Qualifying Highlights | 2021 Hungarian Grand Prix

It was a nail-biting session at the Hungaroring as one driver roared to pole right at the end.

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Having Nico Rosberg commentating really makes it exciting bcs he really knows Lewis, and he is really blunt
luka luka
luka luka:
Expectations from Tsunoda: at least Q2

Expectations from Gasly: top 6
Avijoy Das Bhowmick
Avijoy Das Bhowmick:
Keep Nico in commentary in every races, he speaks experience as a new era driver and knows every move the drives make.
ahsan idrees
ahsan idrees:
i really hope danny ric can find his footing in the mclaren its a shame seeing such a talented driver not even make q3 :/
it will really help the team in the constructers championship as well
MasterGaming Nic
MasterGaming Nic:
14 year anniversary of Alonso blocking rookie Hamilton from starting quali… wow
Gotta be worrying for Danny Ric. Half way through the season and his results are like a yoyo. Gasly coming for ya seat mate.
Palash Agrawal
Palash Agrawal:
Petition to bring Rosberg for commentary at every race.
Lloyd Albert Cordero
Lloyd Albert Cordero:
Love that Nico commenting. He knows how Lewis performs. We get that on-site how the driver is thinking through Nico
Weird to see Mercedes 1-2 again, first this season. Gasly and Norris smashing it again.
Jude Jones
Jude Jones:
Nico commentating reminds me a lot of James hunt in terms of his bluntness and experience in f1
18 years ago, that "Alpine guy" won his first GP here. Crazy
Nico's commentary is so awesome. I don't remember we had a world champion in commentary box since past two decades atleast
Takumi Fujiwara
Takumi Fujiwara:
Hamilton in Monza 2019: Interesting tactics there just to keep pole position
Hamilton in Hungary 2021: interesting tactics there just to keep pole position
Nico: Lewis is not gonna let him pass. There is NO WAY. (I experienced it)

