Preston North End 1-3 Manchester United - FA Cup Fifth Round | Goals & Highlights

In the end it was two goals in five minutes that proved that proved the difference between Premier League and League One, as Manchester United edged Preston North End by 3-1.
But as Louis van Gaal’s men flew into a quarter final tie against Arsenal, it was far from plane-sailing at Deepdale for the eleven-time FA Cup winners.

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Maulana Ibnu Sabil
Maulana Ibnu Sabil:
Only LVG can make Preston play like Real Madrid
Vibhansh Gupta
Vibhansh Gupta:
And people say “Van Gaal should’ve been given more time”
I remember this game. I was so furious that we had to play our first team in this game.
These were dark times
Callum Crawford
Callum Crawford:
I can see how people would think that rooney was offside for the first goal. However, he is not in the goalies line of sight, and did not interfere with play, hence the goal rightly stood. And the penalty could have gone either way. Yes there was no contact, but it was reckless by the goalkeeper. And anyone who thought Fellaini committed a foul for his goal are really clutching at straws. He simply outmuscles the Preston defender. Football is a physical sport. And whoever is going on about how we had to "cheat" to beat a League One club, every other big side has either struggled or been turfed out by a lesser team i.e. Chelsea 2-4 Bradford
Preston North End legend...🙌
As a football fan that was a world class dive by Rooney
George Green
George Green:
10 out of 10 to Rooney for the dive.
Ihab Ammoury
Ihab Ammoury:
Who's here after the coronavirus outbreak no football matches, just watching old football matches
China Man
China Man:
watching this game compared to the recent friendly between Man Utd vs Man City, it's so refreshing to see a Man Utd side that actually attacks.
brilliant dive by rooney, that's something you don't see very often (from him anyway, more surprised it wasn't young or valencia)
Arief Faisal
Arief Faisal:
Wazza looked sharp in this season’s kit
I would have ruled United's first goal out, for off-side. While Rooney doesn't touch the ball or block the keepers line of sight, he does distract the keeper. Arguably it's the keepers fault though, as Rooney merely moved a foot. So the referee shouldn't get too much stick, was a 50/50 decision.

I think the United penalty decision was correct. The keeper goes for a slide tackle, misses the ball which forces Rooney to jump over him. The upon landing, Rooney catches the ground. Regardless of whether he hit the ground with his foot on purpose or not, it was a foul.

With a better keeper it could have been 1-1.
Football Magix
Football Magix:
A team with Di Maria, Falcao, Rooney, Van Persie, Schweinsteiger etc. It's a shame much potential didn't work out.
Great character by Manchester United! Was up against it when 1-0 down. 
Hamza Abdi
Hamza Abdi:
Van gaal always use to make the players go towards the fans at the end. Classy manager man.
Haha, people making it out to be the ref was in our favour when the most blatant second yellow in football history was not given to PNE. Fucking come on United!
Jake Fletcher
Jake Fletcher:
Amazing Preston north end game
Jackson Lam
Jackson Lam:
Back when Rooney was still quick before getting injured again....
Ricky Paul
Ricky Paul:
After Bruno's Brace vs Brighton this looks pretty dark times.
Can you believe it? We had De Gea, Herrera, Di Maria, Rooney, Depay and Falcao. Imagine if they stayed and had Wan Bissaka, Maguire, Shaw/Williams, Fred, Mctominay, Martial, Rashford and Bruno around them.
I'm a utd fan and I was really pissed off that we needed crap referee decisions to beat a league 1 team
How does van gaal expect to get into champ league next year?
I certainly don't
Alright. Here's my view on it. For the first United goal. The law states that if he doesn't touch the ball, the goal can still be called back if he makes a distracting movement or is in the goalies line of sight. Rooney was definitely not in the goalies line of sight, and I dont think moving your left leg back to try and get out of the way of being off side is a distracting movement at all. Purely the goalies fault for not diving. He never should of hesitated because if it had hit Rooney it would've been offside. Sorry but that's true. The goalie didn't even see Rooeny until he plotted the flight of the ball, and should've been able to save it easily. Poor keeping. The second goal was fine. The third United goal was a penalty and I'll tell you why. The law states that a direct free kick should be awarded for multiple other offenses OTHER THAN contact. That includes reckless force. When the goalie came charging out, two feet in the tackle, it's enough for the referee to deem it reckless force and give the penalty, despite minimal contact. I think had the goalie gone in hands first it would've been different, but he didn't.
Herbee Ground
Herbee Ground:
We had good players with the right manager thy wud hv done good
Kieran Ingram
Kieran Ingram:
2:09 that was a foul
Also Martin Tyler is super biased. Goes completely quiet when we score come on now
Rare footage of Falcao on his feet.
How did we almost lose to Preston
The keeper didn't say nothing about Rooney until it was in so...
Plane sailing??? The phrase is plain sailing!!
manchester united well done
Hisashi Ackerman
Hisashi Ackerman:
I don't understand why this pops up on my recommendation every single day
Miss wazza though, what a player
Hanindita Budhi
Hanindita Budhi:
Whos here after United lost against Middlesbrough 😁😂
I'm a Manchester United fan but clearly Preston North End was robbed by poor officiating. 
Thomas Wayland
Thomas Wayland:
5:02 was that a dive?
Gwak Gwak 9000
Gwak Gwak 9000:
Oh I forgot Falcao used to play for Man United...
Ethan Hardy
Ethan Hardy:
What a Goal Feliner
Imran Khan
Imran Khan:
Didn't know Preston had Stone Roses as there entrance song 😃
Amarthya Chandar
Amarthya Chandar:
Wasn't that a dive from Wazza? 😂
Humain Ahmed
Humain Ahmed:
Why is his game always on my recommended page?????
Mick Mars
Mick Mars:
Why on earth am I being recommended a this game today as if I would ever even want to remember it
Freshly Made
Freshly Made:
Anyone notice the steward get hit in the head with a bottle when ander scores at 3:00 on the right of the goal
Jév Ç. Hüñçhø
Jév Ç. Hüñçhø:
The banter times
Indra Windiardi
Indra Windiardi:
I remember this. Van Gaal made vs PNE like vs Real Madrid
James Dawson
James Dawson:
Surely recommended could have suggested a bit more of a classic than this...
Red Devils
Red Devils:
I love Manchester United :D:D
If under the current laws Rooney is deemed as not interfering for United's first goal, then the laws need a serious review.
Hafrooney Lijalem
Hafrooney Lijalem:
Rooney <3> Herrera!!
Scott Taylor
Scott Taylor:
Where in your video suggestions is the clip of Readings superb win at Derby? U've got clips of the other games.
Lillywhites tv pne fan
Lillywhites tv pne fan:
wow 🤩 what scenes when preston scored
manchester united when they thay was noisy when thay scored
pierrane suh
pierrane suh:
Manchester United will take the FA Cup this year 2020
Alexandre Trad
Alexandre Trad:
Nice pitch
Muhammad Danial Rafid
Muhammad Danial Rafid:
6:50 daley blind?😂
Ben elite
Ben elite:
Why does Rooney get a yellow card and he gets a pen?
Players from those times: smalling jones rojo DEGEA SHAW

