Poland vs. USA - FIVB Volleyball Nations League - Men - Match Highlights, 04/06/2021

Watch the Match Highlights from Poland vs. USA - FIVB Volleyball Nations League - Men, 04/06/2021

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Ghost Arts
Ghost Arts:
this poland team is insane
arif yanar
arif yanar:
Go Poland. We support u. Love from Turkey! ♥️🇹🇷🇵🇱
Suzana S.
Suzana S.:
Poland scares me hahahaha as a brazilian I'm a little worried about our match.
Ngọc Quang
Ngọc Quang:
Poland team is too talented ...
Zack D
Zack D:
I freaking laughed out loud at Erik Shoji's mood on the court when someone takes his ball HAHAHAHAHAH. He's so animated. His sass is hilarious. @4:14 and @6:34
Kubiak/Leon/Kaczmarek were bench players in this game, that says a lot. This is the best squad ever put together, it's the Real Madrid of volleyball. Poland's youth system is untouchable because there is always a new player waiting to take someone's place. If anyone plays badly or retires then there is another player ready to take that person's place.
Yang Marc
Yang Marc:
The bench depth of Poland is AMAZING🤪
Jordan Smith
Jordan Smith:
"Kurek has hit the absolute snot out of that"

Best commentary ever
hey it's me your lookin' for
hey it's me your lookin' for:
Brilliant play. Poland is really great at attacking and monster blocking.
Congratulations from Japan.
que buen partido, ahora hay que verlo
Damian Damian
Damian Damian:
Poland Monster🔥🇵🇱🔝
Giggity Goo
Giggity Goo:
I am shaking watching Poland play. They play like well programmed emotionless robot.
USA without Sander and Russell are weak. Tomorrow will be big game Poland vs Russia.
jon bohem
jon bohem:
Poland team has very strong and star players
Paul from MNL
Paul from MNL:
So many great players from Poland.
Neil Basabe
Neil Basabe:
My favorite team! Congrats Poland!
and Kurek was pretty bad this game ;o wonder what happens when hes form increases
A L T E R:
Kurek is insane🔥🔥💣
หยางผิง แซ่หลี่
หยางผิง แซ่หลี่:
Poland Forever..👏👏👏❤❤❤❤❤
I like that peace between volleyball national teams fans. We all knows that every top team is strong and deserves respect. Today USA team was unlucky. Good luck next time, see U in next matches. Greetings from 🇵🇱❤️
Smerfetka Hania
Smerfetka Hania:
Greetings from Poland ;) POWER
5:51 💥💥Kurek rifle shot.
Lex is
Lex is:
Poland got to be up there for medals.
Aleksandr Melikov
Aleksandr Melikov:
Such a complete team Poland. Make it look easy and fun
Pablo Hernandez-Alarcon
Pablo Hernandez-Alarcon:
Poland's team is going to have to play really bad NOT to win Gold in Tokyo, they are VERY GOOD!
Daan 187
Daan 187:
Thanks to Usa for this good match. Greetings from poland americans
FrankGixx99 Motovlog
FrankGixx99 Motovlog:
Jeezz cant wait Poland vs Brazil!!! Both teams so so strong
Franquillo Freedom
Franquillo Freedom:
Buen partido.
Eduardo Antonio
Eduardo Antonio:
Wow Poland congrats from the Philippines😉
Arce Almodiel
Arce Almodiel:
Poland's defense tho 🤌
Jonathan Fontilla
Jonathan Fontilla:
Poland team: BEASTS!!!
Carlos Sanchez
Carlos Sanchez:
Polonia muy solido en todas las areas del campo mientras EEUU muy timorato, sin personalidad ni caracter, estaba destinado a perder
zenek pipka45
zenek pipka45:
it is sad to watch such matches without great Polish fans
ehsan KK
ehsan KK:
Poland was monster in volleyball, this year it's turned to Dracula! Should be feared of them.
John Clowes
John Clowes:
Kurek the monster. SO GOOD !!!!
Kurek.... King. 👑
kendall button
kendall button:
Nice to see Anderson but we NEED sander asap
Chris Zack
Chris Zack:
Go Poland!!! Love to watch Michal Kubiak❤️❤️❤️ playing on next matches
Rajat Gupta
Rajat Gupta:
I want Bartman to come back to Poland. His game is really insane with Kubiak.
I hope the ladies are watching because Bieniek is a stud. 💋
Hard to know what is the US men's strategy/approach during this tournament. Everything seems off--timing of sets, slow to cover balls, etc. Even players' demeanor isn't encouraging--visible signs of frustration with each other. The women are playing with a lot of energy, team spirit, and joy, no matter who's on the court.
Jose Cova
Jose Cova:
Without Leon and Poland is a very strong team.
Ansh Shah
Ansh Shah:
I M really excited to see Brazil vs Poland...I hope it will be scariest game of this VNL 😐
Stewart Page
Stewart Page:
1:52 coordination on back three receivers.
Мадияр Калкаманулы
Мадияр Калкаманулы:
Сливка хорош 🐯
I was excited to see Matt Anderson back on court. However USA performance lately has been abysmal & disappointing. Cmon USA, time to pick it up.
arjay kali
arjay kali:
USA not in good shape - predictable attacks, poor net and floor defense.. Congratz Poland!
USA tomou outra sova.Polonia Linda,avante!
Anthony WorldwideTV
Anthony WorldwideTV:
Poland is getting stronger now
Tony Ong
Tony Ong:
Kurek never get old.
Thái Bảo
Thái Bảo:
Happy to see Kurek and Matt Anderson
•Led Led•
•Led Led•:
USA needs to get it together and work a lot for every match otherwise they won't save the Championship title

But tbh Poland team is like a machine that surprisingly never gets old it just get's better every match! What an insane match!
Krzysztof Zakrocki
Krzysztof Zakrocki:
Poland is aiming for an olympic gold
That Kurek hit through the pipe beating 3 American defenders was a masterpiece. 😍😍 His court vision is next level.
Apocaliptica Polska
Apocaliptica Polska:
about olimpic games i think 1. Poland 2. Ruccia 3. Brasil
Kurek is the king of volleyball.
Volleyball without him is nothing.
K4cp3r Official
K4cp3r Official:
applause Poles! 🇵🇱 Brawo !
Poland MB are amazing. They are a wall.
Joaash Alcaidde
Joaash Alcaidde:
it seems that no one in the US squad is hustling after the ball is saved...
Ala Mac
Ala Mac:
Brawo Poland
Johan johan
Johan johan:
Ohh woooww poland keep the good work up . U deserve to be right at top 👏👏👏💪🦾
shahbaz shakoor
shahbaz shakoor:
🇵🇱,,,, what a team
Alvin Marte
Alvin Marte:
That lefty guy from Poland is amazing!!!!
Christian Labasan
Christian Labasan:
props to poland, usa is playing like ish rn
Agnieszka Bednarska
Agnieszka Bednarska:
Great job Poland.
Angry Tim
Angry Tim:
I'm afraid that we have no chance against such a Poland tomorrow: (((But I will still believe exactly
Mtaa Sports Kenya
Mtaa Sports Kenya:
Ooh what a game for Poland 🇵🇱..Kurek and Leon are an inspiration!
harold almadin
harold almadin:
Finally, Matt!
Anderson comback 🥰🥰
falcon 3s
falcon 3s:
Poland, Russia, France and Brazil - top 4 teams currently...
Neil C.
Neil C.:
I love team USA but their game really went down specially in receiving and digging. POL, BRA and RUS are pretty much a taller team but with great receiving and digging they can outshine them! I hope they would perform better in the coming weeks and in the Tokyo Olympics next month.
jair sales
jair sales:
Equipe forte essa da Europa, cuidado braaaassíiiiillllllllll
US looked outmatched in this one
Did anyone predict another sweep of the US?
Joseph Lin
Joseph Lin:
Thea Bañares
Thea Bañares:
Polskaaaa waaaaahhhhh
Awesome match!
Mana Saki
Mana Saki:
what a match!
好慘 美國隊被打得不像樣
Zygmunt Naparty
Zygmunt Naparty:
Polska biało czerwoni❤
USA needs Anderson at opposite Patch is just too inconsistent and Ensing is still developing. My starting line up would be
Middles: Holt and Smith
OH: Sander and DeFalco(maybe Jaescke)
Opp Anderson
Libero Shoji
Setter Christenson
Jonjon Po
Jonjon Po:
I feel like USA need Sanders and Anderson to get far in the VNL and the Olympics.
Lukas Loh
Lukas Loh:
Where’s the block of US? Third set should start good for the US but it was really bad at 1-6. It was a mess in every aspect. Kudos to Poland. They are the team to beat in this season.
Meeh J
Meeh J:
Surprise​ games!! go​ go​ POL👏🏻
Rizal Ong
Rizal Ong:
poland team getting stronger
محمدرضا غلامی
محمدرضا غلامی:
Marouf 😍👏💎
the amount of serve errors Anderson made is kinda meh
Poland completely overpowered USA looks they’ll be the winners of VNL2021
Toto Banao
Toto Banao:
Put Mat Anderson in the utility position that his best position for him
Miras Kesebaev
Miras Kesebaev:
Польша мықты ойнады. Керемет!
Tan junhao
Tan junhao:
Shoji spinning around🤣
สุชาติ ขยัน
สุชาติ ขยัน:
Wow!!!!😱 Poland blogs very well.🇵🇱👍
Kan Ya
Kan Ya:
Poland are getting better and better.they are the best team ;)))
Galaxy - Stern
Galaxy - Stern:
Fantastycznie !
Russell James
Russell James:
Oh wow! I wasn’t expecting that. Poland has been so aggressive with the ball 🥵