PlayStation 5: $499 or $399 (disk or digital). FANTASTIC price coming from both PS and Xbox for this console generation.. we're all getting a heck of a deal!
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Man, we were really blessed this generation!

- PS5: $499 or $399
- XSX: $499
- XSS: $299
- Releasing two days apart (11/10 and 11/12)

This is seriously incredible. Truly never a better time to be a gamer <3
Matt Splaine
Matt Splaine:
This man said cheaper when it’s the same price/more expensive lemme know
omazing J
omazing J:
Comment for Playstation 5, Like for Xbox Series X.
My wallet: I fear no man, but that thing, it scares me

I'm definitely getting the ps4
I was so scared they wasn't going to show the price .. But I'm soooo glad I was wrong
Noah G.
Noah G.:
The only thing i’m worried about is how hard is it going to be to get one
Edit: I got one from bestbuy
Grave -_-
Grave -_-:
This is the depression period for me. All these homies getting their hands on the PS5 while I have to wait 2-4 years to get it....
Lakshit Juneja
Lakshit Juneja:
Tmartn2- So hold on a second. If you don't need the disk drive...
Jim Ryan- No you hold on a second
John Flanery
John Flanery:
Forza? That’s a Xbox exclusive why would that be in a ps event unless you mean gran torismo?
The console war ended for me when i became an adult and realized both consoles being great is in my best interests.

Being a fanboi of a company and wanting it's competitor to fail is just stupid.
Forza for ps5? You okay bro??🤣
Demon Production
Demon Production:
I kinda wanna se his reaction to the ps5 fortnite trailer
{ Triple [Z] }
{ Triple [Z] }:
But the question remains .....
*Does it come in Black?!* [🖤]
Isaac Armstrong
Isaac Armstrong:
It's about what I expected
Lord of the Sky
Lord of the Sky:
I'm not doing hooker's for 1 month and buy 2 next-gen consoles? Damn what a year
Leevi Heiskanen
Leevi Heiskanen:
I wanna get PS5 digital and Series X