Players who shouldn't have been sold:
Blind Rooney Herrera
HAHAHA i can rmb after this, rooney got invited to the wwe cos of a wrestler(forgot the name, was a british wrestler) not happy about him diving for a penalty and from then on it was pure entertainment in the ring
The Saviour
The Saviour:
6:48 Blind is Preston player!!
Alan Costa
Alan Costa:
In 1898 United would lost of 5 - 0
I'm Preston born and bred, Man-U should be ashamed of themselves for how they played against us. Completely pissed all over the sport against a team they should easily have beaten without diving
Fortune Football
Fortune Football:
I came here because of Very hd pic who else?😂😂😂👊👊👊
Ryan G
Ryan G:
if Rooney didn't dive he'd have a broken ankle it was dangerous and reckless and definitely a penny 
Encik Hamri
Encik Hamri:
GWS Fellaini
Marios Dem
Marios Dem:
How can you not watch the video when the thumbnail is so cool
Will Parker
Will Parker:
I love Man United but boy do I miss the days when Fergie could field a B team and still win these matches. This is arguably the best XI they could have fielded without Carrick and they barely deserved the win. Between the Rooney dive, the possible foul on the Fellaini goal and the Valencia give away I could easily see Preston winning this 2-1.
Aj 247
Aj 247:
Yeah we were the invincible in 1888-1889 now we are more like the mid-tables barely staying away from relegation
It was 1 nil to pne because man utd cheated
Dan Best
Dan Best:
All Preston know is set pieces and long ball
Kate A
Kate A:
rooney the diving ogre
Beka Ergashev
Beka Ergashev:
Руни красавчик
whats the chant at the start of the match? 0:30
After Solsjkaer anyone?
Dylan Howley
Dylan Howley:
Rooney is a cheat for diving in the match
Jack Handsley
Jack Handsley:
Phil dowd loved united
It's sad how so many people still don't get the offside rule, but comment as confidently as if they wrote the rulebook.
Renaldi Anggraeni
Renaldi Anggraeni:
that was onside.
Peterhamza lowe
Peterhamza lowe:
closed two goals realiy
Aaron Aamir
Aaron Aamir:
left with just degea from this squad
Young is actually good!
Andre Elle
Andre Elle:
Grayson with some hairs left...
Thumbnail looks like FIFA
If Bojan's goal vs arsenal was disallowed surely the first united goal should be?
Abhishek Nikam
Abhishek Nikam:
which song / chant are they singing at the start?
Miss Wazza
Everton Rodrigues
Everton Rodrigues:
Why is there a Preston player without number and name on his back?
I had a twitchy ass till the man with the afro scored...just hope Van Gaal doesn't bring out another dossier to prove Rooney didn't dive. Because he has nothing to prove, Rooney didn't dive.
Nedeljko Djukic
Nedeljko Djukic:
First manutd goal - offside, second - foul, third - it can be a foul if there's no contact at all, because the tackle is too dangerous, but rooney could've stayed on his feet. He decided a dive is much better option. At least it wasn't ashley young this time...
Ryan Pinkham
Ryan Pinkham:
Does the ref yellow card wazza
Aslam muhtarom
Aslam muhtarom:
dimaria rooney falcao trio legends
Find the mistake in the description
Will Owen
Will Owen:
Deep dale?
momo baba
momo baba:
flopcao versus sunday league. LOL.
Fortune Football
Fortune Football:
I came here because of Very hd pic who else?😂😂😂👊👊👊
Charvis Raghavan
Charvis Raghavan:
Ayuub abdullahi
Ayuub abdullahi:
am man united fans
Nazim Uddin
Nazim Uddin:
Bocah 90'an
Bocah 90'an:
1.23 why has that guy not got his name at the back of hid dhirt
Muhammad Assegaf
Muhammad Assegaf:
tobatlah saudara - saudaraku
Samuel Jeavons
Samuel Jeavons:
Bee Elliott
Bee Elliott:
He absolutely dove. He wasn't the first and won't be the last, many great players have take a dive. Happens. Many shite players have also taken a dive. And some more than others, Rooney doesn't dive that often and im a liverpool fan. Watching suarez the last 4 seasons I believe he was more inclined to spill over. that being said, I still hate his guts
Ali alzeidi
Ali alzeidi:
يا الله