PREY Ending Explained | Full Movie Breakdown, Review, Credits Scene And How It Ties Into PREDATOR

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PREY Ending Explained | Full Movie Breakdown, Review, Credits Scene And How It Ties Into PREDATOR. We break down the latest instalment in the Predator franchise. This Prequel delves back in time to introduce a new story compared to what has previously come before, stripped back and taking it back to basics after the flop of The Predator. We talk about Alien Vs Predator, the Species Coming To Earth, Analyzing the Predators of the Planet, Callbacks to Predator and Predator 2, Dark Horse Comics Back Story and so much more, let's Get Into It!

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0:00 PREY Ending Explained
0:43 Alien Vs Predator, the Species Coming To Earth, Callbacks to Predator and Predator 2, Dark Horse Comics Back Story Explained
13:51 Competition and Outro

Ok so The Predator is back with a prequel called Prey that preys apart the prior films and adds new context to what's previously come before.

After the critical flop The Predator, Prey presents a stripped back and bloody outing for the ultimate hunter that reminded me a lot of Far Cry Primal.

Gonna be lots of words that begin with a P and R throughout this video but come with us as we dive into the movie and break it all down. Full spoilers ahead so if you haven't had a chance to check it out then check out now. Please hit the thumbs up if you enjoy the video and don't forget to subscribe for breakdowns like this every day. With that out the way, thanks for clicking this, now let's get into Prey.

Ok so I feel like Prey completely strips back origins of the Predator and to me at least, it completely retcons the Vs franchise that there was against the Xenomorphs. Which, yeah, good.

Now we don't know this for definite but this is seemingly the first time that the species has ever travelled to Earth. To me this is apparent by the face we catch the Predator clearly studying our food chain to determine which species is at the top of it.

However this might not be the case as upon seeing the ship at the beginning of the film, Naru says that it's a thunderbird. This is a creature in Native American Culture that had several different meanings and it's an almost god like figure that can bring either joy or destruction. Knowing what we know in the context of this movie though it could have became a legend due to the aliens constantly travelling to the planet for their regular summer vacation. I'm recording this video before the actual release of the movie online so if Director Dan Trachtenberg has clarified this then make sure you drop it in the comments below.


Either way I love the moments where it watches over animals hunting others and after it kills the one that comes out on top it paints itself out as being the best.

This movie is filled with scenes of animals and humans running with the Predator constantly chasing after them so it can show its the ultimate predator. They are it's Prey and as the tagline says they hunt to live, it live to hunt.

That's a badass tagline too.

