Pep looks ahead to City's Premier League clash against Spurs at The Etihad Stadium.

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Lee-Jayson Habimana
Lee-Jayson Habimana:
Yes Ruben Dias is fit let’s hope he plays alongside stones to make the best cb partnehip in the league
Sambright Rolex
Sambright Rolex:
So glad Rodri, aguero and dias is back
Naly Hazhar
Naly Hazhar:
Let’s go city💙💙
Cityfan Indonesia
Cityfan Indonesia:
We need to win this!
Lorenzo oranje
Lorenzo oranje:
Come on City let's get revenge on spurs
nick fleming
nick fleming:
When they asked about winning streak , he should of said GOOGLE IT!!
fms Fms
fms Fms:
Reporter : How would it be should City got a penalty against spurs
Pep : We'd pay Harry Kane to take it for us
Joe Luca Lynch
Joe Luca Lynch:
Come on city let’s show them who we are!!!!
Bryan W_w
Bryan W_w:
We have to beat Totenham....nothing less 🔥🔥🔥💙
John Wagner
John Wagner:
Here to find out if Dias trained. Glad he came to training ✅✅🏆🏆
xxploded YT
xxploded YT:
Hope to see aguero start or at least get some minutes in now
C'mon City, You can do this.
Jason Gaskell
Jason Gaskell:
Want us to beat Tottenham so much, they have been so lucky against off us late, great news about rodri n Diaz!! pep is such a cool dude love listening to him talk about football... c,mon city c,mon city 💙
Krishna Ghadi
Krishna Ghadi:
The sharks of Manchester City will eat the hen of Spurs in the dinner!
gervais nasri
gervais nasri:
Foden, Dias we will beat any teams 💪💙💙💙
Nati bossman
Nati bossman:
Congrats on Motm award pep you deserve it 🙌
Ankit Pal
Ankit Pal:
Hope to win 16 in row 💙
Laura Márquez
Laura Márquez:
“Literalmente el 99% de las personas ignoran este mensaje: que Dios guarde tu familia y a ti de esta enfermedad “ 🙏🏻💖
Theophilus Tendere
Theophilus Tendere:
Man City-best in the 🗺️💯
Felipe Belo
Felipe Belo:
We have a hard and decisive sequence to go further. Come on City! 💙
Interviewers' sound is much better than before, thank you Man City!
Faryal Badowi
Faryal Badowi:
We will beat spurs come on city 💙
Nicolas Cannon
Nicolas Cannon:
Rodri is a colossus in the midfield for City, he’s got the ability to stifle attacks & the vision to pick a pass, he’s fantastic
Dylan 04
Dylan 04:
What’s the best cb partnership Man City have
La ciel Bleu
La ciel Bleu:
The GOAT 💙
Pep Guardiola
Pep Guardiola:
Manchester is..... 🔵🔵
Prolific MG vlog
Prolific MG vlog:
City forever!!
CITTEH!!!! 💙💙💙
Max Mathew
Max Mathew:
Dias + aguero = win on Saturday night cmon lads leave a like we city
Jose Bautista
Jose Bautista:
Let's go city!
Nending Grayu
Nending Grayu:
City on 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Π Ζ - Ι Χ Θ Υ Σ
Π Ζ - Ι Χ Θ Υ Σ:
Do it City!Let's have another nice afternoon!God bless our City!
Joseph Wesenie
Joseph Wesenie:
Pep is soo fluent in so many languages
City keep going
Javi Arroyo
Javi Arroyo:
am I the only one who sees a revenge in the horizon? COME OOON CITYYYYY💙💪🏼#SHARKTEAM 🦈🦈
Citizens stand up!
Bit Frost
Bit Frost:
Man City really needs Aguero back , that's why we have to buy Haaland
Ragu Sangarappillai
Ragu Sangarappillai:
The players know this is the important game I hope they will do
The way pep is talking is so serious about winning that match and of course city will win 4-0
Malvin Mpi
Malvin Mpi:
Let's increase the winning streak 🔵
Mo PeSGaming
Mo PeSGaming:
Let’s go boys ❤️💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾🔥
if we win 9 more we will break our own record
jason Jordan
jason Jordan:
We need to demolish spurs tomorrow 🙁
[email protected]:
Yessssss legends are back ..except de bruyne😢
Nicolas Cannon
Nicolas Cannon:
Have to ever been on a run like this? Yes 20 wins in a row a few years ago!
john honai
john honai:
Tottenham has second best defense after City's. I don't expect score either way greater than 2 goals.
