Pogba Blow! Thiago Transfer Decision! Man Utd Transfer News

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100+ komentarze:

Krep to
Krep to:
And Sancho got a pace downgrade because of how slow he's coming to manchester
calamity jones
calamity jones:
mark staring at the camera at the start 😂
Krep to
Krep to:
Are we not going to talk about how we're already benefitting of having vdb? If pogba doesn't play vdb can play instead which is not much of a downgrade
Simeon Green
Simeon Green:
Who else thought the Pogba blow was him leaving?
sachin devprasad
sachin devprasad:
Thank God we signed Van de beek. Or else Perreira or Lingard had to play
Shane Graf
Shane Graf:
"Matas on 140k, Lingards not far off...... Pereira is getting paid... MONEY."
Ade Hall
Ade Hall:
Wow. We have delved into the world of Hogwarts, having now transcended our usual Muggle world. We are trying to sign ‘he who shall not be named...’
VDB already proving a clutch signing. If I had to watch Pereira or Lingard I would have lost the plot
Matt Mod
Matt Mod:
0:09 “Woof - hello and welcome to the United Stand.”
Mahendra Rajpoot
Mahendra Rajpoot:
We monitored Thiago go all the way to Liverpool
Football FSV
Football FSV:
Just first of video he thought camera hadnt record yet😂
Martial should be atleast 86
Josh Cox
Josh Cox:
We've got van de beek anyways so chill pogba get fit this is why van de beek was needed 😂
Erick the Red
Erick the Red:
When you accidentally call your girlfriend by another girls name 24:03
Brownie Dawg
Brownie Dawg:
Rashford is not on Martial's level of clinical finishing
Tristan Taylor
Tristan Taylor:
You’re still speaking about him even though you’re saying ‘the Dortmund player’ 😂
Alen Jiji Tom
Alen Jiji Tom:
That awkward moment when you realise there's more chance of Chelsea signing a new player than us...
The Fantastic
The Fantastic:
Thoughts on bruno missing first game of league if he doesn't arrive in England tomorrow till 4am he will miss the game because he need to quarantine
Devil Heaven
Devil Heaven:
Pathetic with the acting before the videos 😂😂🤦‍♂️...but love the channel
Kamari DT
Kamari DT:
24:01 this is when he flops
Jamie 9.0
Jamie 9.0:
Mark what’s going on with the intros lately😂
Andrew Simon
Andrew Simon:
Mark your content is very good keep it up . THE 90% community
Prithvi Shaji
Prithvi Shaji:
"these men dont know ball ... could be women doing it " 🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣
Lj G*
Lj G*:
Yeah Rashford should NEVER be high rated than Martial. EA have always favoured particular teams like Liverpool and Madrid and they love to lick the arse off English players, pathetic good for nothing company.
Kay A
Kay A:
😂😂😂🤣got him in the end
The start of the video 😂😂😂😂 Vintage Goldbridge
C H:
Goldbridge can’t praise any of our players without putting down another player.
Gray Patrick
Gray Patrick:
Who is "the lad from Dortmand"???
Ps. Im changing my name to Sancho, by deed pole, if we sign him.
nicalos mckennon
nicalos mckennon:
Martial deserves a better rating, he's becoming a top striker.
Im sure Fosu-Mensah played as CB before but due to his pace they wanted him on the wing. I think he would be a great CB, the fastest CB in the world lol
George Roper
George Roper:
Can't wait to see that Dortmund player in the United team! Hewhoshouldnotbenamed 7
Jevaughnie Samuels
Jevaughnie Samuels:
Mark is a flip flop he has a Romero agenda but praises Luke Shaw like he’s the best left back in the world🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️
Abubacarr Bah
Abubacarr Bah:
watch paul pogba will be our best player next season he will make TOTY u see the best of pogba in a good team and we actually have a good team this season POGBA will prove u all wrong
That German club with a English men two houses down take a right then a left and do a u turn and walk back a bit to said club but don't talk about it but do but in silly speak and still say why we need him.🤣😂🤣
Sailesh Babu
Sailesh Babu:
Guys it is just me or the intro of this video was really funny before he says hello welcome to the united stand
Andrew Simon
Andrew Simon:
I'm 💯💯 interested in the watchalong
“Mata’s being paid 140k, Lingard’s getting paid 100k a week. Pereira is getting paid.... Money!”😂😂
Favor Makhubele
Favor Makhubele:
Yes that what I've been trying to say to you just keep shut and de deal with happen✌
Goldbridge Gold
Im not tired 😂😂😂
Abdul Moiz
Abdul Moiz:
Wait is pogba leaving the club or is it because he's got covid
Lee 89
Lee 89:
im literally dying here when mark says sanchos name 😂😂😂😂
Amazing were unlucky
It’s been a pleasure watching without the whole program focused on the player from Dortmund thank you
jermyn ryan
jermyn ryan:
Hahahahahhaa best intro!!!
Leo Ruby
Leo Ruby:
Love having all the amazing content from a Goldbridge and the rest of the United Stand. Thanks especially for having us covering in lockdown.
Pogba cant play no probs we got vdb thats why depth is important
Dermot Shaw
Dermot Shaw:
you always have so many similes, to the point you go off tangent with them 😂. Great show pal
Morgan Hagerupsen
Morgan Hagerupsen:
We need some magic beans..stop being a prat mark. We need power from The holy beans 💪
Matt B
Matt B:
That intro tho
Brian McTaggart
Brian McTaggart:
PES is a far superior game, anyway😉
We do it without Pogba all the time ... what does he actually do? We spent 90 million on him people like to not acknowledge that.
Matthew Snider
Matthew Snider:
0:08 Mark getting his engine started.
Timothy Ware
Timothy Ware:
24:02 is when he says Sancho btw
yaj-willy Yaj
yaj-willy Yaj:
Damn that was so funny when he slipped up,😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
klo schuessel
klo schuessel:
It was said before the semi final that thiago wants to join lfc and no other club.
What was that cough 🤭😂
20-30 million for Lingard bahaha!.. be serious
Umang Bharali
Umang Bharali:
What's with the first 5 seconds of every one of his live streams? Why is there a delay for him while we get to see him just awkwardly stare at the camera?
match highlights HD
match highlights HD:
Oh you're good😂😂😂
Edward Torres
Edward Torres:
Thanks for making justice to Martial
Luke Smith
Luke Smith:
Another classic goldbridge beginning to an episode😂😂
Jamie Davison
Jamie Davison:
It’s the first 10 seconds of every united stand video for me hahahahahha
Greg Frost
Greg Frost:
Boom Donny starts :-)
Sinead Barry
Sinead Barry:
Easy on the females! 🤨
David Udegbe
David Udegbe:
Justice for Antho ✊🏾
Alieu Barrie
Alieu Barrie:
Each year one player signing yeye board, fighting for top 4 again. Catso
Mark M
Mark M:
Sell Jones/Mata
Carl Headley
Carl Headley:
🤣😂🤣 almost made it through the video without saying Sancho. I like the effort Mark.
WARNING🤧 I'm dying🤣🤣🤣🤣😋🤣
Alen Jiji Tom
Alen Jiji Tom:
I was 90% sure you would say Sancho's name :p
Rodrigo Ballesteros
Rodrigo Ballesteros:
Mick Colton
Mick Colton:
Would be great to see some of the young signings breaking thru mark
Nicolás Ignacio Larrañaga Riquelme
Nicolás Ignacio Larrañaga Riquelme:

