Phil Collins Greatest Hits Full Album | Best Songs Of Phil Collins

Phil Collins Greatest Hits Full Album | Best Songs Of Phil Collins
Phil Collins Greatest Hits Full Album | Best Songs Of Phil Collins
Phil Collins Greatest Hits Full Album | Best Songs Of Phil Collins
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Rock Music
Rock Music:
Amo quando encontro essas playlists maravilhosas do Slow Rock sem anúncios entre uma música e outra !
Many years ago I had the fortune of going to Great Yarmouth on a Princes Trust Event in which I did Judo with the then world champion and met Prince Charles but the best thing was having a pint with Phil Collins, which I bought him. Still owes me a pint lol. But a great man who is very talented and funny. He is the reason I wanted to learn the drums, sadly something I have yet to do
Relaxing Nature Sounds
Relaxing Nature Sounds:
Flooded with emotions and flashbacks. My childhood. My first love. My first, second and third heatbreaks. My accomplishments. My grief. My wonder. My goodness. My battles. My victory. Thank you for the life experiences I have been given. Music has been the most consistent thing in my life
Maria Cleide irmã cleide
Maria Cleide irmã cleide:
Amo as músicas do phill Collins. São lindas demais tocam a alma e o coração ❤
Sometimes I forget how much Phil Collins has been part of my life...from my teens to my fifties...from Genesis to his solo career. I’m drenched in nostalgia. So many memories.
cesar chavez
cesar chavez:
Que gran musico, cantante y compositor, tiempos q no volveran.
Studious Tom
Studious Tom:
Oldest inspiration song from Philip Colin's the best, love it
Felipe Vieira
Felipe Vieira:
00:00 Another Day In Paradise

5:26 One More Night
10:08 Against All Odds
13:33 One More Night (LIVE)
18:44 Another Day In Paradise (LIVE)

22:25 In The Air Tonight (LIVE)
28:13 Against All Odds (LIVE)
31:37 Do you remember (LIVE)
37:02 Easy Lover (LIVE)

41:45 I Wish It Would Rain Down (LIVE)
46:02 Everyday (LIVE)
52:04 Take Me Home (I Don't Mind) (LIVE)
59:42 I Don't Care Anymore (LIVE)
1:04:33 On My Way (Brother Bear) (LIVE)

1:08:26 A Groovy Kind of Love (LIVE)
1:11:53 Can't Stop Loving You (LIVE)
1:15:27 All of My Life (LIVE)
1:19:22 If Leaving Me Is Easy (LIVE)

1:26:47 Water Under The Bridge (Cover By: Against The Current) (Not Phil Collins)
1:31:28 How Am I Suppose To Live Without You? (Not Phil Collins)
1:35:38 I Wanna Know What Love Is (Not Phil Collins)
1:40:49 Piano Ballad (Outro)
Samantha Lewis
Samantha Lewis:
Loving his music, such a legend !
Joecc Lesvamps
Joecc Lesvamps:
Merci pour le partage de musique
Best album ever
Shawn Eldridge
Shawn Eldridge:
Every single song that Phil Collins has done is excellent, he's just that talented
The Wild Wahine
The Wild Wahine:
When music and lyrics mattered. Every single song and lyric I know. Mahalo Phil! Your music holds such a special place in my heart. Mahalo fur the upload.
Bruno Lucas
Bruno Lucas:
Um dos melhores, boas lembranças.
Rosa Rosa
Rosa Rosa:
O melhor de todos os tempos. Amooo!!! Muitas recordações. ♥️
Jens Stenfeldt
Jens Stenfeldt:
Great music this brings me back lots of memories of the 80‘s thanks for the great mucic Phil Collins 👍❤️
Christina Oliver
Christina Oliver:
I have loved and will always love Phil Collins! I’ve been listening to this man since the day I was born 28 years ago! I will always listen to this mans music! He is truly talented and his music speaks to me on multiple levels!
