People Honor Breonna Taylor For Her Birthday | NowThis

Today would have been Breonna Taylor’s 27th birthday — to honor her life, people are sending birthday cards to Kentucky AG Daniel Cameron demanding that the officers involved in her killing are charged.
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In US news and current events today, here's how people are fighting for Breonna Taylor's justice and remembering her on her 27th birthday.

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99 komentarze:

She was a frontline essential worker during a pandemic when police invaded her home and killed her. NO JUSTICE
Who were the cops that killed her, and more importantly how can we ruin their lives?
Jr new
Jr new:
Another victim of cowards with a badge.
Emperor Palpatine
Emperor Palpatine:
*You misspelled “Murdered”*
Emperor Palpatine
Emperor Palpatine:
Cops keep this up, there won’t be anyone left willing to save them when they need it
Cookie Cute as a puppy
Cookie Cute as a puppy:
A beautiful soul she was... my heart aches of her early demise! May God cover her family.. my pain aches for you all!! Happy birthday beautiful angel💝💕💗... sending your family a much needed virtual hug from St. Louis Missouri 🙏🏽🙏🏽💝💗💕
Hakuna Metata
Hakuna Metata:
People should ask for investigation for Gangs in Police force.
Blokka Nokka
Blokka Nokka:
Happy B-day bae, rip, respec'
Angie Prospero
Angie Prospero:
Happy birthday, Breonna ❤️
Rick Sanchez
Rick Sanchez:
Rest In Power. May those murderers be jailed!!!
Pat R
Pat R:
Most of y’all didn’t know no knock raids in states happen until this.
Adeyinka Bada
Adeyinka Bada:
yesss!!! BLACK LIVES MATTER say her name.

