Protesters arrested as they run from Hong Kong campus - BBC News

Several protesters have been arrested while trying to run from a Hong Kong university campus surrounded by police.

A group of around 100 people tried to leave Polytechnic University, but were met with tear gas and rubber bullets.

It is the third time protesters have tried to leave, following a violent and fiery overnight stand-off with police.

In the past week, the campus has turned into a battleground as long-running anti-government protests become more violent.

Meanwhile, Hong Kong's High Court ruled that a ban on protesters wearing face masks was unconstitutional. The colonial-era emergency law was invoked in October, but protesters largely defied the ban.

The violence is some of the worst seen during months of unrest in the semi-autonomous Chinese territory.

The protests started over a controversial extradition bill, and have now evolved into broader anti-government demonstrations.

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have fun
have fun:
do as american police do, it will be cleaned up in one hour.
De Rong Pan
De Rong Pan:
Escaped. They were retreating. Take the mask off if you can’t see.
Red Tale
Red Tale:
Another unbiased report from the British Brainwashing Commission.
"In fear of their lives".. as they stand there armed with .....petrol bombs.. box cutters.. bow and arrows... immolation equipment...riot gear etc
Eugene Wong
Eugene Wong:
You don´t start with HK, you start with Prince Andrew and Jeffrey Epstein, lol
1:58 I feel like there’s a certain Star Wars quote that applies to this😏
After following news for literally 5 months, I feel there are a ton of spammers on YT comment sections
Royce Shuo Lin
Royce Shuo Lin:
Let's say some young group doing this over Europe or US, I believe the police will shot them down right away. The police did not do anything wrong. Why this young group hiding in school, broke and took whatever they want, and they need.
Edi W
Edi W:
The guy in the video literally said he was afraid they'd lose their "Revolution"'. No government in the world will tolerate that.
David JTW
David JTW:
Looking at the BBC news channel from Dublin Ireland it's not helping you's in anyway. All of you's stay strong and safe.✌️✌️✌️✌🏼✌🏼✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻✌🏾✌🏾✌🏾✌🏿✌🏼✌🏼✌🏽✌🏽✌🏽✌🏽✌🏽✌🏽✌🏽✌🏽✌🏽✌🏽
Joe Liew
Joe Liew:
Not siding with china or hong kong or anything, but it’s funny how BBC is trying to demonise the police and china and the rioters as freedom fighters while trying to maintain as neutral sounding as possible.
I'm disgusted at how people can still make jokes in the comment section.
I feel sorry for the high school students. They are too naive to understand what they were getting involved in. They have just been used as pawns by organisers of the riots
Zirui Zhang
Zirui Zhang:
bbc是真恶心 这些暴徒都什么样了 还用 protesters 这个词

J Gordon
J Gordon:
Have they defeated the police, they wwould be facing the army. Do you really want that?
The government and the protestors need to negotiate, that will solve the violence
weeb king
weeb king:
lost defending point Uni
Old Man
Old Man:
Propane and Propane Accessories
Yannick Mandaba
Yannick Mandaba:
Please "come peacefully to the police station" were you will be "processed". Hum....very appealing message...not scary at all.
Ryan Chen
Ryan Chen:
Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable
I have been waiting for this for such a long time. 400 arrests since Sunday evening, good job officers, please make thousands soon. 5 years in jail not one less! Free HK from these terrorists!

