Poland: Police separate right-wing activists from LGBT parade in Czestochowa

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Riot police had to separate right-wing activists from participants in an LGBT parade in Czestochowa, as the parade made its way through one of the Poland’s most important sites of pilgrimage.

The ‘Equality Parade' made for a colourful site about 600 participants carried rainbow flags and umbrellas, played gay pride anthems and even held a painting of baby Jesus and the Virgin Mary in rainbow colours.

Right-wing activists could be seen chanting and yelling anti-gay slogans from the sidelines of the parade. Heavily-armed police walked alongside the parade to separate the two crowds and prevented skirmishes from breaking out.

On the right-wing populist National Movement’s website, activists said they considered the LGBT march to the famous Jasna Gora monastery to be a “provocation” as it took place on the same day as a children's pilgrimage.

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