"Poch sacking is out of order!" | Jamie Carragher reacts to Mauricio Pochettino leaving Tottenham

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Sky Sports' Jamie Carragher reacts to Mauricio Pochettino's sacking as Spurs manager, saying that the decision is 'out of order' and has left him 'shocked'.

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100+ komentarze:

ibrahim Abdul
ibrahim Abdul:
If ranieri can get sacked at Leicester........ anybody can get sacked
Sundaresh Ganesh
Sundaresh Ganesh:
Hueng min son gonna be the best DM in the world
K 02
K 02:
Matic will somehow get game time for spurs...... don’t know how but he will
Sam Allardyce
Sam Allardyce:
incoming spurs january signings, fellaini, matic & young 😂😂😂
Michael Kilian
Michael Kilian:
Gonna be really awkward when they're criticizing Mourinho in a years time.
K 02
K 02:
Harry Kane is officially a cdm
I can already see Jose playing Ndombele and Dier at CB to show Levy he needs CBs😂😂
Hector Ricardo
Hector Ricardo:
People acting like JM is finished. But then same people licking his crack when he speaks on Sky Sports.
Vernon Francis Gallagher
Vernon Francis Gallagher:
I guarantee Jose and Levy fall out within a year 🤣
Ole Gend
Ole Gend:
Jose will have Hung Min Son feeling like he's back in Korean Military Serivice with all the defending he's about to do
Jon Snow
Jon Snow:
Scenes when Spurs play United
MD Rashid
MD Rashid:
Leading Tottenham to second position in the premier league finishing above Arsenal after years and years, and making it to the Champions League final.

He did deserve to win a trophy at least but life doesn't always work that way. Great manager!
Big Rock Man
Big Rock Man:
We all said “poch sacking is out of order” in carraghers voice
charlie fc
charlie fc:
Sacked a manager who lost the dressing room and hired a manager who lost his last 3 dressing rooms. 👍😂
Richard Pinkham
Richard Pinkham:
Not surprised Carragher’s shocked. He gobbed all over a young girl & kept his job...
Sacking was wrong but they must’ve really wanted Mourinho before quickly making those moves
Sean H.B
Sean H.B:
Wasn't a big fan of jose at utd but i have a horrible feeling hes going to do very well with spurs
Ayaan Ibrar
Ayaan Ibrar:
Spurs still got Chelsea and Utd to play within a month 😂😂
Will Goodall
Will Goodall:
"I'm sure there'll be top clubs waiting for him in the summer. Probably abroad, who knows, maybe somewhere in the Premiere League." Yeah, thanks for narrowing it down
Ged the Head
Ged the Head:
Poch will wait it out till end of the season and then take the Man Utd job in the summer.... calling it now!
Mourinho: famous for demanding big money from the chairman
Levy: famous for watertight pockets

Well this match up's going to bring good drama
The Unknown
The Unknown:
Poch:"I am here to win trophies"

Daniel levy:"we don't do that here"
StrykesV3 StrykesV3
StrykesV3 StrykesV3:
I dont know whose crazier, Spurs for letting Poch go or Jose for taking the job lmaoo
Simon Cowell
Simon Cowell:
Sucks that Mourinho won't be on Sky Sports anymore
Big D
Big D:
Jose is risking his legacy going to spurs,this could get ugly for spurs and the special 1
From being the Special One at Chelsea to now being the “Desperate One”
Kairoo BaBy
Kairoo BaBy:
Harry Kane’s going to back to corner kick duty 😂😂
Ollie grigg
Ollie grigg:
The manager isn’t the problem, all the players want too go to bigger clubs
Amitabh Sharma
Amitabh Sharma:
Carra is just happy that he can freely criticize Mourinho once again 😅😅
Hudayfa Osman
Hudayfa Osman:
Can't understand what he's if you can't see his face lol
first name last name
first name last name:
Pochetino would be great at newcastle- they dont buy players either- but i think they'd be happy if he got them to a champions league final, unlike spurs
I’ve got the crabby patty formula come fw me
I’ve got the crabby patty formula come fw me:

Matic: _its free real estate_
Sepehr Daghbandan
Sepehr Daghbandan:
Greedy unloyal owners of the club.
OkcestCarre igo la spe
OkcestCarre igo la spe:
Why are they calling Carragher like he was an old tottenham player lol
Bilal Siddiqui
Bilal Siddiqui:
Come on United this is your chance to get a quality manager 👍👍👍Poch🤩
Dennis Hansen
Dennis Hansen:
Unai Emery’s reaction to Poch getting the sack was: gooden ebening
John Aspinall
John Aspinall:
Don't think Solskjaer will be happy about either.
Spurs were performing way above their level under Poch! A colossally stupid decision!
Well I'll be sure to have the popcorn ready in two weeks time when United play Spurs.
Alfred Cheng
Alfred Cheng:
Assume Jose can stay at spurs for “quite a bit of time”, can he bring spurs four seasons top 4 finish in a row like Poch have done for spurs?
Weight loss fan2020
Weight loss fan2020:
And I thought Emery would lose his job first.
Work Source
Work Source:
What the f did Pochettino accomplish I’m confuse. The same coach who bench a goal scoring machine Lucas mora for a unfit injured Harry Kane in the finals he should of got sack then.
He just wants Jose to stay doing punditry
Carl Jerbroni
Carl Jerbroni:
This move is made for vertongen and toby to sign a new contract
Spurs fans have some arrogance to think they deserve more than poch. He's the best they've had in decades he took them to places they hadn't been. Title races and champions league finals with virtual no signings. Hope he gets a big club next like bayern.
makedon makedonov
makedon makedonov:
Cant wait for the new mourinho angry sarcastic interviews
Lord_Barbarozza NORWAY
Lord_Barbarozza NORWAY:
Imagine Mourinho winning CL and PL in 2 years, he could insult the queen and british people and just refer to his trophies to get away with it.
Robert Hemingway
Robert Hemingway:
Daniel Levy- "Jose can you win us the league"?

Jose- "yes of course, I'm am special"

Daniel Levy- "you've got the job"
Ajmal Sahat madridista
Ajmal Sahat madridista:
Shocking decision has been made from Audi Cup Legend Club 😂😂😂
Paul Morrissey
Paul Morrissey:
That's some picture they've given Carra 😂
Stay Tooned
Stay Tooned:
Finally, factual news
Real Is Real
Real Is Real:
Ab O
Ab O:
He should have gone to United when he had the chance. The Spurs hierarchy are a classless bunch.
piscator 1969
piscator 1969:
He'll be in Barbados tomorrow laughing at his bank statement.....
Paul Smith
Paul Smith:
If Jose treats his players and staff with respect he will do very well at Spurs
Clunt Awards
Clunt Awards:
Nobody :

Carra : rrrreally ....
I’m a moron for replying to this comment and
I’m a moron for replying to this comment and:
That’s it exactly. I always subconsciously thought that Poch would leave on his own terms.
Adrian Bisset
Adrian Bisset:
R.I.P. Spurs 💀
Nick Jones
Nick Jones:
I have no agenda, all I see is a coach and team who haven't won an away game since February? Who lost 13 league games last season, and who are currently mid-table? So are you telling me a club like Spurs should tolerate that extremely poor record?
Cian O'Malley
Cian O'Malley:
The Pochettino sacking was in my opinion the most unfair sacking ever in history, look at what he did for them, like the Champions league final last year.
Rhona Mutungi
Rhona Mutungi:
I have missed Jose. I am sad for Poch but it is exciting to have Jose back in EPL with all his drama and antics. He is a brilliant and crazy manager.
Jack 'The Lad' Stevens
Jack 'The Lad' Stevens:
My heart still hurts 💔
umang mehta
umang mehta:
Mourinho back 🔥🔥🔥
Fizztroy Kasanama
Fizztroy Kasanama:
i like the move for spurs because its time to change the system i believe in special one.
he will take them to top four.
Ali Riaz
Ali Riaz:
No it’s not. They’ve replaced a manager who’s never won a trophy with a manager who’s won 25.
Ian Bennett
Ian Bennett:
For the first time in my life I agree with Hararaghh!!
Chris MB
Chris MB:
I can’t understand a word Jamie is saying
Stationary Plane
Stationary Plane:
Is that Steven Farley talking? 😂
[email protected]:
Im taking bets on which players leave which always happens under mourinho. My guess Son goes first
Zooq Pose
Zooq Pose:
Jose : You could not live with your own failure, what did that bring you

