Pokemon Unite - Full Gameplay Presentation

Watch the full gameplay presentation for the reveal of Pokemon Unite, a new team-based battle game.

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Twenty-Fifth Baam
Twenty-Fifth Baam:
This looks like one of those fake Pokémon games you’d find on the AppStore
"I didn't know who was going to win until the very end"
*Proceeds to show a clip of Team 1 spawncamping Team 2*
Its Gioven
Its Gioven:
Can't wait to use wave management against 9 years olds
Cassidy P.P. Suck
Cassidy P.P. Suck:
"Do you guys not have phones?"
UI Raditz
UI Raditz:
"Teamwork is very important in order to defeat your opponents"
Random Solo Queue dude: "Are you sure about that?"
Leonardo Silva
Leonardo Silva:
I can't wait to see the rages:
_"Omg Snorlax was feed!"_
_"Report Sceptale Jungle afk"_
_"Pikachu mid or feed"_
"Free to start"
Atleast I like their honesty lmao
Patrick Hennig
Patrick Hennig:
couple people saying they are so happy to present this game, without any emotion. lmao.
Imagine lol but they can actually put a lot of characters without creating tons of texts... but ALSO free-to-start
Anas Bakhit
Anas Bakhit:
the next thing you know it they'll announce Pokémon Royale 50 vs 50.
Partnering with Tencent? Yeah, guess I'm passing on this one.
9:14 they told him "ok now laugh" he is in pain
Nachos' Cheese
Nachos' Cheese:
Therapist: Pokémon LoL doesn't exist, it can't hurt you
Pokémon LoL:
Robin Waters
Robin Waters:
I'm not confident that second dude's name is actually "Steven"...
O Korvo
O Korvo:
"Free to Start"
Top Comment.
Top Comment.:
The dude from tencent has one of the North Korean legal haircuts
Akis A
Akis A:
Next game: Gym Fortress 2
Renz Adrian Dizon
Renz Adrian Dizon:
Report Snorlax for being well fed early in the game
this is league of legends pokemon edition
Can't wait to say "jungle diff" to a 9 year old Sceptile Jungle :)
Average Loser
Average Loser:
The use of "the first" in that trailer makes my abdomen vividly uncomfortable
guy: i’m really happy to announce this project
same dude: 😐
Fürst Raziel
Fürst Raziel:
"Free to start"

Klaus Klaus Klaus
Klaus Klaus Klaus:
Teamwork is the key to victory

Me an all time solo player: let's see about that
3:40 start, thank me later
There will be lots of tutorial on how to pass a particular rank, your mistakes, and how to build.
So, do you want your game to be purchased or free to play?
Pokémon Company: Yes
Aden Garcia
Aden Garcia:
I’m actually pretty excited for it
Mike R
Mike R:
I actually want to try this! When does it come out?!
Dustin Marino
Dustin Marino:
Why is everyone so mad about this game? It looks fun.
"Hello I am Tsunekazu Ishihara, and I am out of touch"
“Is this an out of season April fools joke”(nah I’m messing it’s meh)
Kuma Bear
Kuma Bear:
我看到了达摩 盾山 猪八戒 蒙奇 云中君
Ominous Gaming
Ominous Gaming:
Is Pokémon unite like the Japan Mobile Legends or L.O.L
Haha, that's great. Finally, I can sell games in the Chinese, so I'm going to make money.
Mr Sheep
Mr Sheep:
but the game play is actually interesting.
Maddie Rudd
Maddie Rudd:
4:51 - at least it accurately portrays my boy Venusaur closin’ up shop.
this is gonna fail. just give us a game like the one on the nintendo switch already, it will be popular
Christopher H
Christopher H:
Can’t wait to see how the anime tackles this one...
Harry Benjamin
Harry Benjamin:
Lololol Austin John calling you guys scummy for the re-upload 😂😂😂
Philip Weißner
Philip Weißner:
I am so seeing forward to this <3
Magnificent Birb
Magnificent Birb:

