Prince William & Kate Middleton's Titles Change After Queen's Death | E! News

Following Queen Elizabeth II's death and King Charles III's ascension, Prince William and his wife are given new titles in addition to Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

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Prince William & Kate Middleton's Titles Change After Queen's Death | E! News

100+ komentarze:

Jacquelyn Roe
Jacquelyn Roe:
I think this isn’t quite true. Saying Kate will be the first Princess of Wales after Diana. Camilla is/was technically princess of wales, but my understanding is she chooses not to use that title out of respect for its association with Diana (and people would probably have a hard time stomaching calling her that given the history there).
Theresa DeFlitch
Theresa DeFlitch:
It hurts to lose someone you love. My thoughts and prayers go out to the entire family. She was a great lady.
My deepest condolences to the royal family, the people of UK and the Commonwealth.
Her Majesty the Queen had such an influence on the whole World during her Reign, it genuinely feels she was everyone's Queen!
Katherine Pollock
Katherine Pollock:
My sincerest condolences to the Royal Family and to the United Kingdom for the loss of Queen Elizabeth II, a remarkable woman who inspired the nation and her people over the last 70+ years. Rest in peace, Your Majesty ❤
Hali Fleming
Hali Fleming:
My Condolences to the royal family and the commonwealth. She was a great queen and will be dearly missed.
Catherine Sineath
Catherine Sineath:
My condolences to the royal family. She was not only the Queen of England, but to hearts all over the world. She will be missed. May Queen Elizabeth II rest in peace.
The lovely Prince and Princess of Wales. How fortunate we are to have these two. They gave the Queen their love ,respect and support always..and spent a few days staying with her last week.William will support his father too in his new role.
Can we please stop calling her Kate Middleton? She's been part of the family for many years and been a loyal and key member of the Firm.
Ava RoSe Sᴇx Cʜᴀɴɴᴇʟ 21
Ava RoSe Sᴇx Cʜᴀɴɴᴇʟ 21:
It hurts to lose someone you love. My thoughts and prayers go out to the entire family. She was a great lady.
Janice Merkle
Janice Merkle:
William is “The man who should be King”
Abbie Rose Holden
Abbie Rose Holden:
Am not exactly a big royal fan but I must admit I have always liked hearing from and about Prince William and Princess Kate they are so elegant and classy and do their job professionally. I honestly think Princess Diana would've been proud of Kate Middleton ❤❤
Amal R.
Amal R.:
RIP Queen Elizabeth. You will be always remembered as a great queen and you will be dearly missed. My condolences to the RF and British people
Horizon 14
Horizon 14:
Toutes nos condoléances pour là grand mère qui a tout fait pour vous soyez comme elle ! Elle n’était pas démodée ! Elle était attentive
Leanne Smith
Leanne Smith:
Total respect for our Queen her word was her bond for 70 years, that will never happen again
Lauren Schenck
Lauren Schenck:
Sending prayers and thoughts to the Royal family 🙏🏻💔🥺
Ohhh... I can't wait to see Will and Kate ascend to the throne. They both will be brilliant.
Nicholas garrick
Nicholas garrick:
My condolences to the william ,and Kate for the lost of their grandmother.
Kevin Bassett
Kevin Bassett:
We are all deeply saddened with the loss of our QUEEN all our love to all of the royal family and England. ALL OUR HEARTS ARE BROKEN. FROM US all in Australia with LOVE.
Linda Ibarra
Linda Ibarra:
maryanne beebe
maryanne beebe:
Prince William is faithful and I'm wishing Prince William and Princess Kate and children all the best for the future
Afulilo Italia
Afulilo Italia:
Sincerely sorry for their loss is so painful and sad to loose the Queen of their hearts💞. May the holy spirit comfort their hearts and soul. 😘
Marivic Madriaga
Marivic Madriaga:
Condolence to the Great Mother of Great Britain and to the whole Royal Families
Prince William will be a King of many good things and Princess Kate will be a Queen of Queens. Such a beautiful couple.
Riana da Silva
Riana da Silva:
Rest soft our beloved Queen Elizabeth II.

