Pearl Jam - Even Flow (Video)

Music video by Pearl Jam performing Even Flow. (C) 1991 SONY BMG MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT

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Lane Lefurgey
Lane Lefurgey:
It's kind of weird knowing that Eddie Vedder is the only front man from the big four of grunge that hasn't killed himself or overdosed on heroin.
Crow T. Robot
Crow T. Robot:
Legend has it, Josh still hasn't turned these lights out....
Alex Correia
Alex Correia:
1991 - this song is awesome!
2020 - this song is awesome!
Josh Putnam
Josh Putnam:
I can honestly say guys, I didn't look at the bill and didn't know there was a rock concert tonight. My apologies for the lights.
After this concert, Josh never turned on a light at his house again...
When can long hair be cool again?
『 палава палачинка 』
『 палава палачинка 』:
Legend has it, if you say "Josh" 3 times in a mirror, he'll come to switch all o your light on
If Heaven Was Hell
If Heaven Was Hell:

He has such a way with words 🥺
Aaron Eddington
Aaron Eddington:
Josh has been forever immortalized for not turning off the lights.
Kevin Klein
Kevin Klein:
The 15k dislikes are people who are friends with Josh.
Cam 00
Cam 00:
It doesn't get Eddie Vedder than this
Luke Sanders
Luke Sanders:
Recently discovered Pearl Jam as a teen during quarantine. This shit rocks!
edit: thanks to this comment, ive deep dived into soundgarden, temple of the dog, Alice and chains, and smashing pumpkins. Thank yall so much for the suggestions!
Aidan King
Aidan King:
Just a reminder to everyone: this is *NOT* a TV studio.
La Bey
La Bey:
Messy hair, drugs, girl's free falling in the crowds , head swinging. Damnit it's a rock concert
90s were the best
90s were the best:
The year is 1993 and I want nothing more in life than to have hair like Eddie Vedder. Those were the days.
Aidan Hammer
Aidan Hammer:
Josh is currently laying his head on a pillow made of concrete
Generación Rock en español
Generación Rock en español:
Algún latinoamericano por aquí que responda con un pulgar arriba.
Ross 1
Ross 1:
I saw Pearl Jam at the Cow Palace SF New Years 91 with Nirvana and The Red Hot Chili Peppers it was the best show ever.
All the dislikes are from people who didn’t turn those lights out this show

