Rachel Zegler and Gal Gadot on Bringing a New Modern Edge to 'Snow White'

Rachel Zegler and Gal Gadot share the empowering messages in 'Snow White'




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I wish people would stop saying that Snow White is kissed by some “random stranger” or something to that effect. She knows who he is long before she bites the apple; it’s shown in the movie. And he obviously loves her; the spell is broken with the kiss.
Rachel has a lot of charisma
I can't wait to see the live action movie of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.
They are gonna ruin the story… the story is about her finding true love not “becoming a leader” 🙄🤦🏻‍♀️
These two gonna crush it
Audrie Saint Cyr
Audrie Saint Cyr:
Rachel is a pure princess. Her and Halle are leading the next generation of little princesses who watch their movies.
Martín N81
Martín N81:
The new Snow White is so pretty and charismatic.
Perfect casting
Shubhang Bahadur
Shubhang Bahadur:
She looks good, I was kinda skeptical seeing her BTS as Snow White but now seeing her talking I’m assured she’ll capture the charisma of Snow White very well. ❄️
...sigh They've completely missed the point of Snowhite (like many others) Snowhite isn't about some girl who dreams about marrying some guy (in fact she only mentions him 4 times in the whole movie) Snowhite if ya actually go back and try to understand is actually Assertive and Actually Earns what she gets (freinds, a roof, love, etc.) I personally hate the remake because they've completely ruined and missed the point of the original.

Snowhite is about learning that you need to Earn what you want in life and Sometimes You'll need to accept that sometimes you just cant always solve everything and you need to ask for help. Now that she's going to be a feminist icon or "a modern princess" and save herself.
she's going to ruin this movie and the whole point completely!

I honestly wish that we didn't always have to get a feminist lead everytime there's a female Protagonist. Why cant we have a Feminine But Confident Feminist movie like 2015's Cinderella Who's Assertive, Optimistic, Kind, Playful, Clever and so much more! Just like in the original! Or in Legally blonde how Elle uses her femininity and "girly" knowledge as power not as a weakness. Now Snowhite will never be like that because now all her actions will avolve around how she doesn't need to be like a man.

Sorry but as you can clearly tell Snowhite is very dear to me and this remake is such a sad idea. With her now saving herself from death completely ruins the point of the story now and honestly will Age this movie horrendously

In a nutshell Snowhite 2023 is pointless, unneccessary, and an insult to the original movie and Simple story.

(Edit: also Remember she's only 14 so if course she will be thinking about a crush I don't get how or why people wanna make a literal child think so highly about "being the ruler she could be in the memory of her dead dad or whatever" like I don't think a 14 year old is going to be thinking about how she doesn't need to he compared to a man, or how she's gonna be a leader or literally anything political (like lol if ya think 14th century German 14 year olds are constantly thinking about that stuf BOI) but anyway they missed alot about what Snowhite is lol)
Joe Whitehead
Joe Whitehead:
Both nice & idiotic comments on here. Here’s mine:

These two are beautiful & incredible & I can’t wait to see them in this movie!

I’ve known Gal since Fast & furious & have been a fan of Rachel’s since since I heard she was cast in West Side Story
bruno gomes
bruno gomes:
Wonderful 😍😍😍
Adam Nick
Adam Nick:
To the negative naysayers who say that this story is about finding true love, you're all completely wrong! At the center of the story is a very timely message about what it actually means to be the fairest of them all! It's not about the way you look but the way you treat others with kindness and respect! Beauty is something both inside and out. But true beauty comes from within.
Dane Brennand
Dane Brennand:
Ah yes... a new modern edge, how "unpredictable". My expectations sure are subverted!

Snow White, White as Snow, haha yeah right! How CRINGE would that be amirite?
Omg cant wait
Δημητρα Σταμουλη
Δημητρα Σταμουλη:
Gal gadot beautiful ❤️
Andrea C
Andrea C:
Why shouldn’t Snow White dream of true love? Everyone wants true love
Ryan Burton
Ryan Burton:
I hope Gal actually can act in this
Rachel is so cute.
Bari Toned
Bari Toned:
Now the Evil Queen don’t need to kill Snow White because she’s more beautiful than her.
Lucy Lu
Lucy Lu:
yes, remember when her voice ended COVID?
Genia Marvelian
Genia Marvelian:
Its just weird when calling her Snow White now... Its just unacceptable🤧.
They can make a whole new movie inspire by Snow White. Why did they do this. SIGH
Shinobinotora 忍びの虎
Shinobinotora 忍びの虎:
Hahahahahahahahahaha! I can’t stop laughing at this. This casting sounds like a joke to me. Snow White is supposed to be very fair even for a German girl. Wtf 💀
Anonymous 206
Anonymous 206:
I can’t wait to see Disney loose more money
Dark Knight
Dark Knight:
Why evil queen is fairer than snow white in irl lmaoo. Wat she ll be jealous of in the movie😂
So in this film the evil queen isn't jealous of snow white's beauty?🤨
Steff Dia
Steff Dia:
Snow Dark. Not white enough.
Nico Fede
Nico Fede:
I never saw one girl so white in my life
Valeria Ormeno-Huamani
Valeria Ormeno-Huamani:
I’m Hispanic and I’m very very confused
Circo Cia. de Marketing
Circo Cia. de Marketing:
Flop alert. This thing is DOA and will go straight to Disney+. If these reimaginators want so badly to tell stories in a modern light, why do they keep digging the old ones to pervert them?
Y377 You 383
Y377 You 383:
Alles sehr schön. Aber zuerst zusammen die Nummern 10 und 1. Eine CountryGirll.Space Brünette und eine anderei Blondine. Es wäre unfair, wenn ich 4 wählen würde
Randy Constance
Randy Constance:
Love this shawty
Yes pls save yourself , us Prince’s are tired of saving them ungrateful asses. Matter of fact besides becoming the leader, y’all should fight for us and take over the labour jobs while your at it. Want to be more like men? adapt all the traits pls, not just the ones that put you in power.
koiu e.g
koiu e.g:
There are a lot of beautiful colombian women ...but i bet her mother was not one of them
Mason S
Mason S:
Gal's smile could end world hunger.
Go Woke go broke
Nainesh Modi
Nainesh Modi:
Hoty 🤩 galgadot
lana parilla si the best evilqueen
'A new modern edge' aka woke.
Helena DM ❤🐝
Helena DM ❤🐝:
Rachel is stunning but Gal Gadot is obnoxious.
Lily E
Lily E:
Isn’t Snow White supposedly more beautiful than the evil queen? No offense but how is this kid supposed to accomplish that when they cast gal gadot as the evil queen. Poor thing doesn’t stand a chance
Why dont they remake films from the Middle East or Africa. Oh cus they famously lack any sort of fun creativity
This movie will fail
How about no?
Ew, ambos pueden ser canalados
H H:
Ha ha goblina snow white
guerilla joe
guerilla joe:
Lmao, snow white is gonna be uglier than the evil queen this time. Gal Gadot is just so pretty. That magic mirror is gonna be tripping or it's just trying to piss off the evil queen when it's going to say Snow White is the prettiest. Like seriously, I've seen prettier brooms than her.
Helena DM ❤🐝
Helena DM ❤🐝:
1:50 oh FFS
Obsidian Hemisphere
Obsidian Hemisphere:
Dirt Brown
George Hernandez
George Hernandez:
Snow brown