Rudd and Chris Pratt even sounds alike. Their voices really match.
I just came for the Mac and Me clip. Don’t disappoint me.
I was literally rewatching all other Paul Rudd videos with Conan and this just dropped, like you read my mind.
And we need more Paul and Conan
Anthony Alvarado
Anthony Alvarado:
Are we just gonna Ignore the fact that Andy Richter knew what kind of Fish that was
Always so handsome and appealing. Ahhhh...
Ethan Lim
Ethan Lim:
I mean.. it really looks like Paul Rudd on the cover!!
I swear this guy was in some movie I saw on television. I swear it was him. I can't find it. All I remember he was supposed to be this guy who worked with some old guy at McDonalds and they mention McDonalds every two minutes in the movie.
Happy Punk
Happy Punk:
I was so waiting for the mac & me clip
Krista Murphy
Krista Murphy:
I don’t think it looks like him on the cover at all. But that fishermen looks just like him! Lol
Edgar Walter
Edgar Walter:
GQ used some Picture Morph App to make Chris Pratt look like Paul Rudd. Photoshop is too expensive...
I've had a crush since "The Object of My Affection."
Paul Starr
Paul Starr:
Love Paul AND Conan!
Christine Crum
Christine Crum:
He was great in band of brothers.
Alexei M S Cruz
Alexei M S Cruz:
Now that they've mentioned it, Paul looks like a talkie version of David Duchovny from X-Files...
The Reels
The Reels:
He really is the best. So many funny stories with him!
Daisy Winston
Daisy Winston:
Paul Rudd has been my crush for years 🥰
Wow. Never realized he and Pratt looked so much alike. Now, I can't stop seeing it.
Fern M
Fern M:
Anyone: hey Paul when's your birthday?
Paul: what's that?
A beautiful thumb...ijs...he is spectacular...
Best looking thumb I’ve ever seen.
C L:
I thought the joke was going to be how similar Marsden and Rudd look!
Jillian Watts
Jillian Watts:
The gabby garden lily wait because shade phenomenologically scare opposite a assorted current. hard-to-find, one beautician
Mr Nobody
Mr Nobody:
I came here because i had a dream just the other day where i saw Paul Rudd showed Conan the actual clip of a movie insted of mac and me.
Zohar Uzuki
Zohar Uzuki:
Paul Rudd didn't have time to do all these things, he was the QB for the Cowboys for over 10 years
Looks almost exactly as he did in Clueless, and that movie is 20 yrs old
Roy Roos
Roy Roos:
Paul Rudd, Anchorman, theres a scene where he has a photoshoot with a black male model in underwear... yeah I can see the resemblance of Paul in that fish photo, he even has the same color underwear if I remember correctly.
J M:
Haha, i saw that pic not even reading the description thinking "Haha what is Paul Rudd doing in that picture?"
Slappin da baaeeezzz
I love Paul. He looks like he doesn't get older!
Hatice Erarslan
Hatice Erarslan:
He may look like a thumb but he is phenomenal on Ozark.
I frequently get Paul Rudd mixed up with Ryan Reynolds, especially since they're both infamously silly and likeable, and star in so many movies I like.
Angelica Franco
Angelica Franco:
Is so annoying when people are always confusing you with other ppl. I go through what he is going through a lot. Worse I had it was when I used to work at a place with another girl with my same name. And let’s say she had a bit of a reputation. Not a good one.
Olalere Pethra
Olalere Pethra:
I also mistake him for other people 😂😂
Liz Muschinski
Liz Muschinski:
Every time I see Paul Rudd, I think he looks just like this guy that I dated when I was 20.
Hey, I was waiting for the thumb explanation!!!!
Miki K
Miki K:
Happy birthday Paul❤️😍 🎉 29 again?!
hawi hawi
hawi hawi:
Looked at the thumbnail and said hey mark normand the comedian and I read the title! Rofl 🤣
Hvac 2001
Hvac 2001:
I love this guy he's funny as heck.
Nicolas Carrion
Nicolas Carrion:
The guy in the picture with the Dolphinfish/Mahi-Mahi actually looks like Jay Kay, the lead singer from Jamiroquai.
hường vũ
hường vũ:
You guys made me laugh so hard!
I thought they were going to finally solve the mystery of who’s head is bigger. Conan or Paul Rudd.
James Parsons
James Parsons:
I guess he looks like me too 🤣🤣🤣
No Name
No Name:
I had a crush on Mike from friends. No wait it was Paul Rudd. 😄
Craig Morrison
Craig Morrison:
He's not a nobody, he's a thumb body
Kate Andrews
Kate Andrews:
I love them both.... but Rudd a little more 😬 I love him so much
If he looks like Pratt, he might be another contender to play the next Indy...
Angel X Santana
Angel X Santana:
That fish looks different than what I seen good catch whoever that guy is 😂
B d
B d:
i dont know. i look like a thumb...👍
Ser Ka
Ser Ka:
He did not look like Pratt on that magazine - Paul is a great actor though 👏🏻
When I see Paul I go back all the way to FRIENDS
super duper
super duper:
Ned Flanders
Ned Flanders:
My ex-girlfriend said she saw Paul rudd at an airport once. Now I wonder if it was just the speedo guy
Ant-Man and Starlord really need some scenes together
Come back to this video in five to ten years when deepfake has REALLY gone off the ... deep end. Let's see if we laugh as much...spoiler - we are.
Paul Rudd is the new Tom Hanks; cant even think of a way to dislike the guy.
im sorry, but every time i look at that moon in the background, i feel as if someone made the subtlest butthole joke ever
Paul: I got a funny body!
Conan: hold my beer
David Adams
David Adams:
If his body's a thumb, then mine is a janky pinky toe.
Christian Rodriguez
Christian Rodriguez:
Paul rudd is my spirit animial 🙄💯✌
I’ve seen that man naked and he does not look like a thumb. And when I say I’ve seen that man, I mean Chris Pratt and when I say naked, I mean me.
Austin F.'s Autos
Austin F.'s Autos:
Anyone else think the fisherman looked like Sean William Scott? Seems exactly like the type of thing he’d do lol
maria rahel varnhagen
maria rahel varnhagen:
How do you tell Johann Gottfried von Herder that he's not welcome at your family reunion at Szeged with his Wheat Thresher and he absolutely does not look anything like anyone you are related to ?
wykapany rafał pacześ i młody wajda
Mr Schneider
Mr Schneider:
I can't stop thinking about him naming Thor's hammer
Tom Smith
Tom Smith:
Paul Rudd says "clearly" at 1:16 exactly like Christopher Walken.
I think Paul Rudd and Chris Pratt can swap roles as Ant-Man and Starlord.
1:43 I think that's Taine . Ahhh he's always showing off.
I'm not sure how, but this guy looks like Celery Man and Tayne at the same time.
Ivan Amassivedump
Ivan Amassivedump:
Paul’s angling double looks like The Viper Higgins from Hardy Bucks.
Sam Allardyce
Sam Allardyce:
a wiseman once said 60% of the time, it works every time
Babul Chetia
Babul Chetia: