Phil Collins - Finally...The First Farewell Tour Paris 2004 HQ

Phil Collins The Last Farewell Tour concert in Paris 2004.
Phil Collins Serious Hits... Live! Berlin 1990:

00:00:00 Drums, Drums and More Drums
00:08:22 Something Happened on the Way to Haven

00:13:49 Against All Odds
00:17:50 Don't Lose My Number
00:24:25 You'll Be in My Heart
00:28:44 One More Night
00:34:07 Can't Stop Loving You
00:38:41 Hang in Long Enough
00:43:56 True Colours
00:49:26 Come With Me
00:54:33 Groovy Kind of Love
00:58:11 I Missed Again
01:02:34 Another Day in Paradise
01:08:21 No Way Out
01:12:58 Separate Lives
01:18:51 In the Air Tonight
01:26:32 Dance Into the Light
01:31:07 You Can't Hurry Love
01:34:07 Two Hearts
01:36:25 Wear My Hat
01:41:22 Easy Lover
01:46:21 Sussudio
01:55:55 It's Not Too Late
02:00:00 Take Me Home (Drums Intro)
02:01:22 Take Me Home

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Red Dog
Red Dog:
00:00:00 Drums, Drums and More Drums
00:08:22 Something Happened on the Way to Haven
00:13:49 Against All Odds
00:17:50 Don't Lose My Number
00:24:25 You'll Be in My Heart
00:28:44 One More Night
00:34:07 Can't Stop Loving You
00:38:41 Hang in Long Enough
00:43:56 True Colours
00:49:26 Come With Me
00:54:33 Groovy Kind of Love
00:58:11 I Missed Again
01:02:34 Another Day in Paradise
01:08:21 No Way Out
01:12:58 Separate Lives
01:18:51 In the Air Tonight
01:26:32 Dance Into the Light
01:31:07 You Can't Hurry Love
01:34:07 Two Hearts
01:36:25 Wear My Hat
01:41:22 Easy Lover
01:46:21 Sussudio
01:55:55 It's Not Too Late
02:00:00 Take Me Home (Drums Intro)
02:01:22 Take Me Home
The saxophonist is amazing.
Edison Hajdinaj
Edison Hajdinaj:
One of the best concerts EVER. Two hours, no fluctuation, that's what makes this guy special, Artist.
I really love how he makes the band part of the show. Not every singer treats their band with that level of respect.
This is probably the most entertaining concert I've seen yet on YouTube. Very unique beginning, and very touching ending, with music and song all the way through! Well done Phil - we miss you!
Steve Raff
Steve Raff:
I'm in a band and I'm only 36 - if I started a show with something as stamina draining as a drum solo like that, I'd be ready to go home. Phil did another 24 epic performances. Amazing.
Martin Invernizzi
Martin Invernizzi:
AMO este recital es unico!! lo escucho mil veces por año y cada vez me gusta mas.
David Pearl
David Pearl:
Along with Paul McCartney the only artist to sell 100 million records both as a solo artist and with a band..mad respect
Ana Bahnke
Ana Bahnke:
I fell in love with Phil Collins way before even knowing the meaning of his I know how love and music make me feel the same incredible feeling...tears of joy!❤
Cleusa Clemente
Cleusa Clemente:
Músicos maravilhosos,banda incrível,Phil Collins simplesmente fantástico,amooo amooo,desde a época da banda Genesis ,esse cara tem uma sensibilidade musical incrível ,de arrepiar.
Claudio Soares de Souza
Claudio Soares de Souza:
Um fenômeno da música internacional e mundial!! Músicas que definem o mais sublime dos sentimentos: o amor!! Quanta emoção!!
Stevie Caldwell
Stevie Caldwell:
No iPhones in the crowd. What a time to experience live music.
Tatiana Cozaciuc
Tatiana Cozaciuc:
Ele agradece ao público! Nós é que temos que agradecer pra sempre. Vc simplesmente é Sensacional... extraordinário... vontade de clonar talentos como você... Love you.... 🙏🥰
Y.B. Norm
Y.B. Norm:
"Thumbs up" doesn't even begin to express the joy this performance, music, and talent gifts me!
Raimundo Geraldo magela dos Santos
Raimundo Geraldo magela dos Santos:
Quando me perguntam qual meu ídolo eu respondo sem pensar um segundo se quer, Deus. Nunca vi no mundo da música astral pessoa que se compare a Fhil Collins, tão completo
O'Brien, Devon
O'Brien, Devon:
This is like the best live set i've ever seen!! Phil's before my time, so i feel like i'm discovering a gem! Amazing concert
fatima croesy
fatima croesy:
Eh simplesmente maravilhoso..... traz ele ao Brasil depois dessa pandemia 😉❤️
Jamie Newstart17
Jamie Newstart17:
Great concert.! One hit after another..Phil & the band are great!!
Mike Halkides
Mike Halkides:
This is what happens when you get extremely talented musicians, as well as top notch sound, lighting, & choreography people in synch. Perfection.
Tobbe B
Tobbe B:
I seriosly wanna break down and cry when I see this. I´ve been involved with music my whole life. I listen to everything from deathcore to country to phil. Im 27 years old now and imo Phil got something special. My mom was always listening to Phil when she drove me to school. And now, 10+ years later it´s so hard to take in that this man is 70 year now. one of my three wishes would be to bring back Phil to what he does at this show. It´s everything to me. The music, the performance, the complete musicality and most of all - Phils voice, tones and control is the best of all time. For my taste atleast. There are other all time greats BUT this hits me so different. Amazing .
What an incredible performance!!! Phil and the whole band plus the awesome audience in Paris. Goose bumps from 0:00 till 2:12:45.
Red Dog, thank you so much for this upload with the high sound quality. It was a pleasure for me. Thumbs up!
MKF - Markinho Format
MKF - Markinho Format:
Phil Collins um gênio da harmonia!!!, extraí o melhor da música, Com toda certeza essas músicas marcaram gerações. 1990 a 2005 foram os melhores anos da minha vida 😁. Obrigado Phil Collins
שלומקה ש
שלומקה ש:
The best show I can ask for, see,hears and enjoys time and time again, thank you for existing dear Mr. phil collins
Gustavo Ondarza
Gustavo Ondarza:
Desde Santa Cruz, Bolivia. La cuarentena me permitió ver in extenso uno de los mejores conciertos de todos los tiempos ¡Gigante Phil! y gracias por semejante talento musical. 👌🏼
David Wilson
David Wilson:
When I'm down, phil always pick me up even after a 30 year relationship
Anderson Cleyton
Anderson Cleyton:
Alguém comigo época boa música boa
E sempre bom relembrar??? Não vamos deixar cair no
Esquecimento !! ❤️🎶
Esteban Diaz
Esteban Diaz:
How could his voice be so powerful at its age? So glorious
patrick eripret
patrick eripret:
Phil Collins : just respect for his entire career
Amy Keys : incredible voice, immense emotion
The band and choristers : wonderful
wild west
wild west:
Музыка моего детства.до дыр)Люблю навсегда!
Fer 64
Fer 64:
Impresionante!!! Música en su máxima expresión.
Mônica Rodrigues
Mônica Rodrigues:
Que show maravilhoso! Phil Collins é divino!
Juan Suárez Torres
Juan Suárez Torres:
espectacular musical, la entrada y descarga de los baterias y el bajista, el aspecto y como salen. Espectaculares voces, coros, sonido, iluminación...lo tiene todo
Christopher Herron
Christopher Herron:
Shows back then, just pure, phenomenal music, dancing, feeling the love, atmospheric. Not a raised mobile phone in sight. A beautiful sight
Rubén Alonso
Rubén Alonso:
Lo que habría pagado por ir a ese concierto. Es acojonante, el mejor concierto de la historia y no lo digo en broma
Maria Silvana Zacheu
Maria Silvana Zacheu:
EMOCIONANTE!!! 📡📡📡📡🥁🎹🎷🎸🎤🎶🎙🪕🎻🎺🥁❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Rosa Lucio
Rosa Lucio:
Amo esse cara,tem toda minha admiração, que voz ,que musicas lindas
Geovane Vilela
Geovane Vilela:
Um gênio musical.... um anjo transformado em músico.
Jota David
Jota David:
the sound engineer is a genius ... everything is clean and good sounding
maria Júlia Almeida Medeiros Almeida
maria Júlia Almeida Medeiros Almeida:
Vou comentar aqui pros brasileiros que amam os comentários.
Excelente show. Faço votos que alguns artistas brasileiros aprendam.
James Kluza
James Kluza:
amazing the people still listening and viewing this concert. One week 1 day, this is pure history in the making.
Gerald Provent
Gerald Provent:
Je suis fier d'être de cette génération! Un homme et un groupe exceptionnel merci!!
George Aleksandrov
George Aleksandrov:
2021 - We are still here. Hats off to Mr. Collins
Kenny Evans
Kenny Evans:
This gig is off the scale good, Separate lives was on another level, what a simply brilliant arrangement and performance. Phil, you're a fecking legend.
Leandro S. Pires
Leandro S. Pires:
Foi um dos melhores shows que já vi, Phil Collins em São Paulo 2018.
Alfredo Campos
Alfredo Campos:
Creo que ese concierto fue uno de los mejores en toda la carrera de Phil Collins.Todo bien.Musicos,publico,sonido todo.
Daniel Dum
Daniel Dum:
Hay muchas cosas que decir de este concierto:
1.- En la voz de Phill Collins puede verse que los años no pasan en vano, sin embargo, supieron como adaptar la música a eso perfectamente.
2.- Todos los músicos son excelentes.
3.- El coro estaba perfecto.
4.- El ingeniero de sonido es un genio, es uno de los conciertos con el sonido más limpio que haya tenido la oportunidad de escuchar.
5.- La introduccion con los instrumentos de percusión fue extraordinaria, y nos recuerda que Phill Collins es un excelente baterista.
6.- Es un concierto super entretenido, sin momentos muertos, aburridos o demasiado ruidosos.
Claudiu Schwartz
Claudiu Schwartz:
Now THAT'S how you perform live!
L. T.
L. T.:
This was the first concert I went to with my girlfriend (now wife) back then in Cologne, Germany. This may well be one of the greatest concerts in the history of music. There are only a few moments that you experience when everything just comes together perfectly. This concert was one. I saw Toto live, Genesis a few years later at the reunion tour, Tower of Power and other super-professionals of the music industry.
But this concert right here? Man, this was and still is something special. Perfect in every single regard.
Simply Magnificent. Just like we hear on the CD . Same quality Live . Long Live Sir Phil Collins.
Yamann 2000
Yamann 2000:
No pasa mucho tiempo y vuelvo a disfrutar de este magnífico concierto!! Gracias por compartirlo!!! Saludos desde Argentina
Reinaldo Carlos dos Santos
Reinaldo Carlos dos Santos:
Bom para lembrar da minha adolescência.
Very good, I remember my adolecence.
PHIL, ALWAYS AND FOREVER!!! SHOW!!!! Curtindo este show em plena quarentena!!
Javier Andres
Javier Andres:
Hermosa música nunca me canso de escucharla gracias dios por darme la sensibilidad para poder apreciar esta extraordinaria música y estos sonidos de este gran cantante saludos desde México amantes de la buena música
Lorenzo Braga Reis Santana
Lorenzo Braga Reis Santana:
A voz mais linda e doce do mundo!! O Love Phill❤️ Brasil
Akin Evans
Akin Evans:
I can't ever get tired of watching this since I came across this video in 2017
Phil will always be a legend
Daryl, fantastic
Leland sklaaaaar 🎅 my bass role model
And every other members of the band did great
Love from Nigeria 🇳🇬
André Luiz Moraes Marques
André Luiz Moraes Marques:
Que show maravilhoso! Gostaria de estar lá.
Phoenix Risen
Phoenix Risen:
That wizard on the bass...
roberto ruben primero
roberto ruben primero:
De todos los vídeos de Phil en youtube, éste es el que tiene mejor calidad de sonido. Muy bueno
Vojtěch Adalbert
Vojtěch Adalbert:
There are things between heaven and earth that have the amazing power to give another dimension to life. This is one of them.....
Alessandro CJ
Alessandro CJ:
Que lujo ha sido estar allí presente, esto es LEYENDA <3
Simplemente PERFECTO. El comienzo insuperable. Amazing.
Nicolás Quintero
Nicolás Quintero:
Demasiada calidad, que músicos!!! Es adictivo de ver y escuchar. No hay desperdicio
Kim Beu
Kim Beu:
I cannot find all of the words to express my appreciation to and for Phil Collins. He has illuminated music, talent and achieving so much not jut for me but all who love his presence on this earth. God bless you Phil
Steven Piefke
Steven Piefke:
What an outstanding concert! I never understood my parents and grandparents celebrating his music. NOW I see why.
He is symbiotic with his crew, fantastic.
Mario corrs
Mario corrs:
Tremendo cantante su trayectoria lo hace ser unos de los más grandes cantantes un máster
Jose Valencia
Jose Valencia:
tiene un coro perfecto me encanta como ayudan en cada tema
Milwar Linares
Milwar Linares:
Fantástico concierto, sobre todo la introducción de 8 minutos de percusión, me gustó la sincronizacion de los bateristas.
Marty Duke
Marty Duke:
I think this is probably the best concert I have ever watched. Amazing photography and choreography! Phil's voice and energy are incredible!