Thank you very much for your wonderful service as Monarch over 70 years and for the happy memories you leave behind. During this very sad period, may happy memories soon dry the tears of each member of the Queen's family and also friends and Nations who are now mourning.

Congratulations to Prince Charles on his appointment as King Charles III. We know that the King loved and respected the Queen very much and will lead the United Kingdom, with the support of the Queen Consort by his side, with the same vigour that was passed to him from his mother Queen Elizabeth II.
Heba Madi
Heba Madi:
God save the future King William and his family
Katherine Song
Katherine Song:
I love that she would be the princess of Wales!! That will be a honor
✨ My deepest condolences to the royal family. Long lived the Queen 👸 your royal highness Elizabeth II may she rest in peace 🙏🏻 ✨
Tracy Ramzinski
Tracy Ramzinski:
My deepest condolences to the Royal Family and to the country of Great Britain.
Lil Sam
Lil Sam:
My condolences goes out there to family in this time
Lauren Williams
Lauren Williams:
She lived her life and did a damn good job rip Queen
Jordy B
Jordy B:
Legends never die ♥️
Nitin Varia
Nitin Varia:
The world in Tribute to Her Majesty the Queen Elizabeth of England. The Royal, The Majestic, The most Revered Monarch, and above all a Delegate of the Divine with Humility in deeds. The most Gracious Queen whose perseverance in serving England and the innumerable countries and charities and Sports from time of Second World War till date.

The only leader of the world who renounced her cherrieshed Colonies with Grace and Gratitude and never ever pronounced any word that would hurt anyone. Great Soul as a pilgrimage in the world.

We pray the passing away of the most REVERED monarch in the history rest in Peace.

She was active in service to Britain and the world till her last breath.

And our homage to Her Majesty the Queen of England when the operation London Bridge begins andvthe world continue to be inspired by her life and deeds.

I foundly remember seeing the Majestic beauty of the Queen on her vist to Aden in 27.4.1954 when our Indian school was receiving her Motorade on arrival in Aden.

And then second time in Addis Ababa in 1965 at the Addis Ababa University. A celestial personality ever smiling have been a treasure in my ❤️.