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Heavy Spoilers
Heavy Spoilers:
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DarkManX thomas
DarkManX thomas:
Also they won’t need the mud for camouflage, the orange flower that is used to stop pain & bleeding lowers your body temp. That was a cool cheat like the predator camouflage.
I really enjoyed this film as well. I was a bit worried that they showed too much in the trailer, but I was not disappointed. I think it was the Yautja, its tech and how it was different from the previous films that moved this movie from good to great. It gave that primal vs primal feel. Amber Midthunder and Dakota Beavers were on point. I appreciate the movie puttin some Respect on the Commanche name.
I was blown away how well this film turned out. Love the timeline and how the natives were pitted against predator. Hope to see more this good in the future!
Anthony Figueroa
Anthony Figueroa:
There are different types of predators from more primitive to tech...and they fight each other all the time, technically they been coming to earth way before this and have destroyed many cultures in the process already determined in the alien vs preditor movies, however this specific type of predator class/type seems more berserker type and uses only basic tech, that might be the first of that type came to earth, but there have been several types already, and something didn't seem right about its ship shouldn't h e been on fire.
Definitely liked the approach they took with the franchise. Lowers the cost by casting this way and can hopefully dive into the some more of the predator novels.
The perfect blend of sci-fi, action-adventure all set in an indigenous setting. There should be more stories like this.
Corbin Roberts
Corbin Roberts:
It's very rare that I agree with 100% of what a reviewer says about a film. You hit the nail on the head with this one. Great movie, definitely #2 of the franchise with arguments for #1 and I also really hope they continue with this character. 👍
Coach Yo
Coach Yo:
I loved this as well, the cinematography was amazing, the characters were great and it felt like the original, hope they keep any sequels simple like this. They’ve spanned all kinds of genres with this, from Horror to outright Resident Evil lol. Aliens were always something bound to happen cause of the comic crossovers. This was great though. The fact I got to watch it at home was even better!
Kenneth Thrasher
Kenneth Thrasher:
I generally like to just flow with a film series and let the story unfold as it will. But the Predator story arc has had some curious twists and turns and I particularly am excited for this prequel!
Steven Lyons
Steven Lyons:
I'd definitely prefer a sequel with nothing to do with this one it was a good movie but the main character is the predator so I like the idea of maybe one set in ww1 with soldiers of all sides trying to fight it or any major conflicts in history would be cool
Fat Bomb
Fat Bomb:
Taabe and Naru were great, he’s definitely superior in skill yet he is able to work with her and utilize her strengths to bring down the big cat, she definitely respect him so much she risked her life to take down the punk who cut him and his killer. The Predator using cloaking to beat Taabe says that it knew he was too much for it. If it wanted to test it's self it would level things up and engage with less significant advantages.
I really enjoyed this movie and went back to watch the 2010 version as it was queued up on hulu. In the 2010 movie they mentioned warring predator tribes. I think AvP could stay cannon by just flushing out the different predator tribes. It would be really cool if there are 3 or 4 that dont share their advancements, and also split planets. The “lesser” predators would be hunting in north America and havent had as much experience elsewhere with technology whereas the more dominant tribe would have advanced more and be seen in the AvP location. The hunting world could be a constant battleground for them all, maybe just like AvP being for the younger ones to prove themselves. This would allow for any movie to be made in the future, viking, samurai, World wars etc. that could have small allusions to the tribes. Then the culmination could be anything, predator V predator, a global earth war, a more alien movie where we go to their planet as the hunters or just explorers etc. Regardless, this movie was great and its that type of content that allows fans like me to think like this haha
I was hoping if they show Adolini . I'm glad they did. This movie deserves a sequel and I'm excited to see how the Elder Predator gets hold of the Gun. Narus story is incomplete there is so much potential for a sequel. I'm wondering how Naru is gonna stand against multiple predators.
Matty Boy B
Matty Boy B:
Watched this one yesterday, got in a nice relaxing day off after we went to see Rage Against The Machine last night. This was a very good movie that covers lots of ground. Nice review!! I thought for sure she’d use the mud like cmamaflague too but turned out the medicine/flower did that. Lots of stuff to explore in a follow up movie, I’d like to see multiple predators in the sequel and hopefully have one of them befriend Naru after understanding how incredible she is.
Tim Ulewicz
Tim Ulewicz:
I LOVE this film, it’s been a long time since I have watched a movie and wanted to watch it again and again, can’t really fault it. Great review I hope this film gets a load of love, I think it deserves it.
Matt Reynolds
Matt Reynolds:
This movie made me so happy as a huge Predator fan. I had such high hopes for Shane Blacks The Predator, and it was just so awful. Prey, on the other hand, is fantastic. Please give Dan Trachtenberg another Predator film in a different era.
I loved the fact they give you the option to to watch it in the Comanche language in Dolby Atmos so there is no loss in sound. That’s how we watched it and it totally added to the movie.
M G:
I 💯% agree with you! This Predator (Prey) film was by far the best one...other than the very first one. Definitely is a 9/10 ☆☆☆s! Can't wait to see it again. Thank you for your video explaining key parts of this movie. I just subscribed and look forward to viewing more of your videos. Keep up the good work. Take care. God Bless.
Steven Losh
Steven Losh:
I like the line at the end, when she's standing over the predator's corpse and says to her dog, "It looks like the Predator... Has become the... PREY!" She majestically walks back to her tribes encampment carrying the head of the predator and then yells, "OW! F**k!" As she steps in another bear trap out in an open field.
Mohsin Fahim
Mohsin Fahim:
I watched the movie a couple days back, and totally agree. This is the first predator movie since the og that had my full attention. I had no snacks, and breaks. Watched it in one go.

