Welcome back to another Leeds United 2019/20 video!

Promotion party at Elland Road as Leeds United return to the Premier League after 16 years!

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Gus VDS34
Gus VDS34:
Bielsa is a legend
Nigel ThroneofGrace
Nigel ThroneofGrace:
This is what the premiership needs : Yorkshire domination!
From a sheff utd fan 👏👏👏
Well done Leeds United 🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺👍😜
Ollie Herrick
Ollie Herrick:
Let’s go LEEDS. This is my first time experiencing scenes like this because I’m only 9.
Xavier Altimiras
Xavier Altimiras:
Greetings from Barcelona. Bielsa fan here. I still remember when you beat us in the seventies in the european cup semifinals...remember also playing vs leeds around 2005 or 2006 at Elland Rd with Ronaldinho. Ronaldinho said that this is real english football and that's what you are Leeds...real football....good to see you going back to the top. Happy for are so lucky to have him...he is not just a great a person, values, etc he is increible and that's why he is admired around the world. Come on leeds I want to go to Elland Rd to see my Barça in a champions league game again. Cheers mates.
Speedbird 1
Speedbird 1:
Just think elland road will be on fifa 21 for the first time
Adrian Mansilla
Adrian Mansilla:
Come on LEEDS. Come on BIELSA.
From Argentina
Ian Sucksmith
Ian Sucksmith:
Called it. Guard of honour at DERBY mot mot mot
Sam Carter
Sam Carter:
Shouldn’t have been Demoted all those years ago.. from a Liverpool fan welcome back Leeds 👍👍⚽️⚽️
These celebrations beat liverpool's when they won the title
Looking forward to being Premier League champions in 2022 if history repeats itself?
Jamie Is Here
Jamie Is Here:
ALL LEEDS AREN'T WE!!! WHAT A SEASON AND LAST 2 DAYS! CHEERS FOR THE VIDEO LEWIS the hangover was real this morning 😝🍻💙💛
steven ward
steven ward:
We’ve got the best most loyal fans in the world and I couldn’t be any more proud than what I am , feel like I’ve won the lottery
Ali Al-Smith
Ali Al-Smith:
Leeds are going uppppp, Leeds are going upppp!!! Can't believe its finally happening. Guard of honour at derby. Haha. What a time to win the league.
Liverpool Legend
Liverpool Legend:
Great to have you back. Your celebrating remind me to ours when we won the league. I can relate to the pain and the success. Can't wait for our fixture!
A Sensible Young Man
A Sensible Young Man:
Over the years Ive been sick of small teams being promoted to the EPL. Thankfully one of the biggest clubs in thebland - Leeds- have finally done it. This is great news for the Premier League. I'm not a Leeds supporter but I know what's good for football.
Andy Martin
Andy Martin:
16 years of hurt finally over. Promoted at last. Tw0 miracles in two days.
Leeds United CHAMPIONS.
Wayne the carnage Lufc
Wayne the carnage Lufc:
Love you all get in we are champions
Bethany Campbell
Bethany Campbell:
I was crying my eyes out when we got promoted.
Mini Log
Mini Log:
What a long 16 years Leeds has been out off the premier league and its finally this Day we are back where we belong🟡🔵
Hrxze Hnder
Hrxze Hnder:
Tomorrow in millennium square is going to be a mad one 💛💙
Wayne the carnage Lufc
Wayne the carnage Lufc:
Get in mate Leeds Leeds Leeds
Richie McCarthy
Richie McCarthy:
When pablo got that goal against swansea , then I knew. 16 years of torture behind us.. MB is a god 👏👍😊😱🤗
Irish fan in new york 🇮🇪
javier pablo Munoz
javier pablo Munoz:
Congratulation leeds champions!!!!!!
From Argentina!!!!!! Go leeds!!!!!!
Life as Thato
Life as Thato:
From a Manchester United fan welcome can’t wait to smash you lot next year all the best 🔴⚪️⚫️
José Vera
José Vera:
Espero el "VAMOS LEEDS, CARAJO!!!" 🎆🎆🎆
¿De dónde flores si no hay jardín?
¿De dónde flores si no hay jardín?:
Fantástico... Campeones de la Championship y directos a la Premier League.
Excelente vídeo; gracias. Saludos-Regards... and have a nice day.
Presly P. Ngerantar
Presly P. Ngerantar:
Other manager took a decade to trying revive us, the god among man, Bielsa only need 2 season. Absolute INCREDIBLE MANAGER!!!
