Petr Čech, Mr. Zero [Best Saves]

"I am honoured to have been the manager that, at such an early age, gave Petr a top Premier League No1 shirt. After that day, it is all about him. All about his numbers, his performances, his clean sheets, his titles and his professionalism." (Josè Mourinho about Peter Čech)

Music: Shingo Nakamura - Scroll (Original Mix)

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paolo tondo
paolo tondo:
he was simply fantastic!one of the best goalies ever
Nick L
Nick L:
Petr Cech holds the record of Total clean sheets in the Premier League (202) and has had the most clean sheets in a single season in the PL (24).

He also learned to speak five languages to be able to communicate effectively with his defenders. Legend
Laszlo Dajka
Laszlo Dajka:
He now plays icehockey as an amateur goalie in the 4th division
George Fulariani
George Fulariani:
His timing and reading situations is so perfect!!! Thanks for video
Yarin Orlev
Yarin Orlev:
Amazing! Thank you so much for uploading. Best football channel on YouTube!
Super Amario64
Super Amario64:
Please do one for Fraser Forster :) Celtic legend and the great wall!
Amazing goalie and he has the same style of play as Van der Sar two legends
Super Amario64
Super Amario64:
Great video! Great music :)
Super Amario64
Super Amario64:
I think this is my favourite :) awesome music using the legendary Shingo Nakamura :)
Rodolfo Rufino
Rodolfo Rufino:
Tive o prazer de ver ele jogar... mito lenda... parabéns pelo Vídeo!
Alexander Сharcot
Alexander Сharcot:
Will be waiting for Vinnie Jones HL)
tallullah dana
tallullah dana:
He's the actual spiderman,he prevented "mothballs" destroy his web house!
Lo extraño :(
AWESOME, slavic people are awesome! greetings from Sardinia!
1:46 woah
Scratchin' Samurai
Scratchin' Samurai:
Your videos are great. First Batigol,now Petr. Can't wait to Cech out more xD Corny i know. Subscribed
Best prem goalie ever
Vidcon Funn
Vidcon Funn:
Cech and Edwin Were The Best of That PL Era..
real life regen of planicka
Request skill Frank Lampard, Drogba,j terry...thank u BFV
Ash Williams
Ash Williams:
II est l'un des meilleurs gardiens de tous les temps. Je le mets dans mon top 5 avec Van Der Sar, Buffon, Casillas et Neuer.
Karl Marx Nunca Trabalhou
Karl Marx Nunca Trabalhou:
After injury, it wasnt the same.
Daniel New
Daniel New:
Best keeper in history, no cap
Yenny Indriawati
Yenny Indriawati:
Bang neuer
please can you make a video of the best saves of Ladislao mazurkiewicz shortcuts
this is why kepa cannot have any excuses for poor form. You have to demand more from the most expensive keeper in the world at a team like Chelsea, period.
Pepek Námořník
Pepek Námořník:
Nej cr golman
erick carrasco
erick carrasco:
ataja una banda 👏👏👏👏👏
paolo tondo
paolo tondo:
questo si che è stato un grande portiere,riflessi incredibili,altro che baia..
Shirosaki Ayumu
Shirosaki Ayumu:
Please do Bruce Grobbelaar next....
Steward Rebakgosi
Steward Rebakgosi:
Yah neh! i know sum people like to be sentimental and all dat but to me Petr Cech is the greatest goalkeeper ever to play in the premier league and Stats even back him more; he has 38 more clean sheets than the nearest challenger James! LOL!
Strange-Side Of life
Strange-Side Of life:
Stilisticamente orrendo,ma efficace,e poi con due palle d'acciaio, perché dopo che quel criminale lo stavo ammazzando,lui si è messo il caschetto,e ha continuato a parare, grande Petr!
After he suffered that skull injury,he wasn't the same player anymore
Harrison Clark
Harrison Clark:
Cech or Schmeichel the highest tier Premier League keepers
Matheus Rodrigues
Matheus Rodrigues:
The most underrated goalkeeper