PS5 - 5 Must-See PlayStation 5 Reveals

PS5 is nearly here! After a breathtaking showcase of incredible new PlayStation 5 gameplay, Rob and Rosie talk us through 5 must-see new reveals that have us properly excited. What are you most looking forward to? Tell us in the comments!

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Justin Bailey
Justin Bailey:
Can’t wait for ff16 and Hogwarts legacy and god of war
Double Click
Double Click:
2:19 rob please calm down....contain yourself (youre on camera for the love of god...)
Serious Guy
Serious Guy:
I missed being THIS excited for anything for so many years now! BUT I AM SCREAMING RIGHT NOW!!! PS5 is super affordable to me because I have been saving up for 600 Dollars for so long!!! I'll be 200 dollars richer I guess. This is the best day!! AND Super excited for Resident Evil VIllage and God Of War 2!!! My 20s are going to be so much fun.
I am very excited for Hogwarts. I never played the Harry Potter games so it will be my first in that world.
aola wili
aola wili:
God of War teaser: After the music kicked in, I was about to cry... Can't wait to finally play it....
chris s
chris s:
FF16 so damn important feels like forever since we had a new FF game
God of war 5 and FFXVI are my favorite two big new reveals
Finally the PS5 event. I love it. I'm developing a game, Parallel. I made a trailer and a page on Steam and I hope to bring it to PS5 too.
Ffxvi omg they could have ended there for me. I just wanted to rewatch that trailer over and over. I'm so excited.
Jamil Gannaban
Jamil Gannaban:
I'm gonna call it now:
Rob - Slytherin
Rossie - Hufflepuff
Dave - Gryffindor
Nath - Ravenclaw
Hollie - Gryffindor
Elle - Slytherin
Dan - Ravenclaw
the Badger - Hufflepuff
Hopefully we get more info on the PS Plus Collection. That seems like a cool feature!
I started hyperventilating when I saw God of war.
God of War teaser: After the music kicked in, I was about to cry... Can't wait to finally play it....
for a game that has "final" in the title, they surely do release a lot of chapters XD
Alex Edwards
Alex Edwards:
Lol, love how excited you guys get about it, makes me smile with you!
Final Fantasy XVI and Demons Souls and Spider Man (i really wish i was good enough at Souls now, oh well)
mikea hiooi
mikea hiooi:
I'm really excited for the PS5's release; although I'm still holding out hope that it will feature backwards compatibility for ps4 and hopefully even ps3 games. 😅
Omg I love playstastion and this playstastion access channel
Nathan-James Moraghan
Nathan-James Moraghan:
I'm really excited for the PS5's release; although I'm still holding out hope that it will feature backwards compatibility for ps4 and hopefully even ps3 games. 😅
the musik as Ifrit rises owerwelmed me, im exited.
Ronal Martinez
Ronal Martinez:
1:35. Never thought I’d see a Marlboro Tentacle ever again! Holy smokes! Better have them elixirs ready lol
Oh ffs. I'm going to have to buy a ps5 now. I wonder if they'll have a Hogwarts edition?
G Howson
G Howson:
When Horizon Forbidden West was revealed last time I didn’t think I could get any more excited, but Hogwarts Legacy is just adding more adrenaline to the system!! The last time I was 100% sure of buying a new console when it came out was for the ps2. There’s definitely no umm-ing and ahh-ing over this, well worth the price to me, so I best get saving!!
Jessica Babin
Jessica Babin:
I am so excited for Hogwarts too, looks like a beautiful game to explore. I also may have cried a tear or two when i saw God of War... 😃
All I got outta this is I'm saving half of every check I get till november lol
Radek Rydzewski
Radek Rydzewski:
That Harry Potter game though... I’m gonna get the digital edition because digital is more convenient, and cheaper. and cyberpunk.... ooh it tingles my Polish blood
Harry Kong
Harry Kong:
Spent 4 hours trying to pre order... so disappointed
the moment they showed ff i wondered what robs reaction was
I LOVE hearing and seeing how excited they are!!!! I won't be able to afford one for a looong while, though. :( My poor wallet. :(
One question to Rob : From where did you find this super cute girl Rosie?..
I couldn't stop myself staring at her...
Riski Muda Farsyah
Riski Muda Farsyah:
One of the most positive gaming channels. Really love their excitement!
