Penderecki: Threnody for the Victims of Hiroshima

-National Polish Radio Symphony Orchestra.

Antoni Wit, Conductor.

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Amelia Wright
Amelia Wright:
"I had to walk on the dead bodies, because the ground was too hot. I kept saying "Sorry" to them". - Unnamed Surviver from Hiroshima.
Nacho Gonzalez
Nacho Gonzalez:
My god, this is scarier than most horror films I've seen
Katarzyna Gołda
Katarzyna Gołda:
And the author, Krzysztof Penderecki, our polish legend, has died just a few hours ago. May his soul rest in peace 😭
Sean L
Sean L:
All jokes aside, this really does force one to imagine the literal hell that erupted on to earth when the bombs were dropped over Japan. People’s flesh falling off their eviscerated bodies. Unrecognizably charred corpses everywhere.
Project MorFX
Project MorFX:
my music teacher showed this to my class
Diego Boi
Diego Boi:
Ultimate cardio challenge: run while listening to this on night jogs
Every time I listen to this I can feel the pain of the people, how frightening must have been. I try to imagine how felt those who looked at the sky when the bomb was dropped and saw the weapon of their own death. It makes me weak, it makes me feel pain. It's so weird, I wasn't there when this happened. I wasn't even alive when this happened but I feel a lot of things when I listen to this
for those with synesthesia, does this music make you see, feel or taste?
Ivanna Sarcophagi
Ivanna Sarcophagi:
When classical gets more metal than metal...
2:20 it's at this moment where I can picture a Japanese woman somewhere in Hiroshima looking at her kids, then looking at her window when she realizes something is not right and the immense amount of fear baffles her so much that she has no idea what to do or where to turn to after the siren rings. great piece of music that captures every feeling.
Gloria Bruner
Gloria Bruner:
The worst horror imaginable. This music says it all. Hell's doors opened...
Gratitude to Penderecki for validating this trauma that should never be forgotten. Music reflects our culture- pain and hope. (from a Music Therapist's perspective)
Yuri Umemoto
Yuri Umemoto:
Krzysztof Penderecki (1933-2020) a polish giant is passing. RIP.
James Fiorucci
James Fiorucci:
This gave me goosebumps. The bit where you don't hear anything for a
minute or so near the 2 minute mark and then all of sudden you hear a
low violin noise almost gave me a heart attack. But at the same time
this is so well written, you can really tell how complex and amazing
this piece is. Penderecki deserves more recognition than he gets.
Sigui Tim
Sigui Tim:
I imagined horrifying things while listening to this track. Amazing work.
This piece of music may be creepy to some but what's more creepy is witnessing a massive bomber deliver its nuclear payload on you. That's what this music conveys and mourns over
Yeonwoo Jung
Yeonwoo Jung:
It’s so sad that innocent people have to die during the war. War is never good.
Only 40's kids will remember this
It feels like spiders are crawling on my newborn baby when I listen to this song.
Charlie Bridges
Charlie Bridges:
They don't play tunes like this anymore
Emma Pirelli
Emma Pirelli:
This is the water and this is the well. Drink full and descend. The horse is the white of the eyes and dark within.
Anthony Cutietta
Anthony Cutietta:
Penderecki has captured the pain and suffering of the Japanese.
Mustapha Al-Sibai
Mustapha Al-Sibai:
This plays when I open my exam paper.
CJ Russ
CJ Russ:
One of the most unsettling pieces of music I’ve ever heard, would be perfect for a horror movie, but I guess WW2 was horror for those involved.
This is the water, and this is the well. Drink full, and descend. The horse is the white of the eyes, and dark within.
Ben Powell
Ben Powell:
1:47 sounds like an air raid siren!
Got a light?
