Pregnant with Hashimoto's and Hypothyroidism with Laurel Gallucci

I have Hashimoto's Disease, an auto-immune version of Hypothyroidsim. That means my thyroid is under-active and can cause a lot of issues, especially if you try to get pregnant or are pregnant. I brought in my friend Laurel Gallucci of Sweet Laurel Bakery because she has the same issue and SHE'S PREGNANT too! This is just a casual talk about our experience, so feel free to ask questions in the comments below.

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Hella Green
Hella Green:
FINALLY a video about pregnancy with hashimoto's. I feel like it's really difficult to find info about fertility and pregnancy with hashimoto's other than the horrible symptoms and risks...
How are they so happy? I feel like I’m dying.
Becky O Cole
Becky O Cole:
YAY! There is not enough positive information on Hashimotos and living life! I have hashimotos and have a 4 month baby :) I went off gluten and found that helped. Thanks girls for such a wonderful video x
Leslie Morgan
Leslie Morgan:
Thank you so much for sharing this. I was diagnosed with Hashimotos several years ago and am 7 months pregnant so love that you are bringing this to light!
Susie Lacros
Susie Lacros:
This made me feel so much better. I just discovered there's something wrong with my thyroid via ultrasound. It looks like it might be hashimoto and slight hypo. I freaked out that I might never be able to get pregnant. I hope I'll get better with therapy. I'm 29. Thank you ❤
Natalie Martin
Natalie Martin:
Thanks so much for this video!! I have hashimotos, I’m 23 so I’m not trying to get pregnant but have had concerns because I lost my period. This made me feel so much better. What medications did you say you take along with the typical levothyroxine or synthroid? I just switched from lexothyroxine to unithroid but that is all I’m currently on
Crossing Beauty
Crossing Beauty:
Wow. I just found out about your channel and am amazed with how refreshing and naturally pleasant (real?!) you are :) I am diagnosed with Hashimoto 3 years ago. After consultations with my endocrinologist, I made a transition on rigorous AIP Paleo with no medications and things were pretty okay. And then I got pregnant, after very negative predictions from a few doctors. My due date is tomorrow 😁 Everything went well and all I wanna say to all the ladies fighting this Hashi-war is: never give up, believe in your body's strength and don't be afraid to make a change. So glad I discovered you, Susan ❤️ Lots of love from Croatia.
Brittany Beautician
Brittany Beautician:
Glad you guys can spread more awareness about this, I had unmanaged hashimotos and had a miscarriage at 5 months in and it was soul crushing...the medication and diet are soooo important especially while pregnant and I was feeling like I might not ever have a chance to have kids but seeing you guys doing so well gives me hope.
Becky Fox
Becky Fox:
thanks for sharing!! This made me feel really positive about my Hashimotos, not trying to get pregnant atm but you guys seem so upbeat and positive in general it really helped :) would love to see more x
Nicole Hagemeier
Nicole Hagemeier:
Thanks for making this video! I have hashimotos as well and have been struggling with the idea of getting pregnant again
Hannah Templeman
Hannah Templeman:
I was just diagnosed with hashimoto's and are trying to get pregnant. I was wondering how long it took you?
Beth O'Connor
Beth O'Connor:
You guys are such an inspiration for me! I have hashi's as well and great to see some beautiful young girls in the media about this. Love you!!!
Thank you for this video. I have Hashimotos and had a miscarriage last year. Finally have the courage to try again. Keeping fingers crossed!
Brittany Gregory
Brittany Gregory:
Just went to my ogbyn for annal check up I talked with about thyroid since my father's side has badly . Wish me luck next week for all the blood work.
Brooke Livingston
Brooke Livingston:
Susan, so happy I found your blog - I have Hashi's and am 30 weeks pregnant. Do you take Levothyroxine, Synthroid, or Armour? I am on Armour because it has both T4 and T3 which my body needs because it cannot convert T4 into T3. Armour is the only one with both so I always tell people that if they still feel awful on Levo or Synthroid to look into it!
Hey Susan!
In my family, thyroid disorders are very common. My mum and most of my aunties have hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism, respectively. I've recently been feeling some of the symptoms of hypothyroidism so my mum brought me in to get a blood test done and now I'm anxiously waiting for the results to come in but thanks to your video, I'm feeling better. Thank you so much!
Carrie Marples
Carrie Marples:
This was so helpful! Thank you for sharing your stories it was so encouraging!
Yos Yem
Yos Yem:
Thank you guys so much for sharing! I recently got diagnosed with Hashimotos and have just been so confused after can multiple opinions from multiple doctors what treatment plan I should be following. Can u do a video explaining what medications you currently take or have taken in the past? Thank you so much!! Wish u all the best!!