Nitin varia.
Tony Bernard
Tony Bernard:
I send my sincere condolences 💐 to you and your family, and I also pray the Britain will continue to prosper as she always had . Rest In Peace dear QUEEN 👸😢😢😢
Margaret Sporer
Margaret Sporer:
HMTQ lived a life of service, with grace, class and good humor
She kept her word, to her last breath and there will never be another like her. She will be joined again with her beloved Philip. Rest in Peace 🧡
Sandra Taylor
Sandra Taylor:
The title of Prince of Wales is not inherited. It has to be conferred upon William by King Charles. He does inherit the Duke of Cornwall title though
Congrats Duke William and Duchess Kate On Your New Titles. My Condolences To The Family Now That Queen Elizabeth Has Passed Away. Rest In Peace Queen Elizabeth
My condolences go out to anyone who has lost someone they love .Famous or not .
angel samson
angel samson:
I am personally in grief having been an avid fan of the Monarchy, Rest In Peace Your Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Philip wlcomes with open arms...
I always liked William more, you can see that he respects the monarchy and his family heritage more than his brother, he and Kate are a good future to the crown.
Rip my Queen
God bless the royal Family
God save the King.
Rebecca Winter
Rebecca Winter:
My condolences and prayers to the family
S McCaskill
S McCaskill:
Rest in Peace Queen Elizabeth from the citizens of America.
Malgorzata Chrobak
Malgorzata Chrobak:
My condolences to the all Windsor family, especially King Charles and his siblings, Prince William and his wife Catherine and also Prince Harry. 🇨🇦🌹😔
R I P our dear Queen Elizabeth.🙏🕯
Outta Here
Outta Here:
William has proven to be a wonderful person and good leader. His wife is lovely. I wish Charles good luck. I think he will depend on William a great deal. The line up is encouraging. GOD SPEED Queen Elizabeth 🇬🇧
Gloria Sanchez
Gloria Sanchez:
Congratulations to William and Kate 4 new Titles 😭TRULY SADDENED by HRH QUEEN passing 😇 thoughts and prayers to ROYAL Family and friends, people of 🇬🇧 at this difficult time
Michelle saldivar
Michelle saldivar:
So sad it's so heartbreaking We Love Our Queen as she has always will be a monarch and every sense of the word passing that down to Charles had to be heartbreaking through sickness and health has a true monarch
Mary Bristor
Mary Bristor:
Prayers for the Royal family!🙏❤️
We knew this is gonna happen one day but we were never aware how painful it is gonna be. That pain is unbearable.
Magz B
Magz B:
So many heartfelt condolences from around the world. It's a recognition of how wonderful and caring so many of the human race are and a joy to behold. It's more often reflected in our daily lives also. Good vibrations from within🌍💞
Mimi Banales
Mimi Banales:
Im from México, and i have been following the royals since the 80's, and i super love Diana...and the only tittle that gets me, its of Camila, It really hurts my heart to hear that tittle to Camila (queen 🤮) ...also,.i love William and Harry, but i would never understand them of how.can they love Camila (i understand Charles) but if Diana was my mother?? No way in hell Camila or my father,. Charles would have It Easy (my nails and Bones would be on them 🤷)
tom shuo
tom shuo:
Sending prayers and thoughts to the Royal family
Tinodok Diawus
Tinodok Diawus:
Deepest condolence to the Royal family, RIP Queen Elizabeth II all the way from north Borneo
Jackie Thompson
Jackie Thompson:
My Condolences to the family RIP🕊
My condolences William Kate for the lost of your grandmother
case by case
case by case:
Why do I feel like we are betraying Princess Di tho 😟😥
For Camilla to be allowed to be called Queen corsort feels like we are betraying her. It's like all her mental and emotional struggles and tragic death were for nothing.
Hailey Hoopes
Hailey Hoopes:
My deepest condolences to the UK from America I am truly sorry for your loss but tell me truthfully is it wrong of me to take joy in the very thought of William and Catherine becoming the prince and princess of Wales never mind the fact that they’re already Duke and Duchess of two places which they completely deserve.
Sarah Muzaki
Sarah Muzaki:
Queen Diana is being missed big time!!!
Eaby T
Eaby T:
Rest in peace Queen Elizabeth 👸
foodies asian
foodies asian:
Princess Diana we miss you❤️❤️❤️
cheryl dreyer
cheryl dreyer:
Please can this Family just mourn the passing of an icon to the world but always their beloved mother grandmother and great grandmother. Our sniping at each other and at their new Majesties is uncalled for after the heartache they have had over the past three years especially. May the soul of Our Beloved late Queen rest in peace reunited with her beloved Phillip and her parents and sister. Prayers and comfort to all the Royal Family in their devastating loss.
Derrick Skipper
Derrick Skipper:
My Condolences to Royal Family The Queen Was A Phenomal Woman
