PSG appoint Mauricio Pochettino: Can he manage the player power of Neymar and Mbappe? | ESPN FC

Twenty years after captaining Paris Saint-Germain and starring for the club alongside Ronaldinho, Mauricio Pochettino is back to manage the French giant. Can he handle the massive pressure in Paris, between expectations of winning the Champions League and handling the star power of Kylian Mbappe and Neymar? ESPN FC's Frank Leboeuf and Julien Laurens react to the former Tottenham manager's appointment at PSG and identify the factors that make him a good fit at the club.

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Unruly Rebel
Unruly Rebel:
Poch finally has the talent and the spending power he needed from Tottenham
JohnnyFootballA M
JohnnyFootballA M:
You were great for us at Tottenham and you left us in a better place then when you came. Best of luck Poch
I hope he excels at his new job
Pierre x
Pierre x:
He can finally win something
PSG haters when they realize Pochetinno played for psg 20 years ago: wait they existed?
Joel Njabo
Joel Njabo:
"If Neymar doesn't want to defend he won't defend" I would send him the picture of him after the champions league final until he starts defending
Hope he wins the CL. Good luck from a united fan.
victor rweyendela
victor rweyendela:
I promise you ten months from now when psg are struggling these two will be blaming the manager and saying he wasn't the right man for the job
Mauricio transformed Tottenham and made me live the best 5 years as a Tottenham fan. Good luck boss! You have my energy.
Shilo Garcons
Shilo Garcons:
Can they go a day without talking about Neymar or Mbappe? It’s getting old. Tuchel wasn’t fired because of “player power” but because of his relationship with Leonardo.
Vinnie Mac
Vinnie Mac:
Poch did amazing to get Spurs to the CL Final which they lost, PSG is a whole next level, they aim to win the CL every year with the talent and stars they have, getting 1st in Ligue 1 should be automatic, CL is the only prize.
Knows how the club works? They did not have this kind of money, culture, and spotlight and spotlight that they have now. If they let him do his job he will be fine.
Eton Strawn
Eton Strawn:
That is why big clubs need big managers. PSG dressing room could never bring their egos to Klopp and Pep.
Evropa †
Evropa †:
This guy really pointed to what if Neymar doesn't track back?!? He tracked back a lot more than Mbappe and Di Maria did lmao just look at his last goal against United. He dispossessed a United player on their half of the pitch and ran the full length to be in a position to score. Neymar tracking back won't be a problem.
Wesley Ansah
Wesley Ansah:
Congratulations Mauricio Pochettino it is always nice when a former player of a team becomes manager
Me also
Me also:
PSG is a party club, not champions league winner. And, this wont change with Pochettino.
Only Football
Only Football:
He'll do well and bring in and develop youth from PSG's academy which is among the best in the world. The problem is that as soon as he had a rift with someone or saw attitude problems at Spurs, he sold them. Dealing with egos is something he hasn't really done yet because he thrives on creating a family environment with a smaller squad and these are astronimical egos.
PSG: Would you like to be our manager?
Poch: Do you still have UEFAs pockets?
Poch has won more with PSG than spurs already
Salman Haider
Salman Haider:
We are so happy to have Poch at Paris <3333 Paris is Magic
Mac Kay
Mac Kay:
I love it how you understand how difficult it is to manage star players yet you guys criticize them as if you can
Dusan Nastasic
Dusan Nastasic:
I guess except from amazing wages PSG job must be one of the stressful ones since your 2 mains stars crack like a chips. Id have to drink 2 bromazepams before every game hoping neymar and mbappe dont suffer a 6 month injury.
I still feel like Poch will turn up at Spurs 1 day, Doesn't feel right not seeing him at Spurs
It's easier to impose discipline when you were yourself a player and know what you talk about. For example Zidane does not need to shout, his experience is so big that players follow him easily.
Ridwan Ali
Ridwan Ali:
Former player Hope success for pochetite 💙❤️ he did amazing job at Sprurs
“Feel low so fi” is philosophy 🤣
Moley M
Moley M:
The best signing psg have made..... from a spurs fan 😓
Kyle Senninger
Kyle Senninger:
Frank, what does a Latin education have to do with doing well as a manager?😂😂
Czar Yobero
Czar Yobero:
This whole notion of having to managing superstars’ egos is a tad bit overblown. It’s not like Tuchel was such a pushover that it hurt the club.
Player power is over-exaggerated. Footballers are professional if they see a manager with vision, tactics and leadership.
Abhishek Nag
Abhishek Nag:
Julien can't stop smiling
Android 17
Android 17:
Poch will deliver. He has to change the mindset of this group's ego. (Real Madrid fan)
biniam mersha
biniam mersha:
even steve bruce can win the French league with PSG !! poch will only be a success if he wins the UCL and wont get more than 2 seasons to deliver
syed sohaib
syed sohaib:
Man.. Pochettino should've come back to the prem.. really would've liked to see that
Karim Hussain
Karim Hussain:
I’m not gonna lie. I don’t understand half the words that come out of Frank’s mouth.
