Practice Pass: Roger Federer Roland Garros 2021

Watch Roger Federer warm up on the Roland Garros clay!

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76 komentarze:

Even from far away, Karatsev's legs still look massive.
Marcos Doyter
Marcos Doyter:
Karatsev is finally playing with his hero, Roger. Believe in your dreams.
ashish mahtani
ashish mahtani:
Roger appears really loose and stress free, i think he will come out playing freely at RG and hope he makes a decent run which will set him up for Wimbledon where he can be a serious threat! He just needs 3-4 matches under his belt to get back his match flow!
Tony McGovern
Tony McGovern:
Perhaps the two players on tour right now with the most flawless technique.
tsugumi seishirou
tsugumi seishirou:
Karatsev has a very solid backhand return
Thank you for this footage! I'm a big Roger fan. If he stays healthy and maintains his joy for the game, he'll be groundbreaking in terms of what +40-year-old players can do!
Ovidiu Bujor
Ovidiu Bujor:
At min 3:11 Roger is hitting a two handed backhand.
Mitchell Roos
Mitchell Roos:
I really love these camera angles on practice. It shows how little effort is costs these guys to hit the balls which to us amateur players does cost a lot of effort. Not just Fed but Karatsev as well. And it really show the pace of it as well
Patrick Bateman
Patrick Bateman:
Someone is wrong with my sight, I see two GOATs

Oh wait, it appears to be a lion on the other side
Mark Sansait
Mark Sansait:
Ah, the GOAT is practicing with Roger Federer.
1:08 that catch
He is moving well. Even in Geneova he played pretty well. I personally hopeful about Roger's good performance in RG. He may surprise the world. He is 2nd well known and loved sportsman all over the world after M. Ali.
abhishek sirsikar
abhishek sirsikar:
Crisp hitting from karatsev, beautiful by roger
He seems more involved with slam challenge. Also, having fun. :)
Mitola D
Mitola D:
Not bad, not bad shots, slightly better then before previous federer’s pactice this year. It could be good sign to go far. Federer looks Flexible nad light;)🎾
Joel Rivero
Joel Rivero:
3:11 cheeky little two handed backhand
Sumuka G
Sumuka G:
1:07 that catch tho :O
Stuart c
Stuart c:
If fed can sort out his foot work his arms will do the rest
Lord Fluffykinz
Lord Fluffykinz:
That wizard still got plenty of magic in his wand.
Tao Paille-Paille
Tao Paille-Paille:
If Federer retrieves his physical form at 90 or 100% he will be a beast because so happy to be healthy and competitive again for a last run. I wouldn't be surprised if he win Wimbledon
ProStaffer Six.1
ProStaffer Six.1:
Still as silky as RF
Bala T
Bala T:
Hope Fed can go some distance t😇 chance to see poetry in motion!!
Karlo Marić
Karlo Marić:
I see GOAT in this court!
Paul C
Paul C:
Really love the swiss flag look. It always looks great.
It always happens, these amazing people make it look so easy but not for me 😭
Khai Me a River
Khai Me a River:
Amazing person to partner with!!!
Prabu Vastrad
Prabu Vastrad:
RF, the brand!
Mikolaj Nowak
Mikolaj Nowak:
This is what I needed ! Love = Roger
Stevie RVL
Stevie RVL:
Where this comes from ? Can we assist to the training session ?
Who called who to rally? . Guess was RF for sure. Karatsev is big time these days. Roger wanted to taste how´s that cannon ball-like that everybody´s talking about and beat the very Djokovic . AK just shaved may make him fall into losing all the power. Watch out!
Royz Tech World
Royz Tech World:
Excited to see roger
Precious DeVere
Precious DeVere:
Roger the King of the Court!
This gives me so much pleasure
Belal Qamar
Belal Qamar:
Just imagine if RF win the RG 2021🥵🥵
Novak Djokovic Tennis Fan
Novak Djokovic Tennis Fan:
Good luck Rog- collective efforts to beat Nadal
Stone W
Stone W:
So much power and precision. It's like a magic wand . . .
Prithipal Singh
Prithipal Singh:
being a huge fan of roger.. wish him very best for remaining ATP tournaments he plays.. ❤️❤️
The match up we d all love to see!
Hyman Sahak
Hyman Sahak:
Novak, Rafa and Roger are all in the same half. When is the last time that happened?
How far Mai boi Aslan has go
Roger is so casual in practice.
Michael Voulgarellis
Michael Voulgarellis:
that kick serve is insane
Jon M.
Jon M.:
Paul Johnson
Paul Johnson:
I wonder why Federer was making no effort to return serve? Was it just warming up serve, with no return? That was more like Djokovic training practice returning serve, lol. Although Aslam does have a really good return of serve! But Fed I think could have returned them, if he wanted to play the point out!
Fred LDE
Fred LDE:
J’adore le jeu de Roger.
Il cherche toujours le meilleur placement pour frapper la balle .
Il est toujours dans un bon mouvement .
Il doit créer la surprise pour ce RG 2021..!
Khalid Abdu
Khalid Abdu:
federer is going to leave roland garros 2021 from the first round for sure .. he has no chance
DD D.:
Federer said to lüthi in swiss german that his left arm is hurting . Hope all good
Roger's in the house! Who's that practicing with him?
Just curious, is there a benefit to practice serving with footfaulting?
james francis
james francis:
istomin will beat federe im sorry to say
Wheres the point play??? Rafa got 9 min and we get 3 here
Esther Robles
Esther Robles:
love you Roger you are My hero. Katherine Donahoe Santa Barbara
juan carlos sande
juan carlos sande:
El vip pass será meterlas todas en la línea
Karl Katrak
Karl Katrak:
Roger hella lucky to play with the man aslan himself wow
WOW !!!
Tien Dao
Tien Dao:
Looks like Roger still remembers how to play.
Mike Richards
Mike Richards:
Is that... the one true GOAT? Our lord and savior ASLAN KARATSEV
Does Karatsev get paid to practice with Roger? How do they select players to practice?
Pedro Anjos
Pedro Anjos:
3:11 nice
Amaury Chavrier
Amaury Chavrier:
Royz Tech World
Royz Tech World:
Come on roger
Amit Ahuja
Amit Ahuja:
Are we reaching round 2?
Cartoon Slug
Cartoon Slug:
Why is Federer even playing Roland Garros?
Maggie Smit
Maggie Smit:
Thanks for great camera angle to see Roger close up. 😎What a class act he is. Smooth service action. 🤴Legend aura surrounds him; even the way he walks looks majestic! Took years to build the RF brand but it will live FOREVER 🏆👑💚
Who's that feeding balls? I recognize Ljubičić, but not the other coach.
Hyman Sahak
Hyman Sahak:
Roger - please please please work on your first step to the ball. Your feet seem to be stuck in cement. Watch old Borg videos to see how fast his first step was. 1981 year end final against Lendl.
Just imagine if tennis on TV was broadcast like this instead of from the nose bleed seats! Move the cameras down please! The home viewer wants to see net clearance, form, pace etc. The replay view should be the default angle.
vs. Karatsev, right?
Brian Ho
Brian Ho:
skill 1:07
Gon Sope
Gon Sope:
3:11 Two-hander!!!!
So many faults
juan carlos sande
juan carlos sande:
Sport digital 🎾🏈⚾️🥎🏀⚽️
Sport digital 🎾🏈⚾️🥎🏀⚽️:
Jd Vanny
Jd Vanny:
Fed hasn’t played much I bet he is out in second round .. can’t live on history you have to play .. practice is practice as Iverson once said
Futhi Johnson
Futhi Johnson:
Play matches..dude .practices do not help much