sign petitions do your part
(first comment)
Nel Ortiz
Nel Ortiz:
Happy Birthday, Breonna Taylor! R.I.P. to so many.
Andethidial bubabibub
Andethidial bubabibub:
Give the people weapons and the right to defend their homes, then give the police no-knock warrants and military gear.. Shockingly people get shot.
प्रयागी सिंह
प्रयागी सिंह:
America has made the world a bad place to live in, the American Government and American politics.
Animals Rock
Animals Rock:
What a sweetheart. I hope she is filled with peace and love.
Tristan Dudley
Tristan Dudley:
Til this day I still wish the boyfriend didn't miss those shots.
Arthur Black
Arthur Black:
Happy birthday! Please look after those who's sacrificing there lives on the front line and those who's fighting for the black lives.
Thank you.
Val Mid
Val Mid:
Justice Ahmaud, justice for Taylor, and justice for Floyd. Remember David Dorn.
The Wolverine
The Wolverine:
It seems as though the biggest cartel in America are the cops.
Sofia Rossi
Sofia Rossi:
This is so sad.
Keena Turner
Keena Turner:
Happy birthday Breonna, Rest In Peace 💜
Marvin Russell
Marvin Russell:
A life saviour that her life was taken away by police officers who was suppose to protect and serve one day she could hsvr been called to save one of their lives think about it KENTUCKY POLICE. HAPPY BIRTHDAY AND RIP MS. BRIANA TAYLOR
TurnerKingdom0402 DKA
TurnerKingdom0402 DKA:
Justice for Breonna .Happy Birthday My sister Rest In Peace .
warren sweet
warren sweet:
We love you Brianna Taylor happy bday and you will always be with us
Happy birthday Breonna Taylor, R.I.P
A Peasants Point of View
A Peasants Point of View:
Happy birthday angel.
Strawberry BubbleGum Strawberry
Strawberry BubbleGum Strawberry:
Happy birthday r.i.p ❤
Deirah Laney
Deirah Laney:
She was so beautiful
Michael O'Shea
Michael O'Shea:
Happy Birthday. RIP.
Emily Crawford
Emily Crawford:
Happy birthday Breonna Taylor.. you will never be forgotten..your life mattered! You are a beautiful soul .. this world did not deserve you and your big heart.. RIP ❤ .. NO JUSTICE, NO PEACE ✊
Lady Tru
Lady Tru:
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, QUEEN with love and respect. I ask you and all our ancestors to watch over our people as we take a stand and fight. RIP
Hopefully, racism and fascism will end one day.
In the USA, and in the rest of the world.
Mae Sams
Mae Sams:
My God! My God!!!!
Our hearts are seriously in pain!!!!
Lechiffresix six
Lechiffresix six:
what happened to her is exactly what gringo officers do to black people in brazil every 26 minutes. you could sleeping, doing your laundry. they bust into random homes , spray whole families with bullets then realize the those murders were " a mistake" . no accountability , no nothing.
this will only stop when a number
👑T U S K💲I D I I🍫
👑T U S K💲I D I I🍫:
Can we get her killers brought 2 justice? Rest Easy👑 🕊
R Bishop
R Bishop:
Rip dear, you walk in eternal glory now....HBD too!!
Eddie Thegreat
Eddie Thegreat:
Dang so painful, RIP....🙏
Happy B-day, we miss you. Even if I dont know you personally.
Yo this is so sad, we have the same bday, RIP 😣😔
Raven Duarte
Raven Duarte:
Happy birthday love 💚🦋 I pray your family finds justice for you .
La. Peach
La. Peach:
Justice for Taylor and Floyd. RIH🙏💞💐
Brenda Ciesla
Brenda Ciesla:
Happy Birthday 🕊🕊🕊😥Rest in Peace😥
Rest in peace, your name and the name of others will resound through history as the names that made us say no more. No Justice No Peace!!
Molly Holly
Molly Holly:
Every step I take every move I make we be missing you 😘
A dedicated first responder who tragically ended up on the wrong side of a 911 emergency.
John Cowley
John Cowley:
Good old US of A.
Avishaa S.
Avishaa S.:
Unbelievable , just unbelievable 💔
Nicole Brownie
Nicole Brownie:
An it's like her life meant nothing, here it is months later, and the three officer's that killed her, are still roaming free and working. it's as if they killed an animal. Rip and happy birthday, this world is something else 🥺
Look At This Dude
Look At This Dude:
Happy Birthday Breonna, All I can really say is RIP.
Kishma Black
Kishma Black:
Zenyedia Jackson
Zenyedia Jackson:
RIP Queen 👑✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿
امي اليمن.
امي اليمن.:
Robert Amerongen
Robert Amerongen:
RIP Breonna ... You are mourned ... 🇨🇦
DR Dubois
DR Dubois:
Send those cards people. Make your voices heard loud and clear!
Happy Birthday Breonna! I am so sorry. Rest in power sista.
I didn't know this girl but I start getting emotional every time I see her face.
James S
James S:
Happy birthday,
Kenny Fillmore
Kenny Fillmore:
Happy birthday angel may WE ALL avenge YOUR LIFE by overcoming with truth and justice
Lance Jones
Lance Jones:
When will it stop!?
rhea waterfall
rhea waterfall:
Poor angel.
Juanita Holland
Juanita Holland:
Happy birthday baby girl r.i.p. they are marching for you also.
Jennifer Beathea
Jennifer Beathea:
Rip sis. Today is my birthday also
Jason Goodwin
Jason Goodwin:
Happy Birthday and RIP
Lucie Mayer
Lucie Mayer:
Happy birthday sweet girl rip
Happy birthday sweet angel
Will M
Will M:
Happy birthday 🎂🎈🎉 rip
This is insane
steve hernandez
steve hernandez:
malcom flex
malcom flex:
Happy birthday
Ariella S.
Ariella S.:
This world needs to stop beng crazy... ao darn sad ... Hapy Birthday beautiful girl 💜🕯🙏🏽
Daisy Pusher
Daisy Pusher:
John Brown
John Brown:
Smooth Skin
Smooth Skin:
What year did this took place?
Onward&KingdomHeartsyes, Siren&FILno Marisol Jaimes
Onward&KingdomHeartsyes, Siren&FILno Marisol Jaimes:
Poor young lady, dying young during botched raid at the hands of cowardly evil cop...
Malthusian Thanos
Malthusian Thanos:
I don't know, sounds like a legit mistake. Also, gonna need more info on the boyfriend.
My Opinion
My Opinion:
That was such a senseless way to die.
Happy birthday Breonna. May you rest in power. Your name will not be forgotten
Jesus is King
Jesus is King:
Repent the day of the Lord is at hand
Apollo Artemisia
Apollo Artemisia:
Put those criminal cops in jail, We want justice for Breonna Taylor, we want justice for her now. Protest, donate and sign the petition. She was a frontline worker who worked to save lives and she need ur help now.
Kenneth Duffy
Kenneth Duffy:
Happy Birthday. Your name won't be forgotten. Nor will your beautiful soul. We will get justice for you. By any and every means.
paul hoskin
paul hoskin:
The police in America are out of control and Donald Trump's not going to do anything to help is he
Jacqueline Bedrey
Jacqueline Bedrey:
Breonna, I wish you were here with us now and you should have been. We will fight for change and you will not be forgotten. Happy Birthday, Breonna.
Nefertiti queen
Nefertiti queen:
Mrs Taylor knew something and was murdered by them so it would not come out
Victor Scholfield
Victor Scholfield:
To think she worked alongside those cops probably as she was an EMT....sad.
Pink Rose
Pink Rose:
How many " no knock " warrants have there been for white people?!
Linda T
Linda T:
Where was Black Lives matter then!!!
rolandolucas ochoa-nah
rolandolucas ochoa-nah:
What a stupid policy 'no knock'...a recipe for disaster...this is just not only d police it's d political leadership...innocent blood spilled bcs of shortsightedness...there is something terribly wrong in america...too much vs black vs white vs black...90m+ blacks in america..just an observation...
Christine Pellew-Faucette
Christine Pellew-Faucette:
Other than this innocent woman, and hero of her community, who is paying for this horrible mistake? Someone is responsible, it's not a random act of God. Somebody must be held to account.
Karon Sanchez
Karon Sanchez:
So sorry that you had to pay for the police's stupidity...I know you can't hear me speak to you, but, I respect you and I love you. And, yes, Black Lives Matter!!! You are with God now, so you have a special seat in Heaven. Happy Birthday! My condolences to your family on their loss, but, we won't forget about you.
Euan Hamilton
Euan Hamilton:
Listen America. This is the rest of the world speaking. You need to put an end to racism and offence; much of the population and the police are racist. Voting for Trump means that you agree with this. All you need to do is get him out of office and get someone in who actually cares for his people and his country; someone who can make a change for the better. You are the ones who can stop this. There are protests all across the world but it is you who can make a difference.
Rick Van Dam
Rick Van Dam:
I dont blame both sides blame the person who made the call on this house
Syifa Mutiara
Syifa Mutiara:
Why the police raided her place in the first place?
Don Trump
Don Trump:
Her death could have been avoid if her boyfriend didn't shot an officer in the leg, it was return fire.
anonymous1994 Anderson
anonymous1994 Anderson:
Author's name, date of publication, sources, and credibility, please.
Garl Vinland
Garl Vinland:
Did they just glance over the fact that the boyfriend open fired first??
AirBorN Gaming
AirBorN Gaming:
This one is pretty twisted. Really stretching for that narrative.
Samuel Kwak
Samuel Kwak:
This was a very unfortunate event but in this case its hard to criticize the officers because of the fact that they were being shot at. So i think that training was the reason this happened