PODCAST: Iga Swiatek on her new Tecnifibre Signature Tennis Racquet, her friendship with Rafa & More

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Iga Swiatek joins us to talk all about working with Tecnifibre to build her new TRebound 298 Signature racquet! The 2020 French Open Champion discusses what she was looking for in a new frame and how this racquet helps her play with confidence and even capture the Rome 2021 title!

As she defends her title at Roland Garros, she also divulges info on her friendship with Rafa and also players on the WTA she looks up to and will be playing doubles with on the red clay in Paris!

➤Be sure to demo Iga's racquet and unlock some of the magic on the court with the Tecnifibre TRebound 298 IGA Signature!

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* This content was filmed on a private court following all social distancing guidelines provided to us by the USTA and local government. Precautions were made to stand at least 6+ feet apart at all times, sanitize equipment before and after use, each playtester using their own overgrip/tennis balls and washing hands before and after play.

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11 komentarze:

Charlie Chaz
Charlie Chaz:
Iga has such a great game. She is also going to fall into the incredibly likeable and down to earth bracket of players. Can't help but route for her.
Utari Susanti
Utari Susanti:
She's good role model for the young tennis player.
Arun Daniel
Arun Daniel:
“Tennis is about details.“ she said it 🙌🏻
Excellent interview, the interviewer was great, good questions and she made Iga comfortable to speak so she gave a great interview and thus gave us some great insight to her preparations and life on the tour.
Another great interview! Good job, Michelle! Iga seems like a down to earth person and “normal” in the best way.
Javi C
Javi C:
Why did she ditch Prince? 😊
Michael P
Michael P:
Iga. Is the new trebound exactly the same racquet as the ones you use on tour right now ? The retail version is kind of stiff.
kamil B
kamil B:
Super !
michelle over the top with the fan girl stuff.
S T:
"Liberte, Egalite et Fraternite" .... to all of the female tennis players around the world and especially from France like Amelie M, Mary P, Sandrine T, Paauline P., etc. ..., please show some supports and compassions when one of the player indeed needs help regarding where she comes from or what color of her skin is. To the French Open dude who fined, called on Grand Slams to gang up and threaten to disqualify Naomi Osaka, I thought after 1945, 1954, 1962 and 1994, you would learned from those arrogant and chauvinist mistakes by now. Bottom line is to show some compassions, not the money and not the bs power.