Johnny watches and reacts to the Playstation 5 showcase event price and Final FantasyXVI??
PlayStation 5 launches in November, starting at $399 for PS5 Digital Edition and $499 for PS5 with Ultra HD Blu-Ray Disc Drive
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digital maybe $100 cheaper, but imagine the money you'll save on physical refunding/trading in/in store sales compared to the digital games you can't do that with
As a brazilian I will get a ps5 when ps10 is out.
80 euro for a game? I don't think so. I'll just get the one with the discdrive and buy 2nd hand games
elisha davis
elisha davis:
I want physical as well. Screw digital lol
Puskas2010 Pu2010
Puskas2010 Pu2010:
Physical for me as well
Love that won’t let go
Bruno Fonseca
Bruno Fonseca:
“I’m going to download all those PS4 games again just to have them in my drive”... Me, looking ar the size of the SSD... “No you won’t!” :D
Pencil Cube
Pencil Cube:
You're my favorite channel for covering games. You can see the passion just in your voice alone. Keep up the good work!
C C:
There's a lot to keep in mind with FF16.
For starters a lot of FF fans as a whole feel somewhat burnt out with the past ten years with 13 into 15 and the 7 remake, ups and downs and people have been generally meh across the board with them. Many are expecting DLC, an unfinished narrative, delays upon delays.... people need to realise this is not a game being handled by Tetsuya Nomura or Hajime Tabata. This is a game being developed by Noaki "Yoshi P" Yoshida and his team. A team who told square to make 14 1.0 free to play as they fixed it and simultaneously made the a realm reborn relaunch, and 2 years later made Heavensward one of the most critically acclaimed narratives in all of final fantasy. A team that have only missed 1 deadline, that being the latest patch in 14 because of covid, for 7 years they have been releasing content on time and getting stellar reviews. Culminating in Shadowbringers, the pinnacle of storytelling in final fantasy and mmos.

Now some stuff about the game, it seems to be set in a world setting similar to final fantasy tactics and has a tone similar to type 0, a realistic high fantasy where swords cut people and cuts bleed and that can lead to death very quickly.

Also like type 0 with how it took the myths and names of ideas from 13 and re contextualized them, 16 is using terms from 14 such as mothercrytsal and Eikons, but in ways altered from their meaning in 14 yet similar.

Also the Designer of Devil May Cry 5 and dragon's dogma Ryota Suzuki is helping with this game as he joined Yoshida's team back in June, and if you look at the combat it has I frames, perfect dodges etc stuff we see in games like dmc so the combat may actually be fun this time unlike the mess that was 15

I wanna go more into this but it's a YouTube comment, I've already typed out more than its worth haha. Just remember guys Yoshi P is the gold standard of videogame directors and he's someone who doesn't cave to square pushing shitty decisions which is why 14 is now so successful
Hey there is one thing we can credit Square Enix for this time. Actually using in engine content to announce a game. Let’s give it up for not announcing a game with a fancy cg trailer before it has even entered into production. (Final Fantasy XV)
Norse Lavenza
Norse Lavenza:
haha, Johnny will have his wife out and go buy Harry potter at launch just so he can play it. haha
I'll stick to my Switch for a few years, still have lots of ps4 games to play at some point anyway. Glad this launch won't be dry like the ps4 though
maxim espace
maxim espace:
Looking at the FFXVI "exclusive", I will happily exclusively stick to my Switch for another while!
Mike R
Mike R:
I am a physical copies type too. Something about the smell when it is new, collecting, and the symbol of what the case means. Definitely getting next PS5 at some point.
Konstantinos Kontopoulos
Konstantinos Kontopoulos:
"Spend 100 dollars on games" yeah, like one game.
Final Fantasy 16 really blew me away as well, I was like ''ok it look slike a FF game, but im not so sure....'' then when i saw the logo I lost my shit haha.
Wenceslao Futanaki
Wenceslao Futanaki:
ff16 looks like a cheap generic thing, ff died looong ago.