And there names are josh
Andii Gaming
Andii Gaming:
After this concert legend says josh was traumatized and can't turn any lights on.
Рози Роза
Рози Роза:
POV: you just opened Guitar Hero 3
Anita Pettinato
Anita Pettinato:
65 year old woman just discovered Pearl Jam. I've ordered the " nothing gets Eddie Vedder than this" t shirt. Love these guys
Nicholas Myers
Nicholas Myers:
This song makes me want to open a restaurant in Morioh and speak Japanese with an Italian accent.
I think this is where cdnthe3rd gets his style. Exact resembelence
Lazy D
Lazy D:
I'm 54 years old, and just realized that 90's hair is just 80's hair that hasn't been washed in the last couple days.
Jakub Kurpiński
Jakub Kurpiński:
Eddie: Don't mind me, folks, I'll just hang from the ceiling for a while, I'll come down for the chorus.
ElevatedGrub Gardens
ElevatedGrub Gardens:
I sing this to my wife,she broke her toe when she was younger,so I sing "unevennnn toeee!"😁🤘
my mom loves you,kisses and hugs from argentina!
I Love Halloween
I Love Halloween:
Stories are told of Josh and his damn lights, some says he is scared of switches
Breathing Air
Breathing Air:
Funny to think, all those people in the crowd are most likely parents of kids the same age as they were.
Joshua Workman
Joshua Workman:
I take no responsibility for those lights being on, EDDIE!
Devon Meiners
Devon Meiners:
I don't always listen to Pearl Jam but when I do my neighbors do too
Aurora Peña
Aurora Peña:
"thoughts arrive like butterflies..." i miss the 90s
peoples mix 2020
peoples mix 2020:
Me girlfriend said "there music is NICE" so told her" you're mother is NICE" ...
My teens and early 20's, great music in those times.
It was fun to be a young woman when men had hair as long as your own.
Dezzi Boi
Dezzi Boi:
Fun fact: Josh now has an intense fear of lights.
The Linda and Sally channel
The Linda and Sally channel:
Josh: *leaves the lights on*
Eddie: *yells at Josh*
Josh: 👁️👄👁️
Miguel Ángel Huerta Vázquez
Miguel Ángel Huerta Vázquez:
Humanity have to take care of this man, he's the last one.
Nacho Torres
Nacho Torres:
I remember back when there was no YouTube, having VH1 on and hearing "this is not a TV studio!..." and just running to stand in front of the thing for 5 minutes. And I bought the album because of this song... Im not even 30 and I sound like grandpa Simpson.
Elver Gong Segundo
Elver Gong Segundo:
People who disliked this video were the lighting technicians
Layne AIC
Layne AIC:
Long Live Eddie!!!
The Last Grunge Man Standing
Perfection from the professional and talented musicians and performers!
Dallas Coryell
Dallas Coryell:
Some say Josh still hasn't turned the lights back on to this day
Those were the days. Period.
Still one of the greatest rock songs ever...I am 67 & heard 'em all!
Josh wasn't paying attention because he was drunk and flirting with a girl
I mean josh, cmon man. This isn’t a tv studio. Turn those lights out. Shouldn’t have to tell you, as old as you are...
Henry Fjord
Henry Fjord:
When I see Eddie, here.... I see an man, and an artist absolutely just going for broke... Not just on stage... But in his real life... On a spiritual, metaphysical, artistic level. So insanely inspiring. I see a man winning the battle, and successfully channeling his struggle into something sublime.
Miles Thompson
Miles Thompson:
Josh when he turns off the lights: THE CURSE HAS BEEN LIFTED
David White
David White:
Classic, this album.
Jayden Wilton
Jayden Wilton:
i was drinking water while listening to this and it made me literally cry my eyes out
Collibri Lovex
Collibri Lovex:
Bring back long hair for men, PLEASE SOMEONE. I would have died being a teenager in this decade with all those sexy long haired beasts haha.
Bill Davis
Bill Davis:
Look at Dave on those drums, he belongs in the HALL !!
Subdued Blonde
Subdued Blonde:
What a masterpiece...then, now, forever.
Omg I just realized this album was released on my birthday!!!!! What a perfect gift!!!! ❤️
legend says that even after 27 years josh still hasn't turned those lights out
Dave Edwards
Dave Edwards:
The first time I heard this, I knew things were going to be different.
Nyca van Koert
Nyca van Koert:
Yes *josh* turn those lights out
Listen to the king
Jason Peters
Jason Peters:
The early-mid 90s. When rock n roll was so good, the fans were the "the rock stars."
Ale Madrigal
Ale Madrigal:
I need this F*CKIN tabs
Johnny Handegg
Johnny Handegg:
Kurt Cobain, Layne Staley, Scott Weiland, Chris Cornell, Eddie Vedder = THE DIVINE FIVE OF GRUNGE
Thank God Eddie's "still alive", literally...
X G:
the kind of men could break my heart and I'll never mind
i am Ian
i am Ian:
How Eddie never threw his back out is still a mystery
Khams No
Khams No:
Float around like fish in Seattle!
Leon Hare
Leon Hare:
One of the best rock bands ever!!
Great lyrics..
Jessica K.
Jessica K.:
Plaid flannels, Doc Martens, long hair, mosh pits and some of the best music ever written! Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, Nirvana.....great music great times! ❤
Gods Sicario PS5
Gods Sicario PS5:
Damn , I miss my youth.
Samantha Hill
Samantha Hill:
Man his voice...and love all the hair!!
One of the greatest rock vocal..Eddie Vedder
Dave Holliday
Dave Holliday:
Due to public outcry Josh assumed a new identity, you can now say “Alexa turn out lights “ and boom out they go, well played Josh.
You had one job josh
Matt Berry
Matt Berry:
Josh has been living in darkness ever since
JJRJ 85:
Cobain sure was the poster boy of grunge/alternative-rock, but Pearl Jam as a whole represented...well, the whole grunge thing
Cindy Overway
Cindy Overway:
Legend has it Josh made a fortune after this with his invention of “The Clapper”
Colleen Carmichael
Colleen Carmichael:
Loved these guys in the earlly 90s when I was 25. Gen Xer here! Saw them in SD in 95. Liked them better than Nirvana. (though I love Dave Grohl and Foo Fighters now).
A S:
If you don't like Pearl Jam I don't like you
Norn Iron Niall
Norn Iron Niall:
Josh became highly skilled at peeing in the dark after his trauma.
Pedro Sousa
Pedro Sousa:
I lost my brother, he loved this song.
Shannon Hess
Shannon Hess:
Best Song and Live performance I ever Saw!!
Oh Yeah Mr Krabz
Oh Yeah Mr Krabz:
This song reminds me of this Italian Chef i knew he makes great Italian food
Zheles Gonzalez
Zheles Gonzalez:
It doesn't get Eddie Vedder than this...
William Rodriguez
William Rodriguez:
Yo! That body surfing put a smile on my face! :)
Mike 91MDK
Mike 91MDK:
Josh decided to live in darkness from that night forward, and became a vampire
30 years ago, TODAY (10/22) "Mookie Blaylock" play their first gig at The Off-Ramp in Seattle.
Captain BlueAngel
Captain BlueAngel:
I remember the time me and my friend went in a restaurant to eat, then he suddenly bleeds and all his body pains gets cured
Belle Prepper
Belle Prepper:
in 1992 i was 12 and won pearl Jam tickets on the radio. Smoked my first joint in my brothers truck before the show. I got mad baked! I met Eddie before the show and I remember his eyes being glazed over, obviously drunk and him mumbling "I hope you enjoy the show" to me. Memories!
Henry Fjord
Henry Fjord:
Yes. YES. YeeeeEEEEESSSSSSsSS!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jennifer Kurz
Jennifer Kurz:
The Eddie Vedder Voice <3
Eddie Vedder singing this sounds like me trying to tell a story after having shots pumped into me all night
mark richards
mark richards:
"Ten" is the first CD I ever bought.
Still have it.
Still listen to it.
Still love it.
Jose Germain Garcia
Jose Germain Garcia:
Eddie, please do not die. You are the only living flame of old grunge.
Gary Rihia
Gary Rihia:
Best concert ever..NZ..
What a gorgeous voice.
James Shoemaker
James Shoemaker:
Damnit Josh its been 30 years you should know by now turn the lights out!
I managed to convince my ex wife that this song was actually about a girl having her period- even flow!
great now im gonna be stuck in a 90s time warp all day. Not that im complaining.
Kevin -
Kevin -:
It's f***ing Rock Concert !!!!😫✊
Leo Valente
Leo Valente:
Francesca Circostta
Francesca Circostta:
Hey Stranger! Yes you, reading the comments. Know that you have an excellent taste in music! Keep on rocking!