Pearl Jam - Alive (Official Video)

Music video by Pearl Jam performing "Alive."


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Im wondering is he EVER inhaling???
ozlem aktas
ozlem aktas:
After long cancer threatment, cemos and surgeries, im still alive
Red Ced
Red Ced:
When the covid 19 lockdown is over, everyone should go outside and sing that chorus
LB 05
LB 05:
Andrew Wood: Dead
Shannon Hoon: Dead
Kurt Cobain: Dead
Scott Weiland: Dead
Layne Staley: Dead
Chris Cornell: Dead
Crudy Barfy
Crudy Barfy:
spoiler: every man wants to play and/or sing like this
Musprism Insight
Musprism Insight:
Still love Pearl Jam.
Anybody 2020, hit the like
Gregory Hainsworth
Gregory Hainsworth:
My birthday was yesterday,and I'm still alive.
Clean Window_
Clean Window_:
Album: Ten
Songs: 11
*You may have quite literally had the simplest job, yet you couldn't have failed more painfully*
Stephen Zoufaly
Stephen Zoufaly:
The 0.01% of germs after using hand sanitizer:
Robbe Van Den Abbeele
Robbe Van Den Abbeele:
Hello 1% who reads this
You have a very good music taste:)
Bookie Anderson
Bookie Anderson:
I found this song by searching: "oooooooooh iii iiiiiiiiii iim still allive"
sumit sharma
sumit sharma:
Can this music be popular again? Rap is getting so old.
Unfortunately, Eddie Vedder is one of the only big grunge vocalists still alive...
Uve Priangga
Uve Priangga:
If you're reading this comment during the Covid19 lockdown. You're still alive.
It doesn't get Eddie Vedder than this
Soufi Aj
Soufi Aj:
Who watches this in 2020?
Shout, “I’m alive!”
Led Sabbazepplath
Led Sabbazepplath:
I want this song played at my funeral
Анастасия Луценко
Анастасия Луценко:
I’m going through some really dark and depressed times now and songs like this really make me feel at least a bit more alive
Mohamed Amine Krimi
Mohamed Amine Krimi:
An open heart surgery, coronavirus, and 2020
I'm still alive
Theo Carvalho
Theo Carvalho:
Kurt is gone. Layne is gone. Scott is gone. Now Chris is gone. But Eddie is still alive.
Backyard Music Feedback
Backyard Music Feedback:
I dedicate this song to the Corona virus. 🖕
Mr. Bigglesworth
Mr. Bigglesworth:
Fun fact: This song is all about how the National Weather Service saved Eddie Veddar from being struck by lightening.
Han reality.
Han reality.:
Was any other band ever this beautiful? Apart from that pumpkin hat.
Marceli Chudzicki
Marceli Chudzicki:
3:48 Pearl Jam is so kick ass that even Jim Morrison came back from the dead to see their show XD
2020 and beyond: "I'm still alive!"
Sailesh Konsam
Sailesh Konsam:
8 months of pandemics and Lockdown I'm still Alive
Frode Paulsen
Frode Paulsen:
In about two months, the 90s will be "thirty years ago"
Princess Isabella Mercury
Princess Isabella Mercury:
*1991:* Freddie Mercury The Show Must Go On
*1991:* Pearl jam: I'm still alive ...
Amber Stinnett
Amber Stinnett:
Kurt Cobain: Dead
Layne Staley: Dead
Chris Cornell: Dead
Scott Weiland: Dead
Eddie Vedder: 1:05
kids with anti-vax parents that live to adulthood:
Zach Pearson
Zach Pearson:
I'm totally growing my hair out like Eddie.
Aidan Keeble
Aidan Keeble:
Made it through my addiction to heroin/alcohol/cocaine. I love that everyone is posting their stories like this! Feels good. Power to the people. People need to understand each other a little more. It's harder to hate when you understand
Keith McKinnon
Keith McKinnon:
Eddie seems after all the interviews he has his shit together when it comes to any killer hunger passions, I would not worry about him. Eddie is in full control.😉
Maxim Popov
Maxim Popov:
The best revenge is to live on and prove yourself.

Eddie Vedder.
Jordan Soccorsi
Jordan Soccorsi:
working at a college, its funny to see this fashion come back. especially when this was the fashion I grew up with
Monkey spoon
Monkey spoon:
Coming back from a big social event when your introverted :
The song was released exactly the day I was born - I was born almost dead - but - AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAOOOOOO I'M STILL ALIVE! :D
Tasty Tv
Tasty Tv:
mate i just woke up my daughter and she laughed at me YOUR REAL DADDY WAS DYING!
Why need a calendar when you have comments.
I love how salty he looks when he sings “sorry you didn’t get to see him”
Sabrina Bárbara
Sabrina Bárbara:
Quarentena e nois tá como ahhh 😍 ouvindo esse som maravilhoso urul , cadê os B.R 🇧🇷 dá like aí 🤘🤘🤘 P.J
Unfortunately, Eddie Vedder is one of the only big grunge vocalists still alive...
Michelle Schu-blacka
Michelle Schu-blacka:
John Oliver made it sound like this song was going to be cringe worthy but it's effing quality.

