Pride Month Song - SNL

Friends (Anya Taylor-Joy, Lil Nas X, Kate McKinnon, Bowen Yang, Punkie Johnson) anticipate this year’s Pride Month celebrations.

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100+ komentarze:

Sam the Fork
Sam the Fork:
"Sis I read theory"
"What theory"
"That is not theory"
Quinn C-L
Quinn C-L:
Never thought I'd see SNL criticizing rainbow capitalism but i dont mind
stella rose
stella rose:
“when did all straight girls start dressing lesbian” SERIOUSLY!!! The amount of straight girls I’ve hit on has sky rocketed this year omfg
"When did all these straight girls start dressing lesbian" THE STRUGGLE IS SO FCKN REAL
Jasmine Houston-Burns
Jasmine Houston-Burns:
Pretty accurate roasting of Pride

Straight women, corporate floats, bad drinks, and a ton of disappointment.
Catie P
Catie P:
This song perfectly describes why I can't find a girlfriend: "Who let in all these straights"
Kyureki Hana
Kyureki Hana:
While everyone else is busy discussing the underlying messages of this skit, I am just appreciating how the composer of this song invoked the feel of Madonna's Holiday without actually having to pay royalties to Madonna.
Addison Sobotta
Addison Sobotta:
“When did all of these straight girls start to dress lesbian?” HIT DIFFERENT YALL MAKE MY LIFE SO CONFUSING
Kr Gr
Kr Gr:
"Let's go eat some Chick-Fil-A, nothing matters anyway."
Ender Wiggins
Ender Wiggins:
“They fought for your right to be this chaotic” 😭 so every time I’ve been messy it’s been advancing gay rights?
Maria Garcia
Maria Garcia:
lol so this might come off as a bit weird but im a teen from a middle eastern country and we can say i had quite a rough time in here just because of the fact that im gay although i obviously wasnt even completely out (as its a terribly dangerous to be so). And now im a year shy from moving to germany after all that i have been through at even such a young age but im also understanably terrified, immigrating to a different country alone at 18 is no joke, and this video actually made me quite emotional. The thought that i will be able to openly be myself and not hide and even join the pride without the fear of getting shot or getting arrested... made me get really emotional, not happy though, just emotional, just dry sorrow that i had to go through all that just because of where and how i was born. I would want to manifest and scream "why me" but then again, thinking of the middle east, afrika, asia, even along with some cities in europe, the number people who are still suffering from this outweighs the free. Please never assume homophobia is over, i have experinced it myself. I have seen trans women get brutally killed, gay people get beaten in the middle of the street and get arrested and i dont want any other child to see it again, i dont want any other bright, talented children to live in fear, fear of having no future. Growing up believing at least your family loves you and then being confronted with the reality that even your mother doesnt love you anymore is hard, even harder knowing you will never be able to have a family or have kids of your own. It feels like there is no way out, its like drowning.
Eamon Paton
Eamon Paton:
“Terrance, don’t talk like you read theory. You don’t read theory.”
Emilio Fuentes
Emilio Fuentes:
"I don't wanna be funny, I wanna be hot" is a state of mind I can relate to... and half the gay population.😭😭😭😭
femme culture is being ignored while all the lesbians compliment your straight friend's corduroy jacket.
Princess Diana Rollerskating
Princess Diana Rollerskating:
"When did all these straight girls start dressing lesbian" is how the 90s must have felt
Bartholomew Lemonhead
Bartholomew Lemonhead:
This is so wonderful compared to the homophobic SNL I grew up with where every Norm MacDonald joke was "something something gay"
Evelyn Castillo
Evelyn Castillo:
I love allies but like it’s crazy when they’re the majority of the crowd at pride like what?!?!
My Getaway
My Getaway:
"Girl, don't talk like you read theory, cause you don't" should be a disclaimer every time you open twitter
“When did all these straight girls start dressing lesbian?” 😫😩 right! I’m finally out in a liberal gay-friendly city and mainstream done jacked up my gaydar.
Anya Taylor-Joy and Bowen Yang need to make an LGBT themed buddy comedy. They are hilarious together!
"She's also a straight...when did all these straight girls start dressing lesbian...who let in all of the straights? Okay that's just too real.
marc andreyko
marc andreyko:
"we're so sunburnt and mad----" ABSOLUTE TRUTH.
Alice Warnick
Alice Warnick:
straight girls, corporate floats, and everything is more expensive because it's rainbow- welp that's pride. but we still love it :)
Seamus Hughes
Seamus Hughes:
i love that they included Celeste in this sketch. They're the first nonbinary writer at snl
Getting stood up by a crush at pride...? Check. Hitting on a fine ass straight dude at pride...? Check. Arguments with a boyfriend at pride...? Check! Im a vet at this, I love pride season 😍
Bjorn Reeve
Bjorn Reeve:
“She is also a straight” will be my senior quote
“... because even as lesbians, we moved in to fast”

