Quentin Tarantino on New Movie with Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt & Margot Robbie

Quentin talks about the premiere of his new movie Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, attending a screening with Jimmy, shooting with Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt & Margot Robbie, Inglourious Basterds, naming his own Mad Magazine parody, asking actors to be in his movies, why he is close to ending his filmmaking career, and Margot Robbie stops by with an announcement.

Want a Big Penis? https://youtu.be/GI6fThfZaLw

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Quentin Tarantino on New Movie with Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt & Margot Robbie

100+ komentarze:

Marianna Ark
Marianna Ark:
Tarantino is like the introverted kid who has great enthusiasm about his passions but not any friends to share it with, and once he gets the chance to discuss things he loves he simply explodes with excitement and chatters on like crazy. Lovely kind of person!!
Lukas Zha
Lukas Zha:
Tarantino’s energy makes Jimmy look like the guest.
Miss Alina
Miss Alina:
Tarantino clearly had a cigarette dipped in acid before the show.
Aaron Florian
Aaron Florian:
Quentin is like a 7 year old who just ate a king sized Hershey bar
Andrews son
Andrews son:
If you play it at .75 speed Quentin sounds normal
Tarantino is one of the last directors out there who have passion and vision behind their work. Not controlled by studios and suits
Twin lake Pictures
Twin lake Pictures:
After first few seconds of Quentin talking, I rush to read the comments 😂😂😂
Tarantino is so humble, and almost acts like he’s completely unaware of the fact that he’s the best director/writer in the world. I love his passion.
He has a Robin Williams type of energy.
Oluseun wale-saka
Oluseun wale-saka:
"Tarantino is the only person that need coke to keep quiet" (Brad Pitt 2020)
Brooke Starr
Brooke Starr:
If he were a college professor, he’d be my favorite.
JD Kett
JD Kett:
I love tarantino, he's so passionate and has so many thoughts and ideas running around at once about things he's really enthusiastic about. It's a real inspiration. He's a genius.
King 595
King 595:
Quentin fumbles all over his words....his brain works way faster than his mouth does. Add in that passion he has.....I love it
Virginia Fabio
Virginia Fabio:
"I guess I can, I just did it" Quentin Tarantino in a nutshell
"I don't wanna give away anything"

Gives away biggest spoiler of the movie.
Yamom Dotcom
Yamom Dotcom:
Quentin is my brain cells when writing an essay
Gia's Beauty x
Gia's Beauty x:
Theirs no way mr.tarantino will just make 10 films an be done . This is his passion his life his brain couldn't handle not being creative.
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ:
Had to check that I wasn't playing this at 1.5x speed
Karthik Atchuta
Karthik Atchuta:
Thank God I didnt watch this interview before watching the movie - Jimmy saying the movie changes history is the biggest spoiler he could have let out
Priyanka Maurya
Priyanka Maurya:
i haven't had this amount of energy in my entire life
I always love how excited Tarantino is about his movies
Aravind Natarajan
Aravind Natarajan:
This is passion. The guy couldn’t contain himself when he spoke about the Hollywood Boulevard of his imagination. What a legend!
Taijiquan Explained
Taijiquan Explained:
when Glenn Quagmire meets the ghost of Robin Williams.
*- If it comes out that Quentin is a serial killer I wouldn't be surprised*
*- lf it comes out that Quintin is the most honest man in Hollywood I wouldn't be surprised*
Saad Be
Saad Be:
He must have a firework show in his brain
56 years old and wants to be a dad. Holywood at it's finest
Ville Lepoaho
Ville Lepoaho:
I can respect when a person has this amount of enthusiasm for his project.
Julian Benegas
Julian Benegas:
"It was like 4 o'clock in the morning ... and then I decided to go to sleep."Beast.
Franklin MacGillacuddy
Franklin MacGillacuddy:
Its wonderful to see Quentin bask in the glory of success. Its well deserved. I grew up on Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction and think this man is a wonderful gift to humanity.
M. Corleone
M. Corleone:
You can literally see and feel the amount of passion this guy has for his work
Sadio Scorsese
Sadio Scorsese:
I love how he talks about Rick Dalton, he speaks as if he’s a real person from history
Italian genes, there's nothing you can do✌️😁
Andy Darby
Andy Darby:
Quentin would make a perfect a talk show host

