Premier League is Back "Impressions"!!

Premier League post Lockdown Video featuring Jose Mourinho, Roy Hodgson, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, Sean Dyche, Pep Guardiola & Jurgen Klopp!
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Hands down, this guy is the best impressionist on YouTube
Rik Magee
Rik Magee:
You got Solskjaer's 'Manc-wegian' accent spot on there Connor....

Ole Gunnar Solskær: F A N T A S T I *C*
He did a perfect arsenal impression. They never showed up
Ibrahim Olima
Ibrahim Olima:
Guardiola acting like a coke addict who haven't had his dose😂😂
ole's accent is the hardest to do. that scandinavian-manc mix is impossible to get right
Cian Griffith
Cian Griffith:
“But city won’t be in the champions league next year” well this aged well
Hendrick Lamar
Hendrick Lamar:
Why is Luke Shaw acting like Ole Gunnar Solskær?
"So you intend to leave?" "More than you believe" 🤣
FaZe Jimmy
FaZe Jimmy:
Who is here after citys ban got overturned
O Sullivan
O Sullivan:
He absolutely nails the mourinho accent
Harin Hari
Harin Hari:
1:05 that Sean dyche moustache and beard killed me😂😂😂
Ali Köse
Ali Köse:
For a second there I thought he was just lip syncing to an actual Mou interview. Spot on
Nasty Fart
Nasty Fart:
Solskjaer: Fantasticccc
Mourinho: I sink so
Guardiola: More than you believe
Not only he speaks like Jurgen Klopp, but also looks like Jurgen Klopp
Barca MagicTV
Barca MagicTV:
Klopp's impression is spot on. He talks, laughs and looks like Klopp
I thought nobody could do an impression of Solskjaer. And then Conor put out this video. 😂😂 Top class.
Hamsik Armino
Hamsik Armino:
Two new people I’d love you to try out
-Mikel Arteta
-Thierry Henry
Tanmoy Singha Chowdhury
Tanmoy Singha Chowdhury:
The "icks" at the last are just hilarious for Ole.
George Carroll
George Carroll:

Ole gunner solskjaer: Fantastic!
Abdul-Raheem Toppin
Abdul-Raheem Toppin:
"Have not concede in 3 months"
-Jose Mourinho
swastik dubey
swastik dubey:

Pep: More than you believe. 😂
His Pep Guardiola is just great, I love it.. more than you believe
George Hillier
George Hillier:
'I was relieved when I found out you could also call it Covid 19" 😂😂
jan ˙
jan ˙:
a "pep guardiola meets pep guardiola" would be insane
Ernest Amarteifio
Ernest Amarteifio:
"We have not conceeded a goal in 3 months....since March"
This guy is hilarious 😂 😂 😂 😂
Adam Sawicki
Adam Sawicki:
I would pay to see this man impersonate Mourinho in front of him. Even he would laugh hard.
Exile -
Exile -:
Everyone's talking about the manager's accent, but what about the interviewers impersonation. It's amazing
Abijo segun7
Abijo segun7:
The Solskjaer “kk ki kyn cthi “ finished my life 🤣🤪🤪
Billy Francis
Billy Francis:
Who’s here after the premier leagues over and United came third
"We have not conceded a goal in 3 months, respect"

