Hear from Jose Mourinho as he addressed the media ahead of Tottenham Hotspur's UEFA Champions League clash against Olympiacos.

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Michael Fedrix
Michael Fedrix:
Football Heritage
Football Heritage:
José will manage more UCL games just tomorrow than Unai Emery has managed in his whole Arsenal career
Ifiok Udofia
Ifiok Udofia:
"Give me time to work with these boys, and we will face any team,"
I love this man!
Caspean Sea
Caspean Sea:
Don't worry Spurs. Champions League is Jose's natural habitat.
Bonny Bonny
Bonny Bonny:
Not a spurs fan but I see Jose I must watch. He is the only Manager remaining who speaks directly from the heart.
Ogbeide Kelvin
Ogbeide Kelvin:
I'm here because of Jose and gradually getting addicted to this channel. From a UNITED fan!
Gurdeep Singh
Gurdeep Singh:
As a United fan i really wish him success. Tottenham is a very good team and is going to be even better than before with this man.
Derick Okereke
Derick Okereke:
Guys just imagine Jose winning the champion league with Tottenham. 🤔🤔🤔🤔
The Humble One
The Humble One:
I'm a simple man, I see Jose I click a video.
Yusuf S
Yusuf S:
Jose brings thousands of fans whereever he goes , spurs has more fans today than before jose comes
Karthik Narayan
Karthik Narayan:
Jose: Talking about how Spurs can become better and win trophies

Meanwhile at Arsenal,

*Good Ebening*
Sakil Habib
Sakil Habib:
Football is incomplete without Jose.
02 24
02 24:
Became emotional again when he talked about Poch..Mou respects the high status of Poch at Tottenham so thank you Mou! You earn our respect as well
Big Smoke
Big Smoke:
I hope jose knows that the fans love him
Jose Mourinho had Ronaldo at Real Madrid.

Now he has SONALDO at Tottenham.

CL 2020 here we come.
Olubunmi Olugbemi
Olubunmi Olugbemi:
Now I'm always looking forward to watching Spurs matches. Good to have Jose back. Spurs suits him more than mufc. They have more focused players and club has clearer direction than proud reds.
Mou wasn't the problem at United, Man Utd. WAS the problem. Have fun at the Europa League guys
Jack Knipe
Jack Knipe:
DEC 4th. OLE Vs Jose.
Mourinho could get his revenge and beat the man who replaced him at United. Subsequently making Ole get the sack. The Irony.
I'm a united fan and now i find myself listening to everything related to Tottenham because of Jose
Pedro Magalhães
Pedro Magalhães:
" getting to the final its a great achievement...but its not history, history is to win "
Orgulho portugues-Portuguese pride.
Hope he will do good things at Tottenham.
I'm Portuguese and I live literally cross the road from the new white hart lane N17
fcdh 070
fcdh 070:
"Reaching the FINAL in Champions league isn't part of history winning it, is!" Jose Mourinho,
Serial winner 🏆⚪️
Bernardo Mateus
Bernardo Mateus:
"only me and him know what we talked about.... and amazon"