Even the feminism in the movie is spot on. Naru never wastes time trying to convince others. She states the fact, gets ignored, and then goes out on her own after the predator.
I hope we get more self contained Predator films like this, films where the Predator gets dropped into different time periods. I'd love to see the next one set in feudal Japan
Robert Rishel
Robert Rishel:
I was surprised at how good this movie was!!! I was seriously afraid it was going to be the “woke” treatment to absurdity and beyond. “Prey” is how you portray a female hero👍 Brilliant, great character!
Jay Gremillion
Jay Gremillion:
I was pleasantly pleased with this film. It could have easily been botched. But they really did a damn good job with this overall and it is indeed the 2nd best in the series (and it isn't far behind the original).
Michael Mayo
Michael Mayo:
I agree that Prey rivaled Predator, its such a good movie. I think the Predator "formula" works well when it's an underdog 1v1 narrative like this and the original, where the other movies fail because they use predators as just the gimmick to create action sequences.
Heidi Góis
Heidi Góis:
Yes, this was definitely an amazing action/creature movie!! I was really impressed by it
Jonathan Levant
Jonathan Levant:
We need more native-featured movies in general. The simplicity and reliance on nature is so refreshing, and I think the Predator was a perfect fit for that theme.
This movie rejuvenated the franchise. I hope Naru returns in a Prey trilogy. She doesn't necessary have to be the lead, but could be an important supporting cast. Prey also proved that a predator movie can be good in older timelines. What if we can see a Predator visit earth in the 1940s, fighting the Nazis. Or even them learning to make nukes from the bombs on Hiroshima & Nagasaki. 🤔
I honestly don't mind seeing a high budget series with the Yautja appearing in different time periods. Maybe a different time and story for each episode. Live action or animation, I'd love it either ways.
Richard Smith
Richard Smith:
Yup, really loved the feel of the whole thing. I think Predator 2 is very underrated, but I’d put this at the top with it and of course close to No.1, which is definitely #1. And yeah, the whole “the Predators built our civilization and used to visit by landing on the pyramids” we learned in Alien vs. Predator came to mind when I got the impression the film was suggesting a first visit to earth. But, if they’ve gone the way of forgetting Terminators 3-5 didn’t exist so they can make a better film, so be it. :)
Jonathan Marsh
Jonathan Marsh:
Wasn't there a comic or book about a girl who ended up joining the Predators and ended up on their home world. I would be interesting to see if they took Naru off world and got her kitted out to hunt with them just for them to use her as a learning tool.
Mark Gillespie
Mark Gillespie:
This is the Predator movie we've all been waiting for. There was always a sense of menace about the Predator in the build up to seeing it engage with the bear....
When it started taking out humans it really showed what an apex hunter it is. Loved the movie, and so glad the franchise is back on track, hope we get more like this, the Predator is my favourite movie alien
Leon Chee
Leon Chee:
It was an awesome movie, I hurried up and watched it before everyone gave away too much. It was an epic movie, this and the original one are my two favorites. I thoroughly enjoyed it, I didn't watch any spoilers and every time something was mentioned about it I clammed up and walked away. I'm glad I did, i watched it and was entertained. I watched it 3 times already. haha
S. Burns
S. Burns:
Not sure why so many assume it was a primitive Predator because he didn't have a laser cannon or other tech. Anyone that has bowhunted (especially recurve) knows they could blast a deer at 250 yards with a 30.06, but the challenge of hunting with a more primitive weapon is what makes it exciting.