Konur Canarslan
Konur Canarslan:
Can't wait for this game I'm a online mascot thank you city for the opportunity
Manchester city FC Fan
Manchester city FC Fan:
Manchester city FC fighting 💙💙👏🏆
Lucy Otieno
Lucy Otieno:
Man city breaking the record⚽⚽😘😘
Cadde king Cadde king
Cadde king Cadde king:
City always city💙💙💙💙
shinsuke Nakamura
shinsuke Nakamura:
Beating spurs isnt a big deal....,city can easily go upto 7goals......rock city🔥🔥🔥
Pep win please
rafi diaz
rafi diaz:
nadia mar
nadia mar:
@Pep : Pliss buy isco... Nicely done so far pep and staff
Daniel Pessanha
Daniel Pessanha:
Aizawa DAL
Aizawa DAL:
King Me
King Me:
Eric Dier is doodoo City should be able to score enough goals. I predict 4-0. Im hoping for an Aguero or Jesus Hatrick 😅
Najib official
Najib official:
CITY GUUL 💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿⤵️
4-0 city win!!!
Ibrahim Jalloh
Ibrahim Jalloh:
Cmon cityyy💙💙💙
Gayanath Nanayakara
Gayanath Nanayakara:
Good to see he is showing who is he, well done Pep, you are the best.. come on City..
Onward Gaming
Onward Gaming:
C'mon City 🔵🔵
I see "smartpep" i click 😁💙
Henri Mesman
Henri Mesman:
See you next press conference where they will ask again if the unbeaten run helps then
Tino Ajha
Tino Ajha:
Cilacap man City ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Jacob Elout-Armstrong
Jacob Elout-Armstrong:
Aguero has to get 20-30 minutes! Please Pep
Sergeant Awesome
Sergeant Awesome:
Up the top of the league Mr Whippy Phil Foden is the GOAT Blues
Samuel Longstreet
Samuel Longstreet:
hadi Kurniawan
hadi Kurniawan:
Good luck man city
Firenze JR
Firenze JR:
Cmon City, i was so worried if Dias was going to play or not
Lucas Tseg
Lucas Tseg:
I hope agüero can make the bench
Let's go get that quadruple..👍👍
Chintiya amerika
Chintiya amerika:
Prom indonesia
Putch Sampson
Putch Sampson:
Ur understanding of de game is unbelievable, u see things way different from many other managers. Difference
Nisar Abdulah
Nisar Abdulah:
If s aguero, b silva and p foden is playing than the win is quarantee
Roscodot Emmas
Roscodot Emmas:
City you’ve won the EPL ... but lose this for me to win very big . I’m betting 10k$ on spurs win. Pep you’re the best🙏🏾🌹🌹
Manchester City
Manchester City:
We will be looking for another clean sheet.
A must win, need to control son and kane
Just like we did with Mane and Salah. 💙💙💙
attarkhan caponebiz
attarkhan caponebiz:
City win 3-0, gundogan score first assist cancelo, foden second asst b.silva, jesus third asst gundogn...💪
Umar Khan
Umar Khan:
Let’s go city
Tiago Rodriguez kenny
Tiago Rodriguez kenny:
Kun BACK!!!
Aymen Boukarma
Aymen Boukarma:
Anirudh Anand
Anirudh Anand:
I'm a spurs fan, and I'm shitting myself, this city team is dangerous. 😔
Tony Montana
Tony Montana:
Why not 4 trophies?
Daniel Mina
Daniel Mina:
4-0 easy dups
Sebastian Vargas Football
Sebastian Vargas Football:
Come on Man city we got this game! It’s going to be difficult but you can do it.👍
prince chaoui
prince chaoui:
robin felix
robin felix:
Mohammad Hanan
Mohammad Hanan:
Sie sind die beste trainers der team manstercity ich mag manstercity
zakaria batubara
zakaria batubara:
ikay gundogan 👍
Aezaz Sheikh C1 Blue🔵✅
Aezaz Sheikh C1 Blue🔵✅:
Huge fan from Pakistan...I have to wake up at 2 am or sometimes 3am because of the time difference..It's worth the match. Manchester is blue 💙💙🔵🔵🔵
3 - 1 city you saw it here first 🤣
Dagi tube
Dagi tube:
Aguero must be on the bench
Alfusainey Jallow
Alfusainey Jallow:
We can do it again skyblue
Yak Deng Minyiel
Yak Deng Minyiel:
Must win for City
Nibir Chowdhury
Nibir Chowdhury:
Which player are we buying this summer?
project 5-0 mercy
lights up Lighto
lights up Lighto:
“A good midfielder never appears on newspaper or highlights …always hide behind the team.” Gentle warning for foden?
Candilahi xasan Xoon
Candilahi xasan Xoon:
Please starts zincheko And foden
City 0 - spurs 3. A comfortable win. COYS!!!
Maxamed Dhure
Maxamed Dhure:
Yes Guul pep Man city