President Biden addresses the nation after Afghanistan falls to Taliban — 8/16/21

President Joe Biden addresses the nation after Taliban fighters take over Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, and refugees attempt to flee the war-torn country.

Since President Joe Biden’s April decision to withdraw U.S. troops from Afghanistan before Sept. 11, the Taliban have made stunning battlefield advances with now the entirety of the nation of 38 million people under their control.

The rapid disintegration of Afghan security forces and the country’s government have shocked the world and led many to question how a collapse could happen so quickly after two decades of American nation-building and training efforts.

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President Biden addresses the nation after Afghanistan falls to Taliban — 8/16/21

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Can we just take a moment to appreciate that CNBC left the comment section open for discussion
Bot Boy1197
Bot Boy1197:
Finally a news source has some backbone and keeps the ratings/comments on
Shane Miller
Shane Miller:
Leaving Afghanistan was a great idea, but how we left was badly executed.
Peter Todorov
Peter Todorov:
Donald Trump : 2016 "Make America Great Again"
Joe Talibiden :2021 "Make Taliban Great Again"
I’ve seen a lot more attention on Trump in the media now that Biden’s failure is starting to show
Sorry to the families of soldiers who died in Afghanistan.
“The Party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command.”

― George Orwell, 1984
Harry S Plinkett
Harry S Plinkett:
Buzzfeed soon: 10 reasons why the Taliban is actually good for Afghanistan
Doug's semi-retired life
Doug's semi-retired life:
Holy cow how long is it going to take for our so-called leader to come out and give his speech
Jayden S
Jayden S:
Don’t underestimate the taliban! They’re stronger than we think and are getting smarter I think they have some people that originated in the US on there side which would really help in terms of intel and how to use things
Das atmende Klarsein
Das atmende Klarsein:
"It was never about democracy and nation-building." 20 years later, they admit it...
Kathleen Breon
Kathleen Breon:
Your speech is soooooo monalogue right now, I'm going to watch this speech to help me get to sleep at night.
And I have had trouble sleeping lately. Thanks to you, I'll get the best sleep ever. Thank you, Mr. President!
The old line "I've worked on this issue as long as anyone" that's his problem..correction ' Our problem '
the world is not enough
the world is not enough:
His greatest moment yet.
Noobly Sm
Noobly Sm:
Wow he did it without his reading glasses!! Good job biden
Chris Erwin
Chris Erwin:
Biden - We’re Pulling out!
Also Biden- I’m deploying 6,000 troops.
Kevin Funk
Kevin Funk:
Biden reading from the teleprompter is reminiscent of my father falling asleep while trying to read to me as a child.
PUBG Gaming Yt
PUBG Gaming Yt:
It's well said that we can't fight for betterment when they(Afghans) don't want it on their own
james cody
james cody:
the fact that in the first 3 minutes he says he doesn’t want to help afghanistan and it’s people build as a nation
A A:
USA: we trained 300,000 & equipped them incredibly.
Taliban: Thank you for your cooperation.
I appriciate the "how many foreign lives does it take." The situation there is very sad to see
Anthony Williams
Anthony Williams:
So glad I stayed out of politics 🙌 going back to caring about my life now 🥰
Marie Jacob
Marie Jacob:
Let's all take a moment to thank biden for this. Congrats bud all of the recognition goes to you..
Jeffrey Ostler
Jeffrey Ostler:
13:12 he corrects himself reading the teleprompter. This is the most human post of the speech. The rest of the video is him looking over the camerasman's right shoulder. Nonstop.
Vicky Thakur
Vicky Thakur:
Biden :- we never aimed for democracy and nation building
Taliban :- same
xhead 72
xhead 72:
If only we had a "Fighting Season" during the Revolutionary War!
Forrest Patterson
Forrest Patterson:
Meanwhile the Taliban watching this: woohoo our hero!!!! I love this guy
I scream fitness Dont tjek out muh Channel son
I scream fitness Dont tjek out muh Channel son:
It happend so fast even Biden Can still Remember it
ʚ| Hastar |ɞ
ʚ| Hastar |ɞ:
I Love How This Video Has More Dislikes Than Likes.
It Might Beat The Song Friday In Few Months, Hopefully
Biff Johnson
Biff Johnson:
O’Biden: “ We now await word from the Taliban on the safety of our people in Afghanistan” . Great job Joe.
vani vinayak
vani vinayak:
The U.S has left behind so much of highly sophisticated weapons , aircrafts and helicopters, that no other , group , nation can dare interfer6in Afghanistan to establish order in Afghanistan.
azra saeed
azra saeed:
A very humble request from Pakistan on fall of Kabul
“Dear America Do we need to “Do More” or It’s enough”
junaid ali
junaid ali:
Biden is a legend , a very positive leader with high qualities of denials hahhahhaha
sulaiman akhleken
sulaiman akhleken:
when you realize that replacing the fish with octupus was a mistake😂
“The taliban doesn’t *have* an Air Force!”
-Joe Biden