Sick guitars!
Wolf in Sheep's clothing
Wolf in Sheep's clothing:
The guitar solo is absolutely amazing.
My cousin made this his ringtone for his friend with cancer. When ever he called you heard the hook. Hes still alive👏
The 90s, the last time a crowd could get anywhere near the stage....
Michael Jacobs
Michael Jacobs:
I was king of the Mosh Pit back in the day.
Carlos Spicy Wiener
Carlos Spicy Wiener:
Sounded like it was recorded in a garage. Everybody loved it.
Robert Acaduc
Robert Acaduc:
Comemorating 29 years. Just came have a preview.
Darryl Boyle
Darryl Boyle:
On this day 28 years ago, I should have died. But I'm still here, I'm still alive. Happy Extra Ball Day!
Martha Tamez
Martha Tamez:
The first song that got me, was Jeremy and since then I am still enjoying this band,and now and forever 🤓🤓👍👌😍✌️👏🏾
Luis Arias
Luis Arias:
At least, from all grunge legends, Eddie's still alive.
Scuba Steve's Covers and Coins
Scuba Steve's Covers and Coins:
All these years later, Pearl Jam is still one of my most favorite bands and I find new emotions and jewels in your songs every time I listen to them!! Thank you!!
vikas singh
vikas singh:
I was Covid-19 positive, I'm still alive.
david lennox
david lennox:
In the middle of a pandemic and I'm still alive
Oeowjdbsa Dbansbao
Oeowjdbsa Dbansbao:
In about two months, the 90s will be "thirty years ago"
Ima start listening to this daily as a reminder.
Kurt is gone. Layne is gone. Scott is gone. Now Chris is gone. But Eddie is still alive.
The Pitster_93
The Pitster_93:
This is one of my favourite songs of all time! I play this everyday and never get sick of it!
16/17 Years old when I heard, ate, breethed it....really intensive times and the best soundtrack so for. Thank you Pearl Jam. <3
Can we all take a moment to appreciate Eddie Vedder's handsomeness pls
Fuzi Fuzi
Fuzi Fuzi:
I really envy the people who were on the show. they lived the heyday of grunge
Faith Marlow
Faith Marlow:
My hobbies include watching Eddie Vedder put himself into a trance with his own beautiful voice. It's like watching someone speak in tongues...
Barnabas Blackthorne McTavish
Barnabas Blackthorne McTavish:
I always remember the Dennis Rodman biography, where he mentions listening to this song in his truck with a loaded shotgun, and contemplating suicide.
Joel Laurel
Joel Laurel:
I just discovered this band om Spotify, and im blown Away.
Josh The idiot
Josh The idiot:
I helped with the lights at the concert. Eddie didn't like them....
Matthew Gallego
Matthew Gallego:
I'm still alive inspite of all the negativities i encountered daily🤘
Roy W-G
Roy W-G:
"Die my dear? That is the last thing I shall do."
Me: Oh...I'm still alive

2020: Well, hold my virus!!
Daniel Souththcott
Daniel Souththcott:
I got court this week 4 highspeed pursuit. Im still alive
Can this music be popular again? Rap is getting so old.
Mr. Romeo
Mr. Romeo:
After all these years I can understand half of what he says
4:12 when you're about to get crucified...
Timothy Brannan
Timothy Brannan:
It was at this moment that we knew the 90s were going to be different.
bomi ibrahim
bomi ibrahim:
Eddie : I'm still alive... Me : I'm still listening...
P K:
I feel so lucky to have lived as a teenager through the 90s grunge era.
Chibi Cthulhu
Chibi Cthulhu:
I remember listening to this while playing halo 3 with my brother. I miss those days.
Anthony Truman
Anthony Truman:
I'm still alive!
miguel macalino
miguel macalino:
Thank you Guitar Hero and Rock Band for introducing me this song.
This song makes me feel like ripping all of my dead skin off.
Thamy Stormborn
Thamy Stormborn:
It's not a song, it's an anthem for all 90s kids.
Arief Fajar Syambodo
Arief Fajar Syambodo:
Eddie, you're last man standing
Larry The cable guy
Larry The cable guy:
Every time I hear this song it makes me emotional because his vocals the drums and the guitars just are great man
Morgan B
Morgan B:
when it took decades to find out this meant to question _why_ they were still alive, not positively affirming that they are...
I sing this song after every shift in the grocery store!
eme nem
eme nem:
remastered 90s sounds great but I do miss the "pop" of the snare from the original. best band ever!
Özge Solmaz
Özge Solmaz:
COVID 19 update: i'm still alive bittttcchhh 16.05.2020
OMG how old we are and Eddie still looks like an icon.
Google Howard stern
Eddie Vedder interview..
his voice is so much older and heavier than he is
Omg I just realized this album was released on my birthday!!!!! What a perfect gift!!!! ❤️
katins s
katins s:
Bra in surgery 3 yrs ago, and I'm still alive!!!!
I remember sitting in my room watching this before i went to college and when i got to college this song was playing nonstop from every dorm room for an entire year
The irony of this song seeing that Eddie is the only one still alive.
That drummer was something special, great groove
Eliana Azevedo
Eliana Azevedo:
2:40 - *bangs head to head*
You're definitely not still alive, man (no more)
Great tune. I'm a baby boomer I love this song. Eddie Vedder reminds me of Jim Morrison. Anybody else see and hear the resemblance?
This song reminds me of a certain Italian chef who makes really weird food.
I just survived a massive heart attack. I'm still alive.
Communist International & Co.
Communist International & Co.:
Here from John Oliver's Video.
Only Pearl Jam could release a music video of a live performance and it sounds even better
Jason C.
Jason C.:
Seattle rock. Absolutely Nothing like it.
Lorena Figueroa
Lorena Figueroa:
So cool, the best years of the century, grunge and rock.