Racing Point's Sergio Perez and Lance Stroll! | Grill The Grid 2019

Sergio Perez and Lance Stroll are the latest contestants to take on Grill The Grid as they duel each other and the clock as their Formula 1 knowledge is put to the test!

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100+ komentarze:

Finally Force India grill the grid

Or whatever it's called...
Rosario Verano
Rosario Verano:
This is the first time that the drawing actually looks like it's made by a 6 year-old.
JeremyK 541OR.
JeremyK 541OR.:
His hair is literally trying to join forces with his eyebrows
Waifu Wars Racing
Waifu Wars Racing:
Checo almost doubling Lance's points, just like in the real thing lmao
István Valkai
István Valkai:
F1: We have asked a 6 year old to draw one of the 2019 circuits
*Sergio sees the drawing*
"Is this Formula 1?"
6 year old kid: *Am i a joke to you?*
Mzatz K
Mzatz K:
If this was Ocon they would've hit each other
Stroll: "grill the grid? Can't we just buy the grid?"
Victor Diaz
Victor Diaz:

Oh, Sergio.
Praveena S
Praveena S:
I’m honestly just waiting for Kimi and Gio. I wanna see how that goes😂
Tom van Zeist
Tom van Zeist:
These two looked so bored... Stroll even had his phone out at the end...
The drawing had the spanish flag, how did it take so long for them to answer.
Dani Hetkämper
Dani Hetkämper:
‘Drivers to achieve a podium from outside of the front row more than 30 times’

I thought it was Hakkinen even with his face blurred out.
John Smith
John Smith:
Perez looks like younger Tom Cruise ordered on Wish..
Johan Beyer
Johan Beyer:
The lack of enthusiasm from Stroll is really bumming me out..
- F1 legend
- Born in Finland in 1968
- Listen to the clues for 30 seconds

Wasn't really that hard was it...
Wow, you can literally feel Stroll's passion for F1!WOW!
Duncan Cunningham
Duncan Cunningham:
Perez afraid of interrupting his bosses son.. and still steams him.
Usaid Barlas
Usaid Barlas:
“Henry’s gonna be quite the artist” yes lance Lawrence stroll said “my sons is going to be quite the driver”
Thomas Ning
Thomas Ning:
Question: "Finland"
Any other team: Mikka! Valteri!
Chill Mexican and Canadian: .............
I like how stroll missed the fact that the question said more than 30 podiums, and they had to cut to tell him that
Anthos Lykos
Anthos Lykos:
It concerns me how long it took them to guess Hakkinen.
Jayrich 03
Jayrich 03:
His hair is like one of those Russian hats
Aaron Gavin
Aaron Gavin:
The circuit literally had the flag of the country
Eduardo Rochin
Eduardo Rochin:
I hope Perez was trolling when he said "Grosjean" lmao
David Eid
David Eid:
Sergio Perez looks like Tom Cruise. Why did I realize that now?
5:05 Stroll probably didn't want to say Villeneuve 😂
Lorenzo Quadrelli
Lorenzo Quadrelli:
My cat has more F1 knowledge than Stroll.
Fabiano Luis
Fabiano Luis:
I wish we couldn't see the onboard footage when they need to guess the track, would be fun try too
Soraya Oz
Soraya Oz:
Is it me or Perez looks so much like Tom Cruise?!
Paul Cowan
Paul Cowan:
Las Time i was that early the Team was called Force India
Perez: *Says 5 Driver names* ✅
Stroll: *Says 1 driver name*❌
2:43 Obviously Senna is not in that list cuz he was almost always on Pole.
When will the Alfa Romeo Mercedes and Renault grill the grid be uploaded please?
O Perez com a corneta paralizadora do chapolin colorado jajajaja
There's 3 teams remaining and only 1 race to go. You're slacking, @F1!!!
Sanyam Jain
Sanyam Jain:
I've thought this for many years, Sergio has a lot of mannerisms similar to Tom Cruise.
Mzatz K
Mzatz K:
Last time I was this early Honda was a GP2 engine
Robert McCann
Robert McCann:
4:01 Damn right, he's a legend! 😃🇫🇮
luis braga
luis braga:
perez getting all the points just like in the 2019 championship
Alex Ferdean
Alex Ferdean:
Stroll cheated with Villeneuve. Someone told him to say it.
fdias vieira
fdias vieira:
Daddy, he's faster than me! Do something!
José Dias
José Dias:
Nobody: a
Stroll: Errrrrrrrr, Eeeeeeh, hummmmm.
Kivo L.
Kivo L.:
0:35, Vietnam flashbacks from checo lol
The on-board laps for listening had to start at the start/finish straight !!!!!
moist man
moist man:
The drawing had the Spain flag on it
T Mac41603
T Mac41603:
Uploaded as soon as James C. uploads a video about the Checo-Ocon rivalry
TheBruh Squad
TheBruh Squad:
Why can’t grill the grid have a BBQ contest
Adry FM
Adry FM:
Love Sergio 💗🇲🇽 but really can’t stand his “mate” 🙄
Good job by Stroll to finally think of Villeneuve before time ran out. That would have been an embarrassing one to miss.
please dont show the track instant when they have to say the track by the sound
Faheem Rahman
Faheem Rahman:
"Me? You?"
Ti Ste
Ti Ste:
This title is clickbaiting! I can see Lance Stroll and Tom Cruise, but not Sergio Perez!
"Jordan" 🤣🤣🤣
Andre Fernandes
Andre Fernandes:
Theree two one go in one second.
Thomas Ning
Thomas Ning:
mate, has Ricciardo even been on the podium 30 times? haha
PAOK 1926
PAOK 1926:
I'm looking forward to see Alfa with Kimi 😜
Matt Mildvex
Matt Mildvex:
Who's the lady that's been asking questions in these episodes? Her laugh is too cute :D
5:06 Villeneuve
Priscila Lima Alves
Priscila Lima Alves:
finally they posted on youtube
5:32 Vettel and Leclerc must be relieved they already played this game 😂
Love these! I keep waiting on the next to come out.
Hanna Vds
Hanna Vds:
Am i the only one who saw it was Spain?😂
André Luís
André Luís:
Me and Lukas Weber in F1 2019 career mode 😂
"Try again next year!"..... Stroll is pretty confident he is keeping his drive for next year huh??.... oh wait....
Harry B
Harry B:
Lance stroll: er em er
Marc P
Marc P:
Lance 'before my time' Stroll
Ritik Patawari
Ritik Patawari:
I had just come to this channel to comment on the most recent video that when they were going to upload the rest of "Grill the Grid"..and then i got this..😅
daddy stroll's team
Alvin Darmawan
Alvin Darmawan:
Bruh Checo really went for *Nakajima* instead of Magnussen, Villeneuve, or Hill 😅
Lau Mon
Lau Mon:
Sugerencia!!! Por favor subtitulos en español 😉
spam acc
spam acc:
0:03. I need to 100% focus
swifty gibson
swifty gibson:
How did it take so long for them to get Hakkinen 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ you literally have Raikkonen or Hakkinen as the options
John Johansen
John Johansen:
As a Dane, I'm embarrassed to say that I totally forgot "Magnussen" in the farther/son question.
Jared Weston
Jared Weston:
I guessed Singapore like a minute before they said it
McDonalds: Hello, what would you like?