And it really happened :0
Romeo Bravo
Romeo Bravo:
Netflix will use Hamilton’s Monza 2019 radio for Verstappen. “Interesting tactics just to keep pole position.”
Manne Di
Manne Di:
We all know what's going to happen with RB starting with softs and Merc with Mediums. Max pits early then Lewis goes long and extends that mediums. It would be a 20 to 30sec gap then Max will go for the fastest lap. That's it.
Gonçalo Marques
Gonçalo Marques:
No-one talks about Gasly but he has been doing so well!
Gasly has been consistently great in quali. You love to see it!
Are we just gonna gloss over the fact a 40 year-old Alonso is absolutely blitzing it right now?
Formula Meme
Formula Meme:
I feel like we just woke up from a dream that Red Bull were challenging Mercedes
Really hope Riccardo finds his groove soon. Norris is showing each race weekend what the car can do.
George O'Callaghan
George O'Callaghan:
That slow pit exit from Lewis (I know the outlap itself was quick but the time lost was in the pit lane) was the most Schumacher/senna thing he's done since Abu Dhabi 2016 trying to get seb to overtake Nico.
I think Lewis up until now has valued being liked quite highly. And the last couple of weeks has shown him that it don't matter. People are just gonna hate you. If you're winning all the time, people are just gonna hate you.
Ver 10-1 Per
Ham 8-3 Bot
Lec 8-3 Sai
Nor 8-3 Ric
Gas 11-0 Tsu
Vet 7-4 Str
Oco 5-6 Alo
Gio 7-4 Rai
Sch 9-2 Maz
Rus 11-0 Lat
Kannadiga World Traveler
Kannadiga World Traveler:
Gasly finished 5th in an Alpha Tauri and they didn’t even mention his name. F1 needs to do better if they want more following and they can’t continue to focus on just the top 2-3. These are the top 20 drivers (arguably) in the world.
Agent 65
Agent 65:
Aside from Lewis, Gasly and Ocon put in great performances and are the stars of qualifying!
Funny how Ham and Verstappen fans are over here squabbling and the two of them are fist-bumping away as if nothing happened. These guys are racers and this is entertainment. Give me more!!!!
Mike Lumbreras
Mike Lumbreras:
Amazing race. Superb performance of Ocon and it s team mate and of course Outstanding Hamilton has usual.
give me a break
give me a break:
Hamilton's reception in Budapest is just a reminder to FIA , Sky F1 and Liberty Media how well and fair they handled the season so far. Expect booooing all season.
Vedansh Iyer
Vedansh Iyer:
Ricciardo has been pretty underwhelming this season but for some reason doesn’t receive the same amount of criticism Yuki does
Benit Nzimbi
Benit Nzimbi:
5:48 says it all. Verstappen: See you in the opening laps tomorrow. Hamilton: It will be the same. This is the kind of tension F1 was missing in the Hybrid era. Hopefully it will be a close race. Leclerc on P3 will put a smile on my face.
Yuliana Puerta
Yuliana Puerta:
long live the king of f1 by far the best driver of all time we are going for the 8th title of the world lewis
lorenmax 2.0
lorenmax 2.0:
You know what they say: they can't do the fastest time if you do the slowest in front of them
henk moody
henk moody:
Really love the Rosberg commentary, you know he knows more than you, so you listen!
More please!
It kills me to watch Danny Ric struggle like this
Renan Gonçalves Flores
Renan Gonçalves Flores:
I remember when Leclerc did the same thing in Monza 2019 and Hamilton criticized it. Lewis apologized to the public and said that it was one of the most shameful things he had ever seen in Formula 1 recently.
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon:
Gasly has been consistently great in quali. You love to see it!
רום אספיר
רום אספיר:
i love the fact that all the max's fans are raging but max knows this is part of the game and part of the rules
Rosberg commenting is AWESOME!!! Please bring him every weekend to comment :D
Man I could recognize Nico Rosberg's voice now. Missed q2 and q1 yesterday. The Mercs seem to have found pace once more. The Alpines are blazing quick in quali. A Haas out before q1 and a Ferrari red flags a session. Looking forward to Mercs vs RB and the midfield battle later.
Incroyable Pierre à fait une très bonne qualif 🥰
Mukheza Mukheza
Mukheza Mukheza:
Lewis and Nico met when they were very young only 8years old, they travelled the world to compete for all those years,they grew up on the track together they have so much memories together, they should be friends, if you see their childhood pics they were so adorable together,they were team mates when they were only 8yrs old, I liked this one picture of them running around the grid just like little boys their age would do,I hope they resume their friendship,they would have so much to talk about.
What a qualifying from Gasly and the Alpines!
Antonio Santa
Antonio Santa:
That is what I like to see! Some head games, drama and a full blown fight for the World Championship.
Cosmic Gibber
Cosmic Gibber:
Max is embarrassed already from yesterday’s results. I get the feeling, just like 2017 when Max knocked his team mate Ricciardo out of the race circuit. Perez could be on the receiving end today. I hope Perez doesn’t give him a millimetre. I hope he leaves is ego with Marko and Horner and races like a champ today.
Peske Racing
Peske Racing:
Nice to see Lewis and max fist pump as they walk past each other. Respect
truce life
truce life:
The FIA should put extra cameras on Gasly’s car tomorrow, to find out ‘how it happened in front’
Fürst Fr
Fürst Fr:
Gasly’s my favourite driver on the grid. The man is so consistent
Archie Redman
Archie Redman:
I think that Lewis and Max have a lot of respect
for each other and they like each other,no matter what the media says.
Bolia Fops
Bolia Fops:
Hamilton in Monza 2019: Interesting tactics there just to keep pole position Hamilton in Hungary 2021: interesting tactics there just to keep pole position
Loved to see that Hamilton Verstappen fist bump at the end. Just goes to show how much drama is stirred up by social media regarding the drivers and in truth they handle things behind the scenes themselves to ensure they stay friends and respect each other.
I think one of the things we were least expecting was for Hamilton to try to get into Verstappen's head even more.
I enjoyed having Nico joining the commentary, very similar to his sim track guides on his channel I notice.
Just Josh
Just Josh:
Very powerful track for pole position. Short run to turn 1 and tons of downforce corners. I imagine Verstappen will try the alternate line into 2 but will come up short. Will the medium compound start be competitive for Ricciardo?
Barton Percival
Barton Percival:
SUNDAY...............”And Lewis Hamilton makes history in Hungary, winning for the 9th time and his 100th F1 win!!!!!!!

