Previously on the Premier League... | 2019/20 season recap | Uncut | AD

On this week’s episode of Uncut, David and Rambo discuss the story of the Premier League so far this season (2019/20). The pair talk through Liverpool and Manchester City competing for the title, newly-promoted Sheffield United soaring up the table, the relegation battle and loads more!

What’s been your favourite moment of the season so far? Let us know in the comments.

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Premier League
Premier League:
What’s been your favourite moment of the season so far?
This is literally just an ad for Fifa 20
Ben Bray
Ben Bray:
When Chelsea beat Tottenham at Tottenham and at home
Rick Bloemers
Rick Bloemers:
xbox: Rickerd23, loved the vid and my favourite moment will be tomorrow when the premier league will be back!
The card I would like to have is 97 TOTSSF Salah
Alex Correia
Alex Correia:
Console: Xbox One
Gamertag: TSM Korea1
Love the series! Keep em coming!
HJ 99
HJ 99:
United's double win Vs city🤙👌🔥
Statistics Africa
Statistics Africa:
Please Stay Safe! And Stay Updated. Have all The Data.
The Football Guy
The Football Guy:
VVD he is amazing I would love him in my team and it’s great that you guys are doing a giveaway and giving back to your fans 🙏🙏👍👍minimahrez Xbox
Abdul Ghani Sahib
Abdul Ghani Sahib:
Nick pope must be England's Number 1
He's had a better season than Pickford and he's more reliable.

(Looking forward for 93 richarlison🙏)

Love from India
Квентін Авм
Квентін Авм:
I would like rashford cause he's my favourite player and for the gamer tag: Xcodegamer2000 - ps4
Would love to get some items dropped into my team! Gamer tag: WiseAfroDude2 Console: Xbox 1
Rohan Fernandes
Rohan Fernandes:
when leicester beat saints 0-9
Sotiris King
Sotiris King:
GT: Sooty5063 - Loved this great for the football community to show highlights from all different teams!
Tom Ngata
Tom Ngata:
Console: PS4
richard fitz
richard fitz:
Has to be Greenwood for me
Hes unreal
Xbox X Gaming
Xbox X Gaming:
I’ve got a full prem team and most tots from Liverpool, I would love to hear mane, salah or VVD in there
Arnav Ahuja
Arnav Ahuja:
Console: ps4
Gamer tag: ahujaarnav11
I think the best moment of the season was when Chelsea did the double over spurs
Isaac Tremblay
Isaac Tremblay:
I think you forget Todd Cantwell Norwich's midfielder.
Joe Lawrence
Joe Lawrence:
I've never seen two men blink so much whilst talking. It's doing my head in hahaha
Stephen Mac Sweeney
Stephen Mac Sweeney:
Console: PS4
Sufyaan J
Sufyaan J:
Gamertag: Sufyaanj11
Console: PS4
Uzair Child
Uzair Child:
When man city loose two games from wolves.What a beautiful mistake by mendy
Kai Smith
Kai Smith:
PS4 - KaiWSmith -- I want Jordan Henderson, the team need a captain ❤
Opeoluwa Babalola
Opeoluwa Babalola:
Pc: barbsopeoluwa
Would love the adama traore totw card
Mypadashala Edu Consultancy
Mypadashala Edu Consultancy:
Liverpool Online celebration coming soon #YNWA
Kritin Gopinath
Kritin Gopinath:
Would love to have TOTSSF Kevin De Bruyne.
wazza1408 -PS4
Ricardo ds
Ricardo ds:
Gamertag: xRollingFox
Console: ps4