P.S these “protestors” are really ridiculous, they destroy the university completely and then the police have the right to enter to detain them right? And then they say “they are not destroying their home, they are protecting it”. So destroying is protecting?! I feel like they are all braindead... most of them are not students even from the university. I can't wait for them to face their crimes and regret what they have done to our city and how they ruined our lives.
My my... Lucy Hockings is looking rather old and male there!
weining MAO
weining MAO:
shame on you bbc!
David Ramirez
David Ramirez:
then what will happen when they get arrested I what to know what will happen after the
benny benny
benny benny:
How come The BBC nas become nias in reporting on Hong Kong where is the unbias bravado ????
Miaoxian Chen
Miaoxian Chen:
The riots need to be arrested!!! Look what they do now! A disaster to the University. A disaster to Hong Kong, China!!!
Bill L
Bill L:
Typical strategic failure: Take up a place you cannot hold and no reinforcements.
no army, just there is police. Poor HK city
At this time, I tell you the other side of the story, the young people of hk oppose the amendment of the ordinance, normally this regulation is normal, the previous regulations illegal elements fled to hk will be exempt from the law, the amendment closed this loophole, but some politicians began to take this matter to do the article, So what you see is that the youth of the day are destroying the streets, smashing the shops of innocent people, setting fires with fire bombs everywhere, and even pouring gasoline on an old man and lighting it, have you seen this in your media? If the law is broken to demand democracy and freedom, then the concept of democracy and freedom is what it is, I do not quite understand. I hope Hong Kong gets through this, God bless
Yueying Gong
Yueying Gong:
Why America policy arrest protest? I can't breathe.
Sierra Yankee
Sierra Yankee:
You forgot to add your favourite adjective "peaceful pro-democracy" to the word "protesters"
sk crixalis
sk crixalis:
tiger8696 死生有命 富贵在天
tiger8696 死生有命 富贵在天:
Those are CIA intisgated rioters burning down the infrastructures.
Regular Trend Fashion
Regular Trend Fashion:
thats quite like a good newa
I wonder when the BBC are going to report on the French Yellow Vest protest that have been going on way longer than the Hong Kong one...Oh wait they cant they get paid of the EU and cannot report bad news about the EU...Money talks or in the BBC`s case GREED FIRST
Jericho Sharman
Jericho Sharman:
Lol we know what police are really like in not worth listening to
Fuqiang Chen
Fuqiang Chen:
BBC why just disable ur comments on the 39 Vietnamese news? Didn’t you owe a huge apology to Vietnamese and Chinese?
Nghĩa Lưu
Nghĩa Lưu:
Back to the past
The June 4th incident , also known as the Tiananmen Square incident in June 4th , was originally called the counter-revolutionary riot by the Chinese Communist Party and the Central Government of the People's Republic of China . In the later period of Jiang Zemin's democratic politics and Hu Jintao's administration, it was renamed the political turmoil of the spring and summer of 1989 [6] [7] or the political turm of 1989 [8] [9] [10] . In the 2019 period , Xi Jinping was also called Political turmoil and counter-revolutionary riots in 1989 [11] .
cong wang
cong wang:
Just disgusting shameless words manipulating,when you pointing to deer saying hey that‘s a horse,then it’s not news
of course when you leave they will arrest you. You think you can just leave and go home and call it a day? You committed arson, vandalism, made weapons to attack the police by using bricks, molotov cocktails, bows and arrows and u think u can just leave without being arrested ? You are too naive. Life does not work that way. Take accountability and responsibility for your own actions. Own up to your own actions.
Tim Phillips
Tim Phillips:
I’m impressed with the restraint the Chinese have shown. Here in the USA there would have been a massacre a long time ago. In a big way this helps the Chinese by making Shanghai much more appealing. I can’t see how this ends well.
I mean, the journalist at the end made a good point: The protesters don't trust the police if they promise peace and the fire tear gas if the protesters leave.
Looks like rats running for their lives.
Is this what peaceful protestors would do to your city’s metro system? Has massive destruction of public facilities paid for by tax payers so to stop them from being able to go to work got anything to do with fighting for democracy. Is it so wrong for the police to try and arrest them? Judge for yourself.
Aurobindo Ghosh
Aurobindo Ghosh:
bbc shows own technique to their polytechnic university
keith tiong
keith tiong:
Give them asylum in UK
Tony Shen
Tony Shen:
Once they started this democracy revolution, they should have known what a revolution would cost. However the protesters use their masks to hide away from the responsibility taking. They had fun in this political carnival, and then they surrendered easily after the siege, and they started to worry “what if my mom knows this”. This is no way a revolution. This is a tragicomedy, a joke.
Elixir de Vie Singapore
Elixir de Vie Singapore:
The reason these riots have been dragging on for 6 months is because HK government and police are way too weak and soft! More violent anti-Chinese riots with vandalism, arson, rape and looting in Indonesia in 1998 were ended within less than a week when some geniuses trapped those rioters while they were looting abandoned Chinese-owned shops in shopping malls and burnt them alive. Several hundred rioters looting in a few shopping malls were trapped and burnt to death. The riots immediately ended when the news broke out. No more rioters dared to come out. The current situation in HK is actually an extremely good chance to burn them alive. They should learn from Indonesia's experience. These are the videos: and
Chicare Ili
Chicare Ili:
A different voice, other than BBC, CNN.
Are you watching Activision? This is what you support. Hong Kong deserves democracy.
Neville Thomas
Neville Thomas:
The US has vocally backed anti-Beijing protests in Hong Kong. Earlier this week, the US House of Representatives passed two bills to back the protesters and issued a “warning” to China about alleged human rights issues.

