Playstation 5 event in 22 minutes (hardware + games)

Sony unveiled the new Playstation 5 and debuted a bunch of PS5 game trailers, including Resident Evil 8, Horizon Forbidden West, Gran Turismo 7, Spider-Man: Miles Morales, and more. We even got to see what the accessories look like. The next-generation PS5 will arrive later this year during the holidays.

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0:00 Hardware Reveal
0:42 Features
1:11 Spider-Man: Miles Morales
1:41 Gran Turismo 7
1:59 Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart
2:50 Project Athia
3:33 Stray
4:30 Returnal
5:43 Sackboy A Big Adventure
6:50 Destruction AllStars
7:20 Kena: Bridge of Spirits
8:38 Goodbye Volcano High
9:09 Oddworld: Soulstorm
10:06 Ghostwire: Tokyo
11:04 Jett: The Far Shore
12:12 Godfall
12:46 Solar Ash
13:40 Hitman III
14:34 Astro’s Playroom
14:57 Little Devil Inside
15:40 NBA 2K21
16:06 Bugsnax
16:49 Demon’s Souls
17:35 Deathloop
18:36 Resident Evil Village
19:57 Pragmata
21:06 Horizon Forbidden West

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100+ komentarze:

The Verge
The Verge:
What do you think of the new Playstation 5?
This is what people in 2007 thought a ps7 would look like
Ivan Fauzan
Ivan Fauzan:
Gamestop sweating after seeing that digital edition PS5!
Well done on using YouTube's new timeline feature to break down the video into sections, Verge. Really saves time.
Mark Layhee
Mark Layhee:
I don't get the design hatred? Did everyone just want another black rectangle?
Gerardo Urdaneta
Gerardo Urdaneta:
Sony took care of my wallet by not telling the price

PS: 1.5K likes whaaaat. Thx so much
Kino AB
Kino AB:
Damn after all those years, we're still getting rachet & clank! Woah
Junior Azeez
Junior Azeez:
Now watch Nintendo Switch prices go back to normal.
Raid Shadow Legends
Raid Shadow Legends:
Lmao this is what we needed instead of an hour long movie about Triangles, Squares, Circles, and Crosses.
Victor Ruiz
Victor Ruiz:
Second stimulus check needs to hurry tf up 😂
Spooky_ lxix_UwU
Spooky_ lxix_UwU:
The first thing I see is Gordon Ramsay brother
Franz Agoncillo
Franz Agoncillo:
I'm waiting for GTA VI 😭
Gary S1998
Gary S1998:
Games always look so high quality in trailers they shouldn’t do that it just causes disappointment
They had me at Demon’s Souls remake
I wish this would hype me like it used to be, or maybe im too old now there was nothing for me to get me hyped at all....
My wallet: “The end is coming and I’m not ready”
Not really impressed with the graphics so far. I feel like the graphics plateud already like I don't see huge or significant change on graphics quality.
The PS5 is like that cool kid who wears his shirts with the collars up.
Jun Rosamura
Jun Rosamura:
Where's Ridge Racer? You know, Ridge Racer!!!
Telli kat
Telli kat:
The horizon zero dawn sequel had me screaming lmaoo my favorite game finally getting a sequel
10:49 the gang sign simulator
Isaiah May
Isaiah May:
I’m genuinely excited for Spider Man: Miles Morales, Returnal, 2K21, and Pragmata.
Mogalle ಠ_ಠ
Mogalle ಠ_ಠ:
Rockstar re-releasing gta5 just for even more chash grabbing ok
Abhishek Sathe
Abhishek Sathe:
Xbox : Why do i heAr the boss music
Be even crazier when devs get the full hang of the hardware
CDeep Music
CDeep Music:
To sum it up - you get the same games that can run perfectly on PS4, but this time you got to pay for brand new console?
That's definitely the ps5 start up screen 1:05
everyone’s wallets when they reveal the price: I don’t feel so good..
Janeplay ROBLOX
Janeplay ROBLOX:
Sony: Play has no limit.

