President Biden delivers remarks at news conference

President Biden delivers remarks prior to taking questions at a press conference marking one year since he took office.

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Ann Smith
Ann Smith:
Those who got a raise actually got a pay decrease with inflation.
Abernathy Darwin Dunlap
Abernathy Darwin Dunlap:
"Let's go Brandon. I agree."
- Joe Biden
Johnny B
Johnny B:
It's funny how once he became president we stopped seeing the dislikes. I'm pretty sure it's catastrophic at this point.
Michael J
Michael J:
“And the Taliban has NEVER been better armed. We left $85 BILLION in US weapons and equipment behind.” -President Brandon
Closing a business, pulling that job off the market, and then allowing them to reopen is not the same as creating jobs Joe.
Jeff Blake
Jeff Blake:
Real hard hitting questions, way to go press
Ronny VonAllmen
Ronny VonAllmen:
And exactly what are these 6.4 Million Jobs that have been Created?….Allowing People to return to Pre-Existing Jobs is Not Jobs Creation….
Anyone else here scared to death on how Biden is going to handle Russia?
Etheldra LePerrier
Etheldra LePerrier:
Over 10,000 views and only 94 “likes”.... of course YouTube had to shut off the “dislike” count. 🤣
Jay bird2963
Jay bird2963:
National embarrassment! Let’s go Brandon!!!
Bradford Gauthier
Bradford Gauthier:
None of this is tethered to reality. It’s magnificent
He did the same act thing he did in his last “press conference”. Gave out pre approved answers to pre approved questions from pre approved reporters. It’s sickening. And embarrassing.
Chris Green
Chris Green:
Yeah we got a raise but what about inflation and the tax enforcement plan that will almost solely target small businesses and lower middle class? You lost me Joe.
Norma Paris
Norma Paris:
Let’s go Brandon!
Joe Ford
Joe Ford:
Funny he takes credit for supply chain. Dude never worked in the real world!
Steven Stauff
Steven Stauff:
Let's go Brandon!!
The man's obvious discomfort would have bothered me once upon a time. Now, I think it's great. FJB.
Aubrey P
Aubrey P:
PBS labeled it a "rare news conference" and there's a reason for that. This entire q&a sounds very scripted and rehearsed.
Joan Lozier
Joan Lozier:
Let’s go Brandon!
The most obvious liar we've ever had... sad
Let's go Brandon!
J Y:
This like-dislike ratio gives me faith in humanity
Thank you so much for the increased gas prices. I didnt know what to do with the change from a hundred dollar bill when filling my tank. Now thats not an issue. I'm also grateful for the cost of feeding my family. I dont have a problem fitting $300 worth of groceries in my refridgerator anymore. You have even helped those poor guys in the taliban. They now have plenty of weapons to force their oppression upon women and their neighbors. Way to go joe. You are a president that has brought comedy to every other nation in the world. They now have someone to laugh at. You are a huge joke. People please restore our great nation to its former glory. I hope you are paying attention to the crimes commited by this man and his lackeys (pelosi,schiff etc.) against our country.
jc jp
jc jp:
W T H....LGB..this bumlin fool totally off the rails...How some can ignore this is BEYOND.
Charles M Blakley
Charles M Blakley:
Im a poor person that gets SSI once a month,
Im paralyzed from the waist down and I have had my legs cut off due to complications, I receive $1,057 once a month, I've had no substantial raise mr. President so I'm asking you how do you expect me to make it on today's economy with what I draw a month
Ted Choy Foo
Ted Choy Foo:
Guess the dressed up press was absent minded about the southern border issues 👎
But are we moving toward a time when government won’t “disrupt our daily lives?”
Scarlet Loom
Scarlet Loom:
It's so very disturbing how easily he lies to the American people.
Very disturbing.
Jack Hammond
Jack Hammond:
Wow! Amazing growth over pre-pandemic rates or Very poor over Government forced closure of business.
Kwang Nam
Kwang Nam:
Free test kits and free tests??? How nice of Joe to foot the bill!! He is my hero!!! Wait… it’s with my tax dollars and my grandkids will be paying for it??
He probably really believes what he read.