“China criticised the US for what I criticise this country about repeatedly, the greatest source of violence and instability in the world.
Yueying Gong
Yueying Gong:
So how America arrest protesters? Shooting?
Dashuai Li
Dashuai Li:
Should send back these "lovely" criminals home - to UK & BBC
Your worse enemy
Your worse enemy:
free south korea KIM JON UN TRUE LEADER
police announced 11.17 PM22:00 is the deadline for protesters to leave, after that time, they will be in charge.
C. Brihaspati
C. Brihaspati:
The escalating violence and now the protesters fortifying themselves in a university makes this seem that protests are limited to email section. As this blog shows such a show will not succeed
Muyang Tam
Muyang Tam:
free Scotland!
free Northern Ireland !
Lee Roy
Lee Roy:
A list of things done in HK thus far by these rioters whom western media and politicians call 'peaceful protesters, wanting democracy and freedom':

*Stabbing policemen with knives

*Destroying entire streets by digging up bricks and rocks

*Throwing rocks at police

* Throwing bricks at police

* Shining high powered laser into the eyes of police and elderly HK citizens who do not support their violence

* beaten up countless of Hong Kongers, especially mob violence against the single handed elderly, men and women, resulting in bloodied heads, mouths, eyes, noses etc

* threw acid on policemen

* used catapults at the police, ended up hitting and blinding a female protestor (and thus less and less catapults were utilised since then)

* torching cars of other Hong Kongers

* harrassing and doxxing people who were interviewed by the media, including their workplace and families (till now many Hong Kongers are fearful to appear on camera)

* stoning an elderly Hong Konger in the head after a verbal exchange, old man died

* threw molotov cocktails / petrol bombs at police

* threw molotov cocktails / petrol bombs at elderly Hong Kongers trying to clear the debris after a night's rioting

* setting fire and burning a man alive who didn't agree with their anti-social behaviour

* blockaded entire roads and streets, not allowing any vehicle nor pedestrian to pass, people cannot go to work, children cannot go to school and elderly cannot go home, resulting in scores of people stranded..... if anyone complains on social media..... they are doxxed and they and their family harrassed and threatened

* stormed and destroyed the parliament building, raised the UK flag and US flags on sovereign territory

* multiple attempts to snatch police guns

* Using bows and arrows at the police, hitting police officers with the shot arrows, piercing through

* so far, about 3 elderly men killed by these masked mobs, plenty more in hospitals or at home with injury

* destroyed banks

* destroyed shops of innocent Hong Kongers

* destroyed stores belonging to global multinational companies

* destroyed and set fire to many MTR train stations

* purposely threw debris to derail trains

* derailed trains with passengers in them, causing untold injuries

* making up stories of police brutality

* charging at the police with batons, poles, baseball bats, umbrellas

* used the suicide of a 15 year old girl due to mental illness as a false story of police brutality, claiming she was killed by police