Amy ann Shipyor
Amy ann Shipyor:
My doctor switched my heart med during my last pregnancy. He thought my old med could cause harm to the baby.
Amanda Raurk
Amanda Raurk:
This is a great video, I'm glad there's some information out there about Hashimoto's and pregnancy.
chloe simmons
chloe simmons:
can you please share what you did when the synthroid wasn’t really making you feel any better???
Nura Igal
Nura Igal:
Hi there
Thank you for the info I have under active thyroid and Hashimoto I’m also trying to get pregnant,my doctor said it’s not bad at all my thyroid level is not that bad but I’m having hard time to get pregnant for my first child, my question for you is the whats name of your medication take now I want to ask my doctor to proscribe me the same COZ I think I have the same problem.
Hannah Elizabeth
Hannah Elizabeth:
I'm so happy for you. Very informative and interesting video 💕
Ena Rose
Ena Rose:
Thank you for making this video. I have had both for years but was always told it wasn't bad enough to go on medication yet until I fell pregnant, and my specialist told me there's a big chance of miscarriage - very scary and I was very mad that I wasn't offered medication until it possibly could have been too late. It's very important to take control of our health and be persistent with doctors! Sending you both love xx
Alexis Williamson
Alexis Williamson:
Please update us on your health/autoimmune etc. This was so helpful thank you
Rach Gonçalves
Rach Gonçalves:
Loved the video! Unfortunately I am still on the hunt for a great dr. Here in Brazil all i hear is "this is nothing" or "let's accelerate the disease and then remove the thyroid. One even told me that it's psychological and that symptoms are a myth... 😒
Ami H
Ami H:
I was just diagnosed with hypothyroidism this passed February and have been really stressing out about getting pregnant so this video shed a little light in my life thank you so much for making this informative video for those of us struggling with similar problems❤️
K Arielle
K Arielle:
I have Hashimoto. Love the Sweet Laurel Bakery cookbook!
anna burtenheim
anna burtenheim:
thank you for making this and the video about what no on told you about pregnansy! please make some more!! <3 . <3 i really wanna see something more videos like that! like what no one told you about motherhood! or maybe what no on told you about birth itself just hearing woman can say it out loud and clear so people instead of getting nerveouse over what they didnt expect rather just confident that they feel they can handle anything! on of the things i got so scared of when i was younger was the whole poo thing, made me so worried about no one really talked about it so young me assumed that.. it was an unnormal thing to have "exident poo`s" but now i heard some stories coming on youtube and that epidrual could make one constipaded or how thats writen. thats a first one for me, never heard it intill your video and now im ready to know i wont get constipaded ; ) so please do that awesome thing and help other soon to be mother or one day mothers!
Dawn Sylvester
Dawn Sylvester:
Hashimoto's is caused from the medications that you take
Maria Carroll
Maria Carroll:
Hi Susan, only discovered your channel this year. Love that you have made videos about this. It's really useful! How did you regulate/lower your elevated TPO during pregnancy? What worked for you?
Thank you very much for sharing this. It was very helpful. I have been diagnosed with Hashimoto. I'm have been trying to conceive for a while without any success :(
What are some of the supplements that you and Lauren took while trying to conceive. I know Hasimoto patients do not do well with soy, dairy, gluten products. Also did you take Vitamin E and C? I also have MTHFR. Thank You bunches!!
Thank you for posting this video and congratulations on welcoming your baby boy.
I have hashimotos and endometriosis. There was a surgery for endometriosis beginning of the year and I was gluten/dairy free 6 mo prior to the surgery and after.
Could you please let me know if you followed gluten/dairy free diet throughout your pregnancy?
Thank you! :)
Did either of you have trouble getting pregnant? My husband and I have been trying for 4 1/2 years, I miscarried a year and a half ago. I’m now gluten free and soy free and trying to kick out dairy. I just hope it happens soon!
Different Is Beauty
Different Is Beauty:
I agree I'm allergic to gluten, dairy, sugar and all this crap lol that I thought I was never able stop but the severe allergies I have made me stopped eating because It is life-threatening so I can't eat 🍔 I can't eat red meat I can only eat chicken turkey and fish and no white rice I'm allergic to that too my life is pretty screwed 😂. I can only eat red rice,brown rice and black rice and my Hashimoto's was caused by my accident because I had head injury that caused my occipital lobe damage no knew that I was able to see normal like other people and my immune system failed. Healthy food do test great I love my body I'm back to skinny and healthy old me but my hair is falling off 😭
Stephy G20
Stephy G20:
Could you please share what prenatal vitamins you ladies took are taking? Thank you for the very informative video. Incredible!