"Soul of the lost withdrawn from its vessel" gives me chills. Cant wait for demons souls.
Faustian Frog
Faustian Frog:
Wow I'm so excited about the Final Fantasy game that will come out in 4+ years.
Getting physical PS5 here : )
Wenceslao Futanaki
Wenceslao Futanaki:
RE8 amazing and Demon Souls stole the show, that´s gonna be huge.
Sick showcase but I'm going to wait and buy all the ps4 exclusives I missed out on. Then when ps5 has a bigger library & all the kinks have been fixed I'll get a ps5.
Dee See
Dee See:
Why aren’t digital games less than physical copies too? The game companies spend less on the production, artwork, shipping etc. surely it’s only fair that those savings are passed on to the customer?
Lanky Lemon
Lanky Lemon:
So hyped Johnny, pre ordered my physical edition this morning here in the UK
Aww I was really looking forward to seeing your reaction to the God of War teaser. Surprised you left that out.
Vegan Forever
Vegan Forever:
Of course they were going to announce the price though, it's about time lol
Honestly I'll just wait for next gen projects to be actually released on PS5, and not just announced (3 years in advance)
B C G:
I’m getting a Xbox Series X eventually.
I've been saying $499 since the reveal, it's just a good breakpoint for everyone. Fairly impressed with Xbox Series S only being $299, even though it's a 1440p system. Some people may only want it for their 27'' monitor so I think that's an awesome thing Microsoft is doing. I'll be going Sony this generation yet again though, but I'm not going to count out the Xbox completely. Playstation always just has the better RPGs IMO and that's what it comes down to for me. If the Xbox library gets a ton of exclusives I may pick one up in a few years though.
Colin Anthony
Colin Anthony:
I got my pre-order in for the $500 version. I'm hyped. Cheaper than I was expecting it to be.
Rick Stone
Rick Stone:
While some of the game trailers look intriguing but still not enough to have me get the PS5 on release day most likely a year after when more games come out for the PS5.
Aka Spade
Aka Spade:
I was like "what is this? It's clearly Final Fantasy" all throughout the trailer and then when that logo dropped, I made a noise that I didn't think was humanly possible. I think it was a scream, but I'm not sure.
Ryan Fernandez
Ryan Fernandez:
I'll wait until my PS4 officially dies before upgrading to the PS5. While I do prefer having physical copies of a game, it never made sense on the PS4 to own a physical copy. I always found it frustrating that even though the game was stored locally on my HD, I'd still have to insert the game disc to play it. I'll be going all digital with the PS5.
Orhan Punar
Orhan Punar:
First time i'm watching a someone explaining his live reaction!
I know you've dabbled a little in VR. What are your thoughts on the Quest 2?
Price was right what I expected. Probably get the digital version when I have the extra money. All my ps4 games are digital.
Console Crashers
Console Crashers:
I loved this show. There's so much good content. FF16, Demon's Souls, The Price Point.... all around amazing. I've put my money on Playstation again and they have never steered me wrong.
Zach Gibson
Zach Gibson:
I was almost weeping with final fantasy. It looks so good.
cool, I'll pick one up in 15 or 20 years.
Gentleman Gamer
Gentleman Gamer:
Hello, I'm a new subscriber, and I love your content!

I'm definitely getting the All-Digital PS5, since it's far more affordable for me so it seems more appealing, plus stylistically it looks far better.
What a great recap of the showcase. Thank you. I was smiling all throughout Demon's Soul's as well. :)
Im trying to look at your games on the shelf and BAM! i see Star Fox, my favorite flying game of all time
In conclusion, the new generation Xbox Series S won
I once ate a pickle, but those were less trying times
Timed exclusive is different from exclusive exclusive.
Xerxes Montes
Xerxes Montes:
Thank you for covering the event. I didnt watch the event and your enthusiasm and positive outlook is also amazing.
Neal McMahon
Neal McMahon:
Amazing showcase! Took me some time but got my hands on a pre-order. $499 one :)
My PS4 was same price at launch 7 years ago. I dont mind going all digital. Most of my games are digital on PS4.