How insane!! She was just working 2 days ago. I’m in disbelief how fast things change in life
Kid Shelleen
Kid Shelleen:
God bless the Queen 🙏❤️🇺🇲❤️🙏
Mario Olii
Mario Olii:
My condolences to the royal from Indonesia 🇮🇩❤️
Lisa Noel
Lisa Noel:
Being English from mothers side, dear England I truly prayfor the rest of the Queens Court. You will work hard and give your beautiful Queen the send off to Heaven she deserves. God Bless all of you.
Andrew Bowen
Andrew Bowen:
I’m sure they would rather have their grandmother and queen back than any titles
Condolences to the royal family🥺Rest in peace Queen Elizabeth II, William and Kate would be an amazing king and queen. Of course Charles is the king but just saying. Congrats to William and Kate for their new titles. Kate got it after diana, thats amazing🥺
Denise Au
Denise Au:
Much condolences to all of England an the common wealth and the world for the great loss of her Majesty Queen Elizabeth ll passing. My God be with you all
Roni Fran
Roni Fran:
My deepest condolences from Malaysia to the Royal family, RIP Queen Elizabeth ll, the world will be missing you..
Mona Del castillo
Mona Del castillo:
My deepest sympathy to the Royal Family may the Queen Elizabeth's II soul rest in peace from Philippines with Love
My condolences 😢🙏🏼❤️
Bonnie Wugsie
Bonnie Wugsie:
My outmost support to our ROYAL FAMILY🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧
Henry Karnbach
Henry Karnbach:
They Are Wonderful People ❤
Paula Cornelison
Paula Cornelison:
When Charles became the Prince of Wales, he promised the Welsh people that he would be the last Prince of Wales.
Many Welsh citizens were furious that the title was being used.
If this situation has changed, then please let me know the date it changed.
Maria Marine
Maria Marine:
I love Kate. William married his soul mate
Mira Al Shoum
Mira Al Shoum:
May Queen Elizabeth Rest In Peace 🙏✌🌷
HampersInc Ldt
HampersInc Ldt:
I wish Kate would now hold Diana's title. She such a wonderful lady.
Jon Emilio
Jon Emilio:
It’s quite sick discussing everyone’s new roles when the queens body isn’t even cold yet.
Gotta love the media ❤️
Manohari Wickramarathna
Manohari Wickramarathna:
We missed you Queen
Truly a historical moment to witness. She was a great leader. God bless the new King and prayers for family 🙏🇬🇧👑
Brandy Pope Johnson
Brandy Pope Johnson:
May God Bless the Queen 👑…..Rest In Heaven 🕊
Salome Kapp
Salome Kapp:
Diana would have been so proud! Kate is just as beautiful, caring and stunning as her late mother in law!
Marie-Michael Eleazard
Marie-Michael Eleazard:
I am really devastated. My aunt😢. The one of my number ones. My condolences to the royal family and the commonwealth. 🙏
Sending prayers to all. God BLESS the SOUL of Queen Elizabeth ll
B.N. Cole
B.N. Cole:
My condolences to them.
Imagine being born as twins and you are one minute late. One being a prince and one being a far backup 😢
Brittney Hill
Brittney Hill:
Such beautiful wishes by Elizabeth for Camila :( . May God usher her in and bless her soul. I thought that she might pass when she was mentioned to be having health complications this morning😞. Very important woman. She has that old school love from the globe. It is real and eternal. 💞
Elena Covarrubias Alcocer
Elena Covarrubias Alcocer:
William y Kate corazones de oro. Descanse en Paz su Abuelita, así la vieron y así la quisieron en verdad.
May Queen Soul Rest in Eternal Peace Amen 🙏
Tonda Mccarthy
Tonda Mccarthy:
Rip sweet Queen Elisabeth. Rest beloved mother. God save our King
Lady Sparkles
Lady Sparkles:
No not my Idol!! Precious Queen 👑 what a truly sad day for this World
Lady Like
Lady Like:
Rest in peace Your Majesty Queen Elizabeth, deep sorrow from Indonesia😭😭😭😭😭😭
Elmer Lusing
Elmer Lusing:
We all filipinos are pray for the soul of H.E.Queen Elizabeth..
He may rest in peace together w our Lord Jesus..Condolence to the whole family of the queen..
God bless U.K
Наталья Пряхина
Наталья Пряхина:
My deepest condolences to the Uk from Russia❤
Mukul Dave
Mukul Dave:
May God Rest the Soul of the Queen in Peace.
Sabine Kantenseter
Sabine Kantenseter:
From Nebraska USA, I send you all my deepest condolences.

HMTQ, may you now be reunited with your beloved Philip and may you Rest In Peace! 😢💔🙏🏻
Keith Beez
Keith Beez:
Charles called him the Prince of Wales in his first statement. Also, Camilla was The Princess of Wales but didn’t use it out if respect. The title still hers.
K S:
Wish we could skip to William and Kate as king and queen honestly
Shamrock kisses
Shamrock kisses:
Truly a end of a era. Rip
Well done to The Prince and Princess of Wales.
Study and Stationary
Study and Stationary :
The late Queen will be greatly missed and never forgotten. Paddington has taken her to her husband and she (I’m sure) is at peace now. I’m also pretty sure that in his majesty the King’s latest speech h confirmed that William will get the title of Prince of Wales.