Hi there. Thank you both for sharing your experiences. You both have a positive vibe about which it refreshing to see. I have Hashimoto's, was diagnosed after my second miscarriage last year, and currently been on LDN and Levo for 6 or so months. I'm waiting right now to get full health coverage because I recently moved to the Czech Republic from the US....So, anyway, my question is, what supplements, meds and anything else did you do prior and during pregnancy? Thank you!
mommy loves makeup
mommy loves makeup:
I have had hypothyroidism since 13 or so. then found out I had goiters and Hashimotos about 16, 17. I've had 3 pregnancies but 2 babies. and with each pregnancy my thyroid got worse and was having heart palpations. now at 31 I'm on 200mg synthriod I had a partial thyroid-ectomy. they found a bit of cancer and now a year later I'm getting the rest of my thyroid and goiters removed. 😶. I just can't wait to feel normal again!
Leah Metcalf
Leah Metcalf:
I love you both. Thank you so much.
Julia Cheng
Julia Cheng:
Really enjoyed this segment on hashimoto’s and pregnancy! I would’ve never come across this if it wasn’t for my friend Elaine but so thankful she shared this with me. There’s so much I still feel I don’t know much about this auto immune disease and I’ve had one miscarriage so far. I’ve also been so afraid and reluctant to start hormone therapy but hearing both your stories, make me feel more at ease.
Dr. Randy Hansbrough
Dr. Randy Hansbrough:
Very well done! Thanks for sharing
Vanessa Marabani
Vanessa Marabani:
Great video I was wondering what nutrients or supliment you were on I have inflamation and trying to get pregnant
Maggie Latendresse
Maggie Latendresse:
Thank you for this video! I recently found out I have Hashimoto’s after a miscarriage. I’m currently pregnant again and wondering how soon after a positive pregnancy test did you have your thyroid levels tested? And how often were they tested during your pregnancy?
Brenna Martinez
Brenna Martinez:
Hey Susan. Just hoping on here to say Thank You! This was the first video I have seen since being diagnosed 2 weeks ago that has been somewhat positive. My doctor said to me today, as i was feeling utterly miserable and asked him if I would ever feel normal, he replied "No. You may feel better, but you will never feel normal or healthy again". I am hopeful that though I'm living my life completely differently now, that I can enhance my quality of life.
Morgan Clancy
Morgan Clancy:
I am 17 and a senior in high school and I was diagnosed with hashimoto's at the beginning of this school year. And I already have a lot of health issues so I guess I'm just used to on a lot of prescriptions, but my dosage is 65mg of NatureThroid, but I still have a lot of issues with getting sick and passing out.
Lesbian Wives
Lesbian Wives:
Hi, thank you so much for this video. My wife has hashimotos and 6 week pregnant. She is taking syntroid to maintain TSH level. In video, you mention you took T3 medication. Was T3 medication ok to take while pregnant? Did you also take synthroid medication? Can you provide list of thyroid medications you took when pregnant? So sorry for all of these questions, we are just a bit freaked out. Thank you, much appreciated
I have lost 5 babies. This video gives me hope, thank you ❤️
Yuls Brumbeck
Yuls Brumbeck:
I am diagnosed with hypothyroidsm 6 years ago, had half of my thyroid taken out cuz i had a fast growing nudule atached to it, now 6 years later im still feeling like crap, even wrose than ever, my bones and joints started hurting so badly and i injure my self all the time, besides the obvious issues like, hair falling out, weight gain for no reason, mood swings, intolerance to cold, now i also have a hard time swalloing food, headaches, extreme fatige, insomnia, and when i sleep i over sleep... so many things its even hard to keep track. yet my doctors tell me its all in my head basically cuz my tsh and t4 are normal so they ignore me, im from spain, and over here its really hard to get tested properly for all thyroid issues and autoinmune ones, aparently they just dont know or they dont want to look for them, it might have something to do with the fact that even if i got diagnosed with hashimoto there is no medication abaliable here, as T3 hormone its illegal...
im desperated and i need help some how cuz i just cant imagine the rest of my life like this, im 36 and i want to be a mom more than anything in the world... and right now i dont know that i will ever be able to ...
Ayeza Waqas
Ayeza Waqas:
i am also pregnant and my tsh levels are high but i was able to get pregnant. i am 4 months in. how is pregnancy so far with hashimoto? plzz response. any complications?