Jack Waynard
Jack Waynard:
"There's nothing intelligent to say about a massacre"
-Kurt Vonnegut
Fun game: Play this while hunting in hide and seek
Dyllon Foley
Dyllon Foley:
RIP Krzysztof Penderecki. One of the last true musical giants.
luxy lala
luxy lala:
this scares the living shit out of me
This puts the horror back into an event you only hear numbers about--the flesh waiting to be accidentally pulled off bones by rescuers, the constant burning everywhere, the radioactive black rain, the walking shadows that are soot-covered survivors
Genre: Easy Listening
Javier Shang
Javier Shang:
The influence on Jonny Greenwood music is hard, the creepy first 2 mins compare to the end of "Climbing up the Walls" on OK Computer or parts from "There will be Blood" score.
Sam Burns
Sam Burns:
Rest In peace Penderecki, a very sad day he was a truly incredible and unique musician
It reminds me of the music in Eraserhead!
Tamás Keményffy
Tamás Keményffy:
Krysztof Penderecki has passed away today. May the Lord give Home to him!
this really makes me panic at some points. i feel like im in danger.
Lion King
Lion King:
Dude it feels like you hiding from your mom because you got all Fs
Sobi the Robot
Sobi the Robot:
I've never heard violins *scream* like this before... O_O
Lüder v. Buxhoeveden
Lüder v. Buxhoeveden:
Another great representative of modern classical music died. You have shaped modern music for a long time - thank you! March 29, 2020 / R.i.p.
Matthew Curtis
Matthew Curtis:
This is incredibly powerful composition. I've never had a piece music make me feel physically sick before.
Deeply disturbing and entirely appropriate.
Abstract Mission
Abstract Mission:
the scariest piece i have ever heard in my life it even mad me cry 😔
Black Knight
Black Knight:
He was a mere 27 when he completed this.
RIP Maestro
Max Email
Max Email:
I love how catchy this is
we've lost a legend in penderecki
Think for yourself
Think for yourself:
I recall listening to this at 11 years old in the dark and will always remember that moment. My father had the record. It really did make me think about the victims of war crying in pain. I looked up photos of the victims of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and was horrified that this happened. Yes, I understand why Truman said it was justified: to save American lives, to prevent a land invasion, but it was really also a message to the USSR, to convey American military superiority in what was to become the Cold War. Japan was already on the verge of surrender, apparently. This was really a war crime, as were all the other mass bombings of civilians on both sides (London, Dresden, etc).

Penderecki provided the prototype for horror film music. He was a brilliant composer.
Robert Unwin
Robert Unwin:
RIP. What an extraordinary composer he was.
Jack Torrance
Jack Torrance:
8:00 that's were you get stabed to death if listening to this in the dark
I've heard some creepy music but nothing on this level. Holy shit...I have nothing else to say.
OMG, this was my high school prom song! So many memories.
Watchdog Mike Giff
Watchdog Mike Giff:
This sounds like they took their instruments, turned them around and played them backwards.
Rip the author, our polish legend.
Soundwave 84
Soundwave 84:
There should be a historical film based on the life real survivor of this disaster and have it be very grim and gruesome like Passion of Christ to show the horrors of war and have this as the main theme
Les Hutchens
Les Hutchens:
I bought this in the late 60's, and would turn all the lights out, put the record on the turntable in the cabinet stereo, and lie on the carpet, one stereo speaker to my right, the other to my left.... and just listen. It was the scariest music then, and now, that I've ever heard.
Michał Kuczynski
Michał Kuczynski:
Rest in peace our beloved composer.
In my life I heard so much, and played on violin so much but only this got me really deep in heart and got me scared.
Around the dinner table, the conversation is lively.
Otaku With Cats
Otaku With Cats:
Am I the only person who thinks this piece is strangely beautiful?
I played Candy Crush to this. It was an interesting experience.
Ábel Simonfi
Ábel Simonfi:
I want to hear this in the next upcoming Conjuring movie.
They call me Çrÿptø
They call me Çrÿptø:
“There are no good decisions in war”
beautiful, yet scary
Any song by Penderecki gives me intense spine chills. Though I am fairly traditional in my musical tastes, atonal and dissonant music is very fascinating to me. It's definitely one of music's most unique forms. And it definitely has some sort of a structure to it.