someone dikushi
someone dikushi:
We love Tottenham and the special one
Erhan Aksu
Erhan Aksu:
11:56 Absolutely fearless, I love it. That's the mentality we need if we're gonna win a trophy this year.
Marky Rob
Marky Rob:
So glad to have him here at Tottenham. He will win us things for sure.
Jack Rizal
Jack Rizal:
Jose Mourinho. Track record speak by itself. His passion towards winning really admirable. SPURS will not regret but will benefit from his contribution. Poch is good but Mourinho is different class. #COYS#PASSION
Saikou Saidy
Saikou Saidy:
Mourinho is a winner, happy for Tottenham and all the best
Naheem Essop
Naheem Essop:
Spurs are the most interesting club in the world right now.
Arell Mathias
Arell Mathias:
Guys welcome to the Mourinho era 🙏
Joey Yap
Joey Yap:
Lots of weird questions and require bundle of patience to answer them sincerely 🤔...
Biff Grimes.
Biff Grimes.:
Jose really gets it, l am so pleased he's our manager oh yes OUR manager . COYS
Im REAAAAAAAAAAAALLY liking Jose's attitude at the moment seems re-born! but still miss Poch! #ThankYouPoch
progyan das
progyan das:
This channel has never been recommended to me .
Suddenly post Mourinho ,now Hotspur is more active than ever
ayatollah ferkah
ayatollah ferkah:
Tottenham's Amazon documentary will be box office
Tony Mission
Tony Mission:
I used to hate this wonderful person. Smh
Silchas Ruin
Silchas Ruin:
Back The Manager
heaven d a
heaven d a:
Sorry Zlatan, massive respect, but Harry’s here!
Anns Mahboob
Anns Mahboob:
Guess what? We are all back here for the special one. This is exactly what happened when Ronaldo joined Juventus. The clubs were good before their arrivals but these celebrities bring the clubs into Mainstream spotlight.
Moh Syahril
Moh Syahril:
I like Jose Mourinho
David Ong
David Ong:
MU did not deserve JM. JM in MU was like throwing diamonds among swine.
For the first time in years i'm watching press conferences, and its cause jose's at TOTTENHAM :)))
Okay lads, I am warming to him.
Edo Prince
Edo Prince:
lol never thought i'd see the day i'd watch a random tottenham champions league match
Max Kisseh
Max Kisseh:
To arrive in the final is an incredible achievement, but its not history. History is win.
JM is full of sense meeehn. I love him. COYS ✊
Miguel Angelo
Miguel Angelo:
“Reaching the finals is not history, history is win.” The special one is back!
Doddy BJ
Doddy BJ:
Zlatan, Etoo : Jose is a great coach n great man...

Drogba : I'd kill for Jose...

Matterazzi : ... (cry on Jose's move away from Inter)...
Jack Paddon
Jack Paddon:
I love Jose he will take us to victory
PES Polishboy44
PES Polishboy44:
The special one best Manager in the world
Robinson Ayuk
Robinson Ayuk:
This guy knows all details of all past games and timings . What an IQ
Jude Chauhan
Jude Chauhan:
"Only me, Eriksen and Amazon know"
Martin P. Li
Martin P. Li:
The Very Special One!!
Tottenham is a team made up of people with such amazing potential, they are a real team who love the game and have a really great friendship together as a team! Jose will definitely bring out tottenhams biggest potential, I think that he sees the way Dele and Son click together and will do something with them, make them a deadly duo.
John Setiadi
John Setiadi:
tottenham will be UK's inter milan.
jason garcia
jason garcia:
I never followed a club, I followed this man!
Glenn Mk4
Glenn Mk4:
He can come but not tonight lol the players won’t be there haha 😂
Kenny Khandka
Kenny Khandka:
27:59 didn't expect the last line to give me goosebumps.
Callum Sturt
Callum Sturt:
Mourinho’s respect towards Poch makes me so much more comfortable with him in charge.
Nathaniel Karuno
Nathaniel Karuno:
Big fan of Jose 💯
From Kenya 🇰🇪
Michael Smith
Michael Smith:
THANK YOU jose for shutting down the Zlatan rumors
Nyx The Fool
Nyx The Fool:
Jose mentioning amazon so early makes it clear he’s holding back in some aspects 👀
Balearic Blazer
Balearic Blazer:
Watching Jose press conferences are so engaging. The calmness is something I never expected.. I really hope that will rub off on the players. COYS!!
Ameya Bhujbal 77
Ameya Bhujbal 77:
Not a spurs fan but here for jose
Here we are again, boys