Ben Walter
Ben Walter:
In Lewis’s voice: “and I think to myself… what a wonderful world.”
koiun dwrru
koiun dwrru:
Aside from Lewis, Gasly and Ocon put in great performances and are the stars of qualifying!
Gasly sitting in P5 will have the best seat in the house when the Red Bulls magically carry too much speed into turn 1 and use the Mercs as stops XD
Mohnish Magesh
Mohnish Magesh:
The only positive for me was Nico Rosberg being a commentator for this quali
Batt Damon
Batt Damon:
Lewis is a genius. Rosberg knows the lengths he’s prepared to go to. There are no friends when there’s a championship at stake! Can’t wait for this race. Safe race guys!!
Lucadio Fortuin
Lucadio Fortuin:
Idk why but I have a feeling Mercedes are gonna kick on this weekend Nd dominate the rest of the season. After Silverstone I get the feeling Redbull are a little bit nervous
patrick nirschl
patrick nirschl:
Ferrari gave Sainz a tank, I don't think I've ever seen a car "drive" away from such a big impact.
Alexandre Dalla Vechia
Alexandre Dalla Vechia:
Hamilton teve uma atitude anti esportiva ao atrasar a fila no Q3. Prejudicando demais pilotos e colocando em risco a segurança pois dos pilotos em busca da volta mais rápido pois prejudica o aquecimento dos pneus!!!
Ozymandias The King
Ozymandias The King:
How is there such a massive gap between Norris and Ricardo every race when they drive the same car? Maybe Ricardo has just lost it like Vettel has.
Cedric Asdfghjkl
Cedric Asdfghjkl:
I love seeing Fernando doing so well since Baku.
The fist bump at the end says it all.
Machiel Oude Wesselink
Machiel Oude Wesselink:
Albon trying to recreate Lewis' slow outlap in the next few days..
Felipe Sousa
Felipe Sousa:
Came back here to say that Ocon out of nowhere won the race 😅
Isn't holding people up in the pit lane and pit exit (on track at this point) similar to 2007 when Alonso held Hamilton in the pits so he couldn't get a timed lap in? Doesn't seem fair that you can hold people up...
Giovanny Arguello
Giovanny Arguello:
That cordial fist bump at 5:48 is everything! Bravo!
Terry Griss
Terry Griss:
I like Nico commentary adds a lot to the program.he has a lot of knowledge and experience with the car's and drivers.
The real winner this qualifying was Pierre Gasly.
Jay Bee
Jay Bee:
Danny Ric needs to spend more time in the Sim over the Summer break to work out his braking issues.
With the new cars next season, I have a feeling that Maclaren will modify their brake system to suit Daniel, THEN we'll see the Honey Badger back to his best.
Shaun Nel
Shaun Nel:
Love to hear Nico Rosberg on the commentary! Hope to hear more!
There should be some mention of other great performances as well like Gasly and the Alpines among others.
Barry Braynen
Barry Braynen:
Interesting fact:Hamilton’s second out lap was faster than his first outlap
ant Nam
ant Nam:
I love it, 7 teams in top 10, including 2 Alpine cars. Where did the speed come from, upgrades are working well.
Vip I
Vip I:
Expecting a crash between P1 and P2 at the first corner tomorrow, so hopefully P3 and P4 will take the crown jewels on the podium.
Moe Boi
Moe Boi:
Is no one talking abt how sainz was able to still drive after the crash XD
In Woner
In Woner:
3:38 Very nice display of unsportive behavior. Well done, Lewis !
What a legend Mazepin out qualifying his teammate 🐐💯🔥
Ben Edwards, he's the man. Pay him more to stay and he'll transform this channel.
I’d love for Rosberg to be a full time commentator
Andrew Bailey
Andrew Bailey:
Big shame about George Russell! I really want Williams to score at least a point this season!
Josiane Braz
Josiane Braz:
Parabens Mercedes Lewis Voce merece
At this point the F1 fan base rivalry is more intense than Hamilton and Verstappen’s rivalry.
David Edwards
David Edwards:
Was that Lewis giving Max a fist bump at the end?
That makes it look like the media is making more out of the last incident than the drivers are!
Thamindu kavinda
Thamindu kavinda:
Yes. Yes Mercedes 🎉
ray mendez
ray mendez:
The best season since 2017. Finally some championship battles
Thomas Nichol
Thomas Nichol:
Max is going to drive like a mad man in the first few laps.
Nick Mel
Nick Mel:
"Interesting tactics" by Hamilton as himself once said a while ago
Muhammad Safrudin
Muhammad Safrudin:
Can't wait for the race sessions, and with Nico Rosberg in commentary box that's will be interesting.
Raj Gill
Raj Gill:
Alonso is doing pretty well for having to get used to a totally new car.
He would probably have given Lando a run for his money as he knew the Mclaren better and now with Mercedes power be in podium places.
Tshepo Mphake
Tshepo Mphake:
I love the "Ferrari is gonna fire me" look at 1:26
SuperNSX GTRacing
SuperNSX GTRacing:
Nico literally knows what Lewis is Doing for Max ahhahaa Love the chemistry between this old team mates😂😂
HAM: Alonso turned 40? Here's a tribute then.
5:45 that fist bump though
I wanna hear Martin Brundle and Nico Rosberg on commentary together...that would be so epic.
Sakina Burhanpurwala
Sakina Burhanpurwala:
I really hope Daniel has a splendid race tomorrow, he deserves absolutely everything 🧡🧡🧡
Loved Nico, but I cannot let Martin Brundle go!
2021 Quali Battle

Hamilton 8 – 3 Bottas
Verstappen 10 – 1 Perez
Ricciardo 3 – 8 Norris
Vettel 7 – 4 Stroll
Alonso 6 – 5 Ocon
Leclerc 8 – 3 Sainz
Gasly 11 – 0 Tsunoda
Raikkönen 3 – 8 Giovinazzi
Schumacher 9 – 2 Mazepin
Russell 11 – 0 Latifi
(I used the Qualifying Session instead of the Sprint Races)