PlayStation Plus (PS4 and PS5) December 2020 (PS+)

This month’s PlayStation Plus lineup..
• Worms Rumble - PS5 & PS4
• Just Cause 4 - PS4 (playable on PS5)
• Rocket Arena - PS4 (Playable on PS5)
• Bugsnax - PS5

Quick you still have time to download last month's games!
• Middle Earth: Shadow of War - PS4 (playable on PS5)
• Hollow Knight Void Heart edition - PS4 (Playable on PS5)


• Call of Duty Warzone PS+ exclusive gear
• Red Dead Redemption 2 PS+ exclusive content
• Fortnite Battle Royale: PlayStation®Plus Skin
• Apex Legends skins and banners - pack 2
• Kaiser Axe for dragon quest XI
• H1Z1 Bandit pack
• boosters and platinum for warframe
• Dauntless transmog pack
• Skyforge PS+ bundle FREE


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McArnold Richard’sGravyTrain
McArnold Richard’sGravyTrain:
Even if you don’t have a PS5, you can still add bugsnax to your library through the app or the website
As always, a moment of silence for our fellow gamers who ‘just bought’ these games.
I love how gaming company keep making new battle royal type games when honestly it needs to stop
I'd rather have two quality games then 4 "meh" games I'll never play
Pickled rabbits
Pickled rabbits:
I knew that waiting like 2 years for just cause 4 to become free would pay off! And everyone called me crazy!
Kyon Woods
Kyon Woods:
Actually kinda hyped to play just cause 4
Can’t believe that people are still even considering “reviews” from ign...
The Mop
The Mop:
“this is sony starting to nudge us toward embracing the new generation” when nobody can even get the next gen consoles

update: i have got one
2:24 missed the perfect op for “You should play this, just cause”
Reno Uzumaki
Reno Uzumaki:
Imagine them giving away Darksouls or The Witcher...maybe even Skyrim 😈
“This could be fun to play over christmas break”
Boy no one but bots and scalpers have the ps5
Shepherd RM
Shepherd RM:
"It has Fortnite grafics"

That's a subtle way of saying the grafics are fucking garbage.
Im Owen Wilson
Im Owen Wilson:
“wE’vE gOt RoCkEtS🤓”
Nope Noperson
Nope Noperson:
With Bugsnax, you'll never even need another game to play ever again.
Randall Mortell
Randall Mortell:
"Sony trying to nudge us towards the new console" Yeah right good luck buying it anywhere.....
just finished Just Cause 3, Just Cause 4 will be like an apetite.
These December games aren’t as good for a Christmas month but weather or not I’ll still play this
Pyroeis 25
Pyroeis 25:
I honestly feel like I'm not missing out on much when it comes to Bugsnax lmao
Ali Aslan
Ali Aslan:
I’m still riding that November high with Hollow Knight. This game is beautiful
This feels like the ps3 game lineup
mgumusada ,
mgumusada ,:
Lol Just Cause is fairly new it's good to have it, but I had no drops of fun playing the third game so I don't expect anything from it at all
I love the JC series, the previous one was so fun! I can't wait!
I think I bought just cause 4 a while back when I was playing 3, and then never installed or played it. Oy🤦🏻
Bro remember when it was for PS4 and PS3 in the title...
Roman Draco
Roman Draco:
1 meme game and 2 that look like college students made them...

*Slow claps
Just Cause 4 is all we are here for
Doni sy
Doni sy:
I’ve just watched another review thinking it’s from PlaystationGrenade, I was disappointed that Adam wasn’t doing it, then realised it’s from another channel and I’m now relieved.
Thanks Adam, you’re a great guy and keep up the terrific work!
Fiji Maxwellicus
Fiji Maxwellicus:
“9” wow this month is crazy.. I have just cause already but I’m for sure gonna replay it
J D:
When a game flops so hard it becomes free game of the month
At least there’s JC.
MoonHeadLife 924
MoonHeadLife 924:
Thanks Adam! :)
deathscroll 3
deathscroll 3:
I'm so hype I literally just bought just cause 3 earlier this week
Christmas break im losing my soul to cod cold war
May I just point out, that on a Japanese subscription (November) you can additionally get Guilty Gear on PS4
every game journalist every month - "we are specualting that its dark souls"
its never dark souls lmfao
Jay -_-
Jay -_-:
I’ve been wanting to buy just cause 4 for a while now I watched you today and I’m so glad I didn’t buy it yet thanks!
Elliott Blair
Elliott Blair:
“The people who played it” 🤣🤣🤣
T-bot 707
T-bot 707:
Sadly we’re missing out? I ensure you that 50% us didn’t want it
weeb hunter
weeb hunter:
This is now the 8 month in a row where I haven't got any games I like
I already played just cause 4 and it's not as good as 3 because in 3 you had citys to liberate in this one you don't I'm it really makes me think about my life choices like why I didn't get a hobby that didn't cost 232 ILS a year for nothing
Jamie Stopher
Jamie Stopher:
God damn it, I just bought just cause 4 full price a week ago.
Shane Collins
Shane Collins:
I almost bought just cause 4 on sale like a week ago, glad I waited
The Twin WiFi Routers
The Twin WiFi Routers:
Only downloading Just Cause, adding the other games to my library for my future kids to enjoy. (You should too)

