Qualifying Highlights | 2021 British Grand Prix

That was a qualifying session for the ages! Join us for the best bits, as Lewis Hamilton edged out Max Verstappen. He'll start Saturday's first-ever F1 Sprint from P1.

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KZ Imperial
KZ Imperial:
The whole crowd cheering for George when he was alone on track throughout the lap in Q3 was just epic and beautiful
Update & Upgrade
Update & Upgrade:
First time i see lewis so happy with his pole with merc
Turtle ツ
Turtle ツ:
Man, Russell is really outperforming in that Williams great job to him!
Lucas Lanter
Lucas Lanter:
Russel and Ricciardo did really surprise me in this qualifying. Hope they Will get something out of the race
How tf did Russell just get a Williams into 7th in qualifying, my mind is blown
SandalphonCPU • 210 years ago
SandalphonCPU • 210 years ago:
It hits different when you hear the crowds cheering
The n Social
The n Social:
Russell literally pushed that williams over the limit, the man a genius.
I’ve noticed that on the back of Lewis’s steering wheel they’ve added a covering around it so he doesn’t hit it by accident again 😂
J. S.P
J. S.P:
Makes you wonder what George would achieve with a midfield car... Let alone a race winning one 👏🔥
Kevin Andino
Kevin Andino:
03:10 That tracking helicopter shot of Verstappen's lap is next level.
Andre Faelnar
Andre Faelnar:
I knew Lewis is not gonna lose here. Not in his home court. That's the Lewis we all know and love.
Eric Martins
Eric Martins:
What a Session! Lewis and George were monsters. Go on lads!
So without his error Hamilton would be infront by 3 - 4 tenths. Thats huge.
That was some intense qualifying. When Lewis nearly lost it in the final lap, it just added to the drama. Also glad to see Riccardo get his act together in quali. Only 2 one thousands behind Norris.
Joao Santos
Joao Santos:
Russell up there. Ricciardo finding his rhythm. Hungry Hamilton. This could be a great weekend!
Watching Russell run his lap in Q3 was truly beautiful.
Russell has outdriven everyone today. Look at where Latifi is. This maybe the biggest teammate gap I've seen.
My hopes for tomorrow's sprint. Hamilton and Verstappen crash into each other and start Sunday's race from P19 and P20. Now that would make for a great race on Sunday!
Nut Chunder
Nut Chunder:
I hope Russel could hear that cheering, well deserved
I’m so proud of George out qualifying a Ferrari and a 4 time world champion
Big thanks to the F1 video team for the editing of Q3 footage. Absolutely loved seen large sections of the laps rather than short clips of the finishline.
Chris Kimani
Chris Kimani:
Incredible home crowd,childhood memories of the circuit, renaming of the main straight after him gives Lewis an emotional edge every moment he races in the circuit.. ..Get in there Lewis.
I was there yesterday! Have finally attended My first ever live GP! was too epic !!! 🏁🏁🏁
Dipa Putra
Dipa Putra:
What an improvement by Russell! Lets rock! 🔥🔥🔥
Seriously impressive what Russell is getting out of that Williams.
Hamilton was pushing that car for sure as I have never seen an F1 car drift steer like that !
Noel Kevin Siason
Noel Kevin Siason:
Hamilton on pole. Ricciardo finding his groove. Russel and the Williams starting on 8th. Seb squeezing himself in to Q3. Man, a great weekend is surely comin' up. May this be as exciting as the Azerbaijan!
Rafael Lopes
Rafael Lopes:
Great to see what Russell has been doing with that Williams! Really would love to see him in Mercedes or better car next year!
Nick Foster
Nick Foster:
I'm all Max taking the title, this year, but I LOVE the passion the Brits have for their own.
Nahuel Calderón
Nahuel Calderón:
FIA: Everyone, enjoy the battle for 1st place
Everyone: YES!! Russel made to Q3 again!!!
Loved hearing that "Get in there" from Bono...Not a Ham fan but it felt great to hear that from bono.. especially with that energy
Saurophaganax Gaming
Saurophaganax Gaming:
When the fans cheer, i got goosebumps!
Matthew Cohen
Matthew Cohen:
I'm happy for Lewis, he is pumped because he actually was putting in his best effort there. Great to see some competition at the front again.
Fabio Marcos Dias
Fabio Marcos Dias:
Essa é a F1 que gostamos de assistir 👏👏👏☕ bom dia 🇧🇷 Maringá-PR 🌧️
Everyone speaking about Russell but im just glad Danny Ric is finding his feet again.
The crowd is such fresh air to see, the cheers give me goosebumps
Craig Heslop
Craig Heslop:
Love it... 3 british drivers in top eight just amazing, come on boy's.... 🚥
Parikshit Khadun
Parikshit Khadun:
What Russel is doing with that car is beyond me! A round of applaud for him from me. 👏👏👏
César Cárdenas
César Cárdenas:
Russell 🔥
¿Alguien más quisiera que Rusell se quedará en Williams y que le regresará sus tiempos de gloria?
Muhammad Akbar Ajiatmojo
Muhammad Akbar Ajiatmojo:
Aston Martin : We have last year Merc
Russell : Hold my Williams
jason flynn
jason flynn:
That's one of the best Qualifying sessions for awhile 👌
7Mag GT3
7Mag GT3:
This means Russel can beat Porsches with pick up trucks in Lemans. He can “create” rear grip.
George Lianhna
George Lianhna:
We need to see more of this pressure its interesting 🔥
Russell, driving like he knows he’s got that merc drive in the bag….
Drew Robertson
Drew Robertson:
Let's hope Hamilton stays in this form through the weekend... Keep this championship alive.
I was there and at the corner that Hamilton had an oversteer moment. Amazing first experience being at a Formula 1 grand prix :)
Dri in UK
Dri in UK:
Getting in there Lewis 💜
Lewis on pole by 0.075. Danny Ric matching Norris' time. A Williams beating a Ferrari in Q3.
What a season. Bring it on!!!!!
George got the best qualifying position in his Williams career, in the least impotrant qualifying session in his Williams career.
Spam Can
Spam Can:
Let's hope Red Bull has the race pace to beat Mercedes. Never thought I'd be rooting for Verstappen to win but here I am.
I'm surprised Lewis still had pole after that slide because the times were so close.
gewoon Andy
gewoon Andy:
Im very happy for lewis
Even im dutch, i think he deserves this
Toe Gobbler
Toe Gobbler:
I love how Lewis thanked Bottas for giving him the tow
If Russell can gain a place or 2 he'll be in great shape for the race.
Max is really pushing Lewis & Merc this season, so excited to see the race this weekend
Spencer Rollins
Spencer Rollins:
Can we just take a minute and appreciate the fact that in FP1, George Russell's fastest lap was a 1:29.8. In Q3, not even a full session later, George ran a 1:26.9. Literally in 5 one lap runs, Williams and Russell trimmed 3 whole seconds off the lap time. That's absolutely phenomenal. George is a generational talent. There's some doubters right now, but when he gets the car, people are going to hate how dominate he's going to be.