Me: I would like a mc chicken BERGER please
Seizure Millan
Seizure Millan:
How did they take so long to guess the drawing :')
Upside down
Upside down:
Love how they didnt notice the spanish flag on the drawing, and a bit shocked that stroll didnt know the history of his team considering who the owner of the team is
Joao Neto
Joao Neto:
Damn, these guys are clueless on f1 history. 😁
Tymek Peszke
Tymek Peszke:
you can recognize him at 4:05
J.J. Schlachtfeld
J.J. Schlachtfeld:
A L:
sergio: is this formula1?
Siddharth Man
Siddharth Man:
The drawing Looked like magny-cours
Alan Olivares
Alan Olivares:
We all have a friend that laughs like lance
Patrick C
Patrick C:
So, I guessed the on board track in literally 3 seconds remembering from the broadcast (I'm also driving simulator daily but never this track). Those guys put their live at risk and can't remember the layout? I'm baffled! Maybe Racing Point mild results have less to do with the car and more to do with the pilots... SMH.
Can you guys, for next year, not include the image of the persons' description? I want to be guessing too and the images always ruin it lol
Kevin Richards
Kevin Richards:
Lance Stroll reminds me of Adam DeVine 🤔
Eric Z
Eric Z:
Why is Lance Troll wearing a Russian fur hat.
Alan YeLLeZ Rostovtsev
Alan YeLLeZ Rostovtsev:
You keep Mercedes for the last one?)))
David Fernandez
David Fernandez:
2:28 Did you see the flag??? Geeez!!!
Can you please take out the video to the "Which track is that sound" question? I would love to guess too, but always recognize the video.

Same goes with the "Who am i?"
Holy cow the last question !!
How in the championship xd
shaunbir klair
shaunbir klair:
Wish my dad was a Billionaire
Loading now
Loading now:
Oh yes I totally forgot these two existed ...
Mind you, they don’t seem very excited nor competitive zzzzzzzzzzz
Ngl I forgot lance was in F1 😂
Christopher Chan
Christopher Chan:
Stroll owns the team and doesn’t know the history 😂
0:48 that 2017 one is from Belgian GP, that's Ocon and Perez colliding. Ocon was mad on the radio. Ocon has the onboard view.
Still i rise
Still i rise:
Impressive , they know the track with just engine sound
6 year old: draws Spanish flag in the middle of the circuit

Perez and stroll: hmmmmmmmmmmmm