Poland's Underground City Of Salt

Wieliczka Salt Mine is, without a doubt, one of the coolest and most unique places we have ever been! Located just outside of Krakow, this is a MUST VISIT in Poland. The salt mine has been around since the 14th century and is now a UNESCO site. There's a whole city of people going about their business every single day deep beneath the ground. The salt mines can have 10,000 people a day moving through them, which is why there are 500 guides and 200 maintenance staff working here. EVERYTHING IS MADE OF SALT. You will not be able to get over this fact as you make your way through the mines. There are 300 kilometres of tunnels (the same distance from Krakow to Warsaw!), 2000 chambers, many chapels, and countless intricate sculptures all made of SALT. You can lick the walls, if you don't believe it! The craziest part? What we see represents only 1% of the existing salt mine. The mine has received many famous visitors over the centuries from Chopin, Goethe, and John Paul II to dignitaries and king and queens. You walk down 380 steps to enter the mine and, thankfully, take a super fast elevator back to the surface after your tour. The Wieliczka Salt Mine (Kopalnia Soli Wieliczka) is full of layers of history, intrigue, art, and culture. The feeling you have visiting is just total awe. Do not miss the chance to visit Wieliczka.

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Eileen Aldis
Eileen Aldis:
Does this place blow your mind?! 😲
Ah, the Underground City of Salt, so this is where all League of Legends players lay for their final rest.
Peter Wu
Peter Wu:
I've been 1 month in Poland 🇵🇱 this summer. I am also YouTuber and can say that the country is fantastic. I've to come back again - I miss the people and the culture. 🇵🇱🤩
M G:
Moria is such a nice place.
Bombastic Bushkin
Bombastic Bushkin:
Poland is a remarkable place! Many great, well kept and interesting cities showing marvelous architecture, people with an artistic flair, and interesting history. Of course, the food is terrific!
maniek 2411
maniek 2411:
Near Krakow, there is another salt mine in Bochnia. Wieliczka is more known in the world. But this mine in Bochnia is older.😆
Tomasz Jedrzejec
Tomasz Jedrzejec:
Legend says that a Hungarian princess promised to the Polish king threw a ring into a salt mine in Hungary. On the way to Krakow she made a stop in Wieliczka. The service awakened her, scared by a rumble from below the ground. She immediately ordered them to dig in this place and there they extracted large lumps of salt. after shattering in the middle of the salt block they found a ring thrown into a mine in Hungary
1283 - don,t lick this!
2019 - still repeat - don't lick this
/Love/ /Peace
/Love/ /Peace:
Freaking amazing place that is.
Greetings from Russia))
Richard Wawrzyk
Richard Wawrzyk:
Poland only Poland ,pozdrawiam z Toronto. 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦.
Wit Kasperek
Wit Kasperek:
What can I say... Welcome to Poland 🧡🧡🇵🇱🇵🇱
Aiko & Emil
Aiko & Emil:
I'm glad you had a good time in Wieliczka! My wife also loved that place!
dwa razy musialem sobie przysiasc jak moj wlasny kraj zwiedzalem - w 1972 r jak zobaczylem pierwszy raz morskie oko i kilka dni pozniej wieliczke !!!
vincent vega
vincent vega:
This is the most beautiful place Underground in the world
Come and visit the oldest mine in Poland. The flint mine in Krzemionki is from 3900 BC, much older than the piramids in Egipt.
fredrik bergquist
fredrik bergquist:
I visited there a few years ago, the place is magical, still have salt left that I bought there!
Nancy Johnson
Nancy Johnson:
What an incredible place....I'm awestruck and trying to imagine the logistics of 500 tour guides and 10,000 visitors in a day! Wow and wow again.
Moria. You fear to go into those mines. The Dwarves dug too greedily and too deep. You know what they awoke in the darkness of Khazad-dûm... shadow and flame...