* the suicide victim's mom was interviewed and she shared that her daughter was suffering from mental illness and she reviewed all CCTV footage of the day, it was a clear suicide and had nothing to do with the protests nor police, and was doxxed by angry rioters for not allowing them to use her daughter as a martyr, and harrassed, given death threats and hunted down, even when she is grieving the death and loss of her daughter

* occupied and destroyed universities

* made thousands of petrol bombs during the occupation, more than 4000 were found

* occupied and forced the national airport to shut down

* occupied the airport and prevented travellers and foreigners from flying, leaving many in tears and literally begging the rioters to let them go home

* destroyed traffic lights

* destroyed street lamps

* destroyed sidewalks

* destroying taxis and cars

* setting fire to multiple vehicles near the universities

Feel free to add your own

Most of them would have gotten shot by the police in most western countries, especially in the USA.

So let's not be hypocrites here.
Mani Dada
Mani Dada:
Meanwhile Iranian Government has shut down the Internet and has held 80 million people hostage for the past 3 days!Tens of people have been killed and over hundreds injured😔
No hint in BBC news at all with regards to Iranian Protests while over and over Hong Hong protests
BBC s interest over peoples lives
c k
c k:
BBC supports evil
Bryan O'Leary
Bryan O'Leary:
Open Fire 😁
Birk Wang
Birk Wang:
police need to do more control to rioters to keep the citizen from the riot .
Huavan Cuong
Huavan Cuong:
condemn the evil deeds of the communists
mojarean X
mojarean X:
its not impossible similar uyghur training camps will be introduce in Hong Kong soon
Lord FW
Lord FW:
UK please send troops to rescue those peaceful harmless good citizens,when you said you stand with Hing Kong please do something to help those kids rather than speculating and behave like you don't fan the flame up to this level
Karina BJ Cheung
Karina BJ Cheung:
We got so many Hong Kong people support the police force or against the rioters. To be responsible media, BBC have to know and tell the truth. Please don't ignore our voices and pretend all HK ppl support the rioters or protest.
Don't be biased media again.
Ah yes, let's completely ignore what these 'protestors' are doing against the police.
Xuwen Wang
Xuwen Wang:
I am curious why BBC doesn't show more violence from the protestors. They killed citizen in Hong Kong already, forced people strike by setting fire on the metro station, stopping people using public transportation.
Robert hudson
Robert hudson:
I support protest it is healthy but when protesters start burning their own country, attacking its citizens & wrecking a city that is no longer protest they have moved from freedom fighters to terrorists. U.K. govt should forget threatening HK or China, we are ill equipped to carry any threat. We are no longer a modern power nor colonialists.
Matthew Leeper
Matthew Leeper:
Keep fighting
tiger8696 死生有命 富贵在天
tiger8696 死生有命 富贵在天:
BBC please pleads with UK government to grant citizenship to the peaceful pro democracy students. Don't throw them under the bus after you have supported them all along. They will help UK to be great again.
How do you expect to treat those protesters ? With flowers and gifts after what they had done?
Jim Bond
Jim Bond:
China now controls Hong Kong ? Because I'm getting the vibe... the leader of HK works for china??, and these tactics only help china get the popcorn out and maybe even intervene with peaceful force? maybe the protesters can sense a merge of shady agendas taking place.
nancy nguyen
nancy nguyen:
it doesn't have to sell HK Police , the Chinese government has to bring it to the public for the recognition of the title, the Hong Kong police do not kill the people, they only recognize the rubber soup
Hi 61
Hi 61:
The only thugs are the hk police and people waving red flags
Kyle Sines
Kyle Sines:
That dude where in the yellow vest being arrested by the swot is he a cop am I seeing a cop getting arrested by a cop that’s jokes if I am 😂
Peter PhotoVideos Dambiec
Peter PhotoVideos Dambiec:
This is activism funded by George Soros to create disruption of democracy
Tony Luo
Tony Luo:
Its a ''protest'' they say
hello world
hello world:
Before it comes to this point of no return, before they could have had left the occupied campus without clashing with police, they chose to riot till the end. Now they found they could not win, they start to fear, cry, and want to flee without taking the consequences. NO WAY!
Shaswat jain
Shaswat jain:
Free Hong kong
jersey lim
jersey lim:
If u wana protest. Do it peacefully. If u become terrorist, u sd be ready for jail
matthew chang
matthew chang:
yet they arrest protester who leaves
Trashing private facility is breaking the law, what's so surprising of the rioters getting arrested?
Sergei Formosa
Sergei Formosa:
These students are really fighting for something important. Unlike western soulless fake-charachtered, all-the-same looking students/hipsters who are fighting for who can look as 'poor' as possible with the most expensive clothes possible meanwhile trying to portray themselves as something important. Power to the HongKong students against the CCP tyranny!!!
Святый Жорий
Святый Жорий:
Очередные бедные люди, которые думают, что умножение насилия может что-то решить; разойдитесь по домам и не высовывайтесь.
Nobo he
Nobo he:
U took a part of retreating.....Have u seen what protesters did to police? Fire arrows and metal bullets? No, because BBC only report what they think in their head. Bruh
Calvin Kong
Calvin Kong:
Welldone hk poluce able beseige hk terrorist and hk rioter welldone hk police
Peter Chuah
Peter Chuah:
Hong Kong is China...No doubt at all....
They are children?
E T:
#香港 #十萬火急