Sanjay Kumar
Sanjay Kumar:
Watching Rob get excited over all the news got me excited all over again xD
Wiremu Mehana
Wiremu Mehana:
When Aus gets it 12th, I'll give you details ;) lol
Troy Green
Troy Green:
I like the excitement and pure emotion that is flowing from the ps access right now. They are all abuzz about the news and putting that excitement to work uploading video after sweet video for us to absorb.
Alexis Aragon
Alexis Aragon:
I have never played any Final Fantasy before, but when I saw that yesterday I was so excited for the Access family because I know how much they love it! I can’t wait for the PS5!
Ginger Dom
Ginger Dom:
i'm excited about spider-man miles morales being confirmed that it's releasing on PS4
2:19 ..... you alright there?
Disc One Final Boss
Disc One Final Boss:
FFXVI and the fact that it’s being done by Yoshi P and friends got me excited. Demon’s Souls remake gameplay pretty much sealed the deal for me. Teasing God of War at the end was a nice touch too.
David brawnydave Smith
David brawnydave Smith:
I've personally never been into harry potter at all never even watched any movies after the 1st one, but that hogwarts game looks amazing and I must give it a go.
[] Jem
[] Jem:
Would've loved to see your first time reactions tbh
Leafy Green
Leafy Green:
All I can think about is the Intro to the "games too big and beautiful for their own good" Friday feature. Too many great games to play.
You guys are amazing!!! The stream was on late in UK and here you are up late working to make awesome videos!!!!! Thank you so much playstation access
Stephen Butler
Stephen Butler:
God of war 4 was tied for my favorite ps4 game, next to horizon zero dawn, at seeing that sequels to both of those games are coming soon(ish) makes me so happy. I may abandon my pc for a while to play these.
Deedric Kee
Deedric Kee:
Spiderman Miles Morales and God of War and price has me so excited! 😍
That was a great show. Not a screamer but I literally did when they showed DMC5 SE and God of War. It's my birthday and Sony just gave me the best gift EVER!!
Anthony A.
Anthony A.:
I Didnt expected to see a harry potter game, ready to pre order my PS5.
Mike M
Mike M:
Hogwarts game looks really exciting of the trailers shown, although I'm really waiting to see what FIFA and PES will look like on the PS5. Grand Turismo looks amazing, but generally I've never taken to it like I did with Forza when I had an Xbox One, more so with the sound of the cars - they were exceptional in Forza. Still holding out hope for a Getaway game on PS5.
Justine Leslie
Justine Leslie:
The Big eyed Hogwarts creatures are called Moon calves!!! I love them!!!
Nero Vuk
Nero Vuk:
Great show, fair price for the console, $70 for games as a standard price tag is bullshit though. Especially a remake. And I love the Souls series.
I was yelling here in my room with the ffxvi reveal.... the entire time.
sander van der meulen
sander van der meulen:
I pre-orderd my PS5 today!!!!! The games I want to get for it are GOW. The Hogwarts game. And for the fun of it maybe Little big planet or Rachet &Clank.
Dragon mage
Dragon mage:
I'm still trying to platimum god of war like two trophies to get the raven one and the artifacts
Annette Nash
Annette Nash:
Rob did you give up on the slog of getting the Kingdom Hearts 3 platinum? I did, not a major fan of the gummi ship. It’s just too painful to play to get that trophy.
Very happy for the PlayStation Community! The hype is real!
Enrique Perez
Enrique Perez:
I want to see more of SPIDER-MAN: Miles Morales. But yes i am now more excited.😀🥰
Sony have knocked it out of the park. So excited for FFXVI and GOW: Ragnarok. Also think Deathloop looks fantastic.
Allan Bergsma
Allan Bergsma:
Demon’s Souls Remake looked pretty good too
Gregg Hart
Gregg Hart:
You guys are so awesomely excited! I can't wait for this myself either! FFXVI alone will be amazing. Wonder when THAT is coming out.
Aqua Revas
Aqua Revas:
Always Proud Hufflepuff here so super thrilled & excited for & can hardly wait for Hogwarts Legacy ~ & also those cute adorable fantastic creatures with big eyes are called mooncalves!
I really hope you don’t need ps plus to play multiplayer any more, I’m tired of paying for a subscription even though ps3 was free multipliplayer
Levi Potts
Levi Potts:
Ps5 can live side by side
In my domain, I'd switch sides just for Hogwarts
That's how playstation got to me.
I had xbox my whole 23 years of life
Deus Vlad
Deus Vlad:
Is the UK PAL Ps5 going to be region free so I can play
American games on it with a US regional account for DLC content?