Life Improvement Knowhow
Life Improvement Knowhow:
I am watching this video and beside me glowing pink salt lamp I bought in Wieliczka Salt Mines some 14 years ago. I have travelled the world, but this Salt Mine I remember still as one of the most stunning & incredible places in the world. This place is much more than expected.
Robert Raszkowski
Robert Raszkowski:
Ah - and now a obligatory quote from Gimli "... and they call it a mine?! A MINE?! :D
Fantastic video as always. :)
I love your reaction :".... omg...OMG!!!! And him: hohoho .....".
This is the place where mithril is extracted
I've been here this year in vacation :)
PS To everyone: This place 8:03 looks 100x better in real life
anthro ponym
anthro ponym:
Loved the video, will definitely visit this place! We have a similar place in germany called Asse. There you can admire our beau~ti~ful 126.000 barrels of nuklear waste! :D Rotting in saltwater wich is rising to groundwater level the next years.. Approved at that time by "Federal Minister for Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety Angela Merkel". Fun question: How often does the name "Angela Merkel" appear in the German Wikipedia article on Asse? :D
Kamil ble
Kamil ble:
I was there. Every time I thought they have just shown me the most impressive chamber on the planet they guided me to another. In elevator you can feel the wind as you go up. Everything is so unreal.
Tatko Grubel
Tatko Grubel:
I really like your film work. Pictures, editing, background music and emotions. It's very professional and unusual on youtube. Thank you!
Jack Fisher
Jack Fisher:
It trully is a very special place. I come from Poland, yet I still have so many places to see. Poland is a mountain of history and ancient relics in all forms.
Ingar Matias Eide
Ingar Matias Eide:
Tam i z powrotem
Tam i z powrotem:
Wieliczka, it's impressive👍👍👍
Ciocia Rynia
Ciocia Rynia:
Great video, as usually. Poland has quite a few underground attractions. Another one I strongly recommend is the Bear Cave in Kletno, in Lower Silesia.
It's Mine of Moria
Ron Whiteway
Ron Whiteway:
Mind is blown. What an amazing place. Have to have huge respect for the incredible craftsmanship of days gone by. They sure don't build things to last like that anymore.
Wieliczka is my home town. When I was a small child my older sister would scare me and say the mine would one day collapse and bring down the whole town.
David Kew
David Kew:
Myself and my friend are visiting the mine on the 20th, I can't wait
Aleksander Paruzel
Aleksander Paruzel:
4:31 Looks like Skyrim ore from mines.
Marta Kop
Marta Kop:
Wieliczka is really amazing. I love how Americans are excited about it:) makes me even prouder of my country!:)
Aleksandra Chojnacka
Aleksandra Chojnacka:
Byłam tam. Rzeczywiście ładnie....
This is Moria - The Lord of the rings
I'm glad you went to Wieliczka Solt Mine, amazing experience! Last time I took my filipina friend there she loved it.
I was there when I was a kid. It was very impressive indeed.
Pamiętam jak w dzieciństwie byłam w kopalni soli w Bochni i wraz z kolegami z klasy lizaliśmy ściany.
anna sr7
anna sr7:
Amazing! 🤩🤩
Piotr Szczepaniak
Piotr Szczepaniak:
Being there for the first time as a kid on a school trip, probably somewhere in the late 1970s, walking at the end of the group I got lost on my way to the elevator, of course... There was some panic, more among my teachers and guides than me, but it all ended well after 45 minutes or so. At that time, everything wasn't marked and lit so well down there, and from time to time you could turn and enter into a wrong corridor. As far as I remember, the mine was still in commercial use back then, and salt was produced there until late 1990's. Anyway - I was back to Wieliczka few times in my life, and I always advice my friends who plan to visit Poland to go there.

BTW - great job, thank you!
Lol I had the same guide on new years of 2019 haha she was very helpful.
Tagan Reaper
Tagan Reaper:
Mines of Moria.