Mark: Woof
Aston Chishala
Aston Chishala:
🤣🤣🤣 the start is just mad.
Adi F
Adi F:
I love this man
Anyone questioning the intro?
Nooooooo he couldn't hold on the last minutes 😂😂
Dels Trotters
Dels Trotters:
VDB will prob start then next wk, happy days
Borris Trump
Borris Trump:
Marks on form today 😂😂😂👍
Nathan Heath
Nathan Heath:
4:18 it's cause martial is inconsistent and a tap in merchant.i don't why u still haven't got that on your t-shirt
Rubber Nicking Gang
Rubber Nicking Gang:
I'm confused - He's been saying Sancho everyday.. why can't he say it now
klo schuessel
klo schuessel:
Aston Villa are spending big.
50 mil already, now in the run for a 20 mil player...

Maybe someone bought grealish for 70/80 mil?
Sushant Kushwar
Sushant Kushwar:
I think thorgan hazard would be great signing as well
pierrane suh
pierrane suh:
United need a center back. The should buy Upermecano
Any news on his contract?
Lindani Lushaba
Lindani Lushaba:
Let's be honest Man Utd at best will finish 3rd or 4th. But next season once we sign a Centre Back and maybe a holding midfielder then we can try to challenge.
Alex Wood
Alex Wood:
Get shaw off the wage bill 250 a week your having a laugh you are
Ritwik Mukhopadhyay
Ritwik Mukhopadhyay:
Mark were you struggling to mention 'Sancho'?🤭
Matthew Weir
Matthew Weir:
Filipo Ociepka
Filipo Ociepka:
Watch along sounds great
Sam M
Sam M:
Btw, saying "Player from Dortmund" doesn't count.
Gray Patrick
Gray Patrick:
Nice Martial top, Mark. Are you gonna do a Sancho one when he signs?
Shiva RV
Shiva RV:
oh really?

thank you
Ngura Sailo DameBoy
Ngura Sailo DameBoy:
Intro is super good!!!😅🤟
Graham Robinson
Graham Robinson:
Lynx always makes a killing at Christmas 😆
Savage Gamers
Savage Gamers:
Hi watching united stand makes my day
Can't wait to see Pogba play this season will be epic..and somehow i also want to see Maguire this time i feel he will solidify that defence
Sarthak martial
Sarthak martial:
We take years to sign and even more than that to sell. 😒
After 30 years Scousers Stole our Title.
After 30 years Scousers Stole our Title.:
Feed me Manchester United all day and every day.