Man, love your videos, what a breath of fresh air listening to you just bring fun and joy and positivity to the gaming sphere, so sick of all the other Debbie Downer YouTubers
Nier Far
Nier Far:
Demon's Souls CONFIRMED PS5 EXCLUSIVE! Not coming to PC, that was a human error and they privated the trailer to fix it.
I wanna see the live reaction you had. Didn't he say that he recorded it?
The count Of the night
The count Of the night:
The price was spot on.i love the exclusive games . And Iam so tempted to buy it day one but I think I wait it out until all the bugs are work out of it
olivier Crenier
olivier Crenier:
Thanks for all your thoughts about the conference...
But I would be interested to know your thoughts about all Sony didn't says during the showcase but prefered to put online (just text) discreetly. And about the pre-order "disaster" ;-)
Yans Arcade
Yans Arcade:
Johnny " I'm in day one" Sony " Have a console "
Arcade Kaos
Arcade Kaos:
Finally a Fantastic Fantasy 👏
Man, your channel deserves so much more exposure
somehow not hyped for this ps5 start. i really loved the past generations but i think it shows more of the same atm and no WOAH moments where you got jaw dropping showcases.
Happy with the price considering the price of most new technology these days.
Only thing im worried about the new d-pad, as someone who plays fighting games lol
Happy to hear your thoughts promptly on this. It's like hearing from a good friend and sharing the hype!
The Grandmasturbator
The Grandmasturbator:
Dude! If there's a word I trust... It's you J-Milly. Thanks for the scoops 👍
Barry Klinedinst
Barry Klinedinst:
I am getting one on day one if i can get my hands on one
The Resistance
The Resistance:
You get more excited on a remastered mario than a new final fantasy Johnny? Cmon Johnny fix your hype meter.
Great video! I feel like next gen graphics are the same as current gen with double or tripple the amount of particle on screen. I would’ve liked a bit more of an upgrade from next gen.
Martin Nilsen
Martin Nilsen:
Had the same exact experience regarding the trailer for FF16. Glad to hear I wasn't the only one who thought it was an extension/add-on trailer for FF14.
Gabriel Magno Alexandre Vieira
Gabriel Magno Alexandre Vieira:
I bought a PS4 only a few months ago, cause i was venturing through Wii and the Xbox360 for a lot of time, and I think i will stick with Ps4 for at least 3 more years, until I finish playing all the stuff that I want to. And after that I will have to get the Nintendo Switch you know, to play one game or another that i can't left behind, so yes, PS5 it's really into the future for me🤣
actual flamingo
actual flamingo:
Pre oredered a disc one even though I'm mostly a digital guy. I wanna use it as a blu-ray/DVD player as well as having the choice to buy used games if I see something for really cheap
The price is good,but I’m still gonna stick with my 4.
Jeff Durden
Jeff Durden:
The price is exactly as expected and that's fairly good. Super stoked for ff xvi since they decided to go back to the medieval era.
then again, final fantasy XV both looked and was a very underwhelming game. I really hope if they make another open world final fantasy that they fix the empty world problem and not another ridiculously short game, it's not ok in my opinion for anyone to have to download DLC and fixes in order to get the full experience.
Nell Tull
Nell Tull:
ur audio is soooo high quality that i forget im only watching 720p
keep up the great work bro!
Crossing Chap
Crossing Chap:
People talk like this is the beginning of the end for physical media. For me this has been happening ever since consoles could connect online. The physical disc or cart you buy now often doesn’t include the full game, doesn’t store your saves and doesn’t include all the manuals and fun packaging that made physical collecting fun back in the day. It’s sad because I love physical but when I now look at physical games and just don’t see the value they once had. With Switch I made the decision to sell most of my games and bought them again on the eshop and I have no regrets. Now I’m Digital edition PS5 all the way.
Ryan Blackwell
Ryan Blackwell:
Great recap! I missed it!