Slow Rock Music
Slow Rock Music:
Best album thank you 🤗💯
David BIER
David BIER:
Merci, Phil, j'ai grandi avec toi, tu es intemporel
Sônia Ferreira
Sônia Ferreira:
Essa marcou minha vida uma lembrança eterna adoro ouvir essa belíssima música de Phil Collins
Tom Martin-Wilson
Tom Martin-Wilson:
I feel privileged that I have been able to see Phil both solo and with Genesis.
Eliana Martins da Silva Lima
Eliana Martins da Silva Lima:
Te amo❤ pra sempre Sir Phil Collins, jamais esquecerei dos bons momentos que passei ouvindo suas lindas e belas canções, te admiro de montão ❤❤❤😍😍😍🇧🇷🇧🇷
Zoe Hiley
Zoe Hiley:
Thank heaven for Phil Collins, his music just.. lives on..
Virleane Batista
Virleane Batista:
Músicas que enche o coração de amor!
Alk InGel
Alk InGel:
Um sonho que tenho e gostaria imensamente se realizar é assistir a um show desse artista MARAVILHOSO, Phil Collins você é ÚNICO. Voz e letras que marcaram minha vida.
Michael Braun
Michael Braun:
When I hear these songs, I feel that there is life.
gris carrasco pimentel
gris carrasco pimentel:
Χριστόφορος Ζερβάκης
Χριστόφορος Ζερβάκης:
Phil we are still listening to your music in 2021
com Araujo A
com Araujo A:
está banda foi uma das melhores de muitas que Marcou minhaimfacia
que saudade dos velhos tempos que Deus nos abençoe muitos anos de vida
Greatest Love Songs
Greatest Love Songs:
I miss listening to MLTR.. I used to listen to them all the time.. thank you for uploading this.. their songs has been an inspirational to myself growing up..
Richard Savaete
Richard Savaete:
Quel bonheur d'écouter de la musique que l'on aime!
Moi je rêve de partager la langue anglaise qui va si bien pour accompagner la musique.
Si les vidéo étaient accompagner du texte ,ce serait formidable.
Gustavo Gomes dos Santos
Gustavo Gomes dos Santos:
grande phil collins lindas muiscas perfeitas saudades dos anos 80 e 90 saudades
Trail Time Stories
Trail Time Stories:
I love Phil Collins and his band. They are one of the all time greats of my generation.
anthony ogbeifun
anthony ogbeifun:
This songs bring back old memories and thoughts! great man, Phil Collins
Maria Teresa Baesa
Maria Teresa Baesa:
Melhor trilha sonora da vida
Michael Neal
Michael Neal:
Love Phil Collins! He is what everyone's Dad in the world looks like to me LOL
Ana 17
Ana 17:
Siempre es un placer escucharle Phil Collins❤️🌟🎶🎧🌛
star Klein
star Klein:
These songs make you fall in love all over again timeless
Me da mucha nostalgia su música maravillosa, Los mejores recuerdos de mi vida
El hamdaoui Yassine
El hamdaoui Yassine:
these songs make me cry every moment I listen to it , I would say that all songs of phil collins were amazing .
Josephine Thurston
Josephine Thurston:
PHIL COLLINS , YOU are absolutely Wonderful ! You are approximately 4 or 5 years older than me and I have been listening to your music since the mid 70’s. I Love You so much! You are the best singer I have ever known. Keep singing and encourage your Son to keep playing the piano and encourage him to sing. I am sure he has a Beautiful Voice just like his Father.
Люсяня Люсёк
Люсяня Люсёк:
Слушать одно удовольствие❤️❤️❤️
Me encanta, una música que relaja y siempre mejor que la música de hoy
Rosângela Macedo
Rosângela Macedo:
Gratidão infinita!💓💕👏
Best album I've listened to..... Earing he's not well is sad hope you all the best your music will always be remembered ♥
Bruno Galbiati
Bruno Galbiati:
aiii como eu amo funck !!!! o que será desta geração? que não sabe, o que são musicas, maravilhosas como estas,que não se ouve, para induzir alguem ao sexo,mais se ouve para que o sexo seja romantico e especial com a pessoa amada...
