Poland: Conservative Gazeta Polska issues 'LGBT-Free Zone' stickers

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The conservative Polish weekly Gazeta Polska distributed 'LGBT-Free Zone' stickers with its weekly edition on Wednesday, as evident at kiosks in Warsaw.

The sticker shows the LGBT rainbow flag superimposed by a black cross and a slogan that reads "LGBT-free zone."

The move has reportedly been slammed by the LGBT community amid ongoing tensions with the Catholic Church supported by Poland's ruling Law and Justice Party.

"First, a group is selected and marked and then false and untruthful attributes are assigned to them, such as that we are pedophiles or want to kidnap small children," said the President of Equality Parade foundation Julia Maciocha who added that the stickers were aimed at alienating the LGBT community members.

The stickers were not welcomed by certain Warsaw residents who either saw them as a way of segregating between different segments of the Polish society.

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22 komentarze:

Barry Newman
Barry Newman:
Beats a safe space every time.
Jakub Wojdak
Jakub Wojdak:
Poland has suffered many wrongs from communism and will not agree with the Bolshevik revolution again.
Wychowywac dzieci czyje ze tak zapytam ?
adam rushing
adam rushing:
Can we get an english translation by any chance? From the comments, I'm thinking I might need to move to Poland! :)
Jakub Wojdak
Jakub Wojdak:
Na kobiety które się sprzedają jest wiele określeń. Mało przekonujący ten występ, po prostu wstyd.
Boże... Straszne, czegoś takiego nigdy nie powinno być, przynajmniej w Tajlandii nic takiego nie ma, trza tam kiedyś wyjechać x3
Robert Twardowski
Robert Twardowski:
Leave Poland and go to Sweden.
Hanke Weynker
Hanke Weynker:
We stand with Poland, From Taiwan
Thankyou Poland for standing up for CONSERVATIVE RIGHTS!! because here in the west conservative rights are shunned upon to make us look bad all the time! This American with his Polish wife stands by you 100%
Witek Witkowski
Witek Witkowski:
....NO...!!!... for LGBT IDEOLOGY IN POLAND...NEVER....!!!!
Jacob Wood
Jacob Wood:
Woooo stickers are sooooo scary, I bet they will disintegrate any LGBTQ person who walks past them. We have rainbow stickers thrown around every major city, maybe some citizens just don't want to look at another parade of fat people in tight underwear walking under their window.
Dipayan Degtyarev
Dipayan Degtyarev:
King Billy
King Billy:
Go Poland.
Tak to już bywa z niektórymi grupami społecznymi w krajach konserwatywnych,na pogromy trzeba tylko czekać.
Hi I'm Ain
Hi I'm Ain:
Wish for Poland to be a bit more loving. Seriously??!! What is wrong with being gay?? Are you happy that one of your neighbour or friend or family is suffering inside for not being accepted for who they are?? You guys need to think twice because you are hurting people more than you think.
Caleb Sullivan
Caleb Sullivan:
where can I buy these stickers
funebrero 1936
funebrero 1936:
sticker and magazine for TOILET use
P. W.
P. W.:
"najpierw jest wybierana jakaś grupa..." właśnie tak lgbt prowokuje i oczernia innych ludzi i kościół.
Poland, Russia and other countries where the last normal people exist in the world!
Meldondg Lord
Meldondg Lord:
That woman is the perfect example of leftist hypocrite. When lgbt community lately attacked Christians and priests in Poland they were happy but when people strike back and attack LGBT community they call them fascists and nazis.
Bardzo nietolerancyjni, homofobiczni i głupi ludzie mieszkają w Polsce.