Edit: I'm very curious to why I'm getting so many likes.
Can't wait for worms, i have so many memories with that game
they embracing for the new generation, meanwhile you cant buy it anywhere. Makes much sense.
gassy Kid
gassy Kid:
I can’t wait for just cause 4 because I’ve been playing it since the 360
Platinumed JC4 at the start of the year.
Enrique Merlo Lopez
Enrique Merlo Lopez:
Yeah, but my ps plus is ending so... will take a moment for i have it back, if plus was just for win free games every month will be so good, like, i buy minecraft bedrock edition just for play with my friends and they also add servers, i still thinking in buy java but this will take a while, i don't know why i am talking about don't need plus for play online i just want to.
Alec Gamboa
Alec Gamboa:
Was just about to buy just cause 4 on the sale too....damn. Thank you guys
Keith Fitzroy
Keith Fitzroy:
Oh well at least I can carry on playing November games
Aitor Ochoa
Aitor Ochoa:
I was waiting for better games this month. Os december a great month to give better games. Truly deceptioned.
Nathan Charles
Nathan Charles:
I literally just bought just cause 4 ._.
Rajpreet Singh
Rajpreet Singh:
Thank you for giving Just Cause 4. Bought a month ago
Not the best selection imo, but we can't always have a stacked list every month
Well, the last month of my ps+ subscription ain't a waste
Valentino Moratalla
Valentino Moratalla:
I like how there making us embrace the PS5 yet we can’t get one 🤣
Jovanny Santiago
Jovanny Santiago:
Finally getting a good game!!!!
AshenBlazen YT
AshenBlazen YT:
Yo, how do I get these on my Sega Genesis?
Tee Isnt Here
Tee Isnt Here:
Hey adam, can you put the ps plus sign next to the game titles so that we know what game is free for ps plus. I get confused sometimes
That is so satisfying. I was going to buy JC4 last week, because of the sale. I got R6S instead.
Poor selection this month, talk about rubbing salt into the wounds when the majority of people can't get a PS5 due to scalpers.
thank you!! I'm happy for the news you gave us!!! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻☺️🤗🤗💯💯😁😃😀😄
I remember when Just Cause 3 was a free ps plus game. That was years ago. Time flies
Ultimate Monday
Ultimate Monday:
Just cause here i come! Just wait! I CANT!
Jerric Delos Santos
Jerric Delos Santos:
I didnt notice November pass that fast, and then i saw your video and i was like "ooohhhh its that time of the month again". And yes another great video.
Luis M Zal
Luis M Zal:
Thank you for this video really needed to
Didn't they already give just cause 4 away i remember getting this
Leatile Bizz0210
Leatile Bizz0210:
We really appreciate you telling us.. thanks
Deez Nutz
Deez Nutz:
Didnt even realize November passed that fast I'm still playing shadow of war and it's so fucking sick
Burn slayer
Burn slayer:
I’m kinda pissed that they’re pushing the ps5 and not having them in stock ever lmao
I lowkey would do anything for a ps5 😂😅. Nice vid btw
I just bought just cause 4. The PAIN!!
Frosted 513
Frosted 513:
you already lied about the November games and now you're gonna lie about theese
Legend 24hrs
Legend 24hrs:
Omg thank you ps+ and sony for putting just cause 4 for freeeee👏👏
Original TyDie
Original TyDie:
“Nudge” all you want. Most of us couldn’t get our hands on one if we tried! Scalpers are scum
BingBong ThroughLife
BingBong ThroughLife:
I watched a bunch of vids on Just Cause 4 today and wanted to buy, good thing I didnt
I’ve been banned on PlayStation for saying 0 poops given so unfortunately I can’t play
Memo Cabrera
Memo Cabrera:
Let's go I dont need to buy just cause 4 now it's going to be free finally
Android E.V.
Android E.V.:
Is the ps plus collection still gonna be available next month?
Heleno Paiva
Heleno Paiva:
Bugsnax again? :-/ I was hopping to get a new game.
Kotaro Jujo
Kotaro Jujo:
December 1st is also my bday. Yay!
Nathaniel Griffith
Nathaniel Griffith:
I was super late to the Just Cause series (literally playing 3 now) so I'm happy about getting 4 this month
I love that his voice doesn’t change
Matt Murdock
Matt Murdock:
remember when they used to give us good games like Bloodborne, Battlefront II, For Honor.. etc?
Fad3d Toxic
Fad3d Toxic:
Funny thing I was about to buy just cause 4 but then I saw this video 😂
Grm13aper206 FTW2
Grm13aper206 FTW2:
If only I knew that I could add it to library on the ps app well rip i really wanted to play that too
Casual Gaming
Casual Gaming:
I was just about to but JUST CAUSE well Its Free now , The luck bro😊
Bruce Leroy
Bruce Leroy:
I miss worms I’ll be downloading that for sure
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6-8 - Good
4-5 - Bang Average
1-3 - Not good enough
juvedamexivan 2.0
juvedamexivan 2.0:
3, weak selection
William Rodriguez
William Rodriguez:
Hehe I am ready to install them eheh I just iPad for another year
Sean Carter
Sean Carter:
I died laughing when he you can attach rocket boosters to cows and said I regret nothing😂
Angelotto Constancia
Angelotto Constancia:
Put Injustice 2 for free this month please or other month please !!
Wow, I brought just cause 4 a couple months back when it was like 70% off, still haven't played it.......
Kaylen Smith
Kaylen Smith:
Bought just cause 4 when it came out and the rest of them are just shocking lmao, wicked selection.
Thiago Lima
Thiago Lima:
Ah well, there is always next month
Favor For Gamer
Favor For Gamer:
Imagine getting a ps5 and BugSnax is the free title for the first month 🤣
Just Cause 4 will bring back so many memories because I played JC3 for the first time a week before Christmas in 2017 just gliding around listening to Christmas songs.
Jeff Waterson
Jeff Waterson:
When ur faster than the notifications
Adriean a Carrot Grower
Adriean a Carrot Grower:
I’m kind of mad I bought just cause 4 complete edition for 20$ and now it’s ps plus