Oh no they moved in at eye contact 😖
Darlene Reyes
Darlene Reyes:
“I 👏🏽read 👏🏽theory👏🏽 sis👏🏽,sis👏🏽 I 👏🏽read👏🏽theory👏🏽”I am dead 💀🤣
G V:
Me dressing all my life like that:
“Wait, I’m dressing like a lesbian?”
Penelope LaBatt
Penelope LaBatt:
I'm so glad they have at least a small handful of queer cast members bc we need more of this, it's for the gays (and I think we all know that all of SNL's audience is either like, middle aged whatevers or lgbtq teens for some reason)
H. Boyle
H. Boyle:
"When did straight girls start dressing lesbian?"
vote that we all just wear our corresponding pronouns and flag colors so that I stop hitting on people that won't love me back
Franklin K
Franklin K:
I love how they went after companies for pretending to support pride efforts but really just give shitty drinks 😂
Ash Opal
Ash Opal:
"She is also A Straight" gets me every time
Elise W
Elise W:
Not straight people being upset about the straight girls dressing like lesbians line 💀
an snl bit used the word "neoliberal." it's finally eating itself.
Lil Nas X showing up in the middle was such an amazing surprise
I did an irl chef's kiss at the corporate punchline.
Stinky Cheeseman
Stinky Cheeseman:
SNL's queer content this season has been SO spot on that it's borderline uncomfortable. We can't let The Straights know this much!!
Love Evol
Love Evol:
"I don't want to be funny. I want to be hotttt!" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣❤🌹🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈
i cant stop replaying “and it’s also our last”
anya and kate as a couple is the one thing I didn’t know I needed in my life
Stinky April
Stinky April:
"Go flirt with that girl."
"Man, i tried, but she's straight."
"Well then how about her friend?"
"She's also a straight!"

I'm not even gay, but i'm SCREAMING 💀
jackson lol
jackson lol:
“stonewall was a kiki” I AM DECEASED
Littil Avindar
Littil Avindar:
I was saying at the beginning of this song "If Lil Nas X doesn't show up in this song..." He showed up and he cute af!
Wizarding World With Zack David
Wizarding World With Zack David:
This was pretty accurate because it hit me with a simple fact during each Pride season:

My crush never texted back, and I’m not hot, just funny.

Happy Pride, y’all. 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️
Katherine Key
Katherine Key:
“when did all these straight girls start dressing lesbian” WHAT A MOOD!
Mr. Meerkat
Mr. Meerkat:
Happy Straight Pride to all my SWM out here we winning
Penn Acton
Penn Acton:
"We're so sunburnt and mad" made this entire video worth watching for me.
Erik Danielson
Erik Danielson:
Anya with short hair is way more of a serve than I expected, so thanks for giving us that, SNL
Jason Newman
Jason Newman:
Is it just me or is every song that SNL does is a total banger?
Dionasia Gardner
Dionasia Gardner:
Okay but like there is always a horde of "straight" college girls that go to pride and confuse everyone there bc they are "just allies".
This is criticizing rainbow capitalism and yet it still feels like being called a slur
I love that the comments are just us lesbians relating to the straight-girls-dress-gay-now struggle.
Monica Sainz
Monica Sainz:
“He’s not texting me back, I’ll just brush it off” - Mental Breakdown
Efren Cyril Bocar
Efren Cyril Bocar:
bowen with the glitter on his head is giving me LIFE.
Mina's hair
Mina's hair:
“when did all straight girls start dressing lesbian”

This is my cousin in a nutshell she always be hitting on a straight girl

I already have a gf 😌🤚
I'm still in amazed awe that they told a Uhaul joke on snl!
"post hole on close friends post hole on main" has me crying
Cody Higinbotham
Cody Higinbotham:
Tell me I’m not the only one who thought this song sounded like “Holiday” by Madonna
This has made the month for me if Im being honest
Lauras Chronicles
Lauras Chronicles:
""when did all straight girls start dressing lesbian" i felt this in my soulllllll
Giving me major "Welcome to Hell" flashbacks.
the only reason i stayed alive this long is to see kate mckinnon and anya taylor joy in a pride month sketch
Angela Matamoro
Angela Matamoro:
LNX in that Pride carnival costume is the summer vibe we need regardless of sexuality and gender identity!
Maria Poulos
Maria Poulos:
THAT WAS GOOD ... Even for me, my first Pride was Ft. LAUDERDALE 89, I was 22 then. I still remember going to The Otherside after Pride.
20 years from now this will be played on repeat every 20 minutes in super markets and malls like Christmas songs but for June.
Zoe meow
Zoe meow:
When are at a same sex parade even though your someone and you are definitely different genders 👫🐱🐶✨🤗💖✨ just health positive wellness for us I love it 💖✨ I don't care infinity 🥰
Blip Machine
Blip Machine:
"I don't want to be funny, I want to be hot"
Dropping truth bombs harder than Galileo in the middle ages.
elsa marie
elsa marie:
"When did all these straight girls start dressing lesbian?" That is the best line.
Jeanine Chong
Jeanine Chong:
“Terrance don’t talk like you read theory” omg
Orange Xylem
Orange Xylem:
Pride summarized in one senetence: 50 dollar drinks that are bad.
gr34t kio
gr34t kio:
As an ace watching this, I feel like Marge Simpson...I just think it's neat.
Ethan AhMu
Ethan AhMu:
This is 100% accurate. I literally had to console my best friend on the floor by a urinal because his crush was making out with a hot guy. But damn I still love Pride.
Aidan Silber
Aidan Silber:
I love the way she says "a straight"
Jason Schulman
Jason Schulman:
"$50 drinks that are bad"