My wallet: Are you sure bout that?
Jordhan Coeli
Jordhan Coeli:
How many Dragons do you want?
Sony: yes
"we see things others cant" Me: STANDO POWA!!
Victor Santibañez
Victor Santibañez:
This is how the presentation should have started
Doctor X
Doctor X:
1985 : so, this is how the future feels like
Me Again
Me Again:
20:21 I am sure the cat says SPUTNIK!
Slickety Slick
Slickety Slick:
Odd world !!!! Omg Wat Wat🙌🏽 I was wondering when Abe was coming back
Gershwin Thomas
Gershwin Thomas:
18:36 got me thinking Avatar -the last Airbender finally happened 😭
Mister Grim
Mister Grim:
I literally giggled when I saw Demons souls on the livestream
Casual Ninja
Casual Ninja:
I for one am just happy that they listened to the feedback and modernized their controllers. Biggest plus for me.
J Gaming
J Gaming:
Gran turismo 7 ❤️❤️❤️
Piyush Udhao
Piyush Udhao:
playstation: and now my watch has *ended*
KhkMister Raptor
KhkMister Raptor:
My wallet- “’m not feeling so good”
Piano Bench
Piano Bench:
I guess they did say ray tracing at 0:46. Maybe there was some evidence of ray tracing in the spiderman demo? I want to believe! Hyped up for this generation!
Sami Anttila
Sami Anttila:
The content looks pretty much the same as in PS4
Carl Mahnke
Carl Mahnke:
The graphics are disappointing. No real improvements to what we already have.
Kailen K
Kailen K:
Watch people still say they don’t have a headset with one built into the controller.
Sibernetik ve Hububat A.Ş
Sibernetik ve Hububat A.Ş:
That white controller gonna turn into greasy yellow because you were enjoying your pizza while playing your favorite game.
thought i was watching an apple event when they revealed the console. 🤣🤣
NitroCharge 240
NitroCharge 240:
Literally nobody talking about the Demon Souls Remastered, that shits a dream come true
Learn Creativity
Learn Creativity:
Design looks good especially compared to the "leaked" vacuum cleaner design
Alex Xx
Alex Xx:
I love that they saved horizon for last!
R.I.P "The most powerful console" cause Im not gonna play "power". I want all of this ^^^ (plus cross-platform games obv).
Loved the games, especially the ones with a new concept behind! Finally something new, congrats Sony!
Danimal 86
Danimal 86:
I just started playing horizon again. I cant wait for the second one
Adel Skull
Adel Skull:
The PS5 look like if Alienware Aurora R11 had a collab with BMW i8
fabio da silva
fabio da silva:
The details in game this days are insane bro
Mario Hernandez
Mario Hernandez:
The question also is... how many of us have the tv with specs to push the ps5. I know I don’t 🤷🏻‍♂️.
Benidict Nelbert
Benidict Nelbert:
8:38 WFT I’m traumatised for life 🤮
950121 Thumbu
950121 Thumbu:
Doesnt really look next gen right now. Hope this changes with time.
I'm actually nutting at the idea of a black on red Miles Morales ps5. It would look so clean. I hope they eventually do one.
Tiago's Hair
Tiago's Hair:
I have a *Wii*
I have a *Wifi Modem*
*PlayStation 5!!*
Amazing editing Becca! Thank you.
Non Son Jason
Non Son Jason:
Fuad from The Bilals
Fuad from The Bilals:
Can't wait to see Nathan Drake, "cries in binary"
Chris C
Chris C:
John Wick need a 🔥 game on ps5. Bring MegaMan back too
Ádám Kullai
Ádám Kullai:
I'll save you 12 minutes: go watch the engadget video on this topic in ten minutes.
Dave Knight
Dave Knight:
16:57 damn ds is back
Seeing for the first time! Not much care except for RE VIII. At start, I see no graphic improvements other than on Horizon II, but it's the gen start, so..
Love the new look🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Horizon Zero Dawn Forbidden West!!!!!!!!!lets go!!!!!!!!!!!!
TK Haider Ali
TK Haider Ali:
i hope tekken 8 will come on this amazing unique ps4 series <3 love alot dude amazing.
I’ll pick one up as soon as GTA VI gets released
Oskar Stålnacke
Oskar Stålnacke:
I expected more tbh.....
but maybe thats why im unhappy with the price... and everything else
woiour loin
woiour loin:
I always love that The Verge does these types of videos.
misuyy fong
misuyy fong:
I always love that The Verge does these types of videos.
Alex Moreno
Alex Moreno:
The refrigerator /Xbox VS THE WiFi router/PlayStation 5
Click Put
Click Put:
You had me at “welcome”
Miguel Angel Medina Rise
Miguel Angel Medina Rise:
I always love that The Verge does these types of videos.
yroohj gouy
yroohj gouy:
I always love that The Verge does these types of videos.
Andrew Christensen
Andrew Christensen:
Meh. No reason to buy a console if it's still behind a desktop. I'm happy for those that do get it though.
Christian Franchi
Christian Franchi:
ian b
ian b:
I love the new design. I also love the fact there will be two versions available. Welcome to the true digital age :)
6:12 reminds me of PS vita 😭😭😭
OMG Demon's Souls is back :))))))
Wheres Tekken!
ixdel卍 - آيكسديل
ixdel卍 - آيكسديل:
With your permission I want you to rate the first video in my account❤️
Noble Gaming
Noble Gaming:
Nice job!!! Keep your grind STRONG & keep uploading unique good content fam ❤️❤️
5:50 - I thought this was a new Fur Fighters then! I'm gutted that it's not!
DAMN IT!!! I just bought these pants... Thanks Sony.
Wait. Pause! Before I watch this I'm going to wait for the slim model. See y'all next week!
Boss Sayur
Boss Sayur:
The game in sinematic level...wuw
Juan Ritz
Juan Ritz:
I appreciate the 22 minute cut, but the compression in this video looks atrocious.
0:36 The Accessories vome separately I imagine they didnt put any notice but by logiv it comes separately
GS Nori
GS Nori:
Oddworld's Back :D
Aleksander Hoff
Aleksander Hoff:
Horizon looks amazing!
100K Without any video challenge?!
100K Without any video challenge?!:
Can we stop with the design & stuff, just take a moment of appreciation of these next generation Consoles coming up!
YM Logic
YM Logic:
The ps5, the controller, and the headset look clean.
Just Horizon is something actually interesting.
Too many furries in this trailer 😆
Going to wait as usual for at least one year in order to buy the second or third version.
Pietro Oliani
Pietro Oliani:
To be completely honest the console itself looks good (we'll need to see the price) but i literally found no one of the games interesting
Finally a PS with the right color! I just love it! Back to origins!