I'm dead 😂
Oliver Belli
Oliver Belli:
That Sean Dyche impression is so similar to Tyson Fury’s voice 🤣
Nico Vonifanja
Nico Vonifanja:
"Sree mouns, sree mouns! Respect! Respect!"
Arthur Morgan
Arthur Morgan:
Dan Ashurst
Dan Ashurst:
Gimme a thumbs up if you've watched this more than once.
brilliant klopp haha YNWA so glad he is our coach the LEGEND
Thomas Langton
Thomas Langton:
This guy is an absolute genius end of story
baggies95 _
baggies95 _:
"Well the Cowonaviwus" - Roy Hodgson
As a norwegian. I must say u did Ole perfectly 😂😂
Fatima Ali
Fatima Ali:
“Manchester city could still win the league at this point”
Prem Kulpy
Prem Kulpy:
"He still can't do it" 🤣
OGS is difficult to get the voice right. Well done.
Samu Martinez
Samu Martinez:
Klops ringtone being "we are the champions" is golden 😂
Moises Alfaro
Moises Alfaro:
Who is here after man citys ban just got lifted
Every time Jose starts with : I sink..
Brooo, I've laughed so hard at Guardiola's impression, you are the best
Leo GT
Leo GT:
Mourinho had me weak 😂😂 "we haven't conceded a goal in 3 months since March" "ya but u haven't played since march" "respect RESPECT RESPECT"
Daddy G.
Daddy G.:
"Phil Jones has been working on his defending... but he still can't do it."
sir oros the first
sir oros the first:
I love how jurgens ringtone is we are the champions
"Hello...we need two double decker buses...hahaha.." 🤣🤣
"I was just relieved you can call in Covid 19" brilliant!
MPE 10
MPE 10:
It’s not even just the voices his mannerisms are perfect 🌟
Robin Stephenson
Robin Stephenson:
His Jose is more realistic than Jose himself. This guy needs his own TV show, he is unreal. I av nossink more to say, nossink more.
hen ko
hen ko:
"Let me be clear, in this moment, for sure" is the most Klopp phrase I've ever heard and i'm not even sure the man has ever said it himself. Brilliant
Sebastian Petersen
Sebastian Petersen:
I love the Mourinho one, incredibly 🙌
Soli Y
Soli Y:
Jose’I secfel I secfel.
S _TV:
Looks like he is wearing a condom
Amazing video😂
Divan Buys
Divan Buys:
The Jurgen Klopp smile got me SO hard! HAHAHA! Haven't laughed so hard in a long while. Quality stuff.
Doge Coin
Doge Coin:
Spot on for all of them, but my favourite was the perfect reproduction of Ole’s incredibly cool Manchester-Norwegian accent
Arnold Pangilinan
Arnold Pangilinan:
I can watch this video 1 million times, specially the first one on Jose.
Literally u had me laughing when u do ole Gunnar and the Sean dyche pops up from no where
Dude we missed you. This was too good but too short. Can someone get this guy to Sky Sport, BT or something.
Mukhtar Aslam
Mukhtar Aslam:
Best impressions on premier League managers, particularly mourinho, and klopp.
never realized how much of a crack addict pep looked like, spot on lol
Aleksa Dinov
Aleksa Dinov:
Why is no one talking about Sean Dyche, that is soo spot on!!
Afiq GamingXIX
Afiq GamingXIX:
1:37 I acc thought it was klopp 🤣
kopex gaming
kopex gaming:
ayylmao hahaha
Guardiola scratching like he's missing some cocaine hahaha 😂😂
Nathanael Bellas
Nathanael Bellas:
I always love his Josie impersanation becuase he was at manchester when I became a fan
Maj م م م
Maj م م م:
1:11 what kind of human is that xD
The Splimz
The Splimz:
Three months three months respect , respect!
Nimalen Lee
Nimalen Lee:
No one:
Absolutely no one:
Jurgen klopp: HA HA HE HE HO HO
Gavin Pereira
Gavin Pereira:
" Let me clear in this moment for sure " klopp may said it just once or twice but it still feels like something he'd say all the time🤣
jaden Varghese
jaden Varghese:
When pep said "more than you believe " I died🤣🤣
Neil Luhar
Neil Luhar:
The Ole impression is spot on
Coca Cola
Coca Cola:
Lol wow man .. you're a real talent I burst out laughing when I heard Klopp's laugh XD
Anirban Das
Anirban Das:
"They are professional footballers. They haven't passed a test before."
The Jose Mourinho impression was the best. Sree
Ryan Boshell
Ryan Boshell:
Klopp: haha heheh hoho
Joker: and I thought my jokes were bad
Suki Kang
Suki Kang:
Watching this particular sketch makes my day during covid-19. I cant stop laughing - I cant wait for your next sketch
Eduardo Valdes
Eduardo Valdes:
1:06 his Sean dyche sounds like Tyson Fury's dad
Tahoor javed
Tahoor javed:
Let’s take a moment to appreciate the Ole solskjaer impression.
Tuan Saputra
Tuan Saputra:
"Respect! Repect!"
The jose one was so good! 🤣 🤣
Jakob Delacruz
Jakob Delacruz:
The first one as soon as he spoke he got my like, that was impressive and funny.
Gurpreet Singh
Gurpreet Singh:
"For Sure we need 2 double decker buses hahahahaahah"
Dear Mourinho: NOBODY ELSE has conceded a goal these past 3 months either. 😂
Munkhbileg N
Munkhbileg N:
Pep impression gets me every time lol
Na Me
Na Me:
Those impressions are amazing dmy dude! Jurgens laugh is on point haha
As a Liverpool fan I got a good laugh out of Klopp saying “we’re not even thinking about winning the league” 😂
Rafael Jarrin
Rafael Jarrin:
Luksibukk Yeet
Luksibukk Yeet:
I like how he made Jurgens ringtone "we are the champions"
jack kelly
jack kelly:
"We need two double decker busses" 👍🤣
Sean Dyche impression was god-awful, although I nearly passed myself when I saw the beard 😂😂😂
Padraig O'Shea
Padraig O'Shea:
Little did we know man city would be in the champions league next year
MAZ 555
MAZ 555:
Hahah his Jose impressions are epic everytime wat a start...
Brogan Reilly
Brogan Reilly:
The scariest thing is when you do Jurgen you sound exactly like him and look just like him 🙌🏼😂
D T:
Love the crescendo of weirdness from OGS to Sean Dyche 😂
genci J
genci J:
We havent concedeed a goal in three months.Resprct.That is excactly what mourinho would say😂😂😂😂