Penderecki: Kosmogonia (1970) - Wit

Krzysztof Penderecki (1933 - )

Kosmogonia (1970),
for soprano, tenor, bass, mixed choir and orchestra

Olga Pasichnyk, soprano

Rafał Bartmiński, tenor
Tomasz Konieczny, bass
Warsaw Philharmonic Choir and Orchestra
Antoni Wit

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This music is more terrifying to listen to than most modern horror films are to watch
Aonoymous Andy
Aonoymous Andy:
This music sounds like it came out of the darkest regions of the human mind.
Abby Subler
Abby Subler:
It's pretty insane when you think about how music like this is made with traditional instruments
Ordinateur Martin
Ordinateur Martin:
perfect for studying
The galaxy is NGC 1300. But most of you already knew that.
Lovecraft would approve, I guess
Gweilo Xiu
Gweilo Xiu:
Protip, do NOT listen to this while tripping.
I can't believe he's gone...
Holy shit, the vocals were the most haunting thing I've ever heard
Imbryk Imbryk
Imbryk Imbryk:
Dad told me " go and listen to panderecki, then show it to your mother and tell her that you will listen to this kind of music. Im sure, she will never told you something bad about metal music you listen to"
Juliana de Queiroz
Juliana de Queiroz:
got this playing while doing trivial daily things. It makes life more thrilling
michael puleston
michael puleston:
Classical music is not just about listening to works from long dead composers.
sean duchinsky
sean duchinsky:
Stanley Kubrick must have listened to this while making 2001 a space odyssey. the scope of this is so vast, so beyond description. and it has a nice beat and i can dance to it.
Daniel James Parker
Daniel James Parker:
Shattering stuff! You're never the same after Penderecki.
This mood is overwhelmingly eerie. This is totally different from what I expected from the title. And I don't mind it at all.
Adam Sochacki
Adam Sochacki:
jedna z najlepszych rzeczy Pendereckiego. W mojej szkole muzycznej byla to "lektura obowiazkowa"
Petru T.
Petru T.:
This portraits exactly the coldness, powerful hostility to every life form of space itself. The sky may look beautiful and transcending but that's just an appearance. When you have an entire void filled with solar wind, gamma ray bursts, black holes, rocks that are going a few times faster than a bullet then this music is suitable for that image.
Med ali ghodhbani
Med ali ghodhbani:
Listening to this, while reading cthulhu mythos
james KAR
james KAR:
love to Poland from Armenia,Krzysztof was a true friend of he passed away
Boogie Funk Productions LLC
Boogie Funk Productions LLC:
Clearly, Penderecki was thinking way outside of the Pythagorean theorem.
Generic User 42
Generic User 42:
this music takes you to a different world
Erik Einar Larsen
Erik Einar Larsen:
This great composer died today. On an other place together with a little woman I really loved. They will united in heaven and I will never forget both of them.
Witch Ape Studio
Witch Ape Studio:
This is amazing to me. It brings joy to my heart. Beauty!
Brilliant Piece! However, Its strange I never hear of anyone speaking about Giacinto Scelsi... Well whatever, still a great composer!
RIP Penderecki...
Sorin Serb
Sorin Serb:
RIP, maestro!
Gérard Begni
Gérard Begni:
A very interesting score by Penderecki before his conversion to neoromantism.
I am very happy I invested in a very expensive sound system. This is incredible
Official Xverzusz
Official Xverzusz:
Random E

