PlayStation 5 PRICE AND DATE Reveal Kinda Funny Live Reactions

God of War 2 Ragnarok, Final Fantasy 16, Spider-Man Miles Morales, Demon's Souls, PS5 Price and Date, and more!


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Every day Greg Miller, Blessing Adeoye Jr., and Tim Gettys talk about the biggest stories in Video Games.

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The Destroyer
The Destroyer:
God of war is gonna be sick
Danny E
Danny E:
I'm not even a huge Potter fan, but that Hogwarts game looks incredible. It's a great setting for an RPG.
"Cory Barlog's a hack, he can't do it that quick"

Anirudh Menon
Anirudh Menon:
Hogwarts Legacy is a childhood dream come true.
PS5 Showcase starts - 7:50
Final Fantasy 16 - 9:10
Spider-Man: Miles Morales - 13:30
Hogwarts Legacy - 20:55
Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War - 24:35
Resident Evil 8: Village - 30:10
Deathloop - 32:25
Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition - 36:26
Oddworld: Soulstorm - 38:50
Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach - 41:10
Demon's Souls - 42:40
Fortnite - 47:10
PlayStation Plus - 47:45
PlayStation 5 price reveal - 50:25
God of War: Ragnarok - 52:00
I’m so happy Miles Morales is on PS4. Due to covid, money’s a little tight this year. I’m glad I don’t have to splash out on a brand new console just to play it.
“Compare that to what’s on Game Pass” mean like new games on release?
if tht ends up being the soundtrack to the new god of war i might strt praying to blessing....
“There goes the neighborhood” is the most Harlem-esque quest name I’ve ever heard.
Toru Koroshi
Toru Koroshi:
Tim: I'm really excited to see FFXVI
PS5: Here you go.
Cory promised, that the next GoW wouldn‘t take as much time like the „first“ one. Seems like they are about to deliver. Sony Santa Monica never let us down so far. Guess we‘ll see the third one on PS5 as well. Odin will fall during the PS5 era🙌
I played Demon’s Souls a loooong time ago now but as soon as I heard “so the world might be mended” it took me back.
Lol that infamous God of War thumbnail is finally back
Demon's Souls and FFXVI looks amazing, GoW announced, DMC5 SE bringing back playable Vergil and Legendary Dark Knight mode with the hordes of enemies LESSS Go!!!
Pedro Talons
Pedro Talons:
That was the most lowkey reaction ever :v
Most of these trailers really make me speculate on what Quantic Dreams will be able to accomplish with the new console generation.
Gen getting frightened by Greg was hilarious, in the way that she totally wasn’t surprised that is happened for the nth time
"Cory Barlog is a hack. He can't do it that quick."
Hype train went beyond choochoo and just bullet trained at 300kmh through my heart
Trav _
Trav _:
That 2021 stamp under Ragnarock does feel like a "we know it won't actually be that soon, but let's pretend for now to maximize hype since we don't even have a second of footage to show people" sort of move
Jon Cruz
Jon Cruz:
Greg being a Debbie-downer on Ragnarok, "That's gotta be delayed." HAHAHA
Miles McClain
Miles McClain:
“Cory Barlog’s a hack” -Greg Miller
Your reactions are so natural!! Compared to other youtubers
"that's gotta get delayed" lmaooo
Gonna be honest, I think the biggest surprise (for me at least) was fnaf. That kind of came out of no where.
Bryan Steele
Bryan Steele:
"THAT'S GOTTA GET DELAYED" My thoughts exactly
I'm gonna be completely honest none of the exclusives made me that excited. Miles Morales is cool but expectations went down tremendously when they said it's coming to ps4 as well same with Horzion. Those games won't be able to reach their full potentials coming to current gen. Ragnarok will probably be fine I just wasn't a huge fan of the 2018 game so was never excited for that game. Overall though this conference had a nice smooth move to it.
Sachin James
Sachin James:
PS5 is so fast they literally had to put slow motion in Spider-man!
Scarlet D'Vore
Scarlet D'Vore:
God of War: talk about kicking Xbox in the nuts...
Koshal Pandey
Koshal Pandey:
If there's one thing ya need to know about Cory...