Rami Torres
Rami Torres:
No me canso de escuchar su musica, marcó, marca y marcará todas las generaciones, estes donde estés, estés como estés Phil Collins estará sonando con su música mágica
Bellic's Subtitles
Bellic's Subtitles:
Phil is 70 today, but he will never get old in my eyes!
Madlen Muir
Madlen Muir:
I went to see genesis and Phil Collins in concert and his concerts was one of the best concerts I ever been to. Which was very pleasantly surprised both times. He actually did some drum solos and killed the drums every time and he was drumming sometimes so fast you could hardly his hands no lie. Awesome drummer all I can say is wow......
Uwe Bassermann
Uwe Bassermann:
Phil hat Musik Geschichte geschrieben, einfach nur fantastisch
Lawerence Bopp
Lawerence Bopp:
The new generations don't understand great music and Phil Collins is one of the greatest singer, writer and performers in the world still.
Queen of the Forest
Queen of the Forest:
My LOVE and respect to Phil Collins ! How not to love this man! I wish I could meet him in person and say thank you for all the great music you've been making for us !
Dudzai Kuture
Dudzai Kuture:
Sounds and feels so current.. My dad loved his music... Been listening to this concert since yesterday on loop.
Vinh nguyen cao
Vinh nguyen cao:
His energy is so memorizing! I never forget the first time i heard the song "You'll be in my heart".
Danielle Smith
Danielle Smith:
One if my FAVORITE Entertainers since I was a young girl... Now I'm 62, and these songs and All the Entertainers leave me with the same feelings as I had back then... THESE ARE SOME REAL TIMELESS MUSICIANS ❤🌹👍🏾🌹❤
Magda Wasik
Magda Wasik:
Masterpiece, perfection, highest level.The best concert ever❤️
Martha P.
Martha P.:
Wow!!!! No me canso de ver este show, y cada vez me lo disfruto más y más, creo para mí uno de los mejores conciertos y un grsn composotor,
Dulce Karina Vivanco Mora
Dulce Karina Vivanco Mora:
Es un concierto que amo escuchar y me pone de muy buen humor... Me encanta de principio a fin... Lo recomiendo mucho
Leila Regina Buck
Leila Regina Buck:
Adoro Phil Colins, músicas lindas, que show. Julho/2021 ❤❤❤❤❤❤
Aravind Mallipudi
Aravind Mallipudi:
Watching this in Oct 2019..Oh how I loved his music 20 years ago..10 years ago..even NOW I do : ) Thanks Phil for bringing so much joy into my Life with your music.
Charlee Landsmeer
Charlee Landsmeer:
Este show es simplemente IMPRESIONANTE!!!
Leland Sklar again on bass, he is a great detail in every concert he plays, love him. And Phil Collins, I am really furious to myself because discovering him in my 22, I should have discovered him much early, such an influence, such a legend!
Leide Ivo
Leide Ivo:
Lorena Diaz González
Lorena Diaz González:
Fueron mis mejores momentos!!!, Lejos 😇❤️👏
Absolutamente fantástico ! Um dos melhores cantores pop do mundo. Uma banda incrível !! Gosto muito !!
Sarah's Ambiences
Sarah's Ambiences:
This is amazing. Impossible not to be happy or dance through the whole concert😍🙏🏻
Richard Ng
Richard Ng:
What an amazing performance by an incredible singer you’re the best Phil .
Adriana Ramos
Adriana Ramos:
Si hay seres humanos capaces de hacer esto, aún queda esperanza... ❤️
Jamie Hoekstra
Jamie Hoekstra:
There will never be another like Phil Collins. Over 30 years later & I'm still mesmerized by him. I just wish I could have seen him in concert one time. Thank you for this video though, it at least lets me experience it virtually.
C A:
Simplesmente sensacional!!!
Arlindo Pacheco dos reis
Arlindo Pacheco dos reis:
Simplesmente mágicos !!
Binho Som
Binho Som:
Phil Collins é altíssimo nível! 👏👏👏👏👏👏
Analisa Packard
Analisa Packard:
Because of my mother I learned about Phil Collins since I was a little girl. Now in my 30s and I still love all the songs. He is just one of the best in the world.
Chris Wylder
Chris Wylder:
2021, watching this now makes me sad, it must be torture for the poor guy not to be able to walk around the stage, dance with his band, and even more not play drums😪😔 but bless his heart for never giving up. You are the best Phil, we all love you. I hope to go to your genesis tour and see you live.🙂
Aldrin Vallejo
Aldrin Vallejo:
Thank you for your great songs! You're one of the Greatest vocalist in History.❤❤❤
kio kios
kio kios:
Thank you Phil for giving all of us so much pleasure all these years!