Rustin Cole_W
Rustin Cole_W:
The most pathetic Vice President of all time ... He is just a puppet. Truly pathetic.
Steve Lucky
Steve Lucky:
I appreciate the “free Covid tests” but how are we paying for these “free lunches?” Borrowing money? Coming out of Social Security? New taxes? Printing money like we’re the Weimar Republic (Germany) in the 1920s?
Hangar2Nut Hangar2Nut
Hangar2Nut Hangar2Nut:
He keeps pushing this high speed internet and internet access for people when already 93% of adults in the United States have internet access. We’re number one in the world with internet providers
your beth fren
your beth fren:
Let’s go Brandon 🇺🇸
Big time AL
Big time AL:
“My fellow Americans, today we uh…anyways..”—joe Biden
Monique Davis
Monique Davis:
Is it time to vote yet?! I am over this!!!
Can they bring back dislike button please?
Patrick LoPiccolo
Patrick LoPiccolo:
Allowing businesses to reopen doesn't count as creating jobs
He should have taken a cue from Gerald Ford and given the honest and direct statement of: "The state of the union is not good".
Michael Kohlhaas
Michael Kohlhaas:
*Let's go Brandon!*
rafael ospina
rafael ospina:
Let’s go Brandon, FJB!
Mark Baker
Mark Baker:
We got a raise just in time to watch the cost of living to go up to a degree that it defeats the point of getting a raise.
Look at all of the hate comments for this creep. I would really like to see the dislike button come back!
Moe Garrison
Moe Garrison:
Impeach Now ,Harris Too
T Shull
T Shull:
Let's go Brandon
John Brown
John Brown:
Come on fellas…The press asked some really tough questions today like…”what flavor ice cream did you have for lunch?” Did you put sprinkles on it?”.
Gilbert Caldwell
Gilbert Caldwell:
Let’s go Brandon!
Mandy Lion
Mandy Lion:
I used to believe that you could not be evil AND stupid at the same time... after watching this... I stand corrected.
Did he say we got a raise? Did that seriously just happen? I’m home with my son this week because, guess what, his school is shut down.
Liberty Outdoor Adventures
Liberty Outdoor Adventures:
Hes such a gifted speaker, even more so now that he has dementia lmmfao. LETS GO BRANDON!!!!!
Ramón Orlando
Ramón Orlando:
A year of complete and utter failure sir! He hides most of the time, comes out what once or twice a year to lie lmao
David Caunter
David Caunter:
“Enormous progress” apparently means skyrocketing inflation, skyrocketing crime rates, CRT, the border crisis, the Covid crisis, the botched withdrawal from Afghanistan and now supply chain shortages. Congratulations!
I wear my T-Shirt 👕 proudly
“ LET’S GO BRANDON “ !!!!!
Bradley Riles
Bradley Riles:
They edited out the best parts in which he slurs his speech and has fits of rage.
Big Beane62
Big Beane62:
"and he provides that no one will be able to buy or to sell, except the one who has the mark, either the name of the beast or the number of his name."

Revelation 13:17
Naseem Isan
Naseem Isan:
Went from a guy who cant speak to a guy who cant speak haha well played 👏
Randall Savage
Randall Savage:
Amazing how every comment section of any video concerning him rips this clown to pieces. One would hope that at some point he just goes away and never returns. The Dems have completely screwed the country even with their big loss on the filibuster vote.
Joseph Jones
Joseph Jones:
That shuffling automaton almost (but not quite) resembles a conscious human. Artificial Intelligence (the only kind of intelligence exhibited by DemonRatics, and then only sporadically) has made great strides since Jan 20, 2021.
Duke Makedo
Duke Makedo:
He's not capable of straight talk. He tries to sell. By default, I don't trust what he says. He strives for image more than effectiveness.
President Brandon could probably hide his own Easter 🐣 eggs!
Let’s go Brandon
Viral TikToks
Viral TikToks:
We always thought what it would be like to have $500 dollar worth of food in our refrigerator. Now we know what it’s like thanks to joe😂
Inflation is crazy also in Europe.