Ian Solo
Ian Solo:
Jules is a funny guy. Alway winking and nodding while he listens
If the coach is paid 100000 per week and the player is paid 800000 per week the weight of influence is firmly in the favour of the one who is 8-10 times more expensive.
Nikhil Amin
Nikhil Amin:
Poch at Spurs and Southampton had teams who were aggressove with the press and very hard working. I can't really see Neymar and Mbappe fully committed to that style, he should still have enough to win Ligue 1 but I just think the team won't be as cohesive as he would like
Harsh Giri
Harsh Giri:
Very good move by psg & pocchettino will go for Eriksen & alli in psg bcz psg have great attacking team but they need more players in midfield
Man I wanted poch at dortmund so badly
He is a top class manager going to be interesting
Ricky Tan
Ricky Tan:
PSG is like swimming in the ocean for someone who only swims in lakes
Nicky Batts
Nicky Batts:
But Tuchel coached them to UCL final. Will Ney and Imbappe want to play for him?
Dr. Diaz
Dr. Diaz:
This was a great assertion for psg. Pochettino might even make messi move to paris. Sorry tuchel, but you were not big enough to handle a Locke room plagued with superstars.
Mr. Dyce
Mr. Dyce:
Y he saying Messi wont track back when he legit did a 1 hour interview explaining how he respect the coach and what he is trying to do and will give everything to the club to this season, sigh
Altamash Savkar
Altamash Savkar:
Thats why
Jose and Pep are great if they want to prove who is in charge they can put stars out and still win matches
Byron Muñoz
Byron Muñoz:
Im still trying to blink faster than juls in the beggining of the vid 👁️👄👁️
zeon stewart
zeon stewart:
Zidane to psg
Poch to dortmund or madrid
Better fitting
lovesh r
lovesh r:
The Question is what is success at PSG? A manager like tuchel winning all trophies apart from CL still got sacked so what is the expectations for poch
He will win the league..Congrats Poch..At least he will win something at PSG..
Rory Blessington
Rory Blessington:
Well that’s a tenner in the bag! Now let’s get the other 4 right lads. The other 4 are:
1) Messi stays at Barça
2) Southampton get Europa
3) Ole gets sacked and is replaced by Allegri/Man Utd miss top 4
4) Athletico Madrid wins La Liga
1/5 ✅
Marc Dennler
Marc Dennler:
Should send Sir Alex to PSG to sort those Players out.
Sub Stantial
Sub Stantial:
The Pooch doesn't have the experience to manage players Mbappe and Neymar, and neither did Tuchel. But best of luck to Qatar FC!
Have That
Have That:
I wouldn't be surprised to see neymar or mbappe leave and play for another club.
ben ban
ben ban:
Hala Madrid !!!
John Pereira
John Pereira:
So United missed out on Guardiola, Klopp, and now Poch, while appointment Moyes, LVG, Mourinho, and Ole. Glazers and Woodward are utter clowns.
Aykhan Karaman
Aykhan Karaman:
if you cant handle your locker room as coach then being football coach job is not for you.
Marlene van der Wath
Marlene van der Wath:
Are these players grown up ?
Mbappe is just like any player in the team . He is not exceptional player
Neymar is the deal 👌
Yash Veer
Yash Veer:
Mbappe will Shine through his management just like how Harry Kane did in the PL
The Video Shot
The Video Shot:
No more excuses of not having a budget or players. I still feel he is a tad bit overrated and a bottler. Couldn't win a zero trophy with almost world class players like Kane/son.. and a great CB pairing on their peak Jan and Toby.
Dary Dulcine
Dary Dulcine:
1:04 "nouveau" which means new, thank me later 🤣🤣
If he don't win a CL than what cause I don't rate the french cup 🍵
Mbaakanyi Motshwari
Mbaakanyi Motshwari:
Tuchel>>> Poch
Kevin Pillay
Kevin Pillay:
Frank is right when he says time for the club to grow up. They have their sugar daddy and all the resources so is winning French league all they crave? No they want Europe domination and they need to give a coach the chance to do it his way. The owners need to be leave to Poch and of Neymar etc not happy then let them go. Chelsea owner also learned to let the football people do their jobs and when Mour got there and they let him be and the platform was laid. So the PSG hierarchy will need to be strong now to really become European force.
Abu Ceesay
Abu Ceesay:
Big super stars not defending is not new in football and will never go away. You want them to use most of their energy in the attacking aspect and be closer to the final third.
Hopefully he can do the job
Every coach in psg win the league easily,they are hired to win the champions league but i wonder how long will take for neymar and mbappe to sack him
fahad alawadi
fahad alawadi:
How is speaking Spanish is relevant to this conversation ?