1.在估狗幫推,搜尋「hk police massacre polyu's students」及「黑警屠殺理工學生」,因為現在這次事件在中英文版上Google search TOP5!

2.現在 #PolyU 的tag在推特上了trend(尤其美國),開Twitter,找 #PolyU hastag幫忙RT及like,保持熱度,請廣傳!
#香港警察の暴行 #香港デモ
Shanel L
Shanel L:
Why let the kids fighting alone .... oh wait a minute, maybe the adults are not so easy to manipulate
abdelhakim taha
abdelhakim taha:
Many 50 cents here
I was insulted and beaten by a rogue headteacher and a rogue student at school。I was put in a mental hospital by the CCP policeman。I was insulted, beaten, shocked in there
It is a very disappointing cover of the events. You could make a parallel between the increase of police use of strength and the recent downtick in real estate activity. Lam made it very clear last month: she can tolerate a lot of things EXCEPT the real estate market going down. This weekend the sales were very low as a result of the events and therefore she sent the police to clear the University.
Kevin Erickson
Kevin Erickson:
Shoot em back with arrows
Most of the young people in Hong Kong who are less than 30 years old are already standing in the shape of consciousness in the western world. He can receive education and Internet media at a young age, and his knowledge of the Chinese Congress is demonized. In Hong Kong, young people feel that they are fighting for "democracy and freedom." they reject anything about the Chinese people, and they are in Hong Kong, which is high and prosperous in Hong Kong. What good does Hong Kong have for you because of your small number of pests? Since you are willing to stay in Hong Kong, you will not be able to leave quickly and permanently, because you, or your father, is the one who is most persecuted by the rich and the rich in Hong Kong. Because the people of China and above will not be as specific as your thoughts! More know how to respect the hundred years of Hong Kong people tired of the fruit, more know how to respect the history and face to face! Because the years of the times will not bring about any changes as a result of some of the rioters, over the years, when you become parents and young people, you will understand how well you know and be childish in your years of self-deeds. Go back, try your best to join the society, for yourself, for the family to face the rest of your life! China / Hong Kong / …………Hong Kong is Hong Kong of China. In countries led by the United States and Britain, they have been rudely involved in China's domestic politics, deliberately aided and created violence to achieve their position in world finance, which has defeated Hong Kong over the past 100 years, and to create greater interests for themselves. I hope that the whole world will see the talk of those who benefit from the interests of the politicians of the United States. Take a good look at how the world's first largest country has broken the peace of the world through inextricable physical harmony and invulnerability. Finally, it is believed that justice is at ease in the hearts of the people, and that the long river of history will certainly let you see a peaceful, friendly, and strong country!中国🇨🇳
Momoko Story
Momoko Story:
Western medias are manipulated by the governments and biased to produce fake news. Shame on BBC, Fox, and CNN.