James Golder
James Golder:
Omg this is so so cool to finally see these fans and this club back where they belong after so many years congrats to the owners the coach and the players and can't wait to see how they do next season I'm in new Zealand and will be buying my new seasons shirt as soon as its available 👏👏👏
Daniel Zamora
Daniel Zamora:
LEEDS….a veces son duros y extraños los caminos de Dios, por la Historia del
Leeds United se van de la Championship como corresponde…como Campeones !!! ….como
hincha de River Plate de Argentina también estuvimos en el Infierno y pudimos
decir “Me verás volver y te arrodillarás ante mi”……La Liga Inglesa va ser digna
de ver la próxima Temporada, deseo los mejores éxitos para los hinchas y el
equipo de Leeds United…MOT
The Truth
The Truth:
Huge Leeds fan in Australia here, over the fooking moon ❤🤘🏻.
Agustin Jesus Viñabal
Agustin Jesus Viñabal:
Total happiness!!! Lets'go leeds!!!
sean carney
sean carney:
Congrats Leeds! Great to see you back where you belong. Can't wait for next season when there are going to be some great matches. I am Liverpool fan and at start of the season I wished Liverpool to win the premier and Leeds to get promoted. Bielsa v Klopp v Pep. Bring it on. :)
Annuar Arifin
Annuar Arifin:
Leeds United fans are the best in the world!! Love you very much Leeds United..I am your loyal fan from Malaysia 🇲🇾
Strongboy 72
Strongboy 72:
Oh damn. Wait until Leeds play Chelsea. Could be fireworks!!!
Synyster Gaming
Synyster Gaming:
Been a long time coming, be good to see Leeds back in the premier league, not a Leeds fan but congrats to them.
mad mechanicmickeeie
mad mechanicmickeeie:
Buzzin for ya lads!!!! great to see ya back, look forward to the games against us next season #EFC peace out, stay safe!
Ahamed Nabeel
Ahamed Nabeel:
Welcome back to the Premier League Leeds, From a Man Utd fan! Glory Glory Man United ❤️
AWSOME content as usual. Looking forward to next seasons stuff mate . ALAW ALAW ALAW... Marching on togetherrrrrrrr 💛🤍💙
Bielsa Ball
Bielsa Ball:
Football league are searching the rule book with all the man power they can muster, looking for 10point deductions as we celebrate 🙄 💙💛 MOT (another top vid )
S W:
💙◻️💛Leeds is Marcelo forever. "#All at Marcelo Bielsa's house" on the 1st Saturday of August ... Let's not let Bielsa leave, let's start and organize and all Leeds to sign your Marcelo contract, we love them forever in Leeds.
Renzo Paissan
Renzo Paissan:
Matthew Smith
Matthew Smith:
congrats from a cardiff fan. even though you didn’t beat us this season, well deserved
As a United fan the first fixture ill be looking out for is at elland road. Good to see the leeds scum back
vamos Leeds Carajo!!
Hello hello we are the Leeds boys,
Hello hello you'll hear us by our noise,
Knee deep in lancastrian blood,
Surrender or you'll die,
We are the Leeds United boys,
Hello hello we are the Revie boys,
Hello hello Bielsas now the boy,...
Dont cry for me Argentina the truth is I never left you.....Leeds Leeds Leeds.
Last season is irrelevant, it never happened
Greeting from Chile, we miss Marcelo Bielsa so much because he change the mentality of the entire society, now i'm glad for him and the Leeds fans, congratulations "Let's go fucking mental"
Σταυρος Κυριακοπουλος
Σταυρος Κυριακοπουλος:
Let’s go Leeds !!!!!!
from greece congratulations Leeds united
Paul Bradley
Paul Bradley:
Glad to see a club of Leeds stature back where they belong. Welcome to the pl guys ,from a Newcastle supporter.
Joe Salmon
Joe Salmon:
What an atmosphere
sam wilson
sam wilson:
well deserved this, the whites have played some brilliant football, glad to see us back where we belong 💙💛💙💛💙💛
อรรถชัย ฤทธิ์เดชคัมภีร์
อรรถชัย ฤทธิ์เดชคัมภีร์:
Will come back premier League missing you from Thailand
Matthew Armitage
Matthew Armitage:
Congratulations from West Brom, you deserved it in the end. Just hope we can get 2nd now. Good luck back in the big time. Anybody who knows anything about football knows that Leeds should be in the top flight of English football.
amelia willott
amelia willott:
Can’t wait for leeds v Man U match😂mot
Ls7 Stringaz
Ls7 Stringaz:
It’s not sunk in yet Lewis
It will over the weekend . Last night was unreal and the trophy is yet to come
We’ve gotta top Friday night for the🏆

Roll on the new season
Motd not quest 😂
I’m 14 and have been waiting my whole life to get to the prem
Richey Boy RKO
Richey Boy RKO:
Congrats from a newcastle fan.
