PlayStation Plus Monthly Games - PS4 and PS5 - December 2020

December's Plus games have been announced - free PS4 and PS5 titles for Plus members. This months Plus Monthly Games are Just Cause 4 and Rocket Arena on PS4, and Worms Rumble on both PS4 and PS5 - all available from 1st December, 2020.

PS5 players can also still access Bugsnax, and the PS Plus Collection. All of these titles are available to download free for PS Plus members, and yours to keep as long as you remain a Plus member.

0:00 Introduction
0:27 Just Cause 4 (PS4)

1:12 Rocket Arena (PS4)
1:51 Worms Rumble (PS4 & PS5)
2:38 PS Plus December Roundup

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100+ komentarze:

As always, a moment of silence for our fellow gamers who ‘just bought’ these games.
I'm just playing a few of these games to kill time until Cyberpunk 2077 comes out.
Disappointing month for me.
Brent D
Brent D:
"customise your worm" is something I definitely wasn't ready to hear while drinking soda.
Tom White
Tom White:
I haven’t even played Just Cause 3 from when that was the game of the month 😂
I knew just cause 4 would be on one day after 3 was released on ps plus. Glad I didn’t buy it lol
Perfection227 Gaming
Perfection227 Gaming:
Me getting super excited for more free games but still not having played 80% of the free PS Plus games that have been released all time.
Hassan Alasdi
Hassan Alasdi:
"Customise your worm before you dive in" hmmmmm ok.
Cyborg Soda
Cyborg Soda:
They should've patched Just Cause for 60 fps.
She sounds like the announcer in between shows on BBC
Worms and Just Cause 4 is okay for that month. Not regretting PS plus. Played Rocket Arena over EA Play. Was no fun. Meh.
Whian Bester
Whian Bester:
LOL rocket arena is a totally dead game, also pretty bad
Justin Marshall Elias
Justin Marshall Elias:
Can we please leave the "make a bad joke and then reference your joke being bad" gig behind us next year? That being said, she's a wonderful narrator and I appreciate the plus games this month.
That "Hello Everyone" is the most british sounding thing ever
naosei seila u.u
naosei seila u.u:
I mean... It could be so much better. And, plus, it's December, cmon!
BigFranky WithCheese
BigFranky WithCheese:
Feel bad for the people that just bought just cause 4 During the most recent black Friday sale on the playstation store I was gonna get it but then I thought it's probably gonna be A monthly free game Anyway Well I guess I was right
Geoff Baumgartner
Geoff Baumgartner:
I see ppl in the comments saying they should extend Bugsnax longer, since* they don't have their PS5 yet, but you can add it to your library via the app even if you don't have the PS5 yet.
الحرية لسوريا bijî kurdistan
الحرية لسوريا bijî kurdistan:
“Before we get into the good stuff” good stuff, I think not.
Robotic Gentlemen
Robotic Gentlemen:
Just cause has been on sale so many times this year. The few who bought it last month are gonna throw a fit
I knew Just Cause 4 would hit PS Plus, glad I held out
Bear Discussions
Bear Discussions:
Rosie and Elle will be freaking out at the Worms announcement.
BlackShark 974
BlackShark 974:
To end the year JUST CAUSE 4 a bugged game at its release - Rocket Arena Battle Arena
great, bought jc3 on sale and now i'll add jc4 in my library
Irfan Lateef
Irfan Lateef:
I keep hearing rumors about getting dark souls, and I keep getting disappointed.
Kyle Huxted
Kyle Huxted:
Damn. I almost bought Just Cause 4 too the other day. That would have been a bummer 😂
L P:
Heeey finally an excuse to play Just Cause 4, been waiting for this moment.
To all the ps4 players complaining about these games, go ahead and look at what Xbox players get in December. You will never complain again.
already have just cause 4 ugh, atleast im getting the ps5 soon
Magnetic Resonance
Magnetic Resonance:
Again, Just cause 4 was on PS Now already.
A bit too much overlap if you ask me.
Darrell G
Darrell G:
I want to play Bugsnax, but I've been unsuccessful in purchasing a PS5.
Lucas Vidal
Lucas Vidal:
Well, Just Cause 3 was fun. I never bought the 4th, so this should be cool.
Sam A
Sam A:
Genuinely cutting onions when you said “brings a tear to your eye”
Why my i can't redeem my just cause in ps4 plus? It say "This content cannot be selected at this time"
At this point when there are all these weird arena games I want to see Alien Arena on PS5.
W S:
Ah well that's fun. I'm getting close to the end of Just Cause 3.
I wish she would speak naturally. That has always been the beauty of the Access team: they speak like they are having a chat with you and it feels friendly and natural. This new person from What Culture has that accented What Culture robotic delivery as she clearly reads from a script.
A word of advise for those planning to play Just Cause 4. There's an issue with the auto-save where the game does not save for the first and second missions. When you begin playing, you should play all the way till the third mission before exiting.
Chris McClenaghan
Chris McClenaghan:
I got just cause 4 already and wasn't that into it tbh pretty meh for me
Godanggit, got Just Cause 4 on a heavy discount just the other December
Sony is gonna patch the adding ps5 games to your libary when you only have a PS4 registered to the app, that’s why they didn’t release a ps plus game strictly for the ps5 this month,
Mark my words!
poggerrzzz :0
poggerrzzz :0:
"Its a christmas miracle"
Yes yes yes, i bought just cause 3, this is perfect cuz im gonna have both of them. Yessss boisss.
Btw the js3 was 3$ for me lol.
I was waiting to see what they release in December before I purchase next ps plus subscription since its on sale rn. honestly tho... I'm not impressed. and to be even more honest... I didn't really play much of the games they released this year with exception of goat simulator and fall guys. so... *calculator noises* I.. *more calculator noises*... yeah, I think I'm gonna pass and I'll just treat myself with some indie titles for this money
Melissa E Ramey
Melissa E Ramey:
Bored. Cant we have a month with no gun games, (or zombies for that matter) just to see if we can still melee or beat puzzle games? I still to this day won't waste space with a download of anything that uses exclusively or primarily guns as the weapons. Too easy.
Charles Binet
Charles Binet:
I would love other genre than shooters really. It’s usually FPS or simulation racing. Is there nothing else? And those gamers have no kids? At least I do so why not include kid friendly games like Spyro or Crash bandicoot or CTR, dragon quest builder etc...? PS plus could be attractive to parents if Sony would think about them. Who needs yet another excuse (3 here) to shoot rockets.