Either that, or this was a young Predator on his first solo hunt and he does not get all the toys to start. I like this better because then he and the girl mirror each other in their quest.
Darth Mojo
Darth Mojo:
The film was great. The particular predator in this film maybe a predator in training and not yet skilled enough to use the weapons seen in earlier versions. The backdrop of the plains was awesome, sort of made it feel like The Revenant.
sphere 528
sphere 528:
great review the only thing you missed was how they perfectly matched the music with every scene, I'm buying the score music now it really does give you that primal feel
I agree with 9/10. One of the best feelings about a movie is right after it’s over, you want to be right back in that world again. This movie did that for me. I want more of the tribe. More of Naru. More of that time period.
Matt Greer Music
Matt Greer Music:
I like to think that Naru is the first human they've really interacted with and are in awe of her prowess as a warrior. As such they take her with them to either A.) fight along side them against a rival clain or species or B.) put her through the "blooding" ritual other predators go through with Xenomorphs. She becomes blooded and rises through the ranks to become a matriarch of their clan and her pistol is an heirloom that clan gives back to the next human (Danny Glover) to have as much fortitude as she did. Somewhat returning the pistol home to it's people.
Chris MrBizkit Enbysk.aka.Darth Bizkit
Chris MrBizkit Enbysk.aka.Darth Bizkit:
I do enjoy your movie plot endings and breakdowns this is definitely one I've been waiting to see for a while and it looks like it won't disappoint
Brilliant small screen film created with big screen action scenes and very well made. I enjoyed the visuals, intensity and performances. I really loved the infamous Predator 2 pistol making an appearance. Great Easter egg.
Brooklyn Sadler
Brooklyn Sadler:
I can honestly say this is the first time that I've seen a well-written female lead role since wokism took over. 10 out of 10 definitely recommend this one I thought it was great
They explained why they speak English. At the start of the movie she speaks in her native tounge, then it transitions into her speaking English. So in universe, they are speaking their tounge. Also the fur trapper tells her " you can talk to me, I speak many languages". We hear English, the characters hear whatever language they speak
I loved it. The best one since the first two and I was like finally a good predator movie again. I thought the story had me intrigued without the predator and the predator just made it better. I would love to have seen this in the theatre but I understand why they didn’t due to the bad movies before it.
I liked how it shows their technology although way advance is less so in this movie. The helmet looked more bone like than their metallic helmets. A more primitive canon, but more like nail gun than anything else.
Wow! What a great movie. Bizarrely, this would have been a fantastic movie even without the predator - having him show up is just a bonus. This movie has one of the best female action leads we've ever seen. A lesser movie would have had a 'Mary-Sue' character who had unearned skills and was just inexplicably good at everything. Here we have a lead who makes mistakes and learns from them, trains really hard and is able to logically apply her knowledge and skills. She earns our respect as viewers and her victories. The direction is great - particularly the attention to sound (and lack of it). There is a sense of authenticity with the native culture. It creates the human vs monster one-on-one in the wilderness we had in the original, while very much being its own thing (calling it Prey was a very good choice). Would love to have seen this at the cinema!
Elizabeth Gongora
Elizabeth Gongora:
I really liked the movie, it was well written and how they incorporated clues from the Predator franchise. It was intense, on the edge of my seat! I like a movie that can draw the audience in.
Ursa Warrior
Ursa Warrior:
I remember seeing video explaining that Predators actually see humans as the most dangerous prey in their entire known universe. Due to the weak and scrawny features of a human, they thought first it was an easy foe. However, the unpredictability and unparalleled survival instinct made the human a worthy opponent and should never be underestimated, hence the very reason why they keep coming back to Earth.

Movie was great overall. Great underdog story.
Neil Dunford
Neil Dunford:
The things I liked about it, were: that the fights seemed "do-able".
The cinematography was exceptional & the dialogue was sparse.