Calvin Liu
Calvin Liu:
We are champions
William Arenas
William Arenas:
Once again, one more madness of the EL LOCO, and believe me it will not be the last, thanks LOCO !!!
Luke Whitehead
Luke Whitehead:
Wish I was there for that, I'm 24, I've had a season ticket since I was four and live in Sheffield, travel up for all home games, can't wait to celebrate with everyone
Russell Thompson
Russell Thompson:
What a family we are mot
It's like a tale. An a legendary coach in his low moments (he fail in Lille and get sacked), and an historic club in their worst moments (16 years relegated in the lower divisions). And finally, all is equilibrated in the end. I'm very happy for Bielsa, Leeds and the fans!
Stephen Crooks
Stephen Crooks:
Well done LUFC, good to see you back.
a true patriots bulldog
a true patriots bulldog:
This team so much reminds me of the Howard Wilkinson team that won the ols second devision title they swept some teams aside and ground results when it mattered like the last two games
i like to watch videos
i like to watch videos:
Well done leeds so happy 💙💛
Geoff Challis
Geoff Challis:
We are soo proud!!!
Billy Taylor
Billy Taylor:
Lonewolf Lufc
Lonewolf Lufc:
Im so glad for you guys, and proud of Marcelo Bielsa. From a Boca Juniors fan! Greetings from Buenos Aires to the Leeds City. Now, to make a great season in de EPL. Apologize if my english is not so good.
HaSsy MiiA
HaSsy MiiA:
Happy to see Leeds back in the PL. from a Liverpool fan 😁 can't wait to play at Elland road again. We had some classics in the 00s!
wullie G
wullie G:
Made my day this.
Irene Dedic
Irene Dedic:
Thanks everyone Leeds on bielsas mystery tour we all know it's going to be special
Dan Solo
Dan Solo:
i’ve got a feeling this channels gonna blow up now leeds are back in the prem
Wafll Mot
Wafll Mot:
What a video thank you mot
Marcelo Bielsa
Marcelo Bielsa:
Boris Johnson
Boris Johnson:
Great to see Leeds back where they belong , good luck from all Berwick City fans :-)
turino ik
turino ik:
Come on leeds~ from man utd fan.
Harley and Kayla SuperSiblings
Harley and Kayla SuperSiblings:
We love you Leeds
Ash Rowland mufc
Ash Rowland mufc:
Welcome back.. I can't wait for us to smash you home and away 😉😉 see you on the terraces
Jon C
Jon C:
Great to see Leeds back up there, some good old rivalries again, against well we know who. Social distancing in place I see..................!
Max Monzon
Max Monzon:
Greetings from Houston Texas! Congratulations!
Congratulations from Russia! FC Zenit fan =)
Lest we forget the 16 years outside of the top flight.
The highs and really lows. 2 playoff finals. Countless managers. Comical owners. Another relegation. Club legends made that perhaps would never have been if Leeds remained in the top flight such as Beckford and Becchio.
Moving forward Leeds has the chance to make new Premier League memories for a completely new generation of supporters.
I think with the money invested into the club by its owners, a manager that doesn't look to be going anywhere anytime soon and plenty of players that should be kept on, Leeds should not have a problem staying up for a long time to come.
LSP Lit:
Congrats Leeds you deserve it!!
Fernanda Ventos
Fernanda Ventos:
Felicitaciones!desde Argentina.👍💙
Tone 381
Tone 381:
Thank you.. MOT 💙💛💙💛
markus bisma
markus bisma:
Welcome back Leeds..I still remember the UCL semifinal run, great squad back then
Tommaso Ghirardi
Tommaso Ghirardi:
Anton Kirk
Anton Kirk:
Round three elland road Wednesday 😜
GenuineNoob 198
GenuineNoob 198:
You’ll be playing all the big clubs again arsenal, United, City, chelsea, Liverpool, Tottenham u name it u got good football again and ur a challenger to the prem now very happy to see Leeds in the prem so good for the league all the derbies
Must've been one hell of a hangover today 😂
KTN Glucas
KTN Glucas:
Can we win derby and let lee Bowyer stay up
Ab Jabbar Abdulah
Ab Jabbar Abdulah:
Welcome home to Premiership football ...
Harvey Holmes
Harvey Holmes:
Best gig I’ve ever been to
maria bartusiak
maria bartusiak:
Welcome back! We’ve missed you! MOT. YNWA.
Ricardo Toledo
Ricardo Toledo:
Felicidades saludos desde argentina... Bielsa genioooo!!!
Izaak Parrish
Izaak Parrish:
Brilliant feeling out there I was there
Pete Crowther
Pete Crowther:
Peter Mills
Peter Mills:
Congrats from a swansea fan. Proper club proper fans.