Cody Praud
Cody Praud:
We visited in May and it is truly one of the most amazing places I've ever seen!! We were lucky though, we got to ride the lift both ways, so no stairs! 😁
Inspiring Videos
Inspiring Videos:
The Wieliczka Salt Mine is an amazing place. I would recommend!
I live in Krakow and in my school years when I wanted to skip a school day I was going to Wieliczka Salt Mine. I visited this extraordinary place many times and it still takes my breath away.
Gina Friend
Gina Friend:
Truly incredible and thanks for taking me along. I wouldn't get there otherwise. Too many stairs, but happy to know there was an elevator up for all .. leaving no one behind! A pretty breathtaking experience indeed!! 🙌❤
It's good to mention that by being in there, the salt is cleaning your lungs when you breath. There is a similar place in Romania.
Mateush Tommason
Mateush Tommason:
Yo my grandpa was a Guide for John Paul II when he was a kid
Elizabeth Piekut
Elizabeth Piekut:
I’m so happy you went to Wieliczka It is an experience it is mind blowing, the St.Kinga Chapel is breathtaking it is beautiful you have to touch to believe that everything is made from salt . It’s worth the short train trip from Kraków .😘Love All your videos
Szczepan Jankowski
Szczepan Jankowski:
Poland's Underground City Of Salt = kopalnia soli w wieliczce hmmm
Oh wow, I've not two weeks ago! It was super interesting and the guide had this rather deadpan kind of humor which kept things from getting too stale. He kept telling about how we can safely lick the walls to test if it was really salt, while also reminding us that the salt mines are visited by thousands of visitors, who probably may have done the exact same thing as we were going to (licking the salt). I licked it a bit. It was indeed salt.
10/10 Would go again.
Gemina Haimana
Gemina Haimana:
try that too : Salina Turda - Subterranean Theme Park in Salt Mine
Shinji Ikari
Shinji Ikari:
You're a very positive couple😃Best wishes and come back to visit other places in our country 🇵🇱 Cheers😉
scott a
scott a:
Yes, the mine, errr mind (lol) is officially blown. Un-freaking-believable. You were wondering if what you saw translated through the video..I'd say that is affirmative. Indeed it did.
This vlog is definitely NOT to be taken with a grain of salt. (hehe, sorry couldn't resist)
Bon Bon
Bon Bon:
04:14 When I think of how many people licked that before, I don't think it's a good idea to lick it :q
One of the most incredible places I've been to. The whole city of Krakow is amazing .
Cydru ilisk
Cydru ilisk:
the funniest part is that now propably like a milion o people did the salt licking thing in that place gj xddd
Otmane El Youbi
Otmane El Youbi:
Great vlog, Krakow has so much interesting places...
hmm ***
hmm ***:
Been there 😁 loved it!
JetLag Warriors
JetLag Warriors:
Great video as always. Your channel sort of inspired us to sell everything and start vloggin! We were in Krakow, and the salt mine, earlier this year. Keep travelling, we love your content !
Karen CrookedFingersCraft
Karen CrookedFingersCraft:
didek didecki
didek didecki:
5:25 its a princess ring find in salt. this is old legend :)
Aldis Murray
Aldis Murray:
Amazing to see this and everything made of salt---wow. You have unearthed something I didn't know existed. Keep it up.
Joseph Oconnor
Joseph Oconnor:
Ja tam byłem. I was there I also lived near there.
Andrzej Mazur
Andrzej Mazur:
👋 Pozdrawiam z Polski
Darek w Drodze
Darek w Drodze:
Great movie I was there while ago i love it -there is olso one around bogota in Colombia I went there but I like wieliczka more greetings dwd
Oh my, this brings back memories. I went there almost 14 years ago with my classmates. I'm a native resident of Poland and we used to go there on our field trips. (I'm not sure if schools are still doing this). I've spent the night there. It was really great.
Jeru _JJ
Jeru _JJ:
I clicked on this video only to hear, how you pronounce Wieliczka.