This is how you re-energize a franchise.
Brian Patrick O'Malley
Brian Patrick O'Malley:
Yes! My thought as well—I would love to see this in theaters & experience the audience reaction!
Vladimir Veras
Vladimir Veras:
Great movie and a great review. I actually did not want to see anymore sequels being made after "The Predator (2018) but this film with its great story and awesome Human/ Animal cast really changed my mind. 🙂👍
Mark Hollier
Mark Hollier:
Great review of a great film! You forgot to mention the one-take scene of the fight between the native hero and the Frenchies in their camp. Brilliantly done and applause-worthy! Also, there is the possibility of watching the entire film in the native language with subtitles. I only wish I'd known this before I watched the "English" version, as it would have given it even more credibility.
There's also the nice mirroring between the mountain lion and the predator. She spears the mountain lion which her brother admits is what allowed him to _bring it home,_ as she' lamed it. He spears the predator and and tells her to _bring it home._

She also figures out how to kill it by watching it fight her brother.

Just a nice piece of story craft.
Shane Powell
Shane Powell:
Wasn’t holding out much hope for this after the last outing so was pleasantly surprised. Great character development and was just down right awesome. This would of done well as a cinema release. Hoping there’s more to come from the franchise. Would love to see a film from the predators perspective. Think that would be an interesting concept. I’d give prey a 8.5/10. Definitely got the franchise up and running again!
Aj Tao
Aj Tao:
Predators was the best sequel... it had an awesome cast, every character was a warrior of sorts, there were multiple species and types of alien enemies, and the stakes was greater because they were on a foreign planet with only one way to return to Earth.
I loved this movie. The fight with the Grizzly was awesome - I wish it was longer. After watching this movie, I know why they call American Indians, "Braves" It would have been interesting to see the Predator fight a pack of wolves. Good movie.
Jeremy Maestas
Jeremy Maestas:
I enjoyed it, like you said it had my complete attention through out. Would definitely like a sequel.
Gelica Inouza
Gelica Inouza:
I liked that the Predator used "less advanced" weaponry than the first two movies, being a prequel and all. Spears instead of lasers. Although the longer claws is more something that was used in the much later movies starting with AvP.
I Am W Beard
I Am W Beard:
This was an EXCELLENT entry to the franchise. I’ve watched it twice in two days and prolly watch it again today. Very very good soft reboot.
night owl
night owl:
This movie Prey was a lot better than I expected, it reminded me of the first Predator movie I watched when I was a kid with my grandpa. It's a good memory.
I highly recommend watching this movie.
SNB Productions
SNB Productions:
Great review but this was a solid 10 broski. Without a doubt. Made this well established story feel so new and the acting was stellar.
Miles Etsitty
Miles Etsitty:
I really hope they make the sequel! It's a perfect set up!
Brandon Kahler
Brandon Kahler:
Prey was incredible and a massive improvement from the last predator film, loved all the throwbacks to the older films and even the comic references
Ya Boy
Ya Boy:
While i liked how they slowly explained each "learning" moment for the protagonist to beat the predator. Each lesson taught her how to effectively kill it which helped the whole, "how does this alien tech hunter lose in any shape or form to a Comanche Indian...." The film just felt forgettable. Not only did the Comanches look like the weakest humans to ever exist from their actions/body types of the males...but the film would have been better if she lost in the end and the predator respected the fight that she put up enough that it kept the gun from her. There are too many plot holes to go into, but the point is, while they tried to explain it, the predator still should have never lost and the film as a whole just seemed too basic and obvious to be made at all. There are way too many franchises getting axed for this film to be made. Alien got axed for their third prequel and final movie to connect the entire series together....but somehow this got the green light.... It just doesn't make sense.
I also loved the movie. Perfect casting and cinematography
Brad Paris
Brad Paris:
Love the predator and Alien universe. I did not even hear of this film until my wife said ' there is a new Predator movie on Disney. I did not hold much expectation for the movie, but was blown away by the quality in all areas - nice when something is unexpected - yay.
Doc Dug
Doc Dug:
It is an excellent film and I’ve watched it four times since it’s debut!
Thanks for the video
Max Ford Gaming
Max Ford Gaming:
I really enjoyed this film, it was suspenseful, the action was awesome and the predator was intimidating and badass. The protagonist was good as an underdog type character and I found myself rooting for her at the end. A good movie,7/10 from me.
This was an ultra rare film for me, in that when it ended, I desperately wanted more. Very few films achieve this level
The MasteR
The MasteR:
The way I interpret the ending is that the predators slaughtered the tribe and took their buddies remains. In the first predator the bomb was to destroy any remnants of the predator so that the race wouldn’t get there tech. Here since they didn’t yet have that bomb they had to physically go back and reclaim the remains and tech
world spawn
world spawn:
Really enjoyed the movie in one sitting, no bathroom breaks, no getting up for refills, it had my full attention. Hoping for sequels.
Kade Broome
Kade Broome:
I absolutely LOVED this film! This was a super boosted blast of crazy fun good times!
Amir Kalanie
Amir Kalanie:
Her speech as she's getting ready to face the predator gave me goosebumps, one of the best movies I've watched in a long time hands down, it was so well done
mark prince
mark prince:
Really good film,actually did the predator franchise justice with this movie 🎬
Solid 8/10
Oscar Borrego
Oscar Borrego:
I loved this movie right from the start and felt like she was a badass throughout the film definitely 9/10
Amore Jayzel
Amore Jayzel:
her tribesmen kept mocking her a lot "you need a leash for your weapon"