Brian phillips
Brian phillips:
there’s more than one way to get around the community guide lines!😂
Stu baker
Stu baker:
It's like watching a comedy 😂
Muscle Maniac
Muscle Maniac:
"Lets go Brandon", come on everybody, say it.
Armando Radd
Armando Radd:
Thank you President Brandon for giving those snakes (the Russians) permission to invade Ukraine!!
Just in the month of November 4.8 million people quit their jobs. One month! He is crazy.
There're 222 people liked his speech, I'm wondering how many people watched and disliked it?
Brittney Sherman
Brittney Sherman:
What's going on am I alone here, this is my 13th reason I feel crazy bc people are actually agreeing with him! We are doomed
Email Email
Email Email:
He keeps selling the incentives to build back better. You don't here him say the American people agree that the IRS should audit your bank accounts to tax you more. This guy is the worst.
Those who got a raise may have moved into a higher tax bracket and are still unable to maintain their previous lifestyle, thanks, Joey
highest inflation ever
10 years ago
10 years ago:
2:18 because of you sir😂😂😂
Nicholas Roberts
Nicholas Roberts:
Let's go Brandon!
Rowena Smith
Rowena Smith:
He's reading a prompter and he's doing it badly.
bee Cee
bee Cee:
Let's go Brandon pos
liz liz
liz liz:
Why I don't feel that progress when I go to the gas station
Rachael Dennis
Rachael Dennis:
It’s terrifying when he says “get vaccinated please” 😳😳
he forgot to mention getting out of Afghanistan, and defeating the mandate!
Godson Newnew
Godson Newnew:
Great job Joe....46....
David Knapp
David Knapp:
What would happen in a full scale nuclear war? Besides the immediate destruction of cities by nuclear blasts, the potential aftermath of a nuclear war could involve firestorms, a nuclear winter, widespread radiation sickness from fallout, and/or the temporary (if not permanent) loss of much modern technology due to electromagnetic pulses.
Joe was sharp as a tack, great smile 😁 💯
11,300 Views and only 100 likes. The real reason why youtube got rid of the dislike button.
I hope 81 million "people" are pleased with the decision they made on Nov. 4, 2020.
Alex Konez
Alex Konez:
It's never going to end
Heidi Campbell
Heidi Campbell:
Let’s go Brandon! #FJB
So the lower 40% got a raise, & now have to endure the highest inflation rate in 40 years. That is called a net loss.
Charles M Blakley
Charles M Blakley:
If the cove at the shot for covid really worked why is it we have to take booster after booster after booster, when will the madness ever end, I don't believe it will be on your watch mr. President
Mike Texas
Mike Texas:
God that was embarrassing. He literally calls on people with predetermined questions and answers, and doesn't even try to hide it. HOW could you people vote for this?!
James B
James B:
Let’s Go Brandon!
Aloe Richards
Aloe Richards:
The farm houses used to hold the farm workers should not be used. If people get a work through any programs pay them well let rent houses and go to work freely as you would hope for oneself.
Health insurance is not only
3x higher, we have also lost coverages
Mark G
Mark G:
14k views, 120 likes. I’m dying to see what the dislike number is. Thanks YouTube for censoring….. 🙄
Lee Walter
Lee Walter:
Smaller government is the answer to our problems today...........
Didn’t he say there wasn’t a vaccine when he took office, now he says 2 million were vaccinated…. Must be the dementia 🤣🤣
Konstantin Nikiforov
Konstantin Nikiforov:
"happy to take questions.." and the video ends on this phrase.... interesting
First Last
First Last:
Staged presser, with rehearsed pre approved question. Let's go Brandon.
Anthony Taylor
Anthony Taylor:
I'm.a democrat and he has the nerve to talk about jobs and these businesses are suffering because they have help wanted signs in every frickin window? Did he address that? I swear all of the folks that talk y'all.into voting for him must go first one is James clyburn in south Carolina . Chuck Schumer . Nancy pelosi .and on the other side Mitch McConnell Lindsey graham and others have been there too long we need term limits ASAP
Michael keys
Michael keys:
I will believe him when I get my check for 8000 for childcare back in my bank
Space Ghost
Space Ghost:
Never thought I’d say this but can we get trump back?
Let's go Brandon.