I really need this🙏 haha
Yafet Ghebrehiwet
Yafet Ghebrehiwet:
Beast11ofcity, XBOX ONE. I say Agüero cause I’m a city fan
Jackson Arnold
Jackson Arnold:
Username: sccr_DeJackson Console: PS4
Uzair Child
Uzair Child:
Love this video.I also pick that you pick
James Williams
James Williams:
How many times does David Myler wanna blink in the intro 😂😂😂
anonim xd
anonim xd:
6:32 Ayoze Perez IF
15:57 Tom Heaton
16:06 Fikayo Tomori
Shreyans Athivarahan
Shreyans Athivarahan:
Gamer tag: SHREYYY BOI
Console: Xbox One
I love Uncut....I never miss an episode
I already have heung min son
Omar 1010
Omar 1010:
Mohamed salah vs Manchester United
Rhys Moses
Rhys Moses:
When Konza/Mings scored a last minute winner against Watford or beating Leicester in the semi final
Ethan Smith
Ethan Smith:
Tag: PDMC Cloud
Console: xbox one
thanks for this recap video-brought up alot of interesting facts and stats as well as opinions, as a manutd fan, was hoping to hear something on bruno fernandes as a promising newer entry to the league, but that just my bias, appreciate the touching upon of many lesser appreciated up-n -coming stars, in tandem with the regular greats, had all but forgotten about their dash-dazzling performances given the gap, and nice to remember ole's utds resurgence as a hope for CL spot
Tharun Poduru
Tharun Poduru:
Every minute Kevin DeBruyne played 💙
Straight up ignored Martinelli for future stars when he’s had a better season than all of them.
Fat Dunkey Clone
Fat Dunkey Clone:
Playstation: Spider-Empire
Happy with anything City
Aatif Ahmed
Aatif Ahmed:
VVD! PS4: Aatif101
Chris Jakeman
Chris Jakeman:
I would love to have some items dropped into my account as a surprise. Gamertag - ChrisJakeman. I am on XBOX ONE. I would love a TOTS Richarlsion or TOTS Bruyne 🙏 I have also liked the video👍
Xbox: CWxLL4. Favourite moment was was Leicester beating Southampton 9-0
Jaren Lee
Jaren Lee:
Love this... Really gives good perspective of the season and covers the important areas. Great content.