All my homies feel Pain.
Matty Boyo
Matty Boyo:
Dude already knew how to play, he knew he’d win, what a humble dude
Master knight
Master knight:
Pokemon guy: the first strategic pokemon game
mystery dungeon: am i a joke to you
Elias Breaux
Elias Breaux:
omg i'm so excited!! i love mobas and pokemon and his one looks so fun!
cant wait to hear, "report charizard troll"
cookie is the best
cookie is the best:
I just wanna ask when is it gonna come out ill be waiting it looks so fun
Damien Peterson
Damien Peterson:
am i the only one who thinks this game looks fun.
Eris The Beholder of Worlds
Eris The Beholder of Worlds:
I for one welcome out new overlord Tencent, I have already sent thousands to their subjects like Riot and Grinding Gear Games in support!
A'tin David
A'tin David:
Hearing japanese speak without watching anime really overwhelms me.. im inlove hahahha
christopher t
christopher t:
I don’t need to see their faces in a tiny box show me the damn game.
Hall Bjorns
Hall Bjorns:
I want to see how they'd integrate Eevee into a main character
Ngiam Kc
Ngiam Kc:
curious! exciting! can't wait to play it!~
Me: So pokemon have finally become league of legends, 2 most epic games becoming 1, its so beautiful.
Me: Let me know how toxic the fandom become just like LoL in a few weeks
8:39 that is a shurima shufle or an insect?
Alaric's Blog
Alaric's Blog:
Everyone : lets gangup on the old dude lol
Ezequiel Ramos
Ezequiel Ramos:
Wait a second this is Twisted Treeline! It left league of Legends to become a Pokemon map
Reiju Sanssz
Reiju Sanssz:
I kinda dont like that the map looks like twisted treeline lol
Joshua Failla
Joshua Failla:
They need a Pokemon soul Silver remake, or platinum remake for the switch 😢
Justin Zheng
Justin Zheng:
I can’t find this in the app store
José Jorge Matute
José Jorge Matute:
They really "deflowered" that Venusaur
Rainbow Rabbit Inc
Rainbow Rabbit Inc:
The second dude looks like cgi
Komandarm Knuckles
Komandarm Knuckles:
Yikes, thank the Emperor I was never a fan of pokemon, this feels like the SW sequels
Fares Ben Jméaa
Fares Ben Jméaa:
LMAO they ignored the US team so hard throughout the whole video, they literally said just 5 words.
Alex Evans
Alex Evans:
Finally a MOBA I can be loyal too 😭😭 I can’t wait to play it!!
Doggo Doge
Doggo Doge:
This is what which can defeat league of legends
The Willow Tree
The Willow Tree:
I'm quite excited about this. It looks fun.
This is looking brilliant. Moba which still feels like pokemon, can't wait.
Lil Shiro
Lil Shiro:
Damn I missed the free to start
Pretty Nayeon
Pretty Nayeon:
Now im waiting for an official pokemon mmorpg :3
I am sooooo excited for this, I am a huge moba fan with over 2000 hours in league of legends
papi Francisco
papi Francisco:
Ill stick with sword and my platinum on my Nintendo 3ds
Yannick S
Yannick S:
That's dominion from league of legends xD
Raj Aphorix
Raj Aphorix:
I'm super stoked for this game it's going to be amazing!!!!
Metehan Kırant
Metehan Kırant:
This is my Dream... I hope it comes out on PC
Look at the skills, look at the moves, what was that?
They pulled a diablo immortal, outstanding
Judd Abner
Judd Abner:
It's gonna be hype in Asia after this game release
TheFresh Prince
TheFresh Prince:
This is probably the closest I'll ever get to playing LoL.
I'm waiting for the anime in general lol game
Adriel Fancubit
Adriel Fancubit:
i hope the toxicity from other games wont influence the peace instilled in this game
Little Mac Main
Little Mac Main:
I thought this game looked so interesting and like a fun mobile game until they said “Free to Start”
"Free to start" 🤔
Vincent the spy
Vincent the spy:
when is this coming out? i really want to play the game like everyday im checking the nintendo eshop on my switch to see if its out
Based on my gathered info, since snorlax eats a lot, snorlax would look like hanzo from the mobile legends.

Anyways my rank is legend
Michael Roberts
Michael Roberts:
I'd rather them only focus on working on pokemon snap...
Buntong Ngy
Buntong Ngy:
So that why Nintendo didn't hype us about this presentation.
I’ll probably try it at some point but there’s so many mobile apps like this it’s a bit stale
Why does Steven look like his from the PS5
Love Edward Bosco as one of the commentators.
Lynsey Lobo
Lynsey Lobo:
Dota and LoL fans running around screaming.
Pete Zajot
Pete Zajot:
I can already smell the Shiny Skins and the Mythical/Legendary Pokémon sold at the game store were you’ll need to use gems which you can’t buy a specific number of gems, you’ll need to buy a $9.99 gem pack... this is definitely Nintendo trying to appeal to the Chinese market...
Nekorisa Kirisame
Nekorisa Kirisame:
Can't wait for charmander to go 0/20 afk farm and says "gg blastouise no help"
Aijie Aquino
Aijie Aquino:
Tencent ? I'll pass on this one ..
Tencent games had Weak Security it is Prone to Cheats
Kirukato's Lazy Times
Kirukato's Lazy Times:
this doesnt make any sense at all lmao, this is too out of the left field for anyone to make sense of
Rio Revaldo
Rio Revaldo:
Sees tencent logo
My wallet : why do i heard boss music?
Sebastian Silvadoray
Sebastian Silvadoray:
I'll be the first to say it, pokken is underrated
Kriselle M
Kriselle M:
Layout reminds me of Smite//league except I actually know all the champs this time :’) can’t wait
Leth Lovely
Leth Lovely:
Thank you ign. This game excites me!!