Pierce Brosnan June 1985

Wogan was a British television chat show that was broadcast on BBC1 from 1982 until 1992, presented by Terry Wogan.

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David DiMuzio
David DiMuzio:
How can someone be that good looking..
Man I wished he would had started playing Bond at this age. He looks like the ideal Bond. Handsome enough to seduce pretty much any woman in the world. He is the smoothest Bond and Connery is the coolest Bond.
If my wife left me for him I'd congratulate her
Rose Desert
Rose Desert:
When his mom gave birth to him his dad was jealous
Weerd Munky
Weerd Munky:
I think Pierce Brosnan’s the only person in history who had a hairstyle that could carry over from the 80’s. 😆
Robert Yahir
Robert Yahir:
He's shockingly goodlooking. He's one of those people who steal the room.
Live From The Motherland
Live From The Motherland:
80% of these compliments are coming from men. That’s the highest respect lmao
Nicholas Eng
Nicholas Eng:
Credit to whoever discovered him and bring him to showbiz.
I'm straight as an arrow, but Pierce has got to be one of the top 3 most beautiful men I've ever seen...and loyal too, never humiliated his wife with an affair or the other...
Pop Gas
Pop Gas:
I'm not even listening to their conversation, I'm just LOOKING AT HIM.
Sunstorm Prime SM
Sunstorm Prime SM:
How has he not played Batman? Seriously, he’d be a perfect Bruce Wayne
link biff
link biff:
Never understood why Brosnan got the privilege of being that damn handsome.
The perfect hair, face, and voice. Men want to be him, women want to do him
Mohsin Shaikh
Mohsin Shaikh:
Youtube: do you want to feel ugly at 2:00 am?
Me: •_•
অର୍ଘ୍ୟਦੀప पाல்
অର୍ଘ୍ୟਦੀప पाல்:
He sure can PIERCE the hearts of many people..
He’s ridiculously charismatic, he somehow exudes style and warmth. Could imagine him in a western! He’s much too good for that.
killer queen189
killer queen189:
If my girl cheated on me with this guy, I wouldn't even be mad.
Joseph JoeJoe
Joseph JoeJoe:
I recently saw him in a movie "The Matador" about an ageing, somewhat disheveled assassin, and was blown away by how good a sense of humor this guy has (it was already evident in his "The Simpsons" appearance). Like Brad Pitt, he really doesn't seem all that interested in his looks or "sex symbol" status, and I think the older he gets, the more he'll relish such character roles.
My dad looks like Pierce Brosnan and when I told him that, he took it as a tremendous complement. Anybody who looks like Pierce Brosnan should.
I don’t think Pierce Brosnan had gotten enough attention in Hollywood, frankly. He so good-looking.
julian AM
julian AM:
My goal: to be straight
My biggest obstacle: 80's Pierce Brosnan
Pierce was one of the only few men I found truly handsome when I was a kid. That's a big compliment coming from someone who likes girls 90% of the time.
Ruben Salvador
Ruben Salvador:
He's smiling all the way through and it makes him even more attractive . It elevates him to the maximum of handsomeness
Paul Phoenix
Paul Phoenix:
omg he looks so handsome. his eye colors facial features beard and chest hair. everything is in perfect shape and balance. most handsome james bond ever on this earth.
He looked like a mixture of Tom Cruise and Chris Hemsworth back then.
Imagine how tough it was for his mates, shook of bringing their girls around him 🤣
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He's the real James Bond
I’m literally hypnotized by the guy (apparently not the only man in that case). I’m not even jealous (you can’t be jealous of a Greek god). Even if he’s very much in love with his wife, it sure wasn’t easy to remain faithful.
Ashish backup
Ashish backup:
Damn! He is like Tom Cruise with 500% more perfection.
Damn some people do win the genetic lottery.
After I finished the whole video smiling like an idiot at him, I realised there was an interview going on🤦‍♀️😂
Ravindra Nath Sinha
Ravindra Nath Sinha:
If you watch carefully, he's also *talking* in this video.
Damn,He's Handsome. Probably the most handsome bond ever.
He's a true Pierce of Art...
What a legend.
Sandhiren Pillay
Sandhiren Pillay:
You telling me this man wasn't designed?, that he wasn't some experiment grown in a lab?