I mean, it's not not true
Vera Baumann
Vera Baumann:
The straight girls dressing like lesbians called me out so much, I actually got self conscious lol
kathryn rutz
kathryn rutz:
I kind of love the way pride month happens in my college town in a super conservative state. You know when you're making a vinaigrette and the oil and vinegar start to mix, even though they're still distinct? Every June the American Legion hosts an all-ages friendly drag show, and the mix of old grizzled vets sitting in a packed cafeteria with kids decked out in rainbow glowsticks warms the cockles of my heart.
Frenchmans fury
Frenchmans fury:
Catholic priests: the catechism states you cannot support pride month☝🙁

The majority of Catholics: *not listening*😊🌈

Catholic priests: Hey quit that! 😵Why aren't you listening to us?😟

The majority of catholics: they're more fun than you and they don't touch kids🤷
As a gay I can confirm that this is accurate and hilarious
Lubowitz Rex
Lubowitz Rex:
The fresh printer additionally lighten because entrance rheologically fix upon a guiltless balinese. abiding, earthy calf
I've always wondered about, as they said in the video, "gender is clothes". If men typically wore dresses and women wore suits, would wearing the opposite make people trans? What about in cultures where both men and women wear full-length clothes with the bottom open? If you are biologically male but wear a t-shirt and jeans, like both men and women do, can you still be trans? It can't just come down to a haircut or calling yourself the opposite pronoun than that of your biological sex, can it? So if you self-identify as opposite (in a binary sense) of your biological sex, does wearing clothes that are typical of your own biological sex make you not trans somehow? Are the clothes just an accessory to hint to people what your perceived gender is? Does it do more than make acquaintances have to ask if you identify as male or female or any combination of the above? What if all your feminine clothes are in the wash? What if you go to a nude beach? In the absence of any other cultural guidelines, would trans not exist? How could you "feel like" the opposite sex if there were no cultural differences between males and females, and that no personality types could be grouped? I'm asking all these questions out of genuine curiosity and not from a judgemental standpoint. If anyone has any answers or just suggestions or theories, I'll listen with an open heart and try to understand.
Kayla Fox
Kayla Fox:
As someone who took up the hobby of absorbing leftist content over quarantine, the theory convo breakdown was a hilarious callout
Can confirm that podcasts are not theories.
꧁༒☬Non-Binary gremlin☬༒꧂
꧁༒☬Non-Binary gremlin☬༒꧂:
Get ready everyone our month is tomorrow 🥳
The acting in the "theory" debate is phenomenal!
Rose Roberts
Rose Roberts:
nas's "post hole" line fucking KILLED me i screamed
Pacifico Studios
Pacifico Studios:
Actually, there isn't a "Lesbian" way to dress anymore. When is the last time you saw anyone under 30 with a mullet, a rat-tail braid, a flannel shirt, work boots, and carrying their wallet on a chain?
Tracy Martel
Tracy Martel:
Difference between saying it’s an individual’s *fault* Chic-fil-e is successful thereby making them responsible, and complete disregard for knowingly giving money to a company that donates its profits to conversion therapy camps.
Christian -Joy
Christian -Joy:
“I read theory, sis! Sis, I read theer -ree!”
What theory do you read?

I feel attacked.
1:44: Dead at that real AF question.
Cam Adams
Cam Adams:
Given how remarkably neoliberal SNL is... Im floored by this.
HL Liu
HL Liu:
Isabel T.
Isabel T.:
Wow. This was absolutely great. Literally stuck in my head.
Barry Allen
Barry Allen:
diane ridley
diane ridley:
Newest SNL cast member: Bowen Yang. Period
America Project
America Project:
I wonder how hard Bowen, Kate, & Punkie had to strain their acting muscles to get into character for this sketch
Catherine Hackett
Catherine Hackett:
"when did all these straight girls start dressing lesbian" LMFAO i ask myself that every day