Is that he's a freakin' legend who keeps his words!
Sam Bird
Sam Bird:
Watched live during my zoom class. Now it's time to go back and watch again focused.
Sam Butler
Sam Butler:
No Bugsnax - 0/10
21:35 Andy killed me with that comment 😂😂😂
The best reaction you guys have done in a while. More reacting and less talking. Also, Greg is right. GOW2 probably gonna get delayed. But let’s hope not lol
Toru Koroshi
Toru Koroshi:
Andy knew too much. Was spot on.
Louis G.
Louis G.:
Every major conference the last few years I only watch with the KF Live Reactions and I never regret it. Great PS5 conference but it was made even better by the KF crew's commentary and reactions throughout. Great stuff.
Pretty hyped for Ragnarok but I'd put money on delay to 2022. 3 years seems really quick turn around for a sequel..
I love the way Gregg just says ‘yep’ at the god of war reveal & everyone just is so pumped afterwards.
Gotta love the guys & that teaser, so hype.
Shadow Giant
Shadow Giant:
I watched Giant Bombs stream for this, and really wish i would have watched KF stream instead. This matched my hype level so much more (always love for Giant Bomb though).
oh shit, Blessing kind of fixed his hair line, nice!
Sam Butler
Sam Butler:
Kevin's the Tinkerer? He sounds really different, great acting man!
Bryce Cross
Bryce Cross:
3:58 Learning that Andy is the same age I am just shattered my brain
Anida Gaming
Anida Gaming:
OMG love seeing your guys's reaction! I did one on my channel too! I could not believe that it's coming out so soon!
CapConMan 12
CapConMan 12:
The entire showcase was freaking phenomenal
Everybody in 2021:holding a ps5
Me in 2021:still holding a ps4 and everyone laughs at me...
The leaked details that seem to be real about RE8 make it sound like a first person bloodborne which gets me super hyped. Really hope this could ease the guys over to trying bloodborne
Daniel Müller
Daniel Müller:
Preorders on amazon germany went live at around 1 am i got one at 2 and
at 4:30 am it was sold out.... thank god i was still awake ... but still
what a cluster fu...k! thank god Microsoft doesnt do that. Selfishly i
also think it sucks that europe has to wait a week! Why upset ppl for
nooooo reason! Sony always does this with there console lunches!
Alex James
Alex James:
Is it just me.... or during their "predictions" does anybody else get the feeling that they already new the stuff.
So excited for Hogwarts Legacy & Demon's Souls :D
Now if I can just get a PS5 D:
I kinda expected a bigger reaction from them when the price was revealed.
Micheas Vigil
Micheas Vigil:
Goin for pretty low hanging fruit with that thumbnail
David Lyons
David Lyons:
harry potter is open world make your own character and adventure. 21 release
Ariel Kaplan
Ariel Kaplan:
Kinda Funny Games
Where is the "Funny" Part ?
Watched this just to relive the hype I felt watching it live. PS5 is already killing it this new generation. SO stoked for what's to come.
Meistro Shine
Meistro Shine:
GOW will be 2021. After last game Cory Barlog said he already has the entire story ready to go in his head. The PS5 is just gonna make it easier.
Retro radio
Retro radio:
WOOOOOW Thumbnail spoilers, guys wtf ...
JK, get that read
Damn this channel hasn't took off at all
"Gift us your subs!"
Bob Marley
Bob Marley:
That Greg Miller beyond gave me chills
Already prordered my PS5!

I'm super sold.
gail2x channel
gail2x channel:
Watching from Philippines.. sending my full support.. see you around.. stay safe 💞
52:45 How old are you guys????