yet her innovative rope and ax saved her multiple times and was a formidable weapon against both the French and Pred
Eko Jar
Eko Jar:
It's a very very good movie, I am accustomed to watching a predator movie for a fun cheesy horor monster movie, but this movie is done in a very specific style that just works. It had me hooked from the start and glued in for the full ride. I'm not a hard-core predator fan but more of a long time fan that respects predator from a movie making or special fx standpoint. But this is the first time I was genuinely invested into the human characters and wanted my humans to win! but it seems absolutely impossible for them to beat this true apex predator of the wild. Prey is quickly becoming my new favorite movie of all the predator movies and its better than some of the alien movies. There is just something magical about this movie. I love it, and it just feels like, it's about TIME. This is the type of movie that keeps us coming back for more in this whole genre. I give it a 10 out of 10. Gotta watch it. Great new movie.
Douglas Kelly
Douglas Kelly:
Finally…bringing the suspense back to the Predator series. The last one was an absolute disgrace.
Rodney Torres
Rodney Torres:
I have to agree with you. This movie held my attention throughout. Not once did I check my phone either. Great movie and great story.
Tom Happy Lin
Tom Happy Lin:
I enjoyed this movie as well although the first half was drawn out a only gripe is she didnt use the mud and the predator just walked right by her...also, how does the predator not have a manual mode on his projectile weapon and actually firing it without knowing where it is heading is beyond me...
Jacob Nichols
Jacob Nichols:
I freaking loved it I can't believe I've watched it 5 times 4 by myself and 1 with my wife & she even liked it. And That's saying a lot
Meghnath S
Meghnath S:
The movie is amazing. The story and the music was so refereshing. This movie tried to be its own and it is successful in doing so. The movie has the suspense and horror of the original predator movie. It kept me captivated and engaged. This movie should have been released on theatres. I will give it 9/10.
Oscar Lopez
Oscar Lopez:
It was a great movie. It liked how it showed Native Americans only killing to survive, and not for pleasure. The predator mask was unique because in previous clips from Ancient Mesoamerica, it showed them with modern helmets, not skull helmets. Hopefully, they can make a sequel. The scenery was also awesome, as it showed nature and how Natives lived in their tepees.
Abby Normal
Abby Normal:
It's good to know this movie is as good as the preview. I hope there is a theatrical release or at least on regular cable down the line. Also, this film was also dubbed in Cherokee. So cool.
N&G Ultimate Gaming
N&G Ultimate Gaming:
I totally agree with this guy! This was really a great movie!
Star Brand
Star Brand:
This is not the Predator specie's first time on Earth, but it may be the first time on Earth for this particular member of their race. He doesn't seem to know about Earth because he deliberately wasn't told. Each Predator must learn the ways of the hunting ground on their own.
StrangerOf The206
StrangerOf The206:
I REALLY liked this movie! I can’t believe they didn’t release this in theaters! I’m super happy for Amber Midthunder, I’m really glad this movie is getting such positive reception and she should be very proud of her performance! The cinematography and the score were both very well done, and it’s just so awesome to see a new Predator movie that was actually really good! I still can’t believe that we finally have a new Predator movie actually worth watching!
chance Patterson
chance Patterson:
It was an awesome film for sure! Just once I’d like to see the predator just win no survivors! Like maybe that’s how that elder has the gun he took from that tribe after he killed em all maybe it wounds him!
Great breakdown I enjoyed it enough to have the wife sit through it and she loved it, hope there's a sequel.
Scott L. Harris
Scott L. Harris:
Great review brother. Who would have thought this would be this good but, your review was right on the money. Thanks!
Emily Aniston
Emily Aniston:
Definitivamente preferiría una secuela que no tenga nada que ver con esta, fue una buena película, pero el personaje principal es el depredador, así que me gusta la idea de tal vez una ambientada en la Primera Guerra Mundial con soldados de todos los bandos tratando de luchar o cualquier conflicto importante. en la historia sería genial
carmen azpeitia
carmen azpeitia:
My favorite scene was the 1 v 1 with the bear. I also liked the way they displayed the predators combat skills and agility. In the other films we have only seen them use their guns / sword . I think this pred was way more lethal then the super pred
Jacob Paul
Jacob Paul:
I hadn't seen the second movie in a long time and had totally missed the flintlock pistol reference. Which just made the movie even better for me.
Amber did a great job in this movie! She is a great actress!
I loved everything about this movie except for the fact that they made the female main character seem like she was invincible. Like it was unbelievable how she couldn't much in the beginning then all of a sudden beating up all the guys, being smarter than everyone else, and taking down an alien all by herself. Not just that but after her brother passing away taking over his place the same exact way he became the leader. Like it was just too much and a bit woke which I hate using that word. Like there's a way to use female empowerment and this was overdoing it...
Marc A
Marc A:
I was pleasantly surprised how good this was! Definitely should of had a cinema release imo💚🇬🇧🌱
Emanuel Bowes
Emanuel Bowes:
I liked how she booby trapped the trees with wooden spikes for the final battle. They put a lot of thought into this film, definitely the most serious movie since the original.
Boogaloo Bandit
Boogaloo Bandit:
This is the predator style movie we’ve been waiting for a long time and if this one gets good ratings it’s possible will see more taking place in different time lines in the future. I already see people crying and bitching about little things like a flower that they don’t understand so more then likely won’t get another film.
Travis Lance
Travis Lance:
Great review, I don’t think the little drones had timers on them like the bomb I just think that’s their numerical code, like if it was in English it would have said drone one, drone two, drone three, that way the predator knows which drone is where at all times since they seem to have some some form of ai. That way the predator can check his computer on his arm for specific target. I loved the movie. Hope to see more like it.
Jason Potts
Jason Potts:
Really good movie. First time I watch it on my phone at the park and was not able to see all the detail because of the sunlight and most of the images were dark and shot at night in the movie. Second time I watched it at home at night with all the lights off and the surround sound. Caught all the details on the screen and I thought the predator was behind me a few times as I heard clicks and growls from him. 😳
The best sequel to the original.
I hope we see more fights like this.
It's more likely the gun is her trophy that see passes down to her grandkids that lose to the predator that claims it in predator 2. Predators don't hunt the same grounds twice immediately. Its usually 100 years apart.