Julien needs to switch to decaf
The first thing he should do is sign a reliable defender like koulibaly
Mpho Mokoena
Mpho Mokoena:
Neymar Kane Mbappe = champions league
John Blessed
John Blessed:
If some of the PSG players are spoiled or drama queens then the coach needs to bench some of them for games.
Seye Adeleye
Seye Adeleye:
Frank got it wrong on the point that ronaldinho was also a leader of psg when pochard was the captain, ronaldinho was just a 19 year old boy who just signed from gremio in Brazil.
Ahmed Mahmoud
Ahmed Mahmoud:
IDK man NEYMAR and KYLIAN are divas but it can work out but it can also go wrong
Kyle Walker
Kyle Walker:
no other club can compete PsG in their League due to their financial we can only judge poch in the CL ,😛😛😛😛😛
Time Travel Walk
Time Travel Walk:
Psg would not win the champions league in the next decade, even with Neymar
Youtuba Slaat
Youtuba Slaat:
Poch will be successful at PSG he a coach with a profile and Tuchel was not, Neymar and Mbappe will get behind him
Ellery FG
Ellery FG:
It's funny how they say PSG sits third in Ligue 1, by what 1 point? That's no lead anywhere and PSG had won their last game 4-0. They are just entertaining or trying to, not doing any serious or responsible analysis. I'm 🤏 close to turning of all notifications from this channel due to this poor journalism if you can call it that. Tuchel was released simply because he didn't get along with Leonardo. He did and was doing a great job with PSG. With a squad plagued with injuries and missing key players from the previous campaign and no important signings or even the ones requested by the coach. There was no communication between Tuchel and Leonardo that's why they let him go
joey blaq
joey blaq:
Yep,Let the politics begin😎
If Pochettino clicks with PSG, then I expect another big humiliation for Barcelona. Messi better leave in January or he will be humiliated for the 6th year in a row.
Neel 🇮🇳
Neel 🇮🇳:
Kane 😉 coming 😘😘😘
Michael St. Hill
Michael St. Hill:
Stupid and immoral decisions never turn out well,
even in the short term they tend to end badly.
Ask Barca how the replacement of Valverde with Setien turned out.
Yandri Fadli
Yandri Fadli:
PSG aint mature yet as a club. Like a spoiled brat with loads of cash
Maruf Padaya
Maruf Padaya:
He is appointed to sell Mbappe
saroj maharjan
saroj maharjan:
I say psg are champions league fav... after a long time...cause of pochetino.
Jaime Rodriguez
Jaime Rodriguez:
I can see Neymar or Mbappe leaving very soon 🤣🤣🤣 Hopefully Barcelona and Real Madrid have money by then ! 🤙🏾🤙🏾🤟🏾
Juan Louis
Juan Louis:
"Frank do you like dis-appointment?"
Abu Ceesay
Abu Ceesay:
Pochettino is an average overated coach like tuchel. Winning the league a with PSG doesn't count much just like Ronaldo winning the Seria A with Juventus.
The Formula Sports
The Formula Sports:
Well pochettino haters cant use the "he hasnt won any trophies" argument anymore
Zidane Jose or Pep are the only ones that can control those egos at psg, I always thought tuchel at psg was an obvious mismatch that was never going to work. They wouldn’t or he couldn’t implement his style of play because psg want results now. Good luck poch could end in similar fashion
James Michaels
James Michaels:
And in February, he will play Barcelona.
sebastian koh
sebastian koh:
Is it still true that nothing is bigger or more important than the team?
german banegas
german banegas:
Juls blinking!!
Still won’t win the Champions League though !
A A:
You can’t win 10 James Miller or Gattuso in a team. You need creative player like Neymar and he doesn’t need to waste his energy for chasing others.
Per T pesc
Per T pesc:
He's out in about 2 months .
Poch are trophy intolerant.
Has nothing to show to.
Free hands in Tottenham for 5 years . 350 mill £ in 23 New players . Eriksen , Kane was there from before .
This shows , he can not build a team.
Eseh Francis Morara
Eseh Francis Morara:
Enough with this agenda against Neymar. Anyone who watches knows he creates most of their chances and works harder than any midfielder/forward in that team especially in big games. There are many games like the one against United where he wins the ball in own half and creates chances for Mbappe, Di Maria, Sarabia etc just take a look at the Atalanta game among many other UCL games. To suggest Neymar is not hardworking is highly laughable
Ahamed Thanseek S
Ahamed Thanseek S:
Where is the video of Real Madrid vs Celta Vigo review. ?? You guys didn't upload it
This whole narrative of him knowing the club very well is false in this case, he played for PSG for a couple of seasons when their was a different ownership in place. The club has grown in stature under the heavy investment by the Qataris.

So we have to stop this narrative.