But we also have to give it up to Williams. They fine-tuned that car in Parc Fermé conditions. Watching George's onboard, it's glaringly obvious that the car (in calm conditions with no traffic or wind) has vastly improved over Jost Capito's short tenure so far. Williams and Russell are becoming a formidable duo. As Dave Robson, Head of Vehicle Performance at Williams said, it would be unfortunate for George to leave for Mercedes and not reap the rewards that we've been working towards. I think we have a great package moving into 2022 and it would be a shame to not have George be apart of that".

I'm so torn because I want George to have a top tier drive, but I don't want him playing second fiddle to Lewis. Williams is 100% devoted to George and he could lead them back to the front. Capito and Dorilton have made it known that they're devoted and willing to do what it takes to bring Williams back and it's showing on track, WAY quicker than expected. This is the same chassis that was .8ths off HAAS who were 2.5 seconds off Mercedes. It's incredible what they've done.
PetrolHead88 UK
PetrolHead88 UK:
Three Brits in the top 10! The boys do us so proud!
ginanjar pratama
ginanjar pratama:
I wish in the future I'll be able to hear "Get in there George!"
That's a bit more like it, isn't it?
MHI Odyssey
MHI Odyssey:
George russel showing everyone he deserves that mercedes seat
George: Gets into Q3
Hamilton: Where did he get the extra 7 tenths?
silly goose
silly goose:
Looking forward to Mazepin's performance this weekend 😍
Project Milzock
Project Milzock:
What a day! It was amazing to see in person! 🤩
fiddlestickz muzik
fiddlestickz muzik:
I say it every year, Silverstone is the best grand prix on the entire F1 calendar. Amazing track, amazing to watch visually and a really nice fast open circuit. Russell really is asking all the right questions for a bigger to team to invite him to come on board at some point.
Dimitri Shostakovich
Dimitri Shostakovich:
Alonso: Overtakes Russell for P10 in race.
Russell: Squeezes Alonso out of Q3.
Nvidia GAMER
Nvidia GAMER:
Congratzzzz Lewis...my hero!❤
arull godwin
arull godwin:
It's beautiful to watch this during sunset 🌇🌇. Can we have a race in this time period?
V's Journey
V's Journey:
10 serious drivers with some serious skills. The race is ON!
You can hear the relief and excitement rolled into one in Bono's voice. What a qualifying.
Professor Carrot
Professor Carrot:
George is giving me chills with his talent. Such a shame he doesn't have a more competitive car.
The fact that a few new rules made this qualifying almost 2 seconds slower than last year is mind boggling
Mirza Pradika
Mirza Pradika:
Finally can see driver emotion in this season. Even Hamilton celebrating his pole😂
George Rusell es un piloto de otro nivel, no tiene nada que envidiarle a ningún piloto de la parrilla es una auténtica joya
Maxim Turbin
Maxim Turbin:
If the rest of the season has more of these traditional circuits, Hamilton will still win the championship. 'Tis my prediction.
Russell is really pushing that car to the limits, absolutely deserves a Mercedes seat
Russell 10 yes 10 places higher than his teammate in quali... This lad deserves a premier seat ASAP
Billy Hope
Billy Hope:
Imagine Lewis just turns it up another level😂
This was a great quali! Ham looks so pumped with this pole! And wow George P8! Come on Mercedes, just sign him already!!!
sanjay bohr
sanjay bohr:
Lewis going fastest commentary says, “he’s getting a tow from Bottas” max going slower than Lewis “ohh it’s the under steer issue.” Even the commentators are biased.
I’m at silverstone and the atmosphere when George made it through was amazing
Jan Andrei Narag
Jan Andrei Narag:
The "Get in there Lewis" is full of happines here
alif haikal
alif haikal:
hamilton’s lap time with oversteer- 1:26:282
max last lap time- 1:26:209

without oversteer, hamilton can easily make it 1:25
Jeff Keith
Jeff Keith:
Cracking session. Thanks to Chain Bear for explaining the benefits of this format. I reckon ticket prices for Friday and Saturday sessions will increase. A lot.
I’m pulling for Max this year, but I was actually super OK with seeing Mercedes bring the heat today. The last thing I want is a runaway season where Max and Lewis just trade places and there’s no competition.
Nice to see Ricciardo matching Lando's qualifying time. Should be a great battle in the races.
Aniketh malkari
Aniketh malkari:
Wow... To think that the W11 last year was nearly 2 seconds faster than this year's pole time... Easily one of the best cars of all time
Silverstone always makes for interesting races. I freaking love that Russell is dragging that slow, underpowered, draggy Williams into Q3.
Leo Borges
Leo Borges:
Russell já é realidade ta louco, monstro!
Mark Lynn
Mark Lynn:
First qualifying session on a Friday since 2003 British fans expect Lewis Hamilton to take Pole Position and win following race 🇬🇧
e Xzaliber
e Xzaliber:
Russel and Hamilton are cool and all but Danny Ric finding confidence back again
Stuart Anderson
Stuart Anderson:
OK this is the first time Russell has really shone, full respect. Wonder what's going on at Williams, is it a decent car or was this a total genius lap? Looks like the latter for me and I've been kinda criticising Russell for trying to force Bottas out, this is a turning point. Well played sir.
Home advantage= +.075

Gonna be an interesting race.
Nathan Gillmore
Nathan Gillmore:
And on this day, I became a George Russell fan.
That was the most hyped up i've heard the mercedes team in a while. This championship fight is putting the spirit back in them.
George out here proving he deserves that Mercedes seat, out qualifying a Ferrari, just wonderful. The crowd cheering for him though, really just hits differently
Owen Richardson
Owen Richardson:
Hamilton looking much happier than he did the previous races. Also delighted for George. He deserves it
michael kibaki
michael kibaki:
Lewis finding his speed again ..that was so awesome.
Akshay Deosthale
Akshay Deosthale:
Williams in q3 ! , Russel really squeezing out power out of that machine. What a driver!
Amirul Faez Samiran
Amirul Faez Samiran:
Leclerc & Russell is superbly amazing ... Both of them pull a tractor to Q3 ... What a DRIVE !!!
DjokerNole Cristi
DjokerNole Cristi:
When you see Lewis shaking with emotion, losing voice, and Bono screaming like there's no tomorrow, you realise how much this means to them. Also, big cheers for Lewis' work ethic, always pushing the team, going to the simulator which he normally hates, no effort is too big. They love winning, and that is why they are champions.
Evan Thorpe
Evan Thorpe:
Early evening F1 action at Silverstone is absolutely fantastic visually
Scott O
Scott O:
I love it. Lewis is more likely to be on our side for MORE racing per event! That will help.