They do now! 😂
Remember the ad that said:
"Joe biden will always be your friend".
Leonardo Bigollo
Leonardo Bigollo:
"Spring fighting season..."
"Umm, Mr.Biden? It's almost autumn"
Michael Shumway
Michael Shumway:
Putin will tear us apart now a round of applause
Rachel Felipe
Rachel Felipe:
" we gave them every tool they would need"
- you sure did, great job!
Sad for the fallen soldiers who gave their life 💔
Rocky Milano
Rocky Milano:
He's clearly been hanging out in the sun. Without that tan he would look ready to visit a NYC old folks home
there’s no way this guy actually won, he if the most clueless guy ever
"wHaT dO yOu MaKe oF tHe PeOpLe cLiNgInG tO tHe AiRcRaFt!?" Modern journalism folks.
Cali Hayden
Cali Hayden:
I'm curious what everyone who voted for this man is thinking right now. He shouldn't be president, he needs help and in not being rude but serious. It's truly sad.
Korben Dallas
Korben Dallas:
I'm not upset that we pulled our troops out of Afghanistan. I'm upset about the way we pulled out.
F Bowen
F Bowen:
i agree if they not willing to fight there own fight we cant help them
King Khan
King Khan:
05:57 "American troops cannot and should not be fighting in a war and dying in a war that Afghan forces were not willing to fight for themselves"- Biden

Can't agree anymore
Danny Rivers
Danny Rivers:
There's never a good time to lose. There's a difference between leaving and losing. You literally lost the war in Afghanistan with whatever the hell you just did single handedly
Suncoast Industries
Suncoast Industries:
I call this the" run screaming" exit strategy
Caesars Cave
Caesars Cave:
They should put a Taliban leader on that podium, at least we’d hear some honesty and sense of strong leadership
Thebe Mokoena
Thebe Mokoena:
Ooh now US knows how to separate its goals in Afghanistan?
Lmao! Biden thought bubble: " Plausible deniability, not plausible accountability!"
Uttam Singh
Uttam Singh:
Well address from your point of view I understood that you want total evacuation of militant from Afghanistan you took right decision in right time.
handy hand
handy hand:
When you realize taliban can used social media platform but Trump was banned in those platform
Scott R
Scott R:
"If booty clapping is wrong, I don't want to be right" - Mohandas K. Gandhi
Daniel J
Daniel J:
He keeps arguing for a withdrawal which nobody is against. Save your breath, Joe. It’s the chaotic and bloody exit and backstabbing of our allies that you presided over. You’re strawmaning.
Nick Arnold
Nick Arnold:
Can't wait till the part where he turns his back and walks out with no questions
Skylar Williams
Skylar Williams:
God bless America 😭
Mouse Utopia Dystopia
Mouse Utopia Dystopia:
“We planned for every contingency…”
Jeff Jenkins
Jeff Jenkins:
Demand Cognitive test in public, no ear piece, no cue cards or teleprompter to give him the answers.
Vic Alexander
Vic Alexander:
As a Reagan Republican I admire you in your humanitarian efforts to protect the Afghanis who have been loyal to the United States of America -- Vic Alexander
Off The Grid
Off The Grid:
I have a whole new respect for Trump
20 years ago, it started with people jumping from buildings.

20 years later, it ends with people falling from planes.
BlaCK MaGe
BlaCK MaGe:
this speech needs Oblivion soundtrack
Pineapple Smoovey
Pineapple Smoovey:
This is what happens when you block a businessman because you were told not to like him and vote a career politician into office...
One of the greatest desicions in his presidency
secular jazba
secular jazba:
If we seek for help even by God then first we have to help ourselves.
Cool As A Moose
Cool As A Moose:
Baseball had Shoeless Joe.