I was most surprised by Harry Potter too, actually. I'm one of those that skipped the PS4 gen and would love to play enhanced versions of the exclusives I missed out on, but I gotta make sure they're gonna be available before anything.
pyongyang gang666
pyongyang gang666:
The remake of Demon's Souls is so much more than just graphics, just look at how it is in motion. For whatever reason even though it's a PS3 game, it's the most next gen thing I've seen so far.
Bane McDeath
Bane McDeath:
Looks nice but my backlog is big enough as is so I can wait. Lordy, I'd have to live a few thousand years to play every game is what it feels like.
Purveyor of Loops
Purveyor of Loops:
The showcase was embarrassingly weak. I’d expect something more substantial before launch. The fact that they left out critical information, which you had to go lookup afterwards (PS Plus collection), didn’t push concrete reasons to hype up people to buy it, it just fell flat for me.
Mark Leon Fox
Mark Leon Fox:
Happy potter looks amazing!
Feelin' DanDy
Feelin' DanDy:
I don't know how I feel about gaming, I can't say I'm excited. I never get these things at launch anyway, usually wait a few years.
EasyMode Gamer
EasyMode Gamer:
You know why happy console gamer is great to watch cause he puts alot of positivity into the gaming world with his video's. All these other you tubers just want to make videos on all the gossip and rumour crap. Keep up the good work my man 👍
I remember seeing you comment under a video that you just want Final Fantasy to have a Medieval setting again. You got your wish!
Cowboy Pug On A Rocking Horse 1337
Cowboy Pug On A Rocking Horse 1337:
I never played Demon Souls but oh my God it looks beautiful and the gameplay looks fun!

I'll beat Demon Souls, then beat Cyberpunk, then play the crap out of Cold War!
Ashen One
Ashen One:
16 looked like shit, which is pretty much how everything made my Squareenix looks. Hell, the reveal for 15 looked better.
Still getting an Xbox, change my mind
Mr. Charlez
Mr. Charlez:
funny how you say "play-shay-tion"
Maury J.
Maury J.:
PS5 looks amazing
Kenny O
Kenny O:
I had high hopes that they would reveal Silent Hill, but i guess they need to save something for later. FF XVI was a fine compensation though
Java Ghoul
Java Ghoul:
I'm 100% right there with you on being old school and hanging on to physical media to the bitter end 😝
The aesthetic of FFXVI is amazing but I want to see more of the combat.
Lee Bonnar
Lee Bonnar:
Waited in line this morning for 2 hours for get my preorder in! Success
Schubis J
Schubis J:
Reserving my from the local game shop in Shanghai. We can’t directly order from most popular retailers and shipping to China is a pain at this time. So I am hyped and cant wait to play!
william hornedo
william hornedo:
For ur question we all expected that 500 buck price tag. But imagine if they would done $450 , they would make xbox serie cry !
Dusty Shackleford
Dusty Shackleford:
FF16 will be the best FF since 12. Going back to the standard fantasy setting is a good sign.
Positive Thoughts
Positive Thoughts:
FFXVI looks like crap. Looked like they reused assets from all previous releases. So boring. Probably fun, but no longer final fantasy. Looks more like Devil May Cry.
Osvaldo Arellano
Osvaldo Arellano:
i think this was almost a 10 out of 10, this came out of nowhere!
so welcome back to another episoooode, and it's funny...
I was just waiting for this video haha
Shawn Ramsey
Shawn Ramsey:
I laughed at "proof is in the pudding" Rupture Farms! I wonder if that was subconscious
The Italian Warrior
The Italian Warrior:
The price is fkin good.
Esclusives ... Good also
i will still wait 3 year before purchasing but for now? i'm impressed!
Gaming Observed
Gaming Observed:
Im getting physical only!!! You inspired me to create my own gaming channle bro! Hope your doing good!
Omar Mohanad
Omar Mohanad:
I will definitely get the regular ps5, 500$ is a fair price for next gen and probably later will get the digital xbox cuz there is some amazing games coming to xbox
I'm gonna wait a year.