MCdemonkid 1230
MCdemonkid 1230:
The best part was the God of War reveal. As someone who literally grew up with the GoW series and loves GoW 2018 it made me scream. Which was actually embarrassing because I was in school when I watched the reveal.
shadow sephiroth
shadow sephiroth:
ps5 release europe 19th november
cyberpunk 2077: 19th november
Ethan Grandy
Ethan Grandy:
This new harry potter game is going to be my life
Mr Bare Foot Bogan
Mr Bare Foot Bogan:
Great... So like 600 bucks, just for the Digital in Australia.
i'm planning on getting it for my birthday however i have exams around the 10th. *sad face*
Ventus Vanitas
Ventus Vanitas:
Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales
Vanilla Ice
Vanilla Ice:
Most people: take my money now!!!
Rest of us: *right, time to save up a few months worth of wages*
Mr wLy_4
Mr wLy_4:
My favourite moment was revealing god of war
Troy Green
Troy Green:
Rob, Rosie
Great to see you both looking happy, healthy, and excited.
Keep feeding us.
Laura Bruce
Laura Bruce:
FFXVI might be my first ever FF game so I'm with you on that! But giving an HP game this much attention after the hateful garbage JK Rowling has spewed about trans people? Please don't give that dumpster fire any more oxygen.
Ryan Almeida
Ryan Almeida:
I just got back from gamestop and got my ps5 pre order! Excited to get to play these games!
I think I need a change of cloths cuz god damn did I cream my pants hearing all these games especially god of war 5
Aust Gaming
Aust Gaming:
I’m so happy I’m happier than rob when Nellson rodent leaves a Friday feature
Harlin Kane
Harlin Kane:
It's now more hard, than ever, to adopt a "wait-and-see" approach.
They are risking quite the gamble with Hogwarts Legacy, seeing as, yes, it IS Hogwarts, but it won't have any of the characters we know and love. I'm really happy all the rumors are true and this is actually a thing and i've been looking forward to this kind of game for a long time, but due to the timeline placements, this could go either way, really.
Imre Kristóf
Imre Kristóf:
Was it just me or did anyone else notice that vault animation in Demon's Souls?
Can we have a discussion about what the actual frick was that?
dayan even
dayan even:
I just want a console.
There is no stock in the usa.
Mumongu Gaming
Mumongu Gaming:
Is our Government behind, why we have to wait an extra week before most of the rest of the world ? At least it comes out on Cyberpunk Day
I am still kind of in shock I have a pre-order :D
cold water
cold water:
Hogwarts and gow AND CYBERPUNK? damn my bank account can feel it already
Matt Martin
Matt Martin:
Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek can't wait. Bring on the pre order battle.
LeoEyes Being
LeoEyes Being:
Final Fantasy 16 for PlayStation 6....or 7 maybe
anyway I CAN'T WAIT
2:21 whoa whoa hey there my man, I’m excited too, but not THAT excited 😳😂
Darrell G
Darrell G:
Now I have to download GOW and beat the damn Queen.
Slow & Steady...
wade johnson
wade johnson:
Hi. Rob do you know if my external hard drive on my ps4 will work on ps5 so I can play the games I own? Thanks you great video as always.
Casey Walton
Casey Walton:
FF16 GOW5 and VILLAGE(REVIII)!!! Although the Hogwarts game definitely looks worth checking out.
Troy Green
Troy Green:
Great video, great information, great news! Very excited for the next generation. I've been a playstation purist since the first one was released. No way I not getting a 5 on day one. See everyone on the other side.
I missed the hype around the PS4 launch cos I was traveling but now I'm all ready for the PS5, I've got the 12th and 13tg off ainx evening in New Zealand the bloody launch days are always a day different but I'm getting in on the ground floor this generation
Ilyn p
Ilyn p:
Wow! Good to see you Rob and Rosie! 😍😍😍
Joaquin Muñoz Ayarza
Joaquin Muñoz Ayarza:
Not here in Chile 🇨🇱 via Amazon though ! I need to preorder this !
Yesss...FF16! Guess I'm gonna have to get me a PS5 now 😂🤣
They better be showcasing the new capabilities of PS5 before it gets released, so in the next 2 months.
I am very excited to wait about 6years until i get myself one :)
Cynthia Roman
Cynthia Roman:
Didn’t Rob mention that Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone on PS1 was a guilty pleasure and that he’d always wanted an open world Hogwarts? Seems he got his wish
New God of War! To quote Philip J. Fry, "Shut up and take my money!"😃💵💵💵
Jamie Parr
Jamie Parr:
Rob having a cheeky jostle at 2:19 😂