J C:
i feel like the 19/20 has jus begun
Shannon Sss
Shannon Sss:
“Massive shoooock”
Syndicate mind
Syndicate mind:
I thought Kepa would've made a better manager😂
Joseph Surivong
Joseph Surivong:
Poch to Man U in a years time, I seeeee it.
Marco Keldermans
Marco Keldermans:
As a really Spurs fan since Hoddle, i cant believe i go watch park the bus Spurs😡
Hitler's Gay Secret
Hitler's Gay Secret:
"The job was DONE"
"Out of order, should've given him til the end of the season"

Get this addled scouser OFF MY TELLY
Sydney Atsiaya
Sydney Atsiaya:
Next Spurs signing .lindelof mctoney
George Lyle
George Lyle:
They were winning no trophies before Poch and they've won no trophies since Poch. If Spurs are an Everton level club then good for them, that's acceptable, but if they are truly a Top 6 club then that's not good enough. They have to actually win silverware like the other Top 6 do to justify being mentioned in the same breath as a Liverpool or a Man United, not just get Top 4. Even Wenger in his worst days was winning FA cups at Arsenal, even United won an FA cup and a Europa league playing their worst football in 20 years, Chelsea won the Europa league last season making two finals under a manager their fans loathed, City won back to back leagues including a "domestic" treble, Liverpool a 6th UCL and challenged for the league amassing the 3rd highest points ever in the EPL....how are Spurs at the same level as these clubs? Ok, it's not always possible to win trophies but where is the consistent challenging for the league title or finals appearances? Only two finals in 5 years, a league challenge when LEICESTER won it with the LOWEST points EVER and Spurs manage to finish THIRD in a two horse title race that year? C'mon, stop overrating Poch. People are saying he is working with scraps but last time I checked were Spurs not THE most represented club past the 2018 WC Semi final stage? So how average are their players REALLY? Yes, he improved them but he has failed to make the last step with these players he has improved which is to win silverware. I'm a Liverpool fan saying this and no way would I want Poch because he can't win anything with elite players. Klopp and Pep not only improve players but once those players are at an elite level they actually WIN things, that's what an ELITE level manager does. And to me it's clear that Spurs are not happy being at Everton level, they want to be a Top 6 club and have made a big club decision. Thanks for improving the players, but the club requires trophies. Same at United, Liverpool, Arsenal and the other big clubs.
Stanley IT
Stanley IT:
Now I understand why we saw him giving interviews around in UK, he was waiting for the next move, couple of tube stops away :)))
ben brakewell
ben brakewell:
Ffs we need an interpreter
array s
array s:
Theres no loyalty in football thats why Poch shouldve never stayed at Spurs last season.
Kelly Lewiston
Kelly Lewiston:
As a United fan AND Mourinho fan, this is great; Spurs will start winning trophies and Poch can be the next United manager. I see great battles ahead!
ON 1999
ON 1999:
Ppl calling Raul the don when he can't sack Emery with our worse start in over 20 years. SMH
Tony Lawlor
Tony Lawlor:
Poch was the nearly man, you cannot keep a manager based on what he has already done, you keep him based on current form.
RSA Mancunian
RSA Mancunian:
Imagine if he beats Manchester United at old Trafford on December the 4th
Poch was too good for Spurs. Eventually Poch must of realised he had to move on to bigger and better things, to fulfil his potential as a manager. Spurs deserve everything they get now for hiring Jose the has been.
Martin Hawkins
Martin Hawkins:
Poch looked depressed and wanted out :(
Sean Hanley
Sean Hanley:
It's unfair
Sky Sports please bring in Poch!!!
Tekashi 6ix9ine
Tekashi 6ix9ine:
Give him 3 seasons and hell be gone
Daniel Son
Daniel Son:
I can't wait for United v Spurs 😄
Onz Diler
Onz Diler:
Jose :

The GK

Is going to be ST
He is going to UTD, mark my words!
alexander moonen
alexander moonen:
First of all I agree what Jamie said.Wherever Pochettino go whether it’s big clubs or not he has my full respect he is great man,he’ll be fine he’ll win something he deserves it.
Mohammed Faisal
Mohammed Faisal:
Imagine he joins Bayern like ASAP and then plays spurs in the final group stage
Maison David
Maison David:
Bring Poch Barca!
The players got him fired
Deneils Lee
Deneils Lee:
During the days when Jose in Sky sport, Carragher look so sad
Edwin Osborne
Edwin Osborne:
Emery OUT!!!!!
Ian Trotman
Ian Trotman:
Awaiting the mass exodus of players now...
Kk Khan
Kk Khan:
Man Utd sighs poch make carra 😃 Happy