PS5 to run exclusives

X to run DvDs and multiplats
Donald Nguyen
Donald Nguyen:
Yes, $499 is definitely cheaper than $499. Great job clickbaiting.
Gettign digital makes you pay for games in full. Where as i can go to a market place and get it cheaper
Notification Squad!!
Exact the Price I said last week Hell Yeah!
‘There is no reason to have a console war anymore’
Exclusives entered chat:
Keep in mind, the ps5 might look expensive, but you look at the tv when you play, not the console.
HOW IS IT THIS CHEAP!? Love from 🇧🇦.
Avneet Gill
Avneet Gill:
Yo Tmartn, if u saying your going to do Giveaways for Xbox and Ps5, I’m definitely going to join ps5 giveaway, but one thing we need you Tmartn the question, the marriage, it’s been 5 years of me watching you man, ask the question, Chels is your endgame man!
Lyle Postle
Lyle Postle:
I think you might need to retake your elementary math class.
Jason Swift
Jason Swift:
12th November for Australia
$729 for the disc version in AUS
Love this dude! Literally the most humble person ever!
Clutch Raven
Clutch Raven:
2020 : * new generation for gaming and stuff like that *
My dad : no new games until june 2021
Me : * sad music *
Great job sony. I'm getting a series x day one and ps5 after cause I dont want the digital
Elvin J
Elvin J:
I can’t wait I’m Going to buy all the Consol Xbox and PlayStation
A lot people say that.. "I thought it be gta 6" Rockstar already talked about new content for gta 5 when you upgrade and yet people still think gta 6 is around the corner..
120fps consoles should not be called "next gen" when thats not even the frames you want for a 144hz monitor 😂
Muhammad Iqbal
Muhammad Iqbal:
Glad among us got remastered version so quick 3:04
bunch of sheep getting a ps5 just like the ps4
Juan Salcido
Juan Salcido:
Omg im going to get the xbox x
Elijah (Eli) Goldberg
Elijah (Eli) Goldberg:
Definitely gonna be a few years before gta 6
Zion Choroke
Zion Choroke:
"Noice" (nice) 😂😂
Mathieu Ionescoux-Tremblay
Mathieu Ionescoux-Tremblay:
The XSX is actually cheaper here in Canada than the Ps5😂
Joe Burton
Joe Burton:
I'll take an RTX 3070, thanks
Tristan Howard
Tristan Howard:
I’m buying the disc version because I recently looked at my ps4 library and with all the games I haven’t played in years I could literally buy the new ps5 if I had the discs (checked trade in values on gamestop) so I’m willing to spend the extra 100 to be able to sell the games I won’t play anymore
Talha Gonca
Talha Gonca:
didnt like the shape, lot of unneccessary areas to collect dust
twitch_ splixzfn
twitch_ splixzfn:
Watching it live!!
Love the crossplatform games shown!
Elijah Dzapasi
Elijah Dzapasi:
When u know u ain't gonna be able to afford it for over a year. 😭😭😭
Belinda Le Grange
Belinda Le Grange:
Trevor un the thumbnails tho
Definitely jumping on that X series, crazy thing is both these consoles are gonna change the game. You will now be having 120 FPS on both these units and that is insane!
Reasonable Sony 🏙
so crazy:)🔥
Jake T
Jake T:
Exactly what I thought it was going to be.
Giannis MP96
Giannis MP96:
Incredible price!!! $399 is insane for this 😍
Cruz Ruiz
Cruz Ruiz:
I’m getting both as well. Xbox and PS5
I got goosebumps watchin' this!
The new xbox is gonna drop 11 days before my birthday
I haven't bought used a CD DVD for some 20 years
Ivory Oxide
Ivory Oxide:
Thank you playstation think know one uses disc drives now so ill get the digital
I wanted to see your reaction to God War teaser!
Released a few days earlier than I expected for the US, but otherwise right on par with my expectations. We're getting the digital version. I figure anything that is a Xbox game is bound to be a pc game as well. I have the new gaming rig for that, which came in the mail today. 😍
Xbox is still cheaper. I don’t know what happened with the title of the video. Also Xbox series V is rumoured, which would be the X without the disc drive. And it would beat the price once again
November 19th's my birthday 🎉
Mr Slowdeth
Mr Slowdeth:
I'm seriously surprised at how reasonable the prices are for both consoles...I thought they would be more expensive
Man when I look on bestbuy I couldn’t find it
Tmartn how did playstation beat xbox pricing? 🤔 Sony lost this battle and I'm a playstation guy but will make the switch to xbox. Xbox series s is more what you think. I'll take 1440p all day for gaming at a $299 price tag imo
Kong Vang
Kong Vang:
Yep digital version for Me I’m sold
Mercury Rain
Mercury Rain:
YES!!!!!! WOOHOO!!!
Welp them countries have to wait a whole extra week lol
Plastic Plague
Plastic Plague:
i saw the unreleased fortnite pack XD
Seto Kaiba
Seto Kaiba:
Ahhhhh!!! I am pump to get PlayStation 5 Console we have to wait two months. Ahhhhh!!!!
Hold up I was all made up on the fact that I would buy a ps5 instead of series x but I have digital libraries on both systems. Are my digital PS4 games not going to work with a bump in fidelity like Xbox is doing?
CK Flores
CK Flores:
Im still with my ps4
Im still going to get one of the xbox’s because hogwarts legacy is on both and all my stuff for siege is on xbox
Shawn Auringer
Shawn Auringer:
This man said cheaper😭it’s the same price
Sebas Snow
Sebas Snow:
Mmmmm no, its not cheaper than Xbox Series X man.... its literally the same price for the disk version and Xbox Series S is cheaper than the PS5 digital edition
NxGn Imperius
NxGn Imperius:
That ps5 giveaway👀 I’ve never won a single giveaway of the 26 that I’ve been in but something’s telling me this might be it🤞🏽
I mean how you work out it’s cheaper? 😂😂 same price for the disc one and Xbox £100 cheaper for digital
Nate Hettinger
Nate Hettinger:
Where is part 8 of NBA 2K 21 I look forward to this videos every night
Thomas Bui
Thomas Bui:
I love forza so I’m probably gonna get the Xbox
Shivam Sikdar
Shivam Sikdar:
im impressed :))))
Ihsan Nur
Ihsan Nur:
will you do oversea shipping in the giveaway?
CK Flores
CK Flores:
I have my ps4 im not gonna buy the ps5 guys
Says cheaper than series X yet the ps5 is the same price 😂
Imaginable GUY
Imaginable GUY:
Second 🤗
Alexander B
Alexander B:
The playstation cost more then series s and series x is the same price as disc ps5 and it better so i have no clue what u are talking about
frankie araiza
frankie araiza:
Hey was sup tmartn I’m sorry to ask this but is there any way you can help me buy the ps5 digital edition I was saving up and had 250 but it was my sisters birthday recently and I love her so I knew I had to buy her something so I got her a 70$ perfume .. thanks love you
Max Primal
Max Primal:
Tbh i expected to be a reaction video about the price. but whatever -.-
Sil danjel
Sil danjel:
The disc version doe bring backwards compatability tho....
STG Nick
STG Nick:
The Xbox is literally cheaper and you clickbaited in the title smh
Tmartn2 are you going for the digital one ?
World Breaker
World Breaker:
It’s more expensive you mean...
Soumya Joshi
Soumya Joshi:
I was so exited when I saw harry potter here definitely buying it now.
Thanks Trev
Matt King
Matt King:
I don’t know if I want the PS5 or the XSX now. Most of my friends have been on Xbox but I hardly play with them now since I started college and I only play with a few but I still have friends I could play with on Xbox if they do get the XSX. I don’t have any friends on PS5 but one person. So with both consoles being cross platform, should I just get the PS5? I sold my Xbox One to my friend since I didn’t play it a lot and I also have a PS4 right now. Let me know
Crypt1c Ni99A
Crypt1c Ni99A:
The UK got shegged 😂
Gray Nick
Gray Nick:
Wait it comes out one day before my b day
Michael Ellis
Michael Ellis:
They coming on my birthday the 10 of November
Frag Gaming
Frag Gaming:
LAMOOI really need these both I can buy everything in the first day bro I need to upgrade from ps4 to ps5 LAMOO IM SO LUCKY IM IN THE USA ON NOVEMPER 12 GUSS WHAT........???...!!! IT IS MY BIRTHDAY LAMOOOOOOOOOOOOO.......
Ashland Davin
Ashland Davin:
Omg I don’t know which to get
Ghost Rider
Ghost Rider:
Playstation always been lower or exact same price with xbox
Does anyone know if there’s still a gameshare feature on Xbox?
Mohamed Elansary
Mohamed Elansary:
Jaylin Antonio
Jaylin Antonio:
They legit added extra 4000 in South Africa 😔
Zack Montell
Zack Montell:
There is no way the only difference is the disc drive because 100 for it is crazy the play station also doesn’t have a monthly payment