He would never run out of episodes
Laurence Kuo
Laurence Kuo:
Margot Robbie got as much screen time as she did in the movie lmao
Ionut Denes
Ionut Denes:
Tarantino is high on passion
Ranko Orović
Ranko Orović:
Off all the possible points to enter Margot Robbie gets in when Kimmel is asking Quentin about Star Trek,WTF!!!!!!!!!!
Armia Tavana
Armia Tavana:
you know time is changing when you read Quentin Tarantino "quarantino"
Boris Katzmarzyk
Boris Katzmarzyk:
Family guy is GOING to make a gag about this interview
If i spoke to my parent with Quentin’s energy she’d take me for a drug test lmao
Chris Serpicø
Chris Serpicø:
Literally just got back from the theater. This film is so great. It’s a great film to see with friends. It’s HYSTERICAL. And it’s entertaining. But it’s also one of those films where you have to see it a couple times because there’s a lot going on underneath the surface.
Brad Pitt is excellent. Leo is excellent. And Margot Robbie is excellent. I just can’t say enough about this film.
It's so nice how he didn't throw will smith under the bus, when asked if there has been anybody that has said no to being casted. He was probably thinking of will smith though 😂
Tanvia Jerry
Tanvia Jerry:
How does Quentin Tarantino look toothless even after having a full set of teeth
Tarantino is always like this during interviews. He’s not on drugs. Y’all need to chill.
Acong Saja
Acong Saja:
judging from his body language he is thinking about it
Bhanu Vamsi
Bhanu Vamsi:
Never seen a man like him.. Wowww how much energy. One could only imagine that is 🤩💥🖤
Ahnaf Shajed
Ahnaf Shajed:
I feel like margot Robbie's on matt Damon's side😂😂😂
Andrea Wellins
Andrea Wellins:
I hope the hollywood boulevard aquaman see's this clip and realizes that the great Quentin Tarantino was "sneaking looks" at him all day :)
MKAY Thanks for Subscribing Have a nice day!
MKAY Thanks for Subscribing Have a nice day!:
*When people ask me if I went to film school I tell them, no, I went to films.*
- Quentin Tarantino
Adriana E. Salinas
Adriana E. Salinas:
I Just think his brain works in a different way from the rest of the humans. He reminds me to Robin Williams, bright minds and quick thinkers!
D E X X I E:
This movie was fantastic! I'm 16 years old and just started getting into Quentin's movies about a year or so ago. He is by far my favorite Writer and Director.
Just watched the clip to get to Margot.....so beautiful.
He’s such a dork I love it
As soon as I heard Tarantino talk, I thought "cocaine".

Then I realize the guy just loves making movies 😅
Narin Jeenchuem
Narin Jeenchuem:
Q: What's he on?

A: on New Movie with Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt & Margot Robbie
Christian Ascencio
Christian Ascencio:
"you just called me a f***ing nut"-quentin tarantino
Apil Sapkota
Apil Sapkota:
Only a mad man like him can make a brilliant movie
Geek Pharm
Geek Pharm:
Omg i wish i was in that house on the night him and brad metup and watched that movie id just be sat there with my jaw on the ground lol
MR Min
MR Min:
Tarantino in our imagination: 😠
The real Tarantino: 😁😄
I wonder if Tarantino can go one interview without making a pop culture reference
Damn you, Margot Robbie ! I wanted to know the answer to that Star Trek question !
Most comments are about Tarantino being on the "perfect amount of cocaine" - I have this amount of energy too !!
Szabolcs Nagy
Szabolcs Nagy:
Yo she did him so dirty on his own show. That is messed up 🤣🤣🤣😂
Ryan Akwar
Ryan Akwar:
For those who don’t know him, that’s not a drug addict, that’s a Oscar winning writer of Pulp fiction
Mugen 52
Mugen 52:
I love how he's so excited
Silvino cruz
Silvino cruz:
Wow this crowd loves Star Trek then you see Margot and like oh never mind
Edward Yeung
Edward Yeung:
I wish i had his level of energy.
Joshua Beldad
Joshua Beldad:
Imagine Quentin gets interviewed again by Conan. Such an energetic and funny duo if that happens 😄
Cocain is addicted to Tarantino