Hugh G Rection
Hugh G Rection:
From the gameplay I’ve seen of just cause 4, it doesn’t seem like there’s as many big destructible things as there were in 3. Is this true? Bc I loved destroying bridges or taking down those really tall towers.
Rocket Arena! Can't wait to not play that one... I'll try Just cause on my PS4 pro, but I doubt I'll play it til I get my hands on a PS5 next year. Kinda bad month for multiplayer haters like myself, but JC4 could be alright (or so I hope).
Grey Lightning
Grey Lightning:
Which version of just cause 4 are we getting? I ask because only the reloaded, gold, complete editions are available for purchase currently on ps store from what I saw. I assume reloaded as its the cheapest. Can someone confirm?
Lucy Sobey
Lucy Sobey:
“Good. Yeah.” 😂
Michael Kinley
Michael Kinley:
Almost bought Just Cause 4 about a month or two back. So glad I didn't. (I am also aware JC3 is better) but still..
Game of the Year 2020
Game of the Year 2020:
If I had gone through my entire backlog, JC4 would be what I would try while waiting for Cyberpunk 2077.
Matthew Edson
Matthew Edson:
Worms rumble is alot fun definitly recommend it. Played the hell out of it when it was in Open Beta.
Frankie Mendoza
Frankie Mendoza:
"GOD OF WAR" i can't wait To get my PS5 😅🕊🙏🏽✌🏽 I figured why not the cheesy joke cause her jokes are a bit cheesy 😜 😅 🤣 🤪 🙃
Bunyip swamp
Bunyip swamp:
So I am still waiting for my pre-order but do have plus on my ps4 can I just log in on the ps site and get bug snacks I'm my library there or do I just have to hope my order comes before the 4th of January
best month this year ngl
Amzo Tall
Amzo Tall:
This right here is the reason why I was so excited getting the PS5 after skipping the previous generation due to parenting, even got me a LG CX just as a cherry on top , that's unfortunately why it hurts even more when I got the mail telling me that my pre-order won't arrive until 2021.
Sony really botched the launch, and !#@* them scalpers!
Troy Green
Troy Green:
Just Cause looks like a wild ride! I have not played any game in the franchise, but 4 looks a little too cool to pass up. Great information ps access, great video. The game capture for the featured games was awesome.
The collection makes up for this also you can't expect every month to be winners although just cause 4 seems interesting
Dwayne Dibbley
Dwayne Dibbley:
I can't find the option to save bugsnax for when I get a PlayStation 5. Does anyone know how to do it?
Mark B.
Mark B.:
Finally--FINALLY--became a Plus member last night. If there is a "plus" side to the COVID lockdown, this is it!
I wish i could just pay less to play online so they can keep these "free" games
S. Edlund
S. Edlund:
So, for PS5 same as November then?
But still good games :) And good video and very pleasing hearing Ash's voice 😍
gerry brown
gerry brown:
This is bull. I just bought just cause like 3 hours ago and now find out it’s free.
Edit. Just gonna leave it only cost about £13 but i get the dlc
Karl Goltz
Karl Goltz:
Quite impressed,i always wanted jc4 but never had the moeny since im still in school lol😂
Megan is a gamer
Megan is a gamer:
NICE! Another good month for me! Kind of awkward for ps5 members to still get bugsnax free though.
Bad month, expected more for christmas
Kaneki Ken
Kaneki Ken:
The only thing that brings a tear to my eye is the fact that the ps5 is sold out
So many different games they could have chosen, didn't enjoy just cause 3 so another month of games I won't play for a very long time and rocket arena will have no one playing online by the time I play it.
Welp I’m glad I didn’t buy just cause 4 yet. It’s been a long time since I ha not owned a game already
Mr Hazu
Mr Hazu:
Not the Xmas lineup I was waiting for. But I can't complain. I'm enjoying the plus collection for ps5.
Nebula Kun
Nebula Kun:
I've been waiting JC4 finally i can play it then
I hope they really get going with these PS5 enhancements on many PS4 games!
The Great Pretender
The Great Pretender:
The PS collection is a cool thing, just too bad most PS players have already played them. Not really much to offer if you have been with Sony for a while.
Victor Huerta
Victor Huerta:
I need help. About no more than 2ish months ago. I recently saw a PS game trailer where an alligator lunged itself at the pov. I can't remember the name of the game & I can't find this game trailer anywhere... it's killing me. I really want this game. Help please
Tanis Mech
Tanis Mech:
Pretty happy to be getting Just Cause 4. It always looked really fun, but I wasn't sure there was enough to it to warrant spending much money on it.
Thumbs up on the video for the great work putting this together, but disappointed with the free games this month. Thankfully there is lots to play right now on my library!
jaime nava
jaime nava:
If we bought a ps5 will we always have access to the PlayStation collection or is that only for limited time?
Good thing anyone who didn’t play it before still has plenty of hollow knight to keep playing from this month through the end of the year
Oh dang. I was planning to jump into just cause series. The timing couldn’t be more impeccable.
Mariano amaya
Mariano amaya:
Out of those three I only care about Just cause, I havent never played it but sounds good and maybe it Will become one of my favourites
I pretty much refuse to play just cause 4 as when I bought it I Got the gold edition and I never got the items I was meant to I contacted support and they said you have to get in touch with the developers and it ended up in a back and forth
I've already platinumed JC4 and I honestly could care less about Rocket Arena and the other game.
Leather wolf
Leather wolf:
Not too bad of a run up this time as well. Good thing I didn’t pick up just cause 4 before.
I am very dissatisfied with this selection of games, on New Year's Eve they could give something new, for example Mortal Combat 11, or SEKIRO, give some action games and shooters !!!
Great! Three shooters i never tried, and probably never will..
BLacK HarTz
BLacK HarTz:
“Worms Rumble.” ??
Another month of the good old ..... Passsssssssss.... release more racing games... like good racing games... yes I know payback was given, but that was a hard passss tooooo
Oof. Rocket Arena is desperate. Already seen it get a massive price drop at walmart to 10 bucks or something crazy.
Gandhi Rodríguez Castillo
Gandhi Rodríguez Castillo:
Banda ya hable con PlayStation y dicen que pera el siguiente mes regalaran dead stranding y undertale, aparte de pedir disculpas por los juegos de el ps plus de DICIEMBRE.