I mean look at him, he is literally the definition of Ideal Man
Srinivasa Moorthy
Srinivasa Moorthy:
Not just looks...his composure suited Bond character very well. A very good actor too..!

Charming sideward gaze while uttering "Standard operating procedure..." in Golden Eye...desperate utterance of "Abandoned station for abandoned Agents..." in Die Another Day are a few to quote!
Shiva Mandadapu
Shiva Mandadapu:
he was so charismatic damn. sad none of his sons got his looks
This was when he was supposed to play bond but he couldn’t get out of his contract with Remington Steele. He would have gone down as the greatest bond ever if he had got the role earlier.
I guarantee Matt Berry used this as inspiration for his character in Garth Merenghi's Darkplace. Brosnan is literally a real life Todd Rivers
S. L.
S. L.:
Handsome bloke. I remember Remington Steele. And of course we know Brosnan got the 007 part and the rest was history. He's definitely much more intense and reasonable (as a spy) than Roger Moore, but somehow he doesn't quite reach the 007 pantheon as the great memorable one(s), as Sean Connery did (who after so many decades still embodied the defining style of James Bond).
eric echols
eric echols:
Yeah and 10 years later from this interview, Mr. Pierce Brosnan was Bond...James Bond, with a martini shaken not stirred!!!! 😃 Actually Hollywood wanted Pierce for the next James Bond movie that came out in 1987 with Timothy Dalton called, The Living Daylights but, he was still under contract with his tv show Remington Steele.
Sebastian Fitzptraick
Sebastian Fitzptraick:
Pierce is such a great guy and he was a brilliant James Bond.
Andrew Crockett
Andrew Crockett:
Great looking man, a great human being beyond that. Cheers to Pierce Brosnan
Nutello 2147
Nutello 2147:
Well it was 10 years on from this interview but he eventually got the part he always wanted, didn't he? He wasn't half bad in the role of Bond either.
S. Justin
S. Justin:
All this handsomeness and still did the ad for Pan Bahar.
Indians would get it 😂
He is blessed!
Gamer 007
Gamer 007:
Ultimate James Bond Ever...The character was written and made for him
His voice sounds so different :D
Man what a man..
He was THE James Bond to me.
Welcome to America
Welcome to America:
I'm enchanted looking into his eyes and that smile is just killer.
He could have easily replace David Hasselhoff in Knight Rider
Олень Топовый
Олень Топовый:
Awesome Pierce, the aim we have to reaching, but never will reach.
Brosnan's hair was totally on top of its game here. Layered, lightly feathered and a gentle colour rinse that highlights his cheekbones and eye colour. It doesn't get much better than this.
Alan Bourbeau
Alan Bourbeau:
The first I heard of Pierce Brosnan was when he was in the James Bond 007 movie, Goldeneye. And after watching it, I realized that he's got talent for being James Bond. I always tried to be like be James Bond as well. Talk like him, act like him and charm the beautiful young ladies.
Bhoopendra Singh
Bhoopendra Singh:
Imagine you put this man and Brad Pitt in same frame. That'd burn the Internet today
Com Mentor
Com Mentor:
Everyone: He looks like Chris Hemsworth.

No, Hemsworth looks a bit like Pierce ;)
Simranpreet Sawhney
Simranpreet Sawhney:
I cant even compare him to anyone else, its such a uniquely beautiful face.
wright vcx
wright vcx:
Why do current generation of actors do not have charisma like this?
100% of comments: how is he so good looking
100% answer: *he’s Irish.*
Victor Starkiller
Victor Starkiller:
I say this proudly:

Pierce is one of the most beautiful men ever.
Janssen McCormick
Janssen McCormick:
The style of this man, an architect of every facet of his life.
He is EXTREMELY handsome
Travis Bickle
Travis Bickle:
An utter and complete icon and role model. This is what you call an alpha male
Still. The best fps shooter player character of all time!!!!
Sebastian Flores
Sebastian Flores:
Even in old age he still looking good.
my first James Bond movie was with him and i considered him the best James bond of the 90s you can't denied his good looking
Luis Ramos
Luis Ramos:
This is not fair for the rest of the male human beings
Mr. Amberman
Mr. Amberman:
I always come back to this video once in a while to know what 'good-looking' actually means..🙂
Ravi kumar Mangiligi
Ravi kumar Mangiligi:
25 years ago, my female colleagues used to go home for lunch break, but in fact they used watch a TV series of Pierce Brosnan 🙂
Ger -
Ger -:
I’m not even jealous at how good looking this man is, I’m just impressed
Mahsa Ash
Mahsa Ash:
Oh man!This dude is so precious!I can't take my eyes off on him 😑😑😑
Ryan Jacobson
Ryan Jacobson:
Pierce got teased for having "long" hair in Goldeneye, then it got really short in the later movies. But I think he looks better with somewhat longer hair.
Pierce was 40 when he finally got to play James Bond let that sink in 😲
Alex Pennymeme
Alex Pennymeme:
I've been told I look like this guy a few times. Never have I ever had a greater compliment
Ricky Tan
Ricky Tan:
if I wasn't smiling so much at Terry Wogan, I would be green with envy that someone was lucky enough to be so damn handsome
Sean Connery and Pierce Brosnan are the two best Bonds.
R Metal
R Metal:
One of the few e most handsome, charismatic, and loyal actor in Hollywood .
Lori Will
Lori Will:
Melanie Nelson
Melanie Nelson:
My lord, he was handsome (and still is)
The Sili Point
The Sili Point:
Who can say watching this that in 31 years in the future after having played the iconic James Bond character, he will end up in a Pan Masala Ad in India? ;)
Buddy Revell
Buddy Revell:
I know that they say everyone has problems, but I can't help but think that if I had those looks and the brain to go with it (he doesn't seem brilliant but is clearly intelligent enough), that I really wouldn't have had any serious problems at all in life. People respond and interact with extremely good looking people in a very different way. As long as you're not an asshole, everyone treats you extremely well, and the world is basically your oyster.
Holy smoke, a young Brosnan 10 years before he became 007 for Goldeneye! He actually did look handsome at the time. No wonder why he eventually became Bond.
Prime Pierce Brosnan looks compete with any man ever in the history of the world.
Sebastian Skii
Sebastian Skii:
If he was even younger and had Instagram today, he would at least have 60mln followers and a bunch of Netflix contracts.
Dayanand Sawang
Dayanand Sawang:
The most handsome film star ever
Alexander G Russo
Alexander G Russo:
I'm not attracted to men but my dear lord this man is beautiful
Was a teenager in the 80s. Had a crush on him but even I had forgotten how ridiculously handsome he was.
Macho Fantastico
Macho Fantastico:
He's very affable and doesn't take him self too seriously,didnt like the bonds but he's done some top notch roles either side
Trish TV
Trish TV:
Is it really possible that any man could be this beautiful on the inside and on the out? How did this happen? He is almost a freak of nature, that any man could be this physically beautiful, charming, intelligent, kind, loyal, unmaterialistic, level headed, funny, talented, and wise. I always loved this guy from the first moment I saw him, and not for the looks, because there are lots of pretty people out there, but for the person. His whole presence seemed so confident yet pure. I think that this one may be for real.
Jerry Kalouris
Jerry Kalouris:
He couldn't keep a straight face when they brought up James Bond...he knew he got it lol
Pedro Carbajal
Pedro Carbajal:
I can't believe someone can be that handsome. Love him!!
John Cambridge
John Cambridge:
Not the greatest bond but the most handsome bond. No doubt
Mr PullAFastOne
Mr PullAFastOne:
Damn! He was and is still good looking!
Rj Diggs
Rj Diggs:
Even back then, pierce brosnan was the man to play as James Bond. It was a miracle he got the role 10 years later even though he was rejected back in the 80's.
Darth Vader
Darth Vader:
Damn that is ONE HANDSOME guy.
My God, what a beautiful human being!
Em Jay
Em Jay:
Imagine being that handsome.
Ô Neant
Ô Neant:
For me, The best James Bond
One of those dudes that can pull off rugged and sophisticated at the same time. He was perfect as James Bond.
I don't know why I'm being recommended this in 2020 but I would totally wear that outfit in public today.
Aman Gaikwad
Aman Gaikwad:
Chris Hemsworth was still handsome back then.