Just following every camera appearance by Mourinho 😅
Would be nice to start seeing Parrott on the bench to occasionally come on for 20 minutes here and there, huge potential. Would be such a shame if we got rid of him.
Andy Jang
Andy Jang:
I bet Mourinho watched the movie, the pursuit of happiness
Noah Soukovelos
Noah Soukovelos:
Big respect for how he speaks about maurizio
Rodrigo D. Monkey
Rodrigo D. Monkey:
I’m a simple man ! I see Mourinho, i click.
Ryu Y
Ryu Y:
Hello,Im Japanese people.
Could you put on English subtitles for us,Japanese people who are bad at listening English.🙇 I would like to enjoy your videos!!!
Mannan iqbal
Mannan iqbal:
Imagine the scenes if he wins ucl this year
Autopoietic Learning
Autopoietic Learning:
Jose Mourinho has turned more humble :)
tamir adnani
tamir adnani:
Sir Mourinho is successful coach.
Chhan Chhana
Chhan Chhana:
I'm a *Kop* . And now i can't stop following Tottenham because of this Legend.
Aditya Kanungo
Aditya Kanungo:
More Jose content. 💙😍
Rish 22
Rish 22:
27k in 4 hours
Mou has more fans than existing spurs fans
Jose, really sounds like a changed person. The game and victory is for the boys. Hmmm that ain't the old Mourinho. The team first before the coach..
I have been calling for Jose for a while now, my wife said he won’t come because he use to manage the chavs and also levy won’t sack Poch, how wrong was she, not gonna lie, I couldn’t stand Jose but he is a trophy man and we need trophies, I can see the glory coming back to the lane.........COYS
Ethan Israeli
Ethan Israeli:
Only me Erikson and Amazon lol 😂
Caspean Sea
Caspean Sea:
Jose once said "when we are in quarter finals, we could smell finals."
Thabo Moretsele
Thabo Moretsele:
Specialist in power of speech, his a complete genius
Ad Min
Ad Min:
So nobody will talk about the diamond capped bottle on the left?
Nkeonye Joseph Ifeanyi
Nkeonye Joseph Ifeanyi:
I can see Tottenham Hotspur winning the champions league
jose big fan 🙋🏻‍♂️
from somalia❤🇸🇴🙏
Сергей Чекулаев
Сергей Чекулаев:
Another episode of my favourite show
Odd set
Odd set:
Damm he has grown so much since the united time. When he was there it was all about him and that he had won so much but now it`s about the players again and that he wants to help them which makes him the special one again.
Kim Richard
Kim Richard:
"History is a win"
He is very reasonable person. I want to see his team won a champs cup.
X T C:
We support wherever you are. 😎
hehe xd
hehe xd:
Every time i hear jose talk, i am happy.
T Y:
Blue suits him greatly💙😔
It’s been days and I still can’t swallow the fact that this man is the new Tottenham manager
Son!! 다치지말고 한골 부탁해요!!🙏🏻😄
Jose acknowledging how loud the spurs fans were at west ham
Bannau Brycheiniog
Bannau Brycheiniog:
This feels like Tottenham Hotspurs time at last, Everything is now in place, everything, just a few tweaks to the team needed, if Spurs blow this then I fear for the future.
H A:
Give me time and I'll go to any stadium, any big team. Not afraid -Mourinho
Highgate Handyman
Highgate Handyman:
Radical move to sign him but exciting times therefore.
abhilash jena
abhilash jena:
No manager in this world has the mojo that José has. Coming from an arsenal fan.
Spurs fan now, let's go.
Siyincaba Dube
Siyincaba Dube:
Spurs lost in the finals last championships against liverpool. Spurs is a strong team just needed jose in it to get one or two cups. Jose has rearranged the middle field and front all attacking spurs will beat united and many clubs. United attacking side was weak as to spurs attacking side and i am sure jose will be happy with Son and kane with deli ali and lucas. Jose has a great spurs team than united because the spurs players are fighters they play hard and go all the way..with jose being there he is brought in to do a little touch up and get the boys to win...believe me spurs is so good That it needed a great manager..jose was looking for a team like spurs in After chelsea but ended with the deadwood united that he got winning a few cups. Spurs has great players and just never understood why they lost...even if jose where to bring in 3 more great talents spurs will be on fire..
Aaron Johnson
Aaron Johnson:
What a Boss! This man is a Legend.
Emy Emyik
Emy Emyik:
God must deliver for Tottenham through Jose. M.