Like, for whatever reason
This made me jump
Ash A
Ash A:
If 2001 a space odyssey was a song
Bastian Olschewsky
Bastian Olschewsky:
Just found out about penderecki by listening to cello concerto no.1 and absolutey loving his music
It's like that music that I always loved to hear but never knew what to type to find it
If you like this try Penderecki's "Utrenja" for a mind-blowing experience
Darek Bielecki
Darek Bielecki:
I've just surfed in Space
Julien Gros
Julien Gros:
Sad to say but description of this video should be updated "(1933-2020)"
Pepper Williams
Pepper Williams:
The first piece I ever heard from Penderecki was his cello concerto. The man was a genius RIP
Nathan Aaron
Nathan Aaron:
WOW. Just WOW. There are no words for the masterpiece that is this music. WOW.
Mister Argenr
Mister Argenr:
The way Penderecki applies the sheer depth and magnitude of sound one can achieve with an orchestra to capture existential, pants-shitting dread is absolutely flawless. hearing this from the first row of a concert at volumes that seem like they'll flay the skin off your head must be incredible.
"The most merciful thing in the world, I think, is the inability of the human mind to correlate all its contents."
-H.P. Lovecraft
conny lake
conny lake:
Den Sсhatz
Den Sсhatz:
At night, alone, in the dark, with a couple of candles, and stoned, can go crazy!
paul amrod
paul amrod:
A remarkable piece and performance, Exhibiting a wonderful style of an alternative approach,
Bob Martin
Bob Martin:
This is more scary than "Threnody To The Victims Of Hiroshima". Check the scene @ 14:55!
Christian e.g.
Christian e.g.:
The sons of God, the Watchers, descended to earth from their heavenly abode in the tike of Jared... and descended to the top of Armon, which is Mount Hermpn, 200 in number! And they defiled the seed of man by choosing themselves wives from among the daughters of men. And their leaders were Semyaza and Azazel and they taught man the arts of war and woman, the arts of seduction and ege paint and cosmetics and enchantments! And then were born their offspring... the nephilim giants! "...which were of old, ken of renown"
and the earth was filled with violence and tge thoughts of men's hearts was only evil continually."
Monika H
Monika H:
Spoczywaj w pokoju Mistrzu [*]
quark libidinal
quark libidinal:
penderecki est un compositeur de génie ,, sa musique est profonde , mystèrieuse fascinante , un voyage dans les tréfonds de la matière du cosmos et dans les méandres de l'âme et de l'esprit humains ,, les voix viennent approfondir ,les ténèbres que propagent des sont savamment éclatés réduits à un état subatomique trop hermétique à l'esprit humain , il peut en résulter une alchimie , une déduction de la présence divine et comme pour la vision d'une toile abstraite c'est à l'auditeur de pressentir les énergies vitales et les fluides susceptibles d'innerver la matière primitive , l'avant bing bang , les équations infinies qu'il reste à résoudre et comme beaucoup d'auditeurs je regrette que penderecki ne soit pas plus souvent au répertoire des grandes soirées de concert , pour des raisons qu'il n'est pas très difficiles d'appréhender ,, merci pour le partage
clayton jackson
clayton jackson:
I finally found the style of a composer I was looking for all my life....Thanks to shcoenberg, shostakovich and Stravinsky for guiding me along this path. I can rest now!
The sound of madness in space.
What the hell do they start chanting around 17:05
Fernando Kosovel
Fernando Kosovel:
Many people feels that space is scary,to me the mystery and the unexplained can never be scary,it's marvellous
Kabali 17
Kabali 17:
The musicians composer.
Isaac Takeuchi
Isaac Takeuchi:
The chord at 15:00 is mind bogglingly horrifying. Just makes me want to gouge out my eyes, stab my ear drums, rip it my tongue all at once. I don't understand it. Great!
I first listened to Penderecki in my 20’s when I heard he won European Music awards, I loved his music, a secret unknown is Kosmogonia in 1970 for chorus and orchestra, on vinyl is was a show stopper. I have a considerable Penderecki collection, now he is gone, his music will live with me until the day I die.
Chalmer Basham
Chalmer Basham:
Music for the insane.......or those headed that way!
Hector Barrionuevo
Hector Barrionuevo:
I was looking at "cosmology-themed" orchestral works and this piece was mentioned in one online article. Somehow, even though tension and dissonance are almost constant, the work produces a unique, terrifying, but beautiful art experience !!! I think that is what I like in the modernist works of not only Penderecki, but in those of Lutoslawski and Ligeti too (some of Crumb's and Takemitsu as well) !!!
Stephen Myers
Stephen Myers:
Thanks to YouTube I believe we are starting to achieve a better acceptance and respect for contemporary music
Andrew Sirkoch
Andrew Sirkoch:
rest in peace scary music man :'(
100 subscriber pls
100 subscriber pls:
As soon as I put this on it feels like there’s someone behind me
Cool Jackster
Cool Jackster:
11:12 reminds me of that music from 2001: A Space Odyssey (Requiem- György Ligeti)
Felipe Fernandes
Felipe Fernandes:
I didnt know Penderecki. Sensational!
Troll Mallow
Troll Mallow:
The most terrifying moment is at 7:05. A major chord is struck amongst all that dissonance, and within it is encapsulated the wonder and horror of the cosmos
Eduardo Mendoza-S
Eduardo Mendoza-S:
I am sure aliens do want to visit our planet just to listen to this music :D
juan D Pérez
juan D Pérez:
que grande pieza, muchas gracias por esta publicación :D lm/
Gérard Begni
Gérard Begni:
Kosmogonia dates from before the radical changes of the art of Penderecki towards a post-wagnerian aesthetics.
Charlie Bridges
Charlie Bridges:
I find this music disturbingly Welsh - as if the origin of the universe is somewhere in Gwydir Forest Park
poziomki 2014
poziomki 2014:
Try the speed at 0,5 it is just cosmic sound
Jan Czarny
Jan Czarny:
Great music.Young, sonoristic penderecki was a genius!
Ty_ teynium
Ty_ teynium:
This either fitting of The living failures? Ebrietas daughter of the kosm?
Marcel LAZZER:
.....there's a black hole on my kitchen...... hello tentacles !!!
daniel palkowski
daniel palkowski:
Thanks for posting, amazing to finally hear another interpretation after the original lp.
Yog Sothoth
Yog Sothoth:
the picture of the galaxy went eerily well with the song. Incredible song!
Le Icedragon
Le Icedragon:
They should put this in a 3rd Fantasia
Antonio Napoleone
Antonio Napoleone:
It's in the soundtrack of _Ręce do góry_ (known in its subtitled English version as _Hands Up!_ ), you can hear it over images of Beirut ruins in the film's prologue.