The U.S.A. now has Clueless Joe.
John lp
John lp:
Joe I know someone who should have pulled out 70 something years ago. It's the way you did it man not what you did. Gonna be a long 3 more years.
we love joe biden٩( ˃̶͈̀௰˂̶͈́ )و
he MAGA! We love him乀(ˉεˉ乀)
Sara P
Sara P:
What about the thousands of Americans he left behind without military or embassy support??
Blake Williams
Blake Williams:
The level of incompetence, greed, corruption, and divide in our world today is mind boggling.
Maurizio Badalamenti
Maurizio Badalamenti:
I appreciate now if the joke:"Funny like the Italian army" could be changed in "Funny like the American army"
thank you sir for your interest in Afghanistan as they are the fallen nation and you will make them stand them. you are hero.
Hey is he reading the same speech as he did the other day? This is ground hog day all over again!
Chris B
Chris B:
Wow!!!! Like seriously, this guy clearly does not know he’s facts about when or why America went to Afghanistan, I can’t believe he’s president, people need to really do their own research, how sad times are
Jon R
Jon R:
Joe Biden: The Taliban does not have an Air Force.
Taliban: Thanks for donating us an Air Force Joe.
Richard Godwin
Richard Godwin:
On the issue of Afghanistan Biden seems dazed and confused.
Google keep asking me to change my name. sooo annoying.
Google keep asking me to change my name. sooo annoying.:
I think I actually agree partially with Joe I haven't yet finished watching the video. But trying to fight them again and again and again is just going to repeat the same history. Another war with the Taliban. At this point. If Taliban decides to harm people in US soil that's when we should blow them up to kingdom come. But until then let Taliban have that country. Yes it's sad that all the lives lost in the past were meant for nothing. But the dead can't speak and only the living can. I rather not have a war. Although any US equipment in Afghanistan should be rightfully returned to the US. What Biden needs to do is scare these terrorists that if they decide to mess with us. Then they will have no country. It's going to be like the bomb in Hiroshima all over again. Sure nuking people isn't humane but terrorists killing US citizens in US soil also isn't humane. Either get with the peace treaty and have precautions or eliminate them all.
Everytime Biden sees this 🙋‍♂️☝️ he runs🏃‍♂️ scared 😂
Emmanuel JESULOLA:
What a soulless speech!
Crystal Johnson
Crystal Johnson:
The point is....the 20 years of fallen Soldiers, lost limbs, trillions of dollars, broken families, and dead civilians....was a complete waste. That to me is gut wrenching.
simon burgess
simon burgess:
someone is reading out his speech through an earpiece.
Everton Wood
Everton Wood:
This speech aged very well. He actually looks wise with 7 months of hindsight.
I dont care why we pulled out it's how you did it! How hard is that to understand
Phil woodby
Phil woodby:
As always at the end of the speech is falling apart
How many times did he say that it was almost impossible for the Talibans (75,000 troops) to take over Afghanistan (300,00 troops) again?
Mullah Baksheesh
Mullah Baksheesh:
"Women are for children, boys are for pleasure."
---Afghan proverb
Meghann Robinson
Meghann Robinson:
I guess all of y’all calling him old don’t realize he is only 3 years older than Trump lol
virus Crona
virus Crona:
As known in history as the graveyard of Empire!!!
Backyard Full of Smoke
Backyard Full of Smoke:
I don’t believe one word that comes out of this guys mouth. He’s corrupt to his core. What a shame. He could have retired in a peaceful existence and be bouncing his grand children on his knee. But now that’s gone for him. He will go down as a total failure. 78 years old. And this is what he’ll be remembered for. Total Failure!
Sam Hawk
Sam Hawk:
Two countries with two different cultures cannot force each other to follow another, the best way is to find common terms for peace and education between those nations to establish tolerance and respect. Wars will never work
They didnt believe there could be a good end to this so they didnt even try!
Homerun Derby
Homerun Derby:
In another video, Biden said he had a basic decision to make. Basic decisions are not those that have an impact on millions of people.
100% agree with Biden.
Jodie Stone
Jodie Stone:
Can’t wait to see you sit down with the Taliban and talk to them about “humanitarian rights”.
Jeff Frear
Jeff Frear:
We're supposed to fight for those who can't fight for themselves that's what America is about
Ladd Moravek
Ladd Moravek:
According to Politico, the former president (Barack Obama) said: "Don't underestimate Joe's ability to f... things up." The dems need to wake up and help get rid of Biden and Harris
abhishek mukherjee
abhishek mukherjee:
Just imagine these trained 300000 soldiers take the side of Taliban and start taking their revenge
"And though the forest was shrinking, the trees kept voting for the axe, for the axe was clever and convinced the trees that since his handle was made of wood, he was one of them."