Aparecida Campos
Aparecida Campos:
Genial. Belas cançóes. Inesquecivel. Obrigada.😍♥️♥️♥️♥️🙂
Absolutely amazing 🎶 ❤😌 Phil Collins music goes beyond the heart and taps into the soul.
Héctor Jesús Rojas
Héctor Jesús Rojas:
Excelentes Melodías. Extraordinario Interprete. PHIL COLLINS: The BEST . Felicitaciones. Esa mi Música!!!... HECJERO.
Fatima Marinho
Fatima Marinho:
Phil Collins, minhas músicas para todas as horas. Hoje eu estou muito triste. ,e suas músicas estão me servindo de companhia. Maravilha. 23. 07 2021 11hs 40m. Show estou penssando nos meus belos 20 anos. Que saúdades!!!
LuAnn Lavender-Lampman
LuAnn Lavender-Lampman:
His music brings me back to younger years, some of them hard. But there's one very special one called 'A Groovy Kind of Love' that had just come out shortly before my son was born & I remember holding him in my arms singing the words to this perfect little gift I'd been given...
Marcelo Eloi
Marcelo Eloi:
Ouvindo em 2021 se dependermos das musicas deste tempo estamos falidos kkk , grande Phil Collins
* Monttelage
* Monttelage:
Phil Collins! Parte dessa geração nunca sabera e o que estão perdendo.
Zélia Martins
Zélia Martins:
Linda. Música bons tempos
Fidel Hernandez
Fidel Hernandez:
Wow, This is music no B.S. God bless Phil Collins 4 ever... Bless from Boston Mass.
persia Franklin
persia Franklin:
Great songs, hes truly a Legacy in Music🥰💞❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Ivamaria Oliveira
Ivamaria Oliveira:
Temp bom só que não volta mas só resta as lembranças, guando escute esses clássicos maravilhosos, ❤todas
Marianela Arizabal
Marianela Arizabal:
Phil Collins ,lo máximo nunca me cansaré de escuchar tus canciones,mi cantante favorito siempre y por siempre te quiero mucho con cariño Marianela
Maria da Gloria Alves Cardoso
Maria da Gloria Alves Cardoso:
Fernando Lizardo
Fernando Lizardo:
Gracias sr. Collins por darme por medii de sus canciones el colaborar para vivir en un mundo mejor. Saludos desde Honduras C.A.
sarai barroso
sarai barroso:
Gracias a usted y a sus canciones mi esposo y yo llevamos 27 maravillosos años de matrimonio. Vino a PR dos veces y en ambas estuvimos. Simplemente gracias.
Feel good music 🎶🎶 is so timeless, relaxing.
Ed James
Ed James:
That's how I'm going to look when I'm in my 60s
Gorete Jacobsen da silva
Gorete Jacobsen da silva:
Amo essas músicas marcou minha vida
Anabel Larios
Anabel Larios:
Gracias PHIL COLLINS por tus canciones son hermosas
Christophe TCHAKOU
Christophe TCHAKOU:
emotion and flashback.thank you Phil Collins 😘
manuel Tubens
manuel Tubens:
Genesis is a fabulous group. I'm glad they be reunited again.
I used to have "No Jacket Required" on cassette tape. I grew up listing to Phil on the radio and Mtv. This brings back lots of memories of the 80's. Thanks.
Krzysztof Daszkowski
Krzysztof Daszkowski:
Phil I love your music. Thank you for you all greatest hits.
narciso jr
narciso jr:
Muito bom, gosto de ver os comentários de diferentes idiomas!