12:10 Now that's scary!
Christian e.g.
Christian e.g.:
and the ancient ruins of theyr great cities still lay silently on the seafloors, far removed and hidden away from the sight of the modern world. Until 2009 ! When Google Earth showed the location of their greatest city! That great Pre-Flood metropolis on the North Atlantic Seafloor, 3 miles down in the Abyssopelagic ocean layer on the Plain of Medeira! That ancient grid pattern that Google Earth and the U.S. gov't are desperate to airbrush completely out of newer editions of google earth. But they cannot make it go completely away. You can still see it if you look closely, you can still make out that astonishing grid pattern the size of the state of Vermont to the southeast of the Azores, where the North Atlantic Mid Ocean Ridge widens out intona Y-shape! That vast city of the Pre Flood ancients! A real live artifact from the world before the flood in all its Antediluvian glory, long ago buried under the deep dark waters of judgment, put away from the world above! Perhaps some dark secrets are better left... undisturbed
John Kirwin
John Kirwin:
Wasn't this, or parts of, used to accompany Kubrick's JUPITER AND BEYOND THE INFINITE in 2001:A SPACE ODYSSEY?
Anthony Brown
Anthony Brown:
This guy is the Sun Ra of classical music, Penderecki you are inspiring thank you.
Christian e.g.
Christian e.g.:
From the research ship on the surface above, the order was given, and the R.O.V. switched on its powerful floodlights and the true scale of the ruins of the ancient seafloor city came into view! A collective gasp arose on the research ships above as the French and Russian crews took in the staggering sight, hidden away for 5,000 years under 3-miles of deep Atlantic seawater, in the darkness of the Abyssopelagic ocean layer. Rows upon rows of statues of what looked like angelic figures with strange disc-shaped head dresses lined the south side of the vast arena, whose porcelain or tile floor still looked fairly smooth after 5,000 of submergence under 3 miles of dark water. It was terrifying to behold: numerous figures in martial combat postures were frozen in place all over the ancient coliseum. Were they stone statues or actual ancient specimens of men and giants, petrified by ocean sediments? And if so, how were they frozen into place? It was the eeriest thing any of them had ever seen. There was an immediate call for censorship of this starkly terrifying artifact from any submerged reconnaissance and sattelite radar mapping. This dark secret, it was agreed, must NOT be made known to the world above, but rather left quietly undisturbed in all its megalithic antediluvian repose. Perhaps some ancient secrets were better left... undisturbed
Steban G
Steban G:
if you suffer anxiety, don't watch it
Bridget Volg
Bridget Volg:
the sound i hear when i open my exam
the fxbip
the fxbip:
Pure relentless intensity.
Official Xverzusz
Official Xverzusz:
3:23 fear
Stéphane Melançon
Stéphane Melançon:
Where can I find the tab?
Noe Berengena
Noe Berengena:
When we finally leave the womb of our Blue Sphere and venture beyond it we will have to abandon any thoughts about a sympathetic universe. It may be beautiful in places but it is a limitless expanse of unimaginable indifference. Limitless beyond any previous estimations.
SangUn Kang 강상언
SangUn Kang 강상언:
7:09 I peed on my pants...
Witch Ape Studio
Witch Ape Studio:
This is a master work.
Ma Wai Kwan
Ma Wai Kwan:
7:08 striking effect, reminds me of the last chord of Polymorphia
Khalid Bayati
Khalid Bayati:
This reminds me of the soundtrack from 2001: A Space Oddessy. If there ever is a remake they should use this as a song in the soundtrack.
Vinícius R S
Vinícius R S:
It reminds me of Roque Baños soundtrack for Evil Dead (2013)
Peter Dewar-Finch
Peter Dewar-Finch:
Sounds like Sci-Fi film music.
This is pure Aether. Some string harmonics are beyond divinity - a masterpiece.
Fernando Villegas
Fernando Villegas:
This is the breath of Shiva, destroyer of worlds
James Blobb
James Blobb:
6:50 That might be the most apocalyptic thing I've ever heard. Fantastic.
Sean L
Sean L:
A faceless horror slinking through the darkness, peaking through your window.
Gold Dust Woman
Gold Dust Woman:
I imagine floating in space alone. scary
Cool Jackster
Cool Jackster:
14:49 scared the absolute crap out of me!
....sort of reminds me a bit of Leslie Gore's..It's My Party and I'll Cry If I Want To !
Poopy Joe
Poopy Joe:
6:41 wait for the vocals
Treborus .x
Treborus .x:
Try Ligeti..Clocks & Clouds , Atmospheres....
Flow Ede
Flow Ede:
I need new words to describe . . . Thank you
claver gomez ocampo
claver gomez ocampo:
me parece una buena musica , que bueno escucharla creo que pertenece al genero electroacustico.
Stan Petrovich
Stan Petrovich:
It IS possible to label this 'psychomimetic' rather than merely 'classical'.