Sierra Jameson
Sierra Jameson:
OmG the dry and flaky scalp is related to thyroid ? I have hypothyroid and I'm on medication so I'm not sure why my scalp is that way . Time to visit my doc
I've speculated that I had thyroid problems for years but just went to the doctor about it last year. I was hyperthyroid but then it changed to hypothyroid. I also have a previous autoimmune disease called vitiligo so I am almost certain that I have hashimotos. My mom also has it. I was on 25 micrograms but then switched to 50 micrograms after 3 months. I go back in December to get more blood tests done :) I'm so glad it can be managed and it's not life threatening!
flora sd
flora sd:
Susan do u have estrogen or testosterone dominance with Hashimoto ? I have Hashimoto and hormonal imbalance ( high androgens ; male hormones > than female). Which one do I have to focus on for the other symptom to get better? Does hormonal imbalance come from Hashimoto or is Hashimoto the result of hormonal imbalance?🥺
Natalie C
Natalie C:
I have graves disease (hyperthyroidism). I was diagnosed about a year after the birth of my daughter, 2 years ago. My dr is hoping that I will be in remission soon! Then we can start ttc for baby #2!
Emma Galando
Emma Galando:
I have both hasimotis and Graves' disease
Rosalia De Luna
Rosalia De Luna:
I’ve had thyroid for over 8 years I am now trying to get pregnant but still no luck it’s been a year.. I have an appointment this Thursday to see what’s going on!
Dawn Sylvester
Dawn Sylvester:
Why would you put yourself on medication for hair you could have went and bought hair and nails vitamin I don't get why you two were so happy you know you can pass it on to your child
Maria Negrete
Maria Negrete:
hi I have thyroid problem and I was wondering if that could be a problem and getting pregnant I'm 25 im currently taking medicine for my problem.can you please give some advice
Jeremy Steiner
Jeremy Steiner:
Any good hashimoto group to join?
hi I'm 23 and I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and hashimotos last year with an endocrinologist. but she doesn't want to put me on any medication because she said "I'm too young and I can bring my levels into the normal range myself." she's very rude and very strict but her patient's that recommended me to her says she's the best and knows what she's doing. I also just got married last year and want to start a family NOW. I told my doc that we've been trying for almost a year and have been unsuccessful, when I told her this she was very upset and told me to "stop trying because women with my condition always miscarry, and if I do end up pregnant she'll be forced to put me on strong thyroid medications." this doctor really bums me out so I'm going to get a second opinion next month from a different doctor. thanks for the helpful info, I feel less stressed out after watching this. Bless you.
Emily Flores
Emily Flores:
It is a BIG deal unfortunately. I wish someone would have told me when I was diagnosed with hasimotos post partum that I was very vulnerable to this progressing to my central nervous system one day if I didn't take care of myself...healthy diet, stress reduction, mental/emotional work, exercise,, sleep, etc. I am dealing with MS. Medical medium says thyroid is the most vulnerable organ and first to be effected with EBV and ms central nervous system involvement is the last stage. Wish I would have known the seriousness then. I was just given a pill and that was it.
Alexa Snow Alfaro
Alexa Snow Alfaro:
I'm pregnant with Hashimotos
Jessica Bush
Jessica Bush:
I'm 25 and have Hashimoto' doctors haven't really talked to me about pregnancy yet, but I'm nervous about infertility and other issues. Thanks ladies, this helped :)
Jillian Dilbeck
Jillian Dilbeck:
What did you do to help with the flaky and itchy scalp!?
Kenesha Smalling
Kenesha Smalling:
I was diagnosed by a gynecologist me as well. #weird
Honestly I’ve been terrified to even think about getting pregnant again because ppl are sooo negative about what can happen etc etc. so glad I came across this video. PS I have Graves’ disease
Dawn Sylvester
Dawn Sylvester:
Your body just doesn't attack itself there has to be a foreign object going into it for it to start attacking
Christine Christou
Christine Christou:
I have hashimotos as well and very high antibodies. I have had 2 uncomplicated pregnancies followed by a second trimester miscarriage. I had a miscarriage a few months ago at 15 weeks. My TSH throughout my pregnancy was above the recommended guidelines and I believe my high antibodies are also to blame for my loss. I believe I am pregnant again as I type this and am very nervous but trying to remain positive. You ladies gave me hope that I can carry a baby to term again so thank you for this uplifting video. Best wishes to both of you throughout the remainder of your pregnancy.