RobertKanie - PC

Gotta try right? ;)
William Segal
William Segal:
I would Love to have 94 Rashford Man u fan. Name Tag: willDsegs. PS4 is my console and my icon is a fire soccer ball
Tommy Walters
Tommy Walters:
Good to have Rambo back on the channel!
Bidire Ali
Bidire Ali:
When liverpool beat man City 3.1
ayush panwar
ayush panwar:
Wolves vs Manchester City all the way 💪🏻⚽⚽⚽
............ By an Arsenal fan 💟
Jack Docherty
Jack Docherty:
xbox gamertag JackDoc2110 i would love van dijk as he played for celtic and was my grandads favourite player or richarlison mahrez or son
Tom Lubbock
Tom Lubbock:
Ffs i actually thought this was gonna be a useful season recap like premier league years, but they to make it with fifa cards to appeal to 10 yr olds
Superpower Football
Superpower Football:
ONE DAY TO GO!!!!!! 🤩🔥
PANDZ_YT on ps4 and btw this video was amazing
Mohammed Jamal
Mohammed Jamal:
Liverpool FC will win the primer leuge
Charlie Oultram
Charlie Oultram:
GT: charlieoultram Console: Xbox
Daniel Noyes-Mills
Daniel Noyes-Mills:
Gimme gimme <3
Man - G
Man - G:
I would please like 99 rated Kevin de Bruyne on Xbox one PeruvianMango69 love watching these videos thank you 🙏
II SHocKWaVe xX:
Would love any of the giveaways!
Console : Xbox one
when LCFC won 9-0
finn styles
finn styles:
wolves beat man city twice!
Antonio Jorge dos Santos Junior
Antonio Jorge dos Santos Junior:
Gamertag : Alrien Valar
Console : Xbox One
Niko Vamvakides
Niko Vamvakides:
PS4 my gamer tag is Beast__Mode426. I would love a tots Aubameyang
Carley Wain
Carley Wain:
my gamertag is mamberwain and I'm on ps4
Paramveer Singh Sethi
Paramveer Singh Sethi:
Console : PC
Gamer : paramz
Cheers on the return.
Nazareno Rodríguez
Nazareno Rodríguez:
Son’s solo goal against Burnley😍💙
Krunal R
Krunal R:
Gamertag: JustOrson
Console: XBOX ONE
Billy Harwood
Billy Harwood:
XBOX: epicbill10
Xbox: ben2510g
Burton Yoe
Burton Yoe:
My mouth was full of swear words when I see RWB Adama
Abdi I
Abdi I:
Give me something please the_darkKOne ps4 🙌🏾
Console: xbox
Gamertag: brotato gaming
James Butler
James Butler:
Gotta give it a go, Ps4- Jimmy_WWFC 😉
Joshua Read
Joshua Read:
GT: BubbaGumpRead
Console: Xbox
Sagar Kukreja
Sagar Kukreja:
Give me TOTSSF Son 🥳🥳
Brandon Clause
Brandon Clause:
Martial's goal againist watford
Sami Garatli
Sami Garatli:
Would love a Richarlison team of the season please
Twende Kazi !! Road to 100 supersayan
Twende Kazi !! Road to 100 supersayan:
Great content
Would love some items dropped
Mightydiamond777 -PS4
Turbinado Gamer
Turbinado Gamer:
Sensacional Premier League! Vamos Botafogo ! Protocolo bom é o que respeita VIDAS.
Alex Davies
Alex Davies:
Game tag: lexyyyD
Console: Xbox One
Mayur Sagar
Mayur Sagar:
the only time they talked about by far the best team in the premier league was the loss against watford
Crane cane
Crane cane:
Did they mention the man the myth the man on fire Vardy?
Tobie Greenwood
Tobie Greenwood:
I would love either a TOTS Heung Min Son or Aaron Wan-Bissaka! Both are phenominal players!! (Xbox gamertag: AftMars28496463)
Duong Vodka
Duong Vodka:
I’m from viet nam yeaaahhh
Putrid Automotive
Putrid Automotive:
Xbox one:HaR01ñfathēr: So happy premiere league started again
Vusi Mdiza
Vusi Mdiza:
Thierry Henry
Turbinado Gamer
Turbinado Gamer:
Sensacional Premier League! Vamos Botafogo!
Gamer tag: Lesgoboyz666 (Xbox one)
TOTSSF I want: Richarlison because of finishing
Gooner Hewes
Gooner Hewes:
KungFuGoon Xbox. You know the deal
Kuro Ken
Kuro Ken:
Waiting for FPL FYI still.
Ollie Grace
Ollie Grace:
Come on Man Utd!! WE are RED!
Greg Seymour
Greg Seymour:
Gamer tag: seyms23 Console: PS4
szeto jamie
szeto jamie:
I would love totssf vvd. Been a Liverpool fan since 2008 and we’ve gone a long way. Vvd is the rock at the back, crucial for our title push. Appreciate the giveaway. Ps4: yijai401
Royson Williams
Royson Williams:
Allu fellas really bias allu doe say nun good bout liverpool till d end n it was brief
Olivia Nenning
Olivia Nenning:
My favorite future star is mason greenwood
PS4, sammychap14819, would love a TOTSSF from the EPL or La Liga
nathan gideon
nathan gideon:
tin vivacious 606-ps4
Jack Read
Jack Read:
Footymadjwr im on Xbox
Danny Smillz
Danny Smillz:
🎵Bruno Bruno Brunooo!!
Jordan Smith
Jordan Smith:
jordanpyper123 on PS4😌
Mateusz Karolczak
Mateusz Karolczak:
Great video! I just started playing FIFA 20 and honestly a TOTSSF Son would be amazing!!

My gamer tag is: Ivaninhoo76
My clubs name is: FC Ivan
Console: PS 4