nos vemos en el 2021
A is for Annihilation
A is for Annihilation:
Of the few games I own on ps4, u had to give us 1 I own. What a doo doo month. Jc4 is my least favorite of all the just cause games.
Daniel James
Daniel James:
They shall remain in my library untouched until the end of time! I'll give Just Cause 4 a go, though. Never played those games before. Are they any good?
Shadow Heart
Shadow Heart:
Maybe now I can finally understand how Worms work.
Cvetelin Nachev
Cvetelin Nachev:
That's why I am done it Playstation. 6 years ps plus owner and now ps5 will have bunch good games. When you learn to respect old players you will learn. Not my fault you can't sell me ps5. I trying to buy it but in ll shops is empty.
Bryce Bailey
Bryce Bailey:
I wish ps would give us a list of multiple free games to pick from and only allowing 2 games like always bc it’s so annoying constantly being given games you’ve already played 20 times from 2 years ago...
Sticking with dreams already played Just Cause 4 and it was pretty good and not interested in worms.
Omega Panda
Omega Panda:
If only I could get my hands on a ps5 to get the collection; never had a harder time giving 400 bucks to someone
Good month for me! Love explosions and the worms rumble beta was insanely fun. Thanks ash👍
Brad Brad
Brad Brad:
Kind of a lame month to be honest. Will probably play Just Cause but at this point its a pretty budget game since you can get a used copy for less than $10.

EA is getting desperate with Rocket Arena. A hard pass from me.
Yet another western open-world game, yet another MOBA, and yet another battle royale... Excuse me for not being even remotely interested, that this is all we get as conpensation for paying to play online.
Geoff Baumgartner
Geoff Baumgartner:
Well, they finally did it. For the 1st time since PS Plus has existed, I own none of the games on offer. Which speaks more to my taste in games than the quality of those on offer, but still, 1st time ever...
I understand that Sony wants the PS+ games to be as broadly appealing right after the release of PS5 but even for "generic" titles, the only one really standing out here is Just Cause 4. Could've been better, but it's OK for the average gamer.