Bartosz Majchrzak
Bartosz Majchrzak:
10:42 "I have never felt more like I'm in the LOTR honestly"
If that question do not convince you to go to Poland, said by native english speaking person - nothing will.
Stara szafa pełna smalcu
Stara szafa pełna smalcu:
it's lools like Dark Souls location
City of Salt
It even sounds like level form soulsborn XD
Bartosz Majchrzak
Bartosz Majchrzak:
Whatever else you visited, it could be freakin Taj Mahal,
You"ll always remember it as good as Wieliczka salt mine because it works like a roller coaster - first you go down with a lift, feeling this excitement, which is only growing as far you get inside, unless you reach the Salt Palace Sall, where you couldn't be shocked, you simply couldn't be.
It works like some Hitchcock movie, and I will never forget that experience that I had visiting it!
Mikołaj Orłowski
Mikołaj Orłowski:
Wieliczka is Polish Erebor :D
My belief is that every time a foreign nation invades Poland the salt in Wieliczka grows stronger and embodies the souls of all Poles to be saltier.
As soon as I saw the lift back up to the surface I was sold! 👍
Very bad place to fall over and skin your knees.
Tomasz Kruczek
Tomasz Kruczek:
OMG. I remember I was in Wieliczka in primary school so... more or less than 20 years ago and it’s so amazing that it’s still there yet it’s just 20 years. Mind blowing, when you realize that’s just not even whole 3% (if I’m counting this correctly) of its age... Yet, it’s almost whole my life...
I think that I should visit this place again... Hopefully I won’t lose directions next time xD
Emiel Regis
Emiel Regis:
Yes Wieliczka is a amazing i was in there with my grandparents and cousine and i think that this is awesome Underground place.i recommend it for all tourist who are visiting Poland.
Aaron Bogatch
Aaron Bogatch:
Saltmine in Bochnia, Poland, is even better, much better experience. I've visited both.
lmao it feels so weird seeing you walk through this whole thing because I still remember a lot of the halls and staircases from my own schooltrip back when I was around 13
just goes to show how unforgettable the whole thing is
When i was there as a kid, i licked the walls. Wonder how many people before me and after licked the spots i licked
Pan Świniowąż
Pan Świniowąż:
Glad You liked it - always welcome in our Country :) cheers!
I live like 56 miles (90km) from the Salt Mine and I've never been there in my 32 years of life although I've seen pretty much everything in whole Europe...shame....
Racher Wichardson
Racher Wichardson:
Greetings from Poland!
depressed man
depressed man:
I have been there, amazing place
Dan Smith
Dan Smith:
Salt is a way of life
Super i was there long time ago nice to see niw 😃🖐🤗🙋‍♂️😍
Era Productions
Era Productions:
oh there is a lift
Tou have to go back. Build the wall.
IForn 550
IForn 550:
Welcom to Poland! Poland is a really beautiful country so I recommend visiting other cities or attractions! 🇵🇱
Maciej Szymanski
Maciej Szymanski:
You didn't mention underground restaurant. It's not usual to have a lunch and couple of beers 300 feet beneath the ground. And if your soup is not salty enough you don't have to call the waiter - just scratch wall behind you :))
Ok. Maybe now the mine in Bochnia.
al1en boy
al1en boy:
Unbelievable been there once over 30 years ago 👍 well done guys well done 👍
Jaroslaw Peter
Jaroslaw Peter:
Great video, thank you!
Ps. They used to have New Year parties in this salt mine. They are called SYLWESTER'S parties. December 31st it Sylwester's name day in Polish calendar.
And during PRL era in Wieliczka they had run a rehab center for people with pulmonary condition. Beds were placed right in salt chambers.
Marek Uryga
Marek Uryga:
Next time visit real coal mine - minus 600 meters. Dirt, dust and lot of fun;)
Welcome in Poland ;)
thx greetings from Poland !
Imagine someone hearing without context that there was a legitimate and successful attempt at establishing a world record in underground bungee jumping and balloon flight XD
They'd be like: Wait HOW?