Rosilene Sousa
Rosilene Sousa:
Top!Isso sim,é musica 👏👏👏👏👏
Linda Remole
Linda Remole:
Phil Collins was my inspiration and motivation to learn to play drums...forever in his debt..♥️
Ana Maria Reveco Reveco
Ana Maria Reveco Reveco:
Maravillosas letras!!!
Marcio Manoel
Marcio Manoel:
Não há como comparar esse ícone com qualquer cantor dessa nova geração, pois o timbre de voz dele é perfeito com a letra da música. Enfim, sou e serei fã dele até os últimos dias de minha vida!
Cheryl Dycke
Cheryl Dycke:
Cheers to all that are enjoying these tunes all these years later.For me it brings back so many memories of my teens.So glad we grew up in the day and age of no social media ,videos and evidence of what the crazy stupid things we did.Stay safe all...Peace and love.
Alex Molano
Alex Molano:
So many great comments, So true, Phil's music has been a part of many of our lives, from weddings to birthdays, from Newborns to a passing away, from our first love to our worst break ups....One of the very best musicians/vocalist/arranger/writer in the music industry...
I get to see him again MSG Dec 5th.. NYC...Genesis... I can't wait..
SIR phil usted ltiene la cadencia .musical para cautivar cualquier gusto con esquisitez.muchas gracias por mantenerme .amused desde la decada de los anos~ 80s. desde Miami fl con aprecio..vecino../
Relaxing song to the body on mind
Elisia Marcia
Elisia Marcia:
Boa tarde phill collinsvc canta demais cara parabens
Adriano Machado Amaral
Adriano Machado Amaral:
Simplesmente Phil !! fantastico!!
Ivanyi Attila
Ivanyi Attila:
The best of Phil Collins for me, the all songs from Phil Collins including Genesis songs. :D
Phil Collins with his amazing voice 🥰🥰
Stanislaw Mientki
Stanislaw Mientki:
Kocham Phila za najlepszą muzykę na kuli ziemskiej 💌
Sandy Oliver
Sandy Oliver:
Looking as great as in the 80’s!!! Amazing!!! I love this man!!his music is amazing!!🙏🌷
المصطفى المنجيم
المصطفى المنجيم:
hermosa canción Hasta ahora, sigue siendo una de las mejores canciones que amo escuchar.
Messias goncalves da silva Messias
Messias goncalves da silva Messias:
Só musicas boas incomparaveis eternos sucessos 🤗🤗🤗
Oscar P. Landeo
Oscar P. Landeo:
Excelentes canciones de antaño, una joya en el tiempo.
Muchas gracias.
Caroline Monteiro
Caroline Monteiro:
Que linda essas canções 💟
Fernando Fuentes
Fernando Fuentes:
Marilene Gomes
Marilene Gomes:
Belicima música linda demais 💓💯 Top ❤️👏 incrível
Chas Wilson
Chas Wilson:
Just love a listen to Phil any day 💟
Marilyn Riccio
Marilyn Riccio:
Phil your music is amazing. Thank you!
Marcia Silva
Marcia Silva:
Maravilhoso, traduz tudo que a vida tem belo!
Wanderlei Rodrigues
Wanderlei Rodrigues:
Phil collins canta muito esse cara e um fenomenal mesmo só música boa de se ouvi pense nu cantor que marcou época
Marco Antonio Fájer
Marco Antonio Fájer:
Excelente, relaxing
Q'Muzik Tv
Q'Muzik Tv:
One of the best bands in history. Could listen to them all day...
Marie-Claire Jonin
Marie-Claire Jonin:
Thanks Mister Collins Phil for your great music, it remembers me my youth...
Cristiane Silva
Cristiane Silva:
Amo Phil Collins d+maravilhoso
Maria Aparecida Correia da Silva
Maria Aparecida Correia da Silva:
Esse é o kara como eu adoro e me faz bem trabalhar ouvido as músicas dele ele é o máximo dos máximos
Juan Sposito
Juan Sposito:
Sin dudas el mejor. Gracias Phil Collins por tu música 👍👍