Wow. Really scary. An extraordinary piece of music.
Eric Schultz
Eric Schultz:
I came here in tribute to the passing of the great composer. But it's not the best thing to listen to during Covid19 confinement…
Profeta Desditoso
Profeta Desditoso:
Real music 👏👏👏
Now use this as an alarm ringtone
Mad Creator
Mad Creator:
The violins can perfectly copy the screams and the alarms
You can really hear the screams of the souls in this piece
Kasimir Delbaere Pernin
Kasimir Delbaere Pernin:
Paix à leurs âmes …
It's ENZO:
Sounds like something Philip Glass would compose
Rest in Peace.
Gomer Hanger
Gomer Hanger:
Thank you David Lynch.
D Francis
D Francis:
POV: You just told Gon you killed Kaito
Jan Kowalski
Jan Kowalski:
Do zobaczenia mistrzu. [*]
pieter lucas maria lemmens
pieter lucas maria lemmens:
Outstanding rendition of one of the most astonishing compositions of the mid 20th century. Bravo NPR!
Pau Strange
Pau Strange:
This thing SCARES the hell out of me everytime I listen to it. Oh god it's amazing how anyone could create something like this
What a creative composer
Martyna Kułakowska
Martyna Kułakowska:
RIP. ogromna strata.
lulu lulux
lulu lulux:
This work by Penderecki perfectly conveys the anguish and horror of this terrible explosion. In the first part of the work the composer expresses the climate of tension which reigns among the military in the aircraft, which carries the incredible bomb. In a second grave inexorably bomb (that can be tracked by the terrible hiss) bomb seems never explode (the work would be too trivial) but on the contrary, in contact with the ground the unfortunate Japanese lose hearing and the only view their conscience takes in horror as this music ceasing to fall into an abyss of madness. The explosion is more mental than physical. We are in the front of what humans can do more terrible to himself.
The origins of drone and ambient music
This is very much like waking up from dying by having your heart stop and be restarted by a seizure, from personal experience. 1:00 sounds like the things you see before you remember what vision even is. Yeah, vision has sound when you can't comprehend it.
Clinton Lowery
Clinton Lowery:
Whenever I can't sleep I put this on and it slowly and quietly lulls me to kill...i mean sleep...sleep, I defenitly meant to say sleep.
the only piece of music that has ever made me frozen in place.
Rafael Costa
Rafael Costa:
R.i.p Krzysztof Penderecki
8:00 music hasn't made me feel like that in a while. Those chords be spanking.
Ezekiel 7751
Ezekiel 7751:
Un des plus grands compositeur qui nous quitte, repose en paix Penderecki, toi qui a su rendre hommage aux victimes de bon nombre d'événement Tragique
Pat Gogan
Pat Gogan:
"GOTTA LIght!?" 🚬🔥🔥⚡️
Gotta listen to this for my big school project, tbh I kinda regret my choice because I've been having lots of headaches lately and this is doesn't help :/
crisis ioannou
crisis ioannou:
Gonna play this to my 5yr old before she goes to school in morning NOT!!!
Indiana Smith
Indiana Smith:
I use this as background music when telling my students scary stories!
ha yuki
ha yuki:
My grandmother died from the Bomb just on the moment (I'm a Japanese living in Tokyo), and then I have tried to see what a menace of whiteout would be, but haven't. Now, it seems that this last part of 52 descending glissandi after only an instant leads me to the whiteout storm of death. My tongue fails me whenever I listen to that.
I’m listening to this in the dark right now and it’s strangely relaxing.
Robert Clayton
Robert Clayton:
That's the scariest layering of sound/music I have ever heard.
David Lopes
David Lopes:
isso é um música de arrepiar a poha td!!..
This really inspires my writing. It's so easy to imagine intense scenes with this playing in my headphones.
Originally titled "8'37''. When Penderecki heard the first performance, he decided to dedicate it to the victims of Hiroshima.