But I doubt he’s on it. He’s just very excited.
Remember to Drink milk
Remember to Drink milk:
When he is side on, I get an essence of Robin Williams
Jabriel Graham
Jabriel Graham:
Quentin’s got the creepiest laugh I ever heard! EVER!
Muzaffar Akilov
Muzaffar Akilov:
watching this I realize how the miserable my life is
Dylan Albuquerque
Dylan Albuquerque:
4:40 I don't think he expected the audience to laugh and applaud at the bye bye birdie reference which is why he sorted of nodded and grinned. I feel bad for the guy because he's so knowledgable about the history of film/ world culture yet not a lot of people (especially those younger than him) can relate to it and I feel like he doesn't always get to share a lot of what he wants to. He really is a genius in every sense of the word
Ayy lmao
Ayy lmao:
When he talks about what makes him passionate his body releases 2.5 grams of cocaine into his bloodstream
Northern Rides
Northern Rides:
Quentin is such an energy bomb. He's such a fanboy, and I love it
P M:
There's a method behind this madness; he's a genius!
Wesley Hackelton
Wesley Hackelton:
How're they gonna dodge the Star Trek question like that
Joshua Beldad
Joshua Beldad:
Conan and Quentin would be an extremely hilarious interview, even via Zoom at this current season 😄
quick someone give quentin some coke he needs to calm down
Trey Lepper
Trey Lepper:
Jimmy nearly spoils the ending here.
Kitty Black
Kitty Black:
Omg I've been telling people about the scene with BP that reminded me of the movie Billy Jack. And here he confirms it. So funny. Billy Jack was usually played late at night so it was a big deal to stay up late to watch it when I was a kid. He was a 'walk softly but carry a big stick' kind of guys who's good with his feet. Some great scenes in Billy Jack for sure.
Amir B
Amir B:
Great..she had to walk in just when the Star Trek question came up.
Tarantino speaks so passionately about all his projects, that’s how you know he’s living his dream
Sahar Sahar
Sahar Sahar:
This movie was so well done and so funny, I loved every second of it😂
Oh No
Oh No:
You can tell he’s just a person that loves being creative
عبدالكريم القريو
عبدالكريم القريو:
9:20 It was a weird laugh
9:23 Exactly
The thing that makes Quentin's movies so great.... is that he loves what he does. And you can tell that he loves the art more than the money.
Jimmy had zero control over this interview 😭😭😭 Quentin is so passionate.
Juan Sebastian Caldas Laverde
Juan Sebastian Caldas Laverde:
He is just some kind of real life Sheldon Cooper, kind of a crazy genius
Tommy Gallagher
Tommy Gallagher:
12:47 quentin : i’ll see you in 3 year. clue for his next movie?
potato nicc
potato nicc:
I always expected Tarantino to be the quiet type of director but wow he sure talks so much and is so full of joy, there's this energy which makes his stories so interesting.
Damn I sure hope he changes his mind about that whole 10 movie thing
Abdullah YILDIZ
Abdullah YILDIZ:
9:23 Most awkward thing i've ever seen in my life, that laugh tho
Marc Vuijk
Marc Vuijk:
The amount of passion tarantino has is amazing and its great to see a human being fulfilling his dream and putting all he has into his dream.
Quentin Tarantino can look back on his life and say, i achieved my dreams.
Few of us can actually say that and that is why i love tarantino so much, he is doing what he loves best and i hope we get so much more movies of him.
Peggy Sinclair
Peggy Sinclair:
I love this guy. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is so good I will see it again.
Gladiator Spear
Gladiator Spear:
Margot Robbie came at the perfect time. We never got the Star Trek answer 😢😢😢 Tarantino is a clever man. Lol
F A:
Tarantino talking about the movie makes me want to watch it more
Claude Monete
Claude Monete:
M G'S:
I love him and his movies, truly one of the best
Traveler 00977
Traveler 00977:
He is so much full of life!
Mister Tarantino is the best en most unique movie director. I love his way of thinking.