Gregg - my response.
Lee Bonnar
Lee Bonnar:
Had to wait near 2 hours to get my preorder in! Success
Sounds like they about to go B. Rabbit on Poppa Doc at the end of 8 Mile!!
swatso 89
swatso 89:
Just straight up 'That's got to get delayed' 😂
brad k
brad k:
The level they showed in Demons Souls was the tutorial. The boss he loses to is the tutorial boss.
Dan Wong
Dan Wong:
`when was the xbox again? ' lol.
Man I really wanna buy this at launch but got too much stuff going on. Anyways, more excited than I already was! So glad they announced Hogwarts Legacy. God of War 2 teaser!! Let's go
Mantis Psychosis
Mantis Psychosis:
Man Spider-Man looks good, I love Peter Parker but I’ve seen that story a handful of times, into the spider verse was my introduction to miles morales I’m stoked
Tollfree soul
Tollfree soul:
Everytime i hear that music it gives me goosebumps ❤️❤️
Ragnarok is coming 🔥🔥
Wonder if they will cover all the lies Sony has been spitting
Mr 4000
Mr 4000:
What if they release ratchet and clank early 2021, horizon 2 middle 2021 and god of war 2 late 2021...
Randall Greynolds
Randall Greynolds:
That GOW teaser got everyone
Manuel Richter
Manuel Richter:
Damn, 2021 is gonna be an incredible year! Horizon, God of War, Ratchet & Clank and many other games in one year. That's just crazy!
Skyler Manley
Skyler Manley:
The intro music is probably the menu music. It sounds similar to the PS4 home screen music.
Chris Childers
Chris Childers:
Love you guys!!! keep making great content!
Derek Simmons
Derek Simmons:
How I met you @gameovergreggy and what STILL holds an impenetrable part of my heart for gaming talk is the way y'all started this vid. You had me at "Beyond!" Thank you!
Eclipse The Gambling Ocelot
Eclipse The Gambling Ocelot:
...He does know that there are crystals in like every ff game right? It doesn’t mean it’s ffxiii world
Anyone who hasn't been able to pre order I was able to get one on best buy site just now their site is getting better at handling the orders. But i was refreshing for a good while
The PS5 is coming out a week before Cyberpunk 2077.

Why must you hurt my wallet, Sony?!
Dr. Hax
Dr. Hax:
42:02 no one got scared lmfaooooo
Still dont know anything about UI, social features, etc.
Jean Lezcano
Jean Lezcano:
This week X-Cast episode is going to be... interesting...!
Shaheryar Choudhry
Shaheryar Choudhry:
Im not prepared for gow, too epic
Mike Curtis
Mike Curtis:
That "one more thing". Fine, I guess I'll take more God of War next year....(sigh)
Derrick DesRoches
Derrick DesRoches:
LOL . . . it looks like Greg scared Gen with his Beyond!
Broski Q
Broski Q:
once they teased the new God of War, the competition between xbox and PS5 ended
astari _
astari _:
Tbh those little RC cars are nuts. There was a dude in my town years ago who built homemade ones that could go from one end of a football field to the other in like 5 or so seconds. Maybe an exaggeration from memory but those little bastards are fast.
Edit: let me iterate, he didnt put bombs on them so I cant attest to that part
Toru Koroshi
Toru Koroshi:

Me: Can you name this tune?
Greg: I can name it in 2 notes!
Me: Name that tune!
*music plays for less then 2 seconds*
Greg: Fortnite!
Blessing: Wow you got that just by the sound alone?
Crusader JUNIOR
Crusader JUNIOR:
They nailed it
Johnlloyd Viola
Johnlloyd Viola:
51:50 God of war
Joseph Grigsby
Joseph Grigsby:
Mile Morales been in the lab working hard with FL studio.
I'm just happy for every gamer because our future looks amazing :)
Samuel Hur
Samuel Hur:
**also available for pc** ps5 and pc exclusive
The Inquisitor
The Inquisitor:
That's COD action sequence was like an ultraviolent Uncharted.
Mayron Lahmany
Mayron Lahmany:
The thumbnail is really mean. Makes you think they showed more than just a logo
Ty Budd
Ty Budd:
Sleeper game by Far Oddworld will be amazing!!
51:50 - You're welcome!
David Lyons
David Lyons:
Its not the final event. Youll be happy there is 1 more planned.