Natalia Green
Natalia Green:
Hello Susan, this video is a little old but I'm just now viewing it. What was the dosage for your LDN? And did your doctor offer it to you or did you have to convince them? Thank you
Sultana Haque
Sultana Haque:
Hi I got hashimotho and seven week pregnant .i am struggling with diet .what do you guys eating for main doc said to go grain free. Which is hard.i don't mind gluten and dairy free.which I am now.looking forward to hear from you.👍
Glam queen
Glam queen:
How did you get pregnant? What did you take to increase to get pregnant? I have been trying for 2 years to get pregnant but be having miscarriage. 😟
Tasmin Cader
Tasmin Cader:
What’s the type of specialist you guys went to see.
maggie shanel van staden
maggie shanel van staden:
Hey im from Namibia and i was diagnosed with Graves disease 4years ago,i got a nuclear pill and im now on Eltroxin 50ml im still very concerned about my fertility but thanks to your video i have hope.
Tionna McDonald
Tionna McDonald:
how far along are you?
Mrs Diaz
Mrs Diaz:
I found out I have hypothyroidism about 2 weeks ago. I go tomorrow to get more info on some more bloodwork done to see how bad it is. I have three healthy kids, 6, 4, and 6 months. I’ve also had 2 miscarriages. I’m really thankful that I was able to have kids despite having this condition. Thank you Jesus!!!
Mojo Jojo09
Mojo Jojo09:
Is your T3 sustained release or immediate release?
Agnieszka Piwowarczyk
Agnieszka Piwowarczyk:
What supplements are you girls taking during your pregnancies?
How high were your antibodies?
Alexandra Lotze
Alexandra Lotze:
My mom has Graves' disease. She only found out maybe five or six years ago. She is in her mid 50's now. She hasn't had to stay on medication. She just has it monitored.
Patty Grace Ho Zhilin
Patty Grace Ho Zhilin:
I totalli relate
Jyotikaur Prabh
Jyotikaur Prabh:
Can we take iodine supplement?
Swathi Shetty
Swathi Shetty:
How are u trying to stay thin with hypothyroidism
Kalie Biddle
Kalie Biddle:
hello! I am 16 weeks pregnant and was just diagnosed with hypothyroidism 3 days ago. the condition was discovered via my pregnancy blood work at 15 weeks. I have a doctor's appointment Tuesday, and have no info other than a diagnosis. what can or should I expect for the remainder of my pregnancy? thanks!
love u Susan....
Hi there. I apologize for the long comment, but I haven't had anyone to ask advice from who can relate to my situation. I am 18 weeks pregnant. At 10 weeks, my gynecologist said she could feel my thyroid and ran blood work. My tsh came back at 3.2... apparently that is within normal range, but a little high for first trimester. So, at around 16 weeks they decided to re-test and my tsh came back at 4.5 this time. They decided to do a 3rd blood test to check my t3 and t4 and I am nervously waiting for the results. This is all so shocking and worrisome for me. I read about developmental issues with the baby if the thyroid is off, especially during the first trimester. I would never forgive myself if something were wrong with my baby that was my fault because of my thyroid. I am so concerned that my thyroid hasn't been working properly and I'm half way through the pregnancy without it being treated. I have had symptoms that I never knew could be related to a thyroid issue (fatigue, no energy, hair loss, dry skin, dizziness), so I am sure the 3rd rest will show hypothyroidism after much research. I would love to hear your knowledge or thoughts in my situation. Also, if you have any advice when starting a thyrpid mediation. Should I see a specialist first? Symptoms to be prepared for? A brand of medicine that you feel is best? I would love a response, please! Thank you!
nessie lewis
nessie lewis:
I have hashimotos and PCOS, i just started taking levothyroxine a week ago...i started 500mg 2 weeks ago and still no pregnancy. Im moderately active, ive tried vitex, i eat healthy and don’t eat diary.. i dont know what to do...
Diana M
Diana M:
My hashimotos post pregnancy has been horrible. I was diagnosed after pregnancy with hashimotos/hypothyroid. I can't eat anything but gaps stage 1 for now.. this just shows us that everyone is so different, even when sharing the same autoimmune disease. You two look happy and well! How has your body done post pregnancy? And do you test reverse t3 as well?
I was diagnosed w/ Hypothyroidism when I was 11. My mom noticed I slept more up to 16hrs a day. I then was diagnosed with Hashimoto's at 28. I am on 200 Synthroid and 5 T3 Levothyronine. My body does not like to absorb Vit-D. I have trouble losing weight even went so far as to have surgery but gained all the weight back. I work out 4-5 days a week. What exercises do you like to do that keeps you fit and healthy? What foods do you like to eat? I've seen multiple doctors and finally after 20 yrs I found one I like.
We are currently